Logcheck devel - Jun 2004

Wednesday June 30 2004
1:33AM 5 Bug#253998: similiar problem over here
Monday June 28 2004
10:03AM 0 Processed: tagging 174331
9:33AM 0 Processed: unmerging 212149
9:33AM 0 Processed: tagging 212149
9:12AM 0 Bug#212149: current date/hostname macros
9:03AM 0 Processed: retitle 254542 to Change violations.d override
8:48AM 0 Processed: tagging 254133
8:18AM 0 Processed: tagging 255560
Sunday June 27 2004
7:11PM 3 Bug#256549: ruleset for dhcp does not match dhcp3-server output
6:33AM 2 Processed: tagging 253998
Friday June 25 2004
1:24PM 2 Bug#257874: logcheck: additional ignores for Squid
Wednesday June 23 2004
9:13PM 2 Problem running logcheck: permissions?
8:52PM 2 Bug#255932: logcheck: News file is not displayed on upgrade
Monday June 21 2004
7:14PM 4 Bug#255560: logcheck-database: More Postfix rules
Wednesday June 16 2004
10:10AM 2 Bug#254681: logcheck-database: su from cron job
6:40AM 4 Bug#254542: rng-tools: Bad non-error message [PATCH]
3:18AM 0 Processed: Re: Bug#254542: rng-tools: Bad non-error message
Sunday June 13 2004
8:33PM 1 Fwd: logcheck
11:07AM 1 Bug#234385: logcheck: Please add a test mode
11:00AM 2 Bug#149567: logcheck: wish it could split reports to multiple people
7:01AM 3 intermittent access this week
12:46AM 4 Bug#254133: logcheck: additional innd rules
Saturday June 12 2004
3:56PM 0 Re: [Logcheck-commits] CVS logcheck/src
12:36PM 3 Bug#253998: logcheck: line 551: unary operator expected
10:33AM 0 Processed: update bts to latest logcheck state
10:07AM 7 Bug#186372: logcheck - small regexp updates for dhcp and nfs
Friday June 11 2004
5:01PM 3 Bug#253879: logcheck-database: INN rnews ignore again
4:43PM 1 Bug#182992: logcheck-sudo rule still buggy
2:12PM 9 Bug#253861: logcheck: Please add support for imapproxy
Thursday June 10 2004
12:10PM 2 templates cleanup part2
8:47AM 0 logcheck_1.2.22a_i386.changes ACCEPTED
8:36AM 0 Processing of logcheck_1.2.22a_i386.changes
Wednesday June 9 2004
6:13PM 1 Bug#253486: Strange messages in logs
Tuesday June 8 2004
10:09PM 1 Rules
6:18PM 1 Processed: clone and reassign bug to kernel
8:18AM 2 Bug#253260: logcheck: searches wrong directory for violations-ignore.d
4:12AM 3 Uploading HEAD as 1.2.22a in 8 hrs
Monday June 7 2004
10:00PM 1 grep: Unmatched ) or \)
9:01PM 0 Bug#252966: logcheck crashing, debug output
4:18PM 0 Processed: adjust current bug reports
3:04AM 6 Bug#253075: logcheck: line 84: kill: (771) - No such process
Sunday June 6 2004
4:54PM 6 Bug#253022: logcheck-database: Inaccurate fetchmail regexp
1:51PM 7 Bug#252966: Debug mode
9:15AM 1 Bug#252966: /usr/sbin/logcheck: line 84: kill: No such process
12:20AM 0 more kudos <:
Saturday June 5 2004
7:03PM 0 Bug#244172: marked as done (logcheck: corrections to innd rules)
7:03PM 0 Bug#214117: marked as done (logcheck: attempt to avoid UTF-8 locale broken)
7:03PM 0 Bug#187496: marked as done (logcheck-database: automount ignores don't ignore samba mounts)
6:47PM 0 logcheck_1.2.22_i386.changes ACCEPTED
6:42PM 0 Processing of logcheck_1.2.22_i386.changes
9:07AM 1 Releasing current HEAD as 1.2.22
1:11AM 2 Bug#252784: logcheck: /etc/logcheck/* should be world-readable
Friday June 4 2004
7:53PM 1 Bug#252712: logcheck-database: Typo in postfix results in messages not being ignored
6:20PM 1 Bug#244411: logcheck: Upgrade loses symlinks in /etc/logcheck
5:49PM 0 Re: [Logcheck-commits] CVS logcheck/debian
4:03PM 0 Processed: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#252560: logcheck-database contains file also in sendmail
3:29PM 1 logcheck-database dir structure /etc/logcheck
2:59PM 0 Re: [Logcheck-commits] CVS logcheck/src
2:21PM 2 Bug#244411: working on it
12:25PM 5 Bug#187496: logcheck-database: automount ignores don't ignore samba mounts
10:06AM 0 Someone likes our work!
9:54AM 5 Bug#252597: logcheck: user logchecks mails should be delivered to root
6:02AM 3 Bug#252560: logcheck-database contains file also in sendmail
4:45AM 1 Bug#252556: Logcheck upgrade/install error using apt-get
Thursday June 3 2004
5:43PM 5 4 important bugs again <;
11:03AM 0 Processed: logcheck latest state
10:39AM 1 Bug#214117: logcheck: attempt to avoid UTF-8 locale broken
10:18AM 0 Bug#248409: marked as done (logcheck: additional proftpd rules)
10:18AM 0 Bug#226937: marked as done (logcheck: The /etc/cron.d/logcheck has too tight value 2 * * * * (too much mail))
10:18AM 0 Bug#222240: marked as done (logcheck: Ask for frequency during install)
10:18AM 0 Bug#198767: marked as done (logcheck-database: pump ignore.d expressions never match)
10:18AM 0 Bug#213709: marked as done (incorrect ignore pattern for named/bind)
10:18AM 0 Bug#192192: marked as done (logcheck-database: sudo violation ignore rule assumes commands without spaces)
10:18AM 0 Bug#186849: marked as done (logcheck-database: corrections to oidentd rules )
10:18AM 0 Bug#182992: marked as done (logcheck - marks _any_ sudo message as security violation)
10:18AM 0 Bug#174173: marked as done (logcheck: Will fail badly if /var/tmp is full)
10:02AM 0 logcheck_1.2.21_i386.changes ACCEPTED
9:59AM 0 Processing of logcheck_1.2.21_i386.changes
Wednesday June 2 2004
7:33PM 2 Bug#252216: Found some more Postfi improvements
10:01AM 0 Bug#252216: my patch was wrong
6:07AM 1 Bug#252216: logcheck: postfix rules update for postfix 2.1.x
Tuesday June 1 2004
8:27PM 3 Bug#252174: Automount rules are incomplete
8:20PM 1 Bug#252173: logcheck: French debconf templates translation
11:05AM 4 Bug#252078: logtail: should depend on perl >= 5.8