zfs discuss - Jun 2008

Monday June 30 2008
8:17AM 20 Some basic questions about getting the best performance for database usage
Sunday June 29 2008
12:52AM 3 ZFS boot issues on older P3 system.
Saturday June 28 2008
8:46PM 1 Creating root FS with mixed case sensitivity?
8:34PM 0 zfs recovery after create
2:40PM 3 Proper wayto do disk replacement in an A1000 storage array and raidz2.
8:50AM 9 planning for upgrades
Friday June 27 2008
10:34PM 4 Solaris 10 does not boat
10:20PM 0 modifying the zfs version, possible?
9:58PM 4 2 items on the wish list
7:47PM 9 Problem with AOC-SAT2-MV8
3:42PM 0 Inconsistency from format output and zpool status
10:01AM 15 zfs mount failed at boot stops network services.
8:39AM 24 ZFS configuration for VMware
12:11AM 1 ''zfs list'' output showing incorrect mountpoint after boot -Z
Thursday June 26 2008
5:58PM 0 zfs send/receive locks system threads (Bug?)
4:37PM 2 Oops: zfs-auto-snapshot with at scheduling
Wednesday June 25 2008
6:45PM 0 [Fwd: Re: [install-discuss] sNV b90 Interactive Install Hung up?]
12:29PM 1 [install-discuss] sNV b90 Interactive Install Hung up?
6:33AM 3 sharesmb on multiple fs
3:52AM 2 resilver running for 35 trillion years
12:18AM 1 global zone snapshots
Tuesday June 24 2008
9:40PM 13 zfs-auto-snapshot with at scheduling
8:42PM 5 meta data question
6:46PM 0 Drivers for IBM ServeRAID 7k in Nevada?
12:26PM 4 zfs send and recordsize
3:16AM 1 zfs primarycache and secondarycache properties
Monday June 23 2008
3:56PM 9 Oracle and ZFS
10:09AM 61 swap & dump on ZFS volume
Sunday June 22 2008
10:55PM 20 raid card vs zfs
7:16PM 7 CIFS HA service with solaris 10 and SC 3.2
7:01PM 0 Re-2: What is this, who is doing it, and how do I get you to stop?
3:56PM 3 What is this, who is doing it, and how do I get you to stop?
1:06PM 2 "zpool create" behaviour
8:42AM 6 ZFS-Performance: Raid-Z vs. Raid5/6 vs. mirrored
5:45AM 3 mv between ZFSs on same zpool
Saturday June 21 2008
8:14PM 6 Confusion with snapshot send-receive
1:19AM 0 ZFS on Digg
12:29AM 14 zpool "i/o error"
Friday June 20 2008
4:01PM 9 zfs mirror broken?
3:20PM 3 howto resize/extend an existing ZFS volume ?
1:45PM 1 zfs corruption...
Thursday June 19 2008
8:10AM 2 Questions from a top cust interested in ZFS
4:31AM 5 Sparc rpool mirror failed
4:02AM 5 Performance issues ZFS / CIFS on home file server
2:37AM 7 zpool iostat
Wednesday June 18 2008
6:45PM 0 [zones-discuss] Rcapd threshold vs ZFS cache
4:04AM 0 getting inode for zfs from vnode/vfs layer in kernel
4:04AM 4 getting inodeno for zfs from vnode in vfs kernel layer
Tuesday June 17 2008
4:23PM 6 mirroring zfs slice
1:07PM 0 ZFS data recovery command
10:20AM 0 Zpool trying to add a different disk !! (Bug ??)
1:09AM 3 LSAI SAS SATA card and MB comptability questions?
Monday June 16 2008
7:51PM 1 questions about ZFS Send/Receive
6:34PM 3 RFE 4852783
5:57PM 3 Problem with missing disk in RaidZ
5:42PM 4 ?: 1/2 Billion files in ZFS
5:10PM 29 USB hard to ZFS
5:02PM 1 ZFS Deferred Frees
4:10PM 2 ZFS Mirror Problem
1:45PM 3 Accessing zfs partitions on HDD from LiveCD
10:58AM 0 ZFS and Automount/Hal/fstyp
4:41AM 0 Insufficient replicas
Sunday June 15 2008
10:11PM 2 uncorrectable I/O error ... how to address?
4:30AM 5 ZFS write / read speed and traps for beginners
Saturday June 14 2008
3:09PM 18 zpool with RAID-5 from intelligent storage arrays
11:53AM 1 CIFS mkdir permission problems
Friday June 13 2008
9:56PM 3 Reducing file fragmentation with ZFS
9:48PM 3 zpool upgrade -v
9:04PM 7 How to identify zpool version
1:33PM 0 Data migration over different pools - resending
1:19PM 0 ZFS boot in snv_90
11:20AM 0 Adaptec 3085 or smilar , support larger than 2 TB lun ?
12:52AM 11 SXCE build 90 vs S10U6?
Thursday June 12 2008
5:59PM 0 zfs root / cannot activate new BE
2:29PM 3 Boot from mirrored vdev
11:48AM 0 ZFS dependent clones question
12:45AM 14 ZFS root boot failure?
Wednesday June 11 2008
4:53PM 0 Peformance issues
1:33PM 1 ZFS Quota question
12:51PM 0 zfs promote and ENOSPC (+panic with dtrace)
12:15PM 0 Cruft left after update
8:16AM 14 SSD reliability, wear levelling, warranty period
Tuesday June 10 2008
6:33PM 8 Growing root pool ?
1:42AM 1 zfs promote and ENOSPC
12:48AM 3 ZFS space map causing slow performance
Monday June 9 2008
6:19PM 44 memory hog
5:07PM 2 ZFS Root Install with Nevada build 90
5:05PM 2 creating ZFS mirror over iSCSI between to DELL MD3000i arrays
Sunday June 8 2008
8:53AM 3 200805 Grub problems
Saturday June 7 2008
12:25PM 1 zfs send/receive issue
8:29AM 3 zfs create or normal directories
8:23AM 4 Mixing RAID levels in a pool
Friday June 6 2008
11:04PM 0 partitioning a disk with online zfs
5:30PM 0 Quotas Locking down a system
4:29PM 11 ZFS conflict with MAID?
7:07AM 3 zfs incremental-forever
2:17AM 25 SATA controller suggestion
12:59AM 1 Live Upgrade to snv_90 on a system with existing ZFS boot
Thursday June 5 2008
9:27PM 8 zfs/nfs issue editing existing files
9:19PM 6 slog / log recovery is here!
8:13PM 1 ZFS and ACL''s over NFSv3
8:04PM 8 ZFS root compressed ?
6:06PM 2 ZFS NFS cannot write
5:50PM 1 zfs set quota question
4:02PM 0 Tracking down the causes of a mysteriously shrinking ARC cache?
8:20AM 40 Filesystem for each home dir - 10,000 users?
7:44AM 26 system backup and recovery
6:57AM 4 More USB Storage Issues
Wednesday June 4 2008
9:56PM 37 ZFS root finally here in SNV90
9:56PM 17 Get your SXCE on ZFS here!
5:14PM 3 Util to remove (s)log from remaining vdevs?
4:40PM 17 Can''t rm file when "No space left on device"...
12:12PM 2 panic on `zfs export` with UNAVAIL disks
Tuesday June 3 2008
11:37PM 2 bug id 6462690, SYNC_NV issue
8:35PM 27 disk names?
6:16PM 3 Not automatically importing ZFS pools at boot
3:51PM 0 Bad results from importing a pool on two machines at once
2:54PM 9 new install - when is zfs root offered? (snv_90)
11:27AM 15 Cannot delete errored file
Monday June 2 2008
8:56PM 4 Moving pool to new controller?
8:38PM 12 install opensolaris on raidz
7:58PM 1 how to migrating from UFS in a short time.
1:25PM 29 ZFS Hardware Check, OS X Compatibility, NEWBIE!!
Sunday June 1 2008
6:17PM 8 ZFS problems with USB Storage devices
1:48AM 3 panic: avl_find() succeeded inside avl_add()
1:00AM 1 capacity query