Logcheck devel - Jul 2004

Saturday July 31 2004
7:24AM 0 Bug#255932: fixed in cvs
7:18AM 0 Processed: tagging 255932
Friday July 30 2004
4:03PM 3 Bug#262327: another spamd message for ignore.d
6:18AM 0 Processed: tagging 262068
Thursday July 29 2004
4:10PM 2 Bug#262068: logcheck: Putting subdirs in ignore.d causes error emails to be sent
Saturday July 24 2004
2:18AM 0 Bug#213711: marked as done (missing ignore pattern for squid)
2:18AM 0 Bug#206495: marked as done (logcheck-database: Missing rules for postfix/virtual)
2:02AM 0 logcheck_1.2.24_i386.changes ACCEPTED
1:48AM 0 Processing of logcheck_1.2.24_i386.changes
Thursday July 22 2004
5:22PM 1 Bug#260810: Addition to bug 260810: lmtp rule
10:22AM 3 Bug#260810: logcheck: ignore.d.server/postfix doesn't properly ignore some postfix messages
Wednesday July 21 2004
10:56PM 5 Bug#260743: logcheck-database: dhcp rule updates for failover support
9:22AM 0 Re: [Logcheck-commits] CVS logcheck/debian
8:53AM 1 Bug#260573: logcheck: ignore.d.paranoid/cron and ignore.d.server/cron swapped
3:03AM 0 Processed: tagging 258735
Tuesday July 20 2004
10:33AM 0 Processed: cs translation
9:34AM 2 Bug#260382: Czech translation of logcheck debconf messages
9:33AM 0 Bug#159223: marked as done (logcheck: Would be nice if logcheck supported djb multilog)
7:10AM 0 Bug#258735: solved, i think
Monday July 19 2004
11:04PM 5 Bug#260330: Further bugs in command line parsing
10:43PM 3 Bug#260330: logcheck: error recovery tries to kill LOCK twice
5:48PM 0 Processed: latest update
2:04PM 10 1.2.24 release
Sunday July 18 2004
2:00PM 3 Bug#260105: logcheck: Add server rules for uservd
1:55PM 3 Bug#260103: logcheck: ignore spamd message - info: setuid to Debian-exim succeeded
1:53PM 6 Bug#260102: logcheck: spamd server messages (add for ignore rules)
1:51PM 2 Bug#260101: logcheck: anon-proxy server messages
1:03PM 5 Bug#260096: logcheck still creates /var/state/
Thursday July 15 2004
5:50PM 5 Bug#259603: logcheck-database: postfix/lmtp rules do not match some configurations
4:48PM 0 Processed: bad bug, pump up, but do not stop progress of 1.2.23 to sarge
1:33PM 0 Processed: Re: Bug#258759: logcheck-database - rules update
9:33AM 0 Processed: Re: Bug#258759: logcheck-database - rules update
8:33AM 0 Bug#212149: acknowledged by developer (Re: logcheck: please consider defining DATE and HOSTNAME macros for use in rule files)
8:18AM 0 Bug#212149: marked as done (logcheck: please consider defining DATE and HOSTNAME macros for use in rule files)
Wednesday July 14 2004
10:01PM 4 Bug#259466: logcheck-database: addition to cyrus rules for notifyd
8:53AM 6 Bug#259371: Uninitialized values reported when running logtail.
Tuesday July 13 2004
2:16AM 0 Bug#258735: logcheck permissions issue
1:20AM 5 Bug#259094: logcheck-database: correction to cyrus rules
1:15AM 2 Bug#259092: logcheck-database: correction to cyrus rules
Monday July 12 2004
2:53PM 0 [patch] logtail recheck permissions of offset files
10:24AM 3 logcheck reference in debians harden-doc
Sunday July 11 2004
3:16PM 2 Bug#254681: logcheck-database: su from cron job not necessarily to "nobody"
11:23AM 3 Bug#258759: logcheck-database - rules update
9:20AM 4 Bug#258735: wrong permissions in /etc/logcheck
Saturday July 10 2004
5:48PM 0 Processed: update to latest cvs
Friday July 9 2004
4:33PM 0 Processed: logcheck: additional ignores for Squid
4:28PM 1 Bug#258427: logcheck/logtail didn't detect tampering logfile
3:48AM 0 Bug#244171: marked as done (logcheck: regular expression in logcheck ignore files for INN is broken)
3:48AM 0 Bug#234385: marked as done (logcheck: Please add a test mode)
3:48AM 0 Bug#190101: marked as done (logcheck-database: more ignores for dhcp3-server (not bug 186372!))
3:48AM 0 Bug#186372: marked as done (logcheck - small regexp updates for dhcp and nfs)
3:48AM 0 Bug#149567: marked as done (logcheck: wish it could split reports to multiple people)
3:32AM 0 logcheck_1.2.23_i386.changes ACCEPTED
3:25AM 0 Processing of logcheck_1.2.23_i386.changes
Thursday July 8 2004
9:03AM 1 Releasing current HEAD in 24 hours.
Sunday July 4 2004
8:35AM 5 Logcheck /Sarge Status
8:05AM 0 Bug#213711: likely patching this soon
Thursday July 1 2004
6:48AM 0 Processed: tagging 254681
1:56AM 2 Bug#257081: logcheck-database: incorrect ignore pattern for sendmail