zfs discuss - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
11:10PM 1 OpenSolaris / ZFS at the low-end
6:54PM 30 [Fwd: ZFS user/group quotas & space accounting [PSARC/2009/204 FastTrack timeout 04/08/2009]]
2:28PM 1 [Fwd: Re: [perf-discuss] ZFS performance issue - READ is slow as hell...]
12:10PM 0 Permission problems with nfs-mounted zfs user directories
9:02AM 3 Bad SWAP performance from zvol
Monday March 30 2009
6:48PM 25 Data size grew.. with compression on
5:54PM 0 multi-protocol (cifs/nfs) access to same files - help please
5:33PM 1 Timeslider causing errors..?
5:26PM 2 [perf-discuss] ZFS performance issue - READ is slow as hell...
2:28AM 3 Data corruption during resilver operation
Sunday March 29 2009
8:24PM 9 About snapshots or versioned backups
3:54PM 6 Notations in zpool status
Saturday March 28 2009
6:20PM 3 zfs scheduled replication script?
8:12AM 53 Can this be done?
Friday March 27 2009
11:45PM 18 Growing a zpool mirror breaks on Adaptec 1205sa PCI
10:05PM 7 is zpool export/import | faster than rsync or cp
2:39PM 14 RFE: creating multiple clones in one zfs(1) call and one txg
4:13AM 2 Recovering data from a corrupted zpool
Thursday March 26 2009
6:28PM 5 ZFS crashes on boot
7:20AM 2 Attaching a mirror to a mirror
2:11AM 5 Zfs using java
12:27AM 0 warm spares on a 4540
Wednesday March 25 2009
10:18PM 5 How to increase rpool size in a VM?
9:47PM 0 Questions on timing for root pools and vfstab entries
Tuesday March 24 2009
5:37PM 8 ZFS Honesty after a power failure
2:53PM 1 ZFS and the copies property
2:52PM 6 Reliability at power failure?
Monday March 23 2009
11:44PM 2 Copying thousands of small files on an expanded ZFS pool crawl to a poor performance-not on other pools.
5:17AM 12 Zpools on USB & zpool.cache
Thursday March 19 2009
11:40PM 4 is ''zfs receive'' atomic per snapshot?
10:50PM 26 Size discrepancy (beyond expected amount?)
9:15PM 3 X4500 Thumper, config for boot disks?
Wednesday March 18 2009
6:56AM 1 Mount ZFS hangs on boot
5:28AM 24 rename(2), atomicity, crashes and fsync()
Tuesday March 17 2009
7:10PM 17 How do I "mirror" zfs rpool, x4500?
6:56PM 2 ZFS usable space calculations (Help!)
6:53PM 7 Public ZFS API ?
4:41PM 1 [cifs-discuss] CIFS accessing ZFS, workgroup mode, ACL problems
4:25PM 2 AVS and ZFS demos - link broken?
Monday March 16 2009
8:54PM 19 seeking in ZFS when data is compressed
5:27AM 1 Forensics related ZFS questions
Sunday March 15 2009
5:17PM 3 Freezing OpenSolaris with ZFS
4:51PM 2 After createing zpool of combined 750gb only 229 shows
4:00PM 2 ACL interpretation
3:51AM 2 What to do with a disk partition
Friday March 13 2009
1:00PM 1 Reuse drive that contained zpool
12:56PM 4 Zpools on USB
Thursday March 12 2009
2:36PM 3 CLI grinds to a halt during backups
8:39AM 3 Encryption through compression?
3:04AM 26 User quota design discussion..
12:22AM 1 Why did my zvol shrink ?
12:14AM 6 Trying to determine if this box will be compatible with Opensolaris or Solaris
Wednesday March 11 2009
8:18PM 9 ZFS on a SAN
3:45PM 0 Import Error - Please Help
2:15PM 6 Export ZFS via ISCSI to Linux - Is it stable for production use now?
2:06PM 30 reboot when copying large amounts of data
8:58AM 2 ext4 bug & zfs handling of the very same situation
4:19AM 1 usedby* properties for datasets created before v13
Monday March 9 2009
10:48PM 3 How to unwind raidz1 or zpool
9:22PM 3 cannot mount ''/export'' directory is not empty
1:48PM 1 Other zvols for swap and dump?
1:30PM 4 ZFS GSoC ideas page rough draft
1:07PM 3 zpool vs df
11:06AM 16 Nexsan SATABeast and ZFS
2:10AM 6 Is there a limit to snapshotting?
Saturday March 7 2009
7:06PM 1 dynamically expand LUN?
8:50AM 1 Real Swap space & vmstat output
5:35AM 6 How to make a ZFS pool with discs of the other machines of the LAN?
Friday March 6 2009
9:17PM 5 RePartition OS disk, give some to zpool
2:53PM 3 ZFS snapshot successfully but zfs list -r does not list the snapshot
1:01PM 13 ZFS and SNDR..., now I''m confused.
12:32PM 2 ACL mode inherit issue
Thursday March 5 2009
8:02PM 6 large file copy bug?
Wednesday March 4 2009
8:24PM 2 Question about zpool create parameter "version"
7:07AM 9 Comstar production-ready?
1:41AM 5 Oracle database on zfs
Tuesday March 3 2009
9:35PM 38 zfs related google summer of code ideas - your vote
5:50PM 6 zfs with PERC 6/i card?
9:55AM 3 zfs-crypto on OpenSolaris 2009.06?
7:53AM 0 COMSTAR/zfs integration for faster SCSI
4:58AM 8 zfs list extentions related to pNFS
1:35AM 1 cd into a snapshot using zfs-fuse 0.5.1-1ubuntu5 on Ubuntu 8.10
Monday March 2 2009
2:01PM 13 ZFS volume corrupted?
1:00PM 1 ZFS disable startup import
Sunday March 1 2009
7:29PM 8 invalid vdev configuration after power failure