zfs discuss - Jul 2008

Thursday July 31 2008
8:25PM 17 Can I trust ZFS?
5:40PM 0 [cifs-discuss] Disk quotas with CIFS & ZFS
5:27PM 9 Terrible zfs performance under NFS load
2:56PM 2 boot cdrom -w doesn''t work
1:06PM 1 Kernel panic on ZFS snapshot destroy
Wednesday July 30 2008
11:32PM 1 [Q] Why can''t zpool import on the secondary see the AVS-synced pool?
8:56PM 0 Unbalanced write patterns
6:59PM 3 problems accessing ZFS snapshots
4:10PM 3 l2arc and flash drives
3:14PM 0 Recovering files after zpool create -f
11:49AM 7 zfs hanging on disk failure workaround
11:27AM 0 Performance of zfs with slices compared to drives
11:24AM 6 Raidz parity drives
8:19AM 2 zfs_nocacheflush
2:23AM 4 My first ''unrecoverable error'', what to do?
Tuesday July 29 2008
9:13PM 8 questions about ZFS Send/Receive
5:57PM 0 Datto ZFS OpenSolaris NAS Product
8:45AM 2 Errors in ZFS/NFSv4 ACL Documentation
6:59AM 2 Is my 3-way mirror completely lost?
Monday July 28 2008
11:29PM 1 Adding slices from same drive to a pool
6:30PM 1 zpool status my_pool , shows a pulled disk c1t6d0 as ONLINE ???
12:28PM 1 zpool upgrade statistics
9:34AM 0 ''referenced'' bigger than ''volsize''?
Sunday July 27 2008
1:41PM 2 zpool replace not working
Saturday July 26 2008
8:57PM 1 Expanding a root pool
Friday July 25 2008
7:49PM 0 mirror migration
6:02PM 18 Ideal Setup: RAID-5, Areca, etc!
3:18PM 2 l2arc and reboot
1:39PM 11 send/receive
11:25AM 18 zfs, raidz, spare and jbod
7:25AM 1 ZFS pool version 11
Thursday July 24 2008
9:43PM 3 Replicating ZFS filesystems with non-standard mount points
4:03PM 1 Best practice for Solaris as an NFS-server sharing a number of ZFS file sys
12:37PM 21 ZFS boot - upgrade from UFS & swap slices
9:01AM 1 Pool setup suggestions
6:38AM 28 Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 hang when drive removed
3:32AM 16 x4500 performance tuning.
Wednesday July 23 2008
9:10PM 4 evaluate ZFS ACL
9:01PM 1 zfs:zfs_arc_max
8:54PM 3 ZFS questions
7:37PM 72 The best motherboard for a home ZFS fileserver
4:26PM 2 [zfs-code] Peak every 4-5 second
8:24AM 0 where was zpool status information keeping.
Tuesday July 22 2008
6:45PM 4 L2ARC is Solaris 10?
4:58PM 2 Moving ZFS root pool to different system breaks boot
4:56PM 36 Peak every 4-5 second
4:48PM 16 Cannot attach mirror to SPARC zfs root pool
Monday July 21 2008
9:40PM 0 ZFS scrub time estimate up to 50% off
2:09PM 0 Undo "zfs destroy -r"
10:44AM 0 ZFS fails to mount all datasets on boot
Sunday July 20 2008
6:54PM 25 Formatting Problem of ZFS Adm Guide (pdf)
3:16PM 5 copying a ZFS
Friday July 18 2008
8:11PM 5 Interesting view on flash
7:37PM 1 Can''t change owner of directories?
1:08PM 1 Partitioning for a new system
12:34AM 11 checksum errors on root pool after upgrade to snv_94
12:26AM 2 i/o error on new disks?
Thursday July 17 2008
8:28PM 1 How do you grow a ZVOL?
5:52PM 4 RFE: -t flag for ''zfs destroy''
4:22PM 2 zfs sparc boot "Bad magic number in disk label"
5:16AM 9 How to delete hundreds of emtpy snapshots
12:48AM 8 ZFS with STMS/MPXIO
Wednesday July 16 2008
9:46PM 0 40min ls in empty directory
2:53PM 1 [Fwd: [Fwd: The results of iozone stress on NFS/ZFS and SF X4500 shows the very bad performance in read but good in write]]
1:55PM 4 zfs patches in latest sol10 u2 patch bundle
Tuesday July 15 2008
6:58PM 0 offlining a slice in a raidz not allowed
4:28PM 5 kernel panic - was it zfs related?
6:36AM 2 Cannot share RW, "Permission Denied" with sharenfs in ZFS
Monday July 14 2008
11:47PM 10 Raid-Z with N^2+1 disks
4:10PM 9 J4500 device renumbering
1:36PM 1 ZFS & Diskless clients
3:16AM 1 Remove log device?
1:33AM 4 scrub never finishes
1:17AM 4 Announcement: The Unofficial Unsupported Python ZFS API
Sunday July 13 2008
1:16PM 3 NFS shared subtree not visible
8:55AM 9 [RFC] Improved versioned pointer algorithms
Saturday July 12 2008
10:15AM 2 sharenfs=off, but still being shared?
Friday July 11 2008
4:33PM 7 Largest (in number of files) ZFS instance tested
3:58PM 1 Recovering corrupted root pool
12:37PM 2 raid or mirror
4:14AM 10 please help with raid / failure / rebuild calculations
3:05AM 2 ZFS/Install related question
Thursday July 10 2008
9:01PM 5 ZFS Mirroring - Scenario
2:19PM 0 File System snapshot and Hierarchical Storage Management
10:51AM 2 We have a driver for the MM-5425CN
10:42AM 35 proposal partial/relative paths for zfs(1)
12:34AM 49 Supermicro AOC-USAS-L8i
Wednesday July 9 2008
10:37PM 14 Case study/recommended ZFS setup for home file server
7:59PM 35 X4540
7:39PM 18 previously mentioned J4000 released
7:27PM 4 RFE: ZFS commands "zmv" and "zcp"
5:27PM 8 Using zfs boot with MPxIO on T2000
2:54PM 0 Thumper wedged somewhere in ZFS
3:42AM 6 slog device
Tuesday July 8 2008
10:13PM 0 Disks errors not shown by zpool?
7:56PM 21 ZFS problem mirror
12:09PM 1 Remove old boot environment?
Monday July 7 2008
9:19PM 2 Status of ZFS on Solaris 10
8:57PM 67 ZFS deduplication
6:54PM 1 ZFS and Caching - write() syscall with O_SYNC
4:55PM 1 scrub failing to initialise
1:33AM 5 x4500 panic report.
12:36AM 8 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 33, Issue 19
12:05AM 3 Why can''t ZFS find a plugged in disk
Sunday July 6 2008
2:19PM 14 confusion and frustration with zpool
1:37PM 2 Measuring ZFS performance - IOPS and throughput
7:48AM 16 ? SX:CE snv_91 - ZFS - raid and mirror - drive sizes don''t add correctly ?
Saturday July 5 2008
7:33PM 4 iostat and monitoring
5:24PM 2 Recovering an array on Mac
Thursday July 3 2008
11:18PM 1 Poor read/write performance when using ZFS iSCSI target
8:16PM 0 Kota, Sudha is out of the office.
7:24PM 6 Why RAID 5 stops working in 2009
11:42AM 11 Large zpool design considerations
Wednesday July 2 2008
8:26PM 0 evil tuning guide updates
7:19PM 4 /var/log as a single zfs filesystem --> problems at boot
3:45PM 0 Q: grow zpool build on top of iSCSI devices
12:04PM 14 is it possible to add a mirror device later?
11:49AM 11 J4200/J4400 Array
11:33AM 2 HELP changing concat to a mirror
6:55AM 14 Changing GUID
5:49AM 2 Checksum question.
12:22AM 2 zfs on top of 6140 FC array
Tuesday July 1 2008
9:52PM 0 behavior of disk identifiers and zpools.
6:47PM 10 Streaming video and audio over CIFS lags.
10:09AM 3 swap & dump on ZFS volume - updated proposal