zfs discuss - May 2008

Saturday May 31 2008
10:16PM 7 /var/sadm on zfs?
6:10PM 18 can anyone help me?
1:02PM 0 OpenSolaris 2008.05 CIFS - "cannot share...smb add share failed"
12:18AM 0 Dtracing ZFS/ZIL
Friday May 30 2008
4:37PM 2 is mirroring a vdev possible?
2:43PM 12 cannot delete file when fs 100% full
2:37PM 0 Pool with alternate root is not exported at shutdown
2:07PM 1 [osol-help] >1TB ZFS thin provisioned partition prevents Opensolaris from booting.
1:40AM 6 slog failure ... *ANY* way to recover?
12:57AM 1 Space used by the snapshot
Thursday May 29 2008
7:46PM 1 >1TB ZFS thin provisioned partition prevents Opensolaris from booting.
2:07PM 4 Liveupgrade snv_77 with a ZFS root to snv_89
1:52PM 17 SMC Webconsole 3.1 and ZFS Administration 1.0 - stacktraces in snv_b89
12:55PM 26 zfs equivalent of ufsdump and ufsrestore
Wednesday May 28 2008
9:05PM 0 ZFS locking up! Bug in ZFS, device drivers or time for mobo RMA?
8:15PM 4 Create ZFS now, add mirror later
5:42PM 4 ZFS sharing options for Windows
3:47PM 1 [blog post] Trying to corrupt data in a ZFS mirror
3:25PM 3 zfs hangs after disk failure
Tuesday May 27 2008
8:13PM 6 slog devices don''t resilver correctly
1:52PM 2 ZFS Automatic Snapshots
7:09AM 3 USB stick unavailable after restart
Monday May 26 2008
10:30PM 0 ZFS over file shares vs over iSCSI
8:19PM 0 ZFS: Cannot Import pool due to fault
1:10PM 2 indiana as nfs server: crash due to zfs
2:35AM 1 Clone a disk, need to change pool_guid
Saturday May 24 2008
8:12AM 11 ZFS: A general question
Friday May 23 2008
7:43PM 4 Indiana vs Nevada (for ZFS file server)
2:18PM 18 help with a BIG problem, can''t import my zpool anymore
7:09AM 50 ZFS Project Hardware
Thursday May 22 2008
7:53AM 0 Weirdly inflated files sizes in Mac OS 10.5.2 Finder / Opensolaris 2008
7:49AM 0 "Cannot copy...The operation completed successfully" / OpenSolaris 2008
4:33AM 0 "Cannot copy...The operation completed successfully" / OpenSolaris 2008.05
2:56AM 0 Weirdly inflated files sizes in Mac OS 10.5.2 Finder / Opensolaris 2008.05
Wednesday May 21 2008
9:27PM 4 Pause Solaris with ZFS compression busy by doing a cp?
8:47PM 1 Corrupted pool repair attempt
8:12PM 17 ZFS boot mirror
6:43PM 8 NFS4-sharing-ZFS issues
5:30PM 14 What is a vdev?
3:15PM 11 Per-user home filesystems and OS-X Leopard anomaly
1:07PM 5 zfs raidz2 configuration mistake
10:11AM 1 ZFS as a shared file system
Tuesday May 20 2008
9:59PM 2 vanished ZFS pool
9:52PM 0 2008.05 zpool create altroot problem
9:20PM 4 Ways to speed up ''zpool import''?
8:03PM 8 replace, restart, gone - HELP!
6:53PM 1 opensolaris 2008.05 boot recovery
11:27AM 0 Help us tune ZFS for usage on ''OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2'' project
Monday May 19 2008
4:30PM 1 question about zpool import
12:51PM 0 ZFS panic
Sunday May 18 2008
6:01PM 24 The ZFS inventor and Linus sitting in a tree?
4:46PM 0 zfs diff @snap1 @snap2
12:34PM 1 zfs iostat
8:39AM 3 Not all filesystems shared over NFS
Saturday May 17 2008
2:45PM 5 Notification of Important Improvements to ZFS
2:29AM 9 openSolaris ZFS root, swap, dump
Friday May 16 2008
5:17PM 0 cp -p gives errors on Linux w/ NFS-mounted ZFS
5:13PM 1 ZFS sharing question.
3:46PM 0 Hiding files with ZFS ACLs
12:35PM 4 ZFS Version Correct
12:18PM 20 ZFS and Sun Disk arrays - Opinions?
10:51AM 12 Q: ZFS Boot Install / LU support ETA?
10:20AM 7 ZFS boot with gzip-9 compression
12:53AM 39 ZFS in S10U6 vs openSolaris 05/08
Thursday May 15 2008
10:52PM 1 Any fix for the ZFS pool corruption Bug 6393634 ?
7:51PM 3 Solaris SAMBA questions
7:38AM 11 how to upgrade kernel by my own on root-zfs platform
6:17AM 0 zfs snapshot backup
1:45AM 2 [storage-discuss] ZFS and fibre channel issues
Wednesday May 14 2008
11:42PM 3 ZFS and viewing ACLs / OpenSolaris 2008.05
4:06PM 2 ZFS pool/filesystem layout design considerations
12:09AM 1 Using O_EXCL flag on /dev/zvol nodes
Tuesday May 13 2008
1:49PM 2 HOWTO: Backup a Storage Pool
8:47AM 4 zfs and jbod
Monday May 12 2008
11:20PM 5 ZFS Problems under vmware
6:46PM 10 Deletion of file from ZFS Disk and Snapshots
2:17PM 1 question regarding gzip compression in S10
12:07AM 3 x4500 Thumper panic
Sunday May 11 2008
7:12AM 2 sharing UFS root and ZFS pool
Friday May 9 2008
9:53PM 1 Where is zfs attributes kept?
8:19PM 5 Weird performance issue with ZFS with lots of simultaneous reads
1:59AM 1 News on Single Drive RaidZ Expansion?
Thursday May 8 2008
6:31PM 3 zfs! mirror and break
4:58AM 11 Image with DD from ZFS partition
1:39AM 3 Moving zfs pool to new machine?
Wednesday May 7 2008
10:34PM 20 Sanity check -- x4500 storage server for enterprise file service
5:25PM 0 zfs send -R dies in middle of transfer
1:59PM 1 Why root zone can''t be on ZFS for upgrade ?
10:51AM 1 ZFS-Crypto
Tuesday May 6 2008
10:08PM 0 Whietepaper/presentation comparing ZFS Snapshot versus conventional storage subsystem based snapshot?
7:53PM 1 zfs volume question on system disk
2:16PM 1 Best way to recover raidz pool after root filesystem crash
11:30AM 0 Video streaming and prefetch
2:07AM 2 sharesmb settings not working with some filesystems
Monday May 5 2008
10:05PM 4 ZFS and disk usage management?
7:11PM 0 read errors observed after scrub
Sunday May 4 2008
7:01AM 2 Inconcistancies with scrub and zdb
2:53AM 0 Debugging filesystem lock-ups
Saturday May 3 2008
8:46AM 1 Endian relevance for decoding lzjb blocks
Friday May 2 2008
4:58PM 8 ZFS cli for REMOTE Administration
Thursday May 1 2008
8:07PM 18 ZFS still crashing after patch
5:21PM 0 ZFS boot (post build 88) questions
8:14AM 9 ZFS and Linux