zfs discuss - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
10:44PM 1 Kernel panic on zfs import
Friday October 30 2009
8:55PM 0 Does refreservation sit on top of usedbydataset?
8:03PM 3 ARC cache and ls query
2:47PM 0 [osol-help] Help! Bricked my 2009.06 OpenSolaris snv_111b NFS host (long)
2:40PM 3 Can not stop zfs send...
10:20AM 1 ZFS - first steps
12:12AM 1 internal scrub keeps restarting resilvering?
Thursday October 29 2009
11:13PM 2 Difficulty testing an SSD as a ZIL
9:53PM 18 CR6894234 -- improved sgid directory compatibility with non-Solaris NFS clients
3:58PM 5 adding new disk to pool
8:51AM 1 S10U8 msg/ZFS-8000-9P
12:38AM 3 zfs recv ignores snapshots
Wednesday October 28 2009
10:28PM 3 FW: File level cloning
6:50PM 0 virus scan?
1:58PM 1 File level cloning
3:20AM 2 Moving an dataset zpool from a local zone to the global zone
Tuesday October 27 2009
10:13PM 1 zpool failmode
9:25PM 4 zpool import single user mode incompatible version
5:43PM 2 Sniping a bad inode in zfs?
3:07PM 2 resolve zfs properties "default" to actual value
10:57AM 1 Best practices for "zfs create"?
9:39AM 2 root pool can not have multiple vdevs ?
8:19AM 0 How to create the zpool in concatenation mode
2:36AM 1 ZFS near-synchronous replication...
Monday October 26 2009
6:14PM 0 default child filesystem quota
5:24PM 2 Resilvering, amount of data on disk, etc.
11:25AM 2 Retrieve per-block checksum algorithm
12:28AM 39 zfs code and fishworks "fork"
Sunday October 25 2009
2:16PM 21 zfs inotify?
8:45AM 7 "zfs send..." too slow?
Saturday October 24 2009
7:31PM 4 Performance problems with Thumper and >7TB ZFS pool using RAIDZ2
12:12PM 8 Dumb idea?
10:26AM 5 Apple cans ZFS project
12:15AM 3 Change physical path to a zpool.
Friday October 23 2009
11:55PM 5 Checksums
10:27PM 1 Apple shuts down open source ZFS project
10:23PM 5 PSARC 2009/571: ZFS deduplication properties
7:38PM 3 new google group for ZFS on OSX
6:04PM 7 cryptic vdev name from fmdump
3:10PM 1 Resilver speed
2:57PM 5 bewailing of the n00b
1:33PM 1 problems with netatalk and zfs after upgrade to snv_125
1:12PM 1 zfs recv complains about destroyed filesystem
12:55PM 1 Zpool issue question
9:55AM 11 ZFS port to Linux
6:31AM 5 compressed fs taking up more space than uncompressed equivalent
Thursday October 22 2009
11:22PM 10 zpool getting in a stuck state?
10:39PM 4 zpool with very different sized vdevs?
9:30PM 1 cannot import ''rpool'': one or more devices is currently unavailable
9:14PM 0 Only a few days left for Online Registration: Solaris Security Summit Nov 3rd
7:12PM 0 [Fwd: snv_123: kernel memory leak?]
2:29PM 1 raidz "ZFS Best Practices" wiki inconsistency
11:40AM 47 SNV_125 MPT warning in logfile
5:11AM 2 strange results ...
12:18AM 2 Trouble testing hot spares
Wednesday October 21 2009
11:19PM 2 Disk locating in OpenSolaris/Solaris 10
8:11PM 2 Exported zpool cannot be imported or deleted.
7:23PM 2 importing pool with missing/failed log device
4:18PM 1 fault.fs.zfs.vdev.io
2:52PM 0 The iSCSI-backed zpool for my zone hangs.
10:20AM 0 Unable to destroy/rollback snapshot
3:52AM 0 zfs send -R slow
Tuesday October 20 2009
9:46PM 27 Setting up an SSD ZIL - Need A Reality Check
6:39PM 5 Adding another mirror to storage pool
5:35PM 7 Slow reads with ZFS+NFS
1:18PM 4 Performance of ZFS and UFS inside local/global zone
12:19PM 1 iscsi share on different subnet?
5:51AM 5 ZFS user quota, userused updates?
4:49AM 8 Zpool without any redundancy
4:06AM 0 Local user security with move from Mac OSX to OpenSolaris
Monday October 19 2009
11:03PM 14 heads up on SXCE build 125 (LU + mirrored root pools)
6:47PM 0 EON ZFS Storage 0.59.4 based on snv_124 released!
6:41PM 3 Interesting bug with picking labels when expanding a slice where a pool lives
5:53PM 1 Numbered vdevs
Sunday October 18 2009
6:37PM 4 zpool wont get back online
4:19PM 1 The ZFS FAQ needs an update
Saturday October 17 2009
7:59PM 0 OLD pool information visible in "zpool import"
7:47PM 3 zvol used apparently greater than volsize for sparse volume
1:42PM 3 ZFS mirror resilver process
2:36AM 12 Liveupgrade''d to U8 and now can''t boot previous U6 BE :(
Friday October 16 2009
8:52PM 0 Zetaback ZFS backup and recovery management system
6:05PM 9 fishworks on x4275?
5:41PM 0 Problem with resilvering and faulty disk
3:35PM 6 zfs on s10u8
11:42AM 7 ZFS snapshots & rsync --delete
1:27AM 1 Not a tragedy just a question
12:36AM 4 Mount ZFS on Dual Boot Machine (open)solaris
Thursday October 15 2009
10:48PM 8 sub-optimal ZFS performance
8:37PM 2 Interesting performance comparison
8:19PM 8 primarycache and secondarycache properties on Solaris 10 u8
4:50PM 4 pool as root of zone
4:45PM 10 Stupid to have 2 disk raidz?
12:17PM 0 Can''t remove pool--Dataset busy
7:01AM 7 s10u8: lots of fixes, any commentary?
5:07AM 15 Strange problem with liveupgrade on zfs (10u7 and u8)
Wednesday October 14 2009
8:44PM 14 ZFS disk failure question
10:34AM 6 ZFS Swap Doesn''t Survive Reboot - OSOL-124
Tuesday October 13 2009
6:43PM 1 zfs on FDE
6:42PM 1 memory use
5:00PM 3 iscsi/comstar performance
4:20PM 10 Solaris 10 samba in AD mode broken when user in > 32 AD groups
3:03PM 2 corrupt metadata on upgrade from 2008.11 to 2009.06
2:46PM 8 STK 2540 and Ignore Cache Sync (ICS)
2:05PM 1 dedup video
1:54PM 0 where did ztest go
1:18PM 1 zfs disk encryption
12:32PM 14 How to resize ZFS partion or add a new one?
9:33AM 1 How many errors are too many?
Monday October 12 2009
9:41PM 7 NFS sgid directory interoperability with Linux
Sunday October 11 2009
8:59AM 8 kernel panic on zpool import
1:43AM 1 2009.06 cifs/acl/windows-sid weirdness
1:00AM 1 You really do need ECC RAM
Saturday October 10 2009
11:00PM 3 use zpool directly w/o create zfs
5:02PM 1 Keep track of meta data on each zfs
5:51AM 12 How to use ZFS on x4270
2:25AM 11 SSD over 10gbe not any faster than 10K SAS over GigE
Friday October 9 2009
10:53PM 22 Does ZFS work with SAN-attached devices?
4:36PM 6 Terrible ZFS performance on a Dell 1850 w/ PERC 4e/Si (Sol10U6)
3:09AM 1 MPT questions
Thursday October 8 2009
8:33PM 2 ZFS saved my data success story
7:46PM 1 Hot Spares spin down?
4:51PM 0 zfs send/receive performance concern
8:15AM 2 convert raidz from osx
Wednesday October 7 2009
12:09PM 0 Poor write / read performance on a mirrored HSV 200/300 volume
4:14AM 1 scrubing/resilvering - controller problem
Tuesday October 6 2009
6:58PM 7 notations on zpools
6:20PM 1 How can I destroy an exported, corrupt zpool?
Monday October 5 2009
10:45PM 0 You''re Invited: OpenSolaris Security Summit Nov 3rd
9:14PM 2 Destroying zfs snapshot
4:26PM 3 group and user quotas - a temporary hack?
3:04AM 1 Move zpool from one controller to another, just swap cables?
Sunday October 4 2009
7:38PM 2 ZPOOL Metadata / Data Error - Help
1:36PM 0 ZPOOL data corruption - Help
1:50AM 8 million files in single directory
Saturday October 3 2009
10:19AM 0 zfs corrupts grub
Friday October 2 2009
6:22PM 3 .zfs snapshots on subdirectories?
5:02PM 0 Performance issue on a zpool
3:47PM 1 Find out file changes by comparing snapshots?
8:01AM 1 zpool is very slow
7:41AM 14 strange pool disks usage pattern
Thursday October 1 2009
11:19PM 5 ZFS caching of compressed data
11:18PM 1 cachefile for snail zpool import mystery?
5:54PM 4 RAIDZ v. RAIDZ1
2:20PM 4 mounting rootpool
1:54PM 11 Unable to import pool: invalid vdev configuration
12:06AM 8 "Hot Space" vs. hot spares