zfs discuss - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
9:07PM 4 need some explanation
11:47AM 4 B62 AHCI and ZFS
7:27AM 1 ZFS and Oracle db production deployment
Sunday April 29 2007
2:54AM 0 Experiences with zfs/iscsi on T2000s and X4500s?
Saturday April 28 2007
4:44PM 4 learn to quote
2:27PM 3 tape-backup software (was: Very Large Filesystems)
9:51AM 14 Very Large Filesystems
2:07AM 4 What tags are supported on a zvol?
12:56AM 0 hostid/hostname now stored on the label
Friday April 27 2007
10:12PM 2 Scrubbing a zpool built on LUNs
9:21PM 2 ARC, mmap, pagecache...
3:16PM 2 Probability Failure & Calculator
2:05AM 2 am I completely insane, or will this work?
12:51AM 2 ZFS on slices
Thursday April 26 2007
9:21PM 7 device name changing
8:15PM 5 cow performance penatly
3:36PM 7 Re: Re: Re: How much do we really want zpool remove?
1:56PM 16 HowTo: UPS + ZFS & NFS + no fsync
1:11AM 0 patched DVD ISO image
Wednesday April 25 2007
3:17PM 8 XServe Raid & Complex Storage Considerations
12:53AM 0 rootpool notes
Tuesday April 24 2007
9:35PM 2 software RAID vs. HW RAID - part III
5:59PM 0 Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zfs-discuss
5:55PM 0 disruption to IO of zpool causes reboot/boot issue
2:17PM 1 raidz pool with a slice on the boot disk
1:52PM 30 Status Update before Reinstall?
1:33PM 19 ZFS Boot: Dividing up the name space
11:45AM 0 *** High Praise for ZFS and NFS services ***
9:52AM 0 A big Thank You to the ZFS team!
8:37AM 2 zfs submounts and permissions with autofs
5:43AM 0 problem interpreting build_live_dvd.conf.sample file
Monday April 23 2007
11:43PM 5 Re: [nfs-discuss] Multi-tera, small-file filesystems
10:44PM 2 Now that FreeBSD has ZFS (basically)
8:56PM 3 FYI: X4500 (aka thumper) sale
7:51PM 0 Slow attribute change operations
7:14PM 3 ZFS on FreeBSD vs Solaris...
6:48PM 4 zfs receive and setting properties like compression
10:52AM 3 ZFS panic caused by an exported zpool??
8:14AM 14 concatination & stripe - zfs?
7:36AM 0 striping with ZFS and SAN(AMS500 HDS)
Sunday April 22 2007
11:55PM 7 slow sync on zfs
11:20PM 2 SPARC: no cache synchronize
5:53PM 2 ZFS boot from compressed zfs
3:38PM 1 Metaslab allocation control?
12:01PM 4 Restrictions on ZFS boot?
Saturday April 21 2007
9:10PM 3 Volume copy of master system with zfs
8:26PM 12 zfs performance on fuse (Linux) compared to other fs
6:52PM 1 ZFS copies and fault tolerance
2:42AM 3 Re: Generic "filesystem code" list/community for opensolaris ?
Friday April 20 2007
8:07PM 23 ZFS+NFS on storedge 6120 (sun t4)
3:37PM 0 problem mounting one of the zfs file system during boot
2:01PM 4 Re: [nfs-discuss] NFSd and dtrace
12:59PM 10 Help me understand ZFS caching
Thursday April 19 2007
6:59PM 14 Permanently removing vdevs from a pool
6:13PM 14 Experience with Promise Tech. arrays/jbod''s?
1:22PM 11 ZFS boot: 3 smaller glitches with console, /etc/dfs/sharetab and /dev/random
1:04PM 9 ZFS disables nfs/server on a host
9:39AM 1 zpool list and df -k difference
4:38AM 3 zpool status -v
Wednesday April 18 2007
10:52PM 1 Cheap Array Enclosure for ZFS pool?
10:46PM 12 Bottlenecks in building a system
6:29PM 42 zfs boot image conversion kit is posted
5:05PM 51 Preferred backup mechanism for ZFS?
3:30PM 33 LZO compression?
3:09PM 0 Snapshots properties.
2:47PM 7 ZFS performance model for sustained, contiguous writes?
1:44PM 9 Multi-tera, small-file filesystems
9:38AM 2 zfs block allocation strategy
Tuesday April 17 2007
10:56PM 0 ZFS status -v and status -x are not in sync
8:15PM 2 Outdated FAQ entry
3:35PM 0 Drobo
10:37AM 9 Update/append of compressed files
9:09AM 10 storage type for ZFS
8:46AM 2 adding a disk
Monday April 16 2007
10:24PM 2 ZFS, Multiple Machines and NFS
9:57PM 3 zfs question as to sizes
9:50PM 10 zfs send/receive question
5:10PM 13 Testing of UFS, VxFS and ZFS
8:24AM 2 snapshot features
Sunday April 15 2007
9:05PM 0 zpool iostat : This command can be tricky ...
8:38PM 0 modify zpool_main.c for raw iostat data
8:02AM 3 Bitrot and panics
6:02AM 1 zfs
2:53AM 2 crashed remote system trying to do zfs send / receive
Saturday April 14 2007
3:46PM 3 zfs snaps and removing some files
1:26PM 0 Re: [request-sponsor] Requesting sponsor for zpool split : 5097228
6:20AM 1 Move data from the zpool (root) to a zfs file system
Friday April 13 2007
10:13PM 57 ZFS for Linux (NO LISCENCE talk, please)
1:58PM 1 crash
5:41AM 4 replication a whole zpool
3:27AM 2 How to dtrace which process is writting a veritas volume?
Thursday April 12 2007
11:33PM 1 ZFS agent for Symantec/VERITAS VCS
9:27PM 9 status of zfs boot netinstall kit
7:56PM 9 FreeBSD''s system flags.
6:40PM 6 quickly move files in different zfs in same zpool
3:42PM 1 Need explanations on some terms/phrases
9:30AM 5 Who modified my ZFS receive destination?
8:17AM 10 How to bind the oracle 9i data file to zfs volumes
4:54AM 1 Asus L1N64 - a good candidate for a ZFS based home server?
Wednesday April 11 2007
11:01PM 0 raidz2 another resilver problem
10:32PM 69 ZFS and Linux
10:12PM 5 zfs sharing
12:29PM 5 120473-05
7:43AM 1 query on ZFS
Tuesday April 10 2007
6:47PM 3 Renaming a pool?
4:07PM 15 Poor man''s backup by attaching/detaching mirror drives on a _striped_ pool?
2:32PM 3 Add mirror to an existing Zpool
12:45PM 4 ZFS vs. rmvolmgr
7:48AM 19 ZFS improvements
7:09AM 0 Re-write partition table cause the whole system crash
Monday April 9 2007
11:15AM 5 Contents of transaction group?
9:20AM 5 CAD application not working with zfs
Sunday April 8 2007
8:57PM 0 pool resilver oddity
Saturday April 7 2007
10:05PM 3 RAID-Z resilver broken
9:17PM 2 other panic caused by ZFS
8:13PM 1 misleading zpool state and panic -- nevada b60 x86
4:30PM 18 Re: simple Raid-Z question
4:12PM 2 Unbelievable. an other crashed zpool :(
2:54PM 0 zpool import/export checksum error + panic + work-around
Friday April 6 2007
2:57AM 11 ZFS committed to the FreeBSD base.
Thursday April 5 2007
6:03PM 11 opensolaris, zfs rootfs raidz
1:10PM 5 Something like spare sectors...
4:50AM 1 Excessive checksum errors...
Wednesday April 4 2007
7:46PM 7 ZFS boot: a new heads-up
6:56PM 0 zfs blocks numbers for small files
1:59PM 0 Re: zfs blocks numbers for small files
11:17AM 1 Is it possible to see USED and SIZE properties in bytes of zpool?
9:01AM 17 Setting up for zfsboot
Tuesday April 3 2007
10:53PM 2 ZFS panics with dmu_buf_hold_array
4:49PM 6 Best way to migrate filesystems to ZFS?
Monday April 2 2007
8:44PM 4 Size taken by a zfs symlink
7:42PM 7 zfs snapshot issues.
6:59PM 1 zfs boot/root bits in bfu?
6:24PM 0 zpool scrub checksum error
5:17PM 1 Adding persistent swap
7:37AM 4 Convert raidz
Sunday April 1 2007
6:25PM 5 User-defined properties.
12:24AM 8 zfs destroy <snapshot> takes hours