zfs discuss - Jan 2008

Thursday January 31 2008
7:25PM 1 simulating directio on zfs?
6:09PM 7 mounting a copy of a zfs pool /file system while orginal is still active
4:43PM 3 How to do "zfs send" to remote tape drive without intermediate file?
11:13AM 5 x4500 x2
9:45AM 3 perl modules to access zfs commands?
5:56AM 0 seen on freebsd-stable: reproducible zfs panic
4:43AM 16 Hardware RAID vs. ZFS RAID
2:43AM 0 Can''t offline second disk in a mirror
12:04AM 3 I.O error: zpool metadata corrupted after powercut
Wednesday January 30 2008
11:23PM 1 30 seond hang, ls command....
9:31PM 1 ZFS under VMware
3:41PM 12 ZFS configuration for a thumper
12:55AM 18 ZIL controls in Solaris 10 U4?
Tuesday January 29 2008
11:55PM 3 Resizing a mirror
9:06PM 1 ZFS as cluster file system
8:32PM 1 Block Pointer Rewrite status -also, zfs version upgrades
7:32AM 4 [Fwd: Re: Presales support on ZFS]
Monday January 28 2008
11:58AM 4 ? Removing a disk from a ZFS Storage Pool
Saturday January 26 2008
8:24AM 9 raidz and compression, difficulties
Friday January 25 2008
9:27AM 6 2 servers, 1 ZFS filesystem and corruptions
9:11AM 1 Order of operations w/ checksum errors
2:54AM 39 missing files on copy
Thursday January 24 2008
9:39PM 8 NFS performance on ZFS vs UFS
5:05PM 2 Drives of different size
4:45PM 1 zfs showing more filesystem using ls than df actually has
4:24PM 3 iscsi on zvol
3:45PM 7 Replacing Devices in a Storage Pool
2:50PM 5 Mirrrors with Uneven Drives!?
1:07PM 20 ZFS Home NAS - Configuration & Questions
Wednesday January 23 2008
8:34PM 7 Issue fixing ZFS corruption
7:12PM 4 Synchronous scrub?
7:11PM 3 Snapshot size larger than expected
12:49PM 1 Status on shrinking zpool
12:44PM 1 ZFS and DragonflyBSD''s HAMMER
5:19AM 0 ZFS volume Block Size & Record Size
Tuesday January 22 2008
9:01PM 0 zpool attach problem
5:47PM 13 LowEnd Batt. backed raid controllers that will deal with ZFS commit semantics correctly?
3:33PM 1 Updated ZFS Automatic Snapshot Service - version 0.10.
11:34AM 10 ZFS vq_max_pending value ?
11:14AM 3 ZFS vdev_cache
11:13AM 13 Sparc zfs root/boot status ?
9:20AM 1 Ditto blocks in S10U4 ?
4:05AM 2 Swap on ZVOL safe to use?
Monday January 21 2008
9:51PM 1 problem with nfs share of zfs storage
5:32PM 1 ZFS Internals Deep Dive - Where can I find it?
3:09PM 7 LVM on ZFS
1:40AM 2 De-duplication in ZFS
Sunday January 20 2008
9:47AM 6 Q : change disks to get bigger pool
Friday January 18 2008
9:22PM 11 sharenfs with over 10000 file systems
5:43PM 0 are there any workarounds for (low memory) deadlocks?
10:31AM 7 how to relocate a disk
8:44AM 4 ZFS recordsize
4:03AM 0 Integrated transactional upgrades with ZFS
Thursday January 17 2008
11:43PM 0 MySQL/ZFS backup program posted.
3:39PM 3 zfs send/receive of an entire pool
3:29PM 5 SSD cache device hangs ZFS
12:37PM 9 ATA UDMA data parity error
Wednesday January 16 2008
7:00AM 0 RFE: File revisions on ZFS
5:19AM 0 Re: Cheap ZFS homeserver.
2:25AM 4 Removing An Errant Drive From Zpool
Tuesday January 15 2008
7:53PM 1 ?REFER in zfs list
6:49AM 1 Regarding auditing user information
5:47AM 4 Moving zfs to an iscsci equallogic LUN
Monday January 14 2008
4:33PM 25 hardware for zfs home storage
Sunday January 13 2008
7:15AM 5 Panic on Zpool Import (Urgent)
Saturday January 12 2008
7:47PM 0 Disk array problems - any suggestions?
7:16PM 3 Phenom support in b78
Friday January 11 2008
11:06PM 2 ZFS behavior with fsync() calls
6:36PM 1 Trying to be tricky about booting
4:15PM 4 zpool remove problem
12:08PM 37 Proposal for how per dataset keys are initially setup
Thursday January 10 2008
7:54PM 5 Break a ZFS mirror and concatenate the disks
1:12PM 10 ZFS versus VxFS as file system inside Netbackup 6.0 DSSU
12:50PM 10 Backup/replication system
8:22AM 2 Assistance needed expanding RAIDZ with larger drives
5:09AM 2 NCQ
Wednesday January 9 2008
3:31PM 1 ZFS partitions
2:32PM 0 zfs arc growing kernel?
Tuesday January 8 2008
10:09PM 12 ZFS on OS X port now on macosforge
3:13PM 1 clones bound too tightly to its origin
3:27AM 7 Does block allocation for small writes work over iSCSI?
Monday January 7 2008
8:12PM 4 ZFS via Virtualized Solaris?
7:20PM 2 zfs pool does remount automatically
6:02PM 0 ZFS speaker needed (Was: Upcoming 1/9 Meeting at Google Chicago...)
5:00PM 6 Intent logs vs Journaling
4:36PM 5 removing a separate zil device
11:59AM 1 Remove a mirrored pair from a pool
Sunday January 6 2008
4:59PM 2 ZFS Bug: Value too large for defined data type
1:10AM 7 ZFS problem after disk faliure
Saturday January 5 2008
12:07AM 2 b77 v. Solaris 806 zfs create
Friday January 4 2008
8:42PM 3 Can''t access my data
6:25PM 5 copy on write related query
1:40PM 2 zfs device busy
2:58AM 4 [osol-help] ZFS woes
Thursday January 3 2008
9:57PM 6 ZFS Not Offlining Disk on SCSI Sense Error (X4500)
Wednesday January 2 2008
3:59PM 1 Adding to zpool: would failure of one device destroy all data?
11:01AM 2 Setting a dataset create time only property at pool creation time.
5:03AM 14 ZFS shared /home between zones
Tuesday January 1 2008
11:34AM 1 zpool panic need help