zfs discuss - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
8:30PM 10 CR# 6574286, remove slog device
10:35AM 2 possible mega_sas issue sol10u8 (Re: Workaround for mpt timeouts in snv_127)
9:02AM 3 FreeNAS 0.7 zfs performance
7:06AM 0 Error: value too large for defined data type
2:33AM 0 Can''t write to e-sata drive
Sunday November 29 2009
6:48PM 5 Adding drives to system - disk labels not consistent
6:38PM 1 Data repaired, but no errors?
2:37AM 1 single pool with 2 raidz arrays
Saturday November 28 2009
6:53PM 0 Full Disk Encryption (FDE) support
2:19PM 1 ARC Ghost lists, why have them and how much ram is used to keep track of them? [long]
7:32AM 2 ZFS CIFS, smb.conf (smb/server) and LDAP
Friday November 27 2009
10:08AM 7 ZFS dedup clarification
Thursday November 26 2009
12:59PM 5 rquota didnot show userquota (Solaris 10)
10:35AM 11 Help needed to find out where the problem is
Wednesday November 25 2009
7:55PM 3 zfs: questions on ARC membership based on type/ordering of Reads/Writes
10:07AM 2 ZFS Import failed: Request rejected: too large for CDB
Tuesday November 24 2009
10:45PM 0 Lost zfs root partition after zfs upgrade
9:59PM 1 Lost boot partition after running zfs upgrade
7:36PM 4 sharemgr
2:45PM 10 ZFS Random Read Performance
2:37PM 9 Best practices for zpools on zfs
6:30AM 0 NexentaStor 2.2.0 Developer Edition Released
4:24AM 2 flar and tar the best way to backup S10 ZFS only?
Monday November 23 2009
7:25PM 6 heads-up: dedup=fletcher4,verify was broken
7:24PM 1 Large ZFS server questions
5:44PM 15 zfs-raidz - simulate disk failure
4:52PM 2 Proper way to make bootable ZFS slice on SPARC?
9:43AM 1 zpool upgrade question
8:31AM 0 Promoting clones
6:07AM 1 mirroring ZIL device
6:00AM 5 adpu320 scsi timeouts only with ZFS
Sunday November 22 2009
10:18PM 9 Solaris10 10/09 ZFS shared via CIFS?
4:15PM 9 Resilver/scrub times?
1:08AM 16 The 100,000th beginner question about a zfs server
Saturday November 21 2009
6:37PM 0 Kernel panic - directed here from networking
8:49AM 50 Workaround for mpt timeouts in snv_127
5:00AM 0 Setting up users on ZFS volumes
12:17AM 14 CIFS shares being lost
Friday November 20 2009
7:27PM 2 ZFS Send Priority and Performance
7:14PM 0 hung pool on iscsi
4:44PM 13 Data balance across vdevs
12:31PM 3 iSCSI target zfs to SATA zfs
11:31AM 1 Using local disk for cache on an iSCSI zvol...
8:36AM 2 Replacing log with SSD on Sol10 u8
5:46AM 3 zpool on fdisk partition
1:30AM 3 uneven usage between raidz2 devices in storage pool
Thursday November 19 2009
3:39PM 3 ZFS send / recv to a lower ZFS version
11:59AM 3 ZFS GUI - where is it?
10:23AM 2 Setting default user/group quotas?
3:28AM 4 ZFS space usage
Wednesday November 18 2009
7:21PM 2 ZFS and NFS
1:58PM 0 open(2), but no I/O to large files creates performance hit
12:06PM 8 ZFS directory and file quota
2:57AM 6 Recovering FAULTED zpool
Tuesday November 17 2009
9:33PM 17 ZFS ZIL/log on SSD weirdness
8:50PM 13 ZFS storage server hardware
6:13PM 4 Comstar thin provisioning space reclamation
5:20PM 14 X45xx storage vs 7xxx Unified storage
3:41PM 1 upgrading to the latest zfs version
1:59PM 2 updated zfs on disk format?
10:27AM 11 [Fwd: [zfs-auto-snapshot] Heads up: SUNWzfs-auto-snapshot obsoletion in snv 128]
2:17AM 3 building zpools on device aliases
Monday November 16 2009
8:13PM 2 Old zfs version with OpenSolaris 2009.06 JeOS ??
3:39PM 2 ZFS Deduplication Replication
1:30PM 23 ZFS forensics/revert/restore shellscript and how-to.
Sunday November 15 2009
3:25PM 9 Best config for different sized disks
Saturday November 14 2009
5:56PM 5 permanent files error, unable to access pool
4:44PM 0 [indiana-discuss] Boot failure with snv_122 and snv_123
12:38PM 4 Backing up ZVOLs
Friday November 13 2009
6:10PM 0 [Fwd: [osol-announce] IMPT: Infrastructure upgrade this weekend, 11/13-15]
3:40PM 0 Let''s guess which filesystem.....
2:43PM 4 Snapshot question
2:26PM 9 zfs/io performance on Netra X1
10:07AM 11 scrub differs in execute time?
Thursday November 12 2009
9:10PM 3 zpool not growing after drive upgrade
7:36PM 8 "zfs send" from solaris 10/08 to "zfs receive" on solaris 10/09
5:51AM 2 COMSTAR iSCSI with vSphere not working
Wednesday November 11 2009
11:18PM 3 raidz-1 vs mirror
7:20PM 0 [storage-discuss] ZFS on JBOD storage, mpt driver issue - server not responding
6:15PM 1 Manual drive failure?
4:08PM 15 ZFS on JBOD storage, mpt driver issue - server not responding
11:55AM 0 High load when ''zfs send'' to the file
9:06AM 2 ls -l hang, process unkillable
8:17AM 0 Attempting to delete clone locks pool
7:17AM 0 libzfs zfs_create() fails on sun4u daily bits (daily.1110)
2:02AM 1 Zpool hosed during testing
1:17AM 20 zfs eradication
Tuesday November 10 2009
10:02PM 0 zle compression ?
9:55PM 2 Rebooting while Scrubing in snv_126
4:21PM 3 Odd sparing problem
2:41PM 0 FreeNAS 0.7 with zfs out
1:32PM 1 ZFS and oracle on SAN disks
4:38AM 0 How to purge bad data from snapshots
4:22AM 1 CIFS crashes when accessed with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 via Vista
2:42AM 4 Couple questions about ZFS writes and fragmentation
Monday November 9 2009
8:45PM 8 ..and now ZFS send dedupe
3:23PM 1 can''t delete a zpool
7:22AM 3 zpool resilver - error history
Sunday November 8 2009
3:09PM 5 What can I get with 2x250Gb ?
8:05AM 5 Disk I/O in RAID-Z as new disks are added/removed
8:03AM 20 RAID-Z and virtualization
2:27AM 2 Bidirectional online point-in-time replication
Saturday November 7 2009
10:41PM 14 dedupe question
9:55PM 3 Quick dedup question
7:38PM 5 Accidentally mixed-up disks in RAIDZ
Friday November 6 2009
10:19PM 2 Moving boot pool
3:09PM 3 Network shares to ZFS pool?
3:07PM 4 zfs allow destroy and rmdir to remove snapshot
3:04PM 2 Quick drive slicing madness question
11:02AM 8 ZFS snapshot issue.
1:09AM 3 Problem with memory recovery from arc cache
Thursday November 5 2009
11:45PM 3 sparc + zfs + nfs + mac osX = fail ?
8:07PM 6 ZFS and least privilege
9:02AM 0 HA server
1:00AM 12 Basic question about striping and ZFS
Wednesday November 4 2009
4:29PM 1 abysmal performance using zfs iSCSI target
3:52PM 6 sched regularily writing a lots of MBs to the pool?
3:44PM 23 (home NAS) zfs and spinning down of drives
2:26PM 3 zfs usedbysnapshots is not equial to "zfs list -t snapshot" for a filesyste
2:03PM 44 ZFS + fsck
8:17AM 5 how to add a partition to a zpool?
5:51AM 1 ZFS non-zero checksum and permanent error with deleted file
Tuesday November 3 2009
7:39PM 3 virsh troubling zfs!?
2:54PM 1 De-Dupe and iSCSI
12:04PM 2 zfs on multiple machines
9:39AM 41 ZFS dedup issue
8:58AM 2 SunOS neptune 5.11 snv_127 sun4u sparc SUNW, Sun-Fire-880
3:40AM 5 More Dedupe Questions...
Monday November 2 2009
11:07PM 4 Location of ZFS documentation (source)?
9:34PM 2 zfs mount error
2:28PM 14 dedup question
1:20PM 0 Kernel panic on zfs import (hardware failure)
12:21PM 24 dedupe is in
5:27AM 30 marvell88sx2 driver build126
5:22AM 7 Solaris disk confusion ?
3:48AM 2 How do I protect my zfs pools?
Sunday November 1 2009
9:15AM 10 automate zpool scrub