zfs discuss - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
8:39PM 0 ZFS/CIFS file order
8:23PM 6 bigger zfs arc
7:15PM 1 receive restarting a resilver
2:46PM 2 poor man''s Drobo on FreeNAS
12:48PM 10 Incremental snapshot size
9:48AM 14 Help importing pool with "offline" disk
9:43AM 2 ZFS : unable to mount a pool
Tuesday September 29 2009
10:00PM 9 Desire simple but complete copy - How?
9:58PM 0 Sending volume snapshot - size?
9:12PM 5 KCA ZFS keynote available
7:57PM 7 True in U4? "Tar and cpio...save and restore ZFS File attributes and ACLs"
7:20PM 8 RAIDZ drive "removed" status
3:20PM 2 zpool add issue with cache devices thru ldm 71713004
9:03AM 8 NFS/ZFS slow on parallel writes
12:33AM 1 Should usedbydataset be the same after zfs send/recv for a volume?
Monday September 28 2009
11:58PM 2 refreservation not transferred by zfs send when sending a volume?
10:08PM 19 Would ZFS work for a high-bandwidth video SAN?
9:54PM 5 zfs receive should allow to keep received system unmounted
9:41PM 16 Quickest way to find files with cksum errors without doing scrub
8:12PM 25 Comments on home OpenSolaris/ZFS server
7:27AM 1 Unusual latency issues
7:20AM 7 Solaris License with ZFS USER quotas?
12:41AM 9 OS install question
Sunday September 27 2009
10:55AM 0 Ancestor filesystems writable by zone admin - by design?
10:43AM 4 zfs vbox and shared folders
9:34AM 3 Expanding RAIDZ with larger disks - can''t see all space.
Saturday September 26 2009
6:49PM 7 Borked zpool, missing slog/zil
1:29PM 1 Problem: ZFS Partition rewriten, how to recover data???
10:01AM 5 raidz failure, trying to recover
1:14AM 4 ZFS pool replace single disk with raidz
Friday September 25 2009
8:34PM 20 extremely slow writes (with good reads)
7:35PM 34 Which directories must be part of rpool?
6:07PM 57 Best way to convert checksums
5:09PM 2 selecting zfs BE from OBP
4:54PM 4 cannot hold ''xxx'': pool must be upgraded
2:28PM 1 NLM_DENIED_NOLOCKS Solaris 10u5 X4500
1:09PM 0 Strange issue with ZFS and du (snv_118 and snv_123)
8:21AM 10 White box server for OpenSolaris
5:21AM 10 Help! System panic when pool imported
Thursday September 24 2009
5:30PM 7 ZFS ARC vs Oracle cache
4:06PM 10 Cloning Systems using zpool
3:48PM 7 moving files from one fs to another, splittin/merging
11:43AM 1 Changing the recordsize while replacing a disk
9:44AM 2 zfs copy performance
7:20AM 60 Sun Flash Accelerator F20
1:54AM 5 Checksum property change does not change pre-existing data - right?
Wednesday September 23 2009
10:16PM 0 zfs snapshot -r panic on b114
9:50PM 2 You''re Invited: OpenSolaris Security Summit
4:59PM 5 How to verify if the ZIL is disabled
3:33PM 6 RAID-Z2 won''t come online after replacing failed disk
3:26PM 1 [dtrace-discuss] How to drill down cause of cross-calls in the kernel? (output provided)
1:42PM 0 ZFS send-receive between remote machines as non-root user
12:35PM 0 [indiana-discuss] Boot failure with snv_122 and snv_123
12:04PM 13 New to ZFS: One LUN, multiple zones
2:35AM 4 zfs bug
1:57AM 4 What does 128-bit mean
Tuesday September 22 2009
6:30PM 13 How to drill down cause of cross-calls in the kernel? (output provided)
5:03PM 0 rpool import when another rpool already mounted ?
4:57PM 2 URGENT: very high busy and average service time with ZFS and USP1100
1:39AM 0 How to recover from "can''t open objset", "cannot iterate filesystems"?
Monday September 21 2009
8:56PM 1 Directory size value
8:11PM 0 zfsdle eating all resources..
2:08PM 5 lots of zil_clean threads
8:29AM 1 Migrate from iscsitgt to comstar?
6:24AM 3 Re-import RAID-Z2 with faulted disk
Sunday September 20 2009
6:41PM 10 Real help
12:26PM 3 ZFS Recv slow with high CPU
2:03AM 2 backup disk of rpool on solaris
Friday September 18 2009
8:09PM 10 ZFS & HW RAID
6:18PM 4 Crazy Phantom Zpools Again
5:51PM 7 If you have ZFS in production, willing to share some details (with me)?
5:06PM 3 snv_XXX features / fixes -> Solaris 10 version
4:36PM 7 zpool UNAVAIL even though disk is online: another label issue?
3:05PM 0 ZFS and HW RAID
Thursday September 17 2009
6:43PM 3 Moving volumes to new controller
5:12PM 0 stat() performance on files on zfs vs. ufs
4:45PM 3 Adding new disks and ditto block behaviour
2:57PM 18 ZFS file disk usage
2:39PM 0 d2d2t
2:28PM 0 opensolaris/zfs as virtualization host
1:55PM 14 migrating from linux to solaris ZFS
9:29AM 8 Persistent errors - do I believe?
3:37AM 0 Special charaters dissallowed in MS Windows
Wednesday September 16 2009
6:57PM 0 RAID-Z expansion (any update?)
12:55PM 39 RAIDZ versus mirrroed
2:35AM 17 Which kind of ACLs does tmpfs support ?
Tuesday September 15 2009
8:31PM 3 zfs not sharing nfs shares on OSOl 2009.06?
6:46PM 5 Lightning SSD with 180,000 IOPs, 320MB/s writes
5:22PM 0 How to map solaris disk devices to physical location for ZFS pool setup
2:39PM 0 EON 0.59.3 based on snv_122 released
Monday September 14 2009
9:05PM 21 zfs send older version?
5:45PM 7 ZFS flar image.
5:43PM 1 ZFS LDOMs Jumpstart virtual disk issue
2:43PM 2 zpool status OK but zfs filesystem seems hung
2:18PM 1 ZFS and quota/refqoutoa question
1:38PM 1 Reboot seems to mess up all rpools
Sunday September 13 2009
9:29PM 0 Error recovery with replicated metadata
8:07PM 1 Strange problem, possibly zfs/zpool
6:01PM 2 USB WD Passport 500GB zfs mirror bug
Saturday September 12 2009
9:44PM 4 raidz replace issue
2:38PM 6 Problem with snv_122 Zpool issue
2:32PM 1 when will zfs have deduplication ?
10:53AM 0 Q about incremental zfs send recv
10:03AM 0 zpool hanging after I/O error (usb) on all mirror components
3:33AM 6 ZFS Export, Import = Windows sees wrong groups in ACLs
Friday September 11 2009
8:54PM 3 NFS export issue
4:58PM 2 snv_121 zfs issue
2:56PM 1 possibilities of AFP ever making it into ZFS like NFS and CIFS did
12:40PM 8 Raid-Z Issue
12:05PM 8 sync replication easy way?
Thursday September 10 2009
9:16PM 2 De-duplication before SXCE EOL ?
7:21PM 3 b122 and "fake checksum errors"
7:20PM 6 libzfs.h versioning
1:03PM 3 zfs send of a cloned zvol
12:41PM 2 zfs cksum calculation
8:27AM 9 Space has not been freed up!
2:15AM 4 ZFS Crash
Wednesday September 9 2009
5:54PM 0 NexentaStor.org and Open Source components
4:03PM 0 I/O performance problems on Dell 1850 w/ PERC 4e/Si RAID1 (Sol 10U6)
2:37PM 18 alternative hardware configurations for zfs
2:24PM 0 [fm-discuss] self test failure on Intel X25-E SSD
2:00PM 1 Using ZFS iscsi disk as ZFS disk
Tuesday September 8 2009
8:57PM 1 sndradm ZFS cluster 3.2
7:09PM 3 Help with Scenerio
5:53PM 0 associating an unmodified clone file with an origin snapshot
1:53PM 4 Can ZFS simply concatenate LUNs (eg no RAID0)?
Monday September 7 2009
11:29PM 5 Incremental backup via zfs send / zfs receive
1:42PM 14 This is the scrub that never ends...
12:25PM 0 A note on Apache using ZFS
10:49AM 14 Fwd: [ilugb] Does ZFS support Hole Punching/Discard
Sunday September 6 2009
6:19PM 7 Wikipedia on ZFS
5:53PM 0 Recover after zpool add -f ? Is it possible?
4:00PM 2 Yet another "where did the space go" question
1:15PM 32 periodic slow responsiveness
8:10AM 0 zpool replace complete but old drives not detached
Saturday September 5 2009
4:53AM 0 incremental send/recv larger than sum of snapshots?
Friday September 4 2009
7:53PM 2 PMP support in Opensolaris
7:23PM 4 zfs compression algorithm : jpeg ??
5:10PM 1 Understanding when (and how) ZFS will use spare disks
4:07PM 0 question about my hardware choice
7:26AM 0 one time passwords - apache infrastructure incident report 8/28/2009
Thursday September 3 2009
7:47PM 0 [osol-discuss] zfs data loss after crash
7:22PM 0 (no subject)
3:48PM 3 How ZFS prefetch "issues" impact the use of Zvols are remote LUNs
11:42AM 5 Read about ZFS backup - Still confused
9:08AM 19 Problem with RAID-Z in builds snv_120 - snv_123
2:01AM 3 7110: Would it self upgrade the system zpool?
Wednesday September 2 2009
6:37PM 16 Archiving and Restoring Snapshots
6:01PM 21 Petabytes on a budget - blog
5:31PM 12 check a zfs rcvd file
7:47AM 0 zfs send <pool>/<volume>@<snapshot> incomplete
Tuesday September 1 2009
10:28PM 2 "high speed" at 7,200 rpm
12:34PM 0 ZFS incremental backup & restore
11:39AM 4 pkg image-update to snv 121 -> shouldn''t ZFS version be upgraded on /rpool