zfs discuss - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
7:39PM 1 Patch 127729-07 not NFS patch!
4:19PM 1 Recommended Patches for ZFS
2:13PM 2 zfs pool unavailable!
9:20AM 5 RFE: Start with desired end state in mind...
9:02AM 1 Problems replacing a failed drive.
Thursday February 28 2008
10:53PM 2 nfs over zfs
7:14PM 5 Does a mirror increase read performance
7:03AM 10 ZFS vs. Novell NSS
12:48AM 2 moving zfs filesystems between disks
Wednesday February 27 2008
1:33AM 30 path-name encodings
Tuesday February 26 2008
12:35PM 5 modification to zdb to decompress blocks
7:07AM 1 Possible interest for ZFS encryption
Monday February 25 2008
9:46PM 5 The old problem with tar, zfs, nfs and zil
7:48PM 2 Panic when ZFS pool goes down?
7:05PM 31 Cause for data corruption?
Saturday February 23 2008
3:00AM 0 Jumpstart ZFS on Sparc?
Friday February 22 2008
7:08PM 0 Creating ZFS home filesystems from Linux
Thursday February 21 2008
10:15PM 3 ZFS commands sudden slow down, cpu spiked
4:31PM 37 Preferred backup s/w
10:58AM 3 raidz2 resilience on 3 disks
8:06AM 0 3 minute hang when iSCSI target disconnected
4:16AM 69 Can ZFS be event-driven or not?
2:44AM 2 iscsi core dumps when under IO
Wednesday February 20 2008
10:53PM 0 ZFS total size different when NFS mounted
9:15AM 0 snapshot objects delete through cifs share cause kernel panic
Tuesday February 19 2008
8:01PM 9 five megabytes per second with Microsoft iSCSI initiator (2.06)
7:32PM 1 ZFS and small block random I/O
10:46AM 2 Regression with ZFS best practice
4:38AM 2 zpool shared between OSX and Solaris on a MacBook Pro
2:28AM 5 Kernel panic on arc_buf_remove_ref() assertion
Monday February 18 2008
10:23AM 4 ZFS error handling - suggestion
6:56AM 2 vxfs vs ufs vs zfs
Sunday February 17 2008
6:15PM 4 Recommendations for per-user NFS shared home directories?
1:26AM 6 filebench for Solaris 10?
1:12AM 12 can''t share a zfs
Saturday February 16 2008
7:17AM 7 ''du'' is not accurate on zfs
12:57AM 2 Cannot do simultaneous read/write to ZFS over smb.
Friday February 15 2008
8:29PM 0 SunMC module for ZFS
4:38PM 1 How to set ZFS metadata copies=3?
12:30PM 2 [storage-discuss] Preventing zpool imports on boot
10:38AM 5 ZFS write throttling
9:35AM 0 iscsi connection aborted.
9:33AM 4 Help with the best layout
12:30AM 38 Performance with Sun StorageTek 2540
Thursday February 14 2008
11:05PM 9 100% random writes coming out as 50/50 reads/writes
11:18AM 6 Is the ZFS GUI in open Solaris ?
7:08AM 0 Solaris File Server ZFS and Cifs
3:09AM 4 Spare Won''t Remove
Wednesday February 13 2008
10:48PM 3 RAIDz2 reporting odd (smaller) size
6:09PM 2 Is gzip planned to be in S10U5?
4:10PM 0 add/replace : strange zfs pool behaviour
6:21AM 11 Which DTrace provider to use
Tuesday February 12 2008
3:44PM 5 ZFS keeps trying to open a dead disk: lots of logging
1:19PM 1 We can''t import pool zfs faulted
6:22AM 12 3ware support
Saturday February 9 2008
11:38PM 9 OpenSolaris, ZFS and Hardware RAID, a recipe for success?
4:52PM 0 Checksum error in single device ZFS pool & mysterious resilvering after reboot
7:11AM 0 ZFS disk give a kstat_create namespace collision
Friday February 8 2008
11:18PM 4 List of supported multipath drivers
10:04AM 7 Avoiding perfromance decrease when pool over 80% usage
8:25AM 12 Real time mirroring
Thursday February 7 2008
9:54PM 3 nfs exporting nested zfs
9:16PM 3 UFS on zvol Cache Questions...
6:36PM 0 NFS device IDs for snapshot filesystems
4:38PM 2 Lost intermediate snapshot; incremental backup still possible?
4:30PM 1 zpool destroy core dumps with unavailable iscsi device
12:26PM 2 Is swap still needed on c0d0s1 to get crash dumps?
10:00AM 0 ZFS on Solaris and Mac Leopard
6:54AM 4 ZFS taking up to 80 seconds to flush a single 8KB O_SYNC block.
Wednesday February 6 2008
9:39PM 1 MySQL, Lustre and ZFS
7:42PM 1 zfs send / receive between different opensolaris versions?
4:42PM 1 Did MDB Functionality Change?
3:04PM 13 zpool status -x strangeness on b78
8:55AM 1 available space?
1:21AM 1 ZFS number of file systems scalability
Tuesday February 5 2008
8:01PM 0 ZFS destroy performance on zvol clones
7:52PM 31 ZFS Performance Issue
7:39PM 6 Creating 14+ disc media fileserver, suggestions for a noob to the OS?
7:35PM 2 ZFS+ config for 8 drives, mostly reads
4:44PM 3 ZFS hang and boot hang when iSCSI device removed
2:53PM 0 ls on directory in ZFS f/s unusably slow
12:21PM 3 dos programs on a ZFS+CIFS server setup
12:00PM 0 ZFS Crypto PSARC Review Wed 6th Feb
9:58AM 0 Newbie question - Backing up ZFS to tape
Monday February 4 2008
11:06PM 2 Sun 5220 as a ZFS Server?
10:40PM 2 unexpected ZFS behavior
3:14PM 3 Draft one-pager for zfs-auto-snapshots
Sunday February 3 2008
10:11PM 0 Newbie question - check my zfs/zone config?
Saturday February 2 2008
9:03PM 2 Memory Corruption
10:56AM 1 tricking install tools with quota and reservation
8:16AM 2 Booting Solaris on ZFS fiel system
Friday February 1 2008
7:55PM 4 ZFS and SAN
6:15PM 3 ZFS replication strategies
6:00PM 2 ZFS raidz small IO write performance compared to raid controller
3:42PM 5 How to get ZFS use the whole disk?
3:17PM 3 Computer usable output for zpool commands
3:02PM 2 Un/Expected ZFS performance?
1:31PM 3 Case #65841812