zfs discuss - Dec 2007

Monday December 31 2007
4:21AM 0 OpenSolaris Storage Wishlist - Single instance storage, de-duplication
1:26AM 4 Help! ZFS pool is UNAVAILABLE
Saturday December 29 2007
11:27PM 0 automatic balancing tiered-storage...
Friday December 28 2007
12:35PM 2 how to create "whole disk" links?
10:20AM 14 Help needed ZFS vs Veritas Comparison
6:00AM 0 Deadlock with snv_80+
Thursday December 27 2007
8:17PM 0 separate zil removal
6:54AM 1 ZFS File system related
4:58AM 31 rename(2) (mv(1)) between ZFS filesystems in the same zpool
Tuesday December 25 2007
7:33PM 2 fclose failing at 2G on a ZFS filesystem
11:19AM 2 hot spare and resilvering problem
Monday December 24 2007
5:16AM 0 ZFS man page questions
3:53AM 1 What are the dates ls shows on a snapshot?
Friday December 21 2007
2:57PM 1 Odd behavior of NFS of ZFS versus UFS
2:15PM 2 [zones-discuss] 3510 Array and ZFS/Zones
Thursday December 20 2007
8:22PM 6 3510 Array and ZFS/Zones
11:32AM 2 iSCSI initiator BUG
11:08AM 3 question on ZFS layout
2:32AM 1 [help]Could I have a question that where I can find the core code about COW
Wednesday December 19 2007
10:57PM 2 Nexenta/Debian APT integrated with ZFS now...
5:13PM 5 ZFS and acl questions in Indiana
4:52PM 12 Question - does a snapshot of root include child filesystems?
2:48AM 0 zfs boot suddenly not working
12:26AM 9 Fwd: zfs boot suddenly not working
Tuesday December 18 2007
5:01PM 6 Does Oracle support ZFS as a file system with Oracle RAC?
1:20PM 2 [osol-code] /usr/bin and /usr/xpg4/bin differences
2:12AM 1 zfs error listings
Monday December 17 2007
11:04PM 1 ZFS pools: S10 6/06 -> SXDE 9/07
2:52PM 0 zfs root/boot
2:36PM 2 Clearing partition/label info
1:16PM 1 Query related to ZFS Extended Attributes
10:29AM 3 ZFS Roadmap - thoughts on expanding raidz / restriping / defrag
Sunday December 16 2007
5:31AM 4 /usr/bin and /usr/xpg4/bin differences
Saturday December 15 2007
2:38AM 0 Update: zpool kernel panics.
1:24AM 4 Is round-robin I/O correct for ZFS?
Friday December 14 2007
8:59PM 5 Bugid 6535160
7:34PM 1 LUN configuration for disk-based backups
6:33PM 20 JBOD performance
3:49PM 2 zfs snapshot leaking data ?
8:41AM 0 scrub percentage complete decreasing, but without snaps.
Thursday December 13 2007
8:44PM 0 zpool version 3 & Uberblock version 9 , zpool upgrade only half succeeded?
5:16PM 1 How to properly tell zfs of new GUID <controller numbers> after a firmware upgrade changes the IDs
5:06PM 5 ZFS with array-level block replication (TrueCopy, SRDF, etc.)
4:55PM 2 ZIL and snapshots
3:46PM 6 mirror a slice
10:29AM 1 ZFS NAS Cluster
10:17AM 2 Auto backup and auto restore of ZFS via Firewire drive
4:21AM 1 How can I install the CIFS service to a "Core Group" Solaris 10 install?
3:35AM 4 Finding external USB disks
Wednesday December 12 2007
11:03PM 1 6604198 - single thread for compression
6:47PM 1 "reset" a disk?
1:23PM 0 Thumper with many NFS-export ZFS filesystems
10:41AM 18 LSI SAS3081E = unstable drive numbers?
2:17AM 0 Degraded zpool won''t online disk device, instead resilvers spare
2:05AM 0 how do i set a zfs mountpoint for use NEXT mount??
Tuesday December 11 2007
6:05PM 1 Dismounting ZFS
5:18AM 2 Faulted raidz1 shows the same device twice ?!?
Monday December 10 2007
3:59PM 1 Expanding a RAIDZ based Pool...
8:29AM 2 how do I fix this situation?
6:11AM 1 Performance writing to USB drive, performance reporting
Sunday December 9 2007
11:36PM 0 bug id 6458218
8:03PM 16 Does ZFS handle a SATA II " port multiplier " ?
1:22PM 8 zpool kernel panics.
Saturday December 8 2007
8:45AM 21 Nice chassis for ZFS server
2:00AM 0 /dev/zfs ioctl performance
Friday December 7 2007
6:56PM 5 Mail system errors (On Topic).
6:16PM 1 zfs rollback without unmounting a file system
5:18PM 3 ZFS on Freebsd 7.0
4:02PM 5 Error in zpool man page?
1:04PM 0 Same device added twice
12:31PM 9 Odd prioritisation issues.
5:43AM 0 In-place upgrades of Solaris Express on ZFS root (updated)
Thursday December 6 2007
7:05PM 2 Moving ZFS file system to a different system
3:34PM 1 mixing raidz1 and raidz2 in same pool
Wednesday December 5 2007
9:54PM 2 zfs mirroring question
9:15PM 9 Seperate ZIL
10:43AM 0 ZFS boot and GPT (Guid Partition Table - part of EFI spec.)
9:47AM 0 Simultaneous access to a single ZFS volume
7:07AM 6 ZFS with Memory Sticks
1:09AM 0 mounting a volume as zfs
Tuesday December 4 2007
7:33PM 1 current status of zfs boot partition on Sparc
1:11PM 2 clones bound too tightly to its origin
9:43AM 2 X4500 ILOM thinks disk 20 is faulted, ZFS thinks not.
2:50AM 0 /usr/sbin/install.d/chkprobe - awk: division by zero with zfs disks
Monday December 3 2007
11:32PM 5 why are these three ZFS caches using so much kmem?
10:31PM 2 ZFS metadata
8:48PM 4 I screwed up my zpool
8:36PM 2 Help replacing dual identity disk in ZFS raidz and SVM mirror
7:28PM 4 What does "dataset is busy" actually mean?
Sunday December 2 2007
2:20PM 3 Delegating iscsishare zfs permissions (iscsitgtd privileges)
Saturday December 1 2007
9:57AM 1 zfs export/import problem in cluster env.
5:15AM 16 Best stripe-size in array for ZFS mail storage?