Xen users - Feb 2011

Monday February 28 2011
7:38PM 1 Xen Cloud Platform: Import VMWare Guest
7:32PM 0 PCI pass-thru(xen-4.0.1) and problems
7:15PM 0 I added you as a friend on Quepasa.com
4:10PM 7 XCP - migration from xend
3:54PM 0 mounting none on /dev failed: no such file or directory
10:17AM 3 Xen Kernel Panic
10:02AM 4 can''t disconnec iSCSI targets, please help
9:39AM 0 Disk issue when recreating a slice - please help
Sunday February 27 2011
11:40PM 0 Odd behavior from OpenSSL benchmark
9:22PM 0 Problem with pci passthrough for a perc 5/i raid controller
9:18PM 1 Compile xen in ubuntu server
4:49PM 8 graphically accessing pv guest
2:36PM 3 Xen network-route : mix Public and Private IP on a Front-Back architecture
1:37PM 1 [SPAM] used git pull before doing a make dist is it wrong
Saturday February 26 2011
10:52PM 1 make world error
10:15PM 0 make: *** [drivers] Error 2
8:05PM 0 downloaded jeremys try in xen source tarball now next what to do
4:21PM 4 Strange Problem with Windows GPLPV Drivers
10:36AM 6 how to reduce time of git pulling each time when you do a make world on Xen source
7:50AM 13 very slow disk access
4:25AM 3 Xen and High Availability
2:02AM 2 make world guvung error
12:11AM 4 Dom0 Locked up for 4 hours "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#3 stuck for 61s!"
Friday February 25 2011
1:40PM 6 RFH: Windows2003+GPLPV packet-receive breaks after some time (Xen 3.4.3 amd64)
1:03PM 1 domU and vlan´s
8:57AM 3 Link to xva.py broken
Thursday February 24 2011
9:44PM 3 pvops 2.6.32 and raid 5
7:19PM 0 Problem during VM creation
4:01PM 6 can''t run Debian guest
3:10PM 3 Enable "oldstyle configs" for xen4
12:49PM 2 Handling xvd device naming
2:45AM 1 total_memory incorrect
2:40AM 1 Help: how do I debug this: kernel: BUG: warning at block/ll_rw_blk.c:1767/blk_start_queue() (Tainted: G)
Wednesday February 23 2011
11:13PM 0 Debian 6 DomU network problem
6:20PM 1 CPU Questions
2:51PM 1 Alternate source for linux kernel source (linux 2-6.18-xen.hg)
1:26PM 3 blk[front|back] does not hand over minimum and optimal_io_size to domU
1:12PM 1 how to start a stubdom?
10:49AM 80 Xen 4 TSC problems
10:36AM 2 reg xm console
10:19AM 2 Error live-migrate Debian DomU
3:39AM 8 PV Drivers for Windows
12:05AM 1 Direct access from VM to LUN over FC with multipathing
Tuesday February 22 2011
11:29PM 6 how to optimize CentOS XEN dom0?
11:26PM 8 Xen 4.0.1 HVM 2008R2 Citrix PV Drivers
9:05PM 1 Xen PV Images
12:47PM 0 Compilation error in make tools - undefined reference to `x86_cpu_list''
10:10AM 0 Problem with xapi and stunnel on XenServer 5.6.1
Monday February 21 2011
8:38PM 0 Error "Path closed or removed during hotplug" with xen-4.0.1 on Fedora 14 (x86_64)
5:50PM 5 domU kernel from source capable of live migration
4:33PM 0 RFB connection with XenAPI Viewer
3:29PM 1 VM.start_on in the API
12:20PM 1 Unable to compile Xen-4.0 (2.6.32) on Fedora 14
11:27AM 2 Update on Xen.org and Xenbits
6:08AM 1 problem with attaching my vm''s to console
4:14AM 23 trouble installing
Sunday February 20 2011
6:58PM 1 PCI passthrough of a SATA/PATA controller, "FLR functionality not supported"
6:23AM 3 How do I Download XCP or Live Hypervisor?
Saturday February 19 2011
11:40PM 1 Download Links Broken for Live CD and XCP
11:28PM 1 Network down when upgrade to xen 4.0.1 on centOS 5.5
10:15PM 1 Link down: http://xenbits.xen.org/xen-4.0-testing.hg
10:11PM 1 not able to install new vm on 4.0.1
8:02PM 16 Home Xen hypervisor for master''s project
7:00PM 0 DomU RAM
7:09AM 0 name list
Friday February 18 2011
10:22PM 1 Link dead under XenDom0Kernels page
9:26PM 12 how to begin with xen
7:45PM 7 XCP networking
5:57PM 2 Guest CentOS 5.4 64bit on-top XCP 0.5 issue / HP ProLiant BL460c G6
4:21PM 2 XCP Set MTU not work after change XCP 1.0beta -> XCP 1.0 RC2
4:16PM 2 Wiki state
4:06PM 1 accessing usb inside xen vm
3:08PM 1 rename SR host name
1:35PM 0 Rappel : Xen-4.0 and GPLPV Driver - Slow Write perf
1:29PM 4 Xen-4.0 and GPLPV Driver - Slow Write perf
11:22AM 1 about: memory allocation and the balloon list
11:07AM 1 problem for add second bridge xenbr1
10:58AM 5 Writing fast in domU crashes entire xen system
10:42AM 1 save xm top output
7:03AM 6 [Xen-API] eth0 on hvm is not up on xen 4.0.1
6:24AM 9 Remus: network buffering problem
2:35AM 3 How to deploy a test XCP
12:03AM 1 Strangness with IP''s
Thursday February 17 2011
4:11PM 0 anyone successfully using sr-iov on xen 4.0.1?
3:43PM 3 Error: Domain is not halted. Help ASAP appreciated.
3:03PM 4 XCP 1 display issue
12:21PM 2 XCP export/import vm-checkpoint
10:48AM 1 xend not starting on debian squeeze
10:34AM 0 [XCP]DomU kernel baseline for PV
9:15AM 0 Xen-Problem with installing VMs
6:49AM 0 DSN: failed (Delivery reports about your e-mail)
12:56AM 1 XCP
12:53AM 1 What makes live migration so slow?
Wednesday February 16 2011
10:24PM 0 Network Statistic for dom0 and domUs
9:31PM 4 Bond question
7:47PM 2 NIC bonding - missing eth0?
7:32PM 10 Bonded interfaces with trunk and iscsi SAN
7:16PM 2 Easier managment interface, XCP or similar?
6:40PM 1 XCP RC2 questions: local caching and VSS
6:10PM 3 HVM support Debian Squeeze
5:36PM 1 NFS root for XCP hosts
3:29PM 6 domU ips with out dom0
1:45PM 2 [XCP] additional drivers
9:21AM 0 5.1/7.1 Sound emulation in XEN? (PV & HVM)
8:20AM 33 xen compilation is giving errors
7:57AM 6 remus failure
2:11AM 0 pciback or pci-stub with VT-d and SR-IOV
12:15AM 13 Squeeze and Xen 4 - booting error when loading xen-hypervisor-4.0-amd64
Tuesday February 15 2011
9:10PM 1 Re: XCP 1.0 Issues:
4:12PM 2 XCP and XenCenter
3:57PM 0 XCP 1.0 Release Candidate testing
12:19PM 8 clarification regarding xen networking
7:57AM 6 HVM domU doesnt start
4:22AM 3 VGA passthrough success (with doubts)
Monday February 14 2011
9:07PM 8 e1000 gig nic howto?
7:44PM 1 debian squeeze gotchas using xen 4
6:37PM 9 Sharing file/folder
5:42PM 0 pci resources
5:23PM 23 Nested Virtualisation question
4:29PM 6 migration failure
3:59PM 2 Monitoring Xen!
2:13PM 0 CfP 6th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC''11)
4:22AM 0 Access InfiniBand from fully virtualized DomUs - Redhat 5.5
Sunday February 13 2011
7:20PM 9 XCP-1.0-base-38754 how to create Debian 6.0.0 Squeeze VM?
5:24PM 1 acpid_1.0.10 hangs make - newbie Xen XCI installation question
4:52AM 5 clarification regarding xen vm
1:59AM 1 Fwd: Re: Swap: create or not?
Saturday February 12 2011
5:55PM 0 xen 3.4.3 on CentOS 5.5 dom0: multiple nic issue -- eth1 won''t restart
5:37PM 1 Automation load balancing through live migration of virtual machine.
12:37PM 3 accessing a file outside VM
1:23AM 2 [XCP] [''NO_HOSTS_AVAILABLE'']... what?
Friday February 11 2011
9:17PM 7 XCP - Hetzner: Xen Cloud Platform XCP1.0Beta - Problems with network
6:24PM 1 I Xen ready for desktop virtualization?
5:35PM 2 shared iscsi storage between multiple hosts with centos
5:17PM 6 start up script for "xentop"
2:09PM 0 Question about xen and the RT patch
1:35PM 5 Debian Squeeze, xen, multipath and iscsi
10:12AM 8 Swap: create or not?
7:20AM 0 Can Xenoprof monitor Core events and Uncore Events simultaneously?
2:32AM 0 Some observations on live migration & solution solicitation
Thursday February 10 2011
10:31PM 23 who comes from kvm?
9:34PM 0 [SPAM] Re: debian squeeze released.
7:59PM 1 Advice on passing through USB controller
11:21AM 4 Trace SRIOV NIC''s MSI-X delivery to Xen
10:45AM 0 >PKCS#11 passthrough for Smartcards
10:09AM 5 Can''t find root when start vm
9:46AM 2 A problem with the xen performance when the block device count is more than 8
8:25AM 0 Error after installing Domain1 PV guest os(Redhat 5.5)
8:16AM 7 upgrade leny-squeeze, xen3.2-xen4.0, what''s wrong?
6:35AM 0 Problem with Memory Throughput Difference between Two Nodes(sockets)
5:55AM 0 problems with xen and sr-iov/iommu
Wednesday February 9 2011
10:34PM 1 Xen with NAT networking.
7:42PM 4 gplpv drivers for Winxp64.
7:22PM 0 Does XEN support VEPA
11:10AM 0 DSN: failed (KWVZIHRPVBR)
9:12AM 2 Problem running two consoles
1:46AM 1 clarification with xen vm /guest creation
Tuesday February 8 2011
1:57PM 5 xen3 domU on xen4 dom0
8:00AM 0 problem install debian squeeze domu
12:00AM 0 Qemu and vif-route
Monday February 7 2011
1:26PM 1 Problem for migrate Debian (Vmware) to XEN
11:22AM 1 Xen installation on Redhat 5.5
4:59AM 4 XEN live migration: cannot console or ssh to the migrated guest VM (domU)
Sunday February 6 2011
10:55PM 20 debian squeeze released.
8:07PM 2 [XCP] VM upgrade to Debian 6 issue.
7:57PM 0 The VDI is not available
6:27PM 6 Xen Restarting on "Scrubbing Free RAM"
Saturday February 5 2011
11:55PM 2 Save and restore DomU (hvm) on Dom0 restart. CentOS 5.5 + Xen 3.4.3
10:40PM 7 Strange Halt during Xen boot
Friday February 4 2011
4:29PM 0 Xen Log Timestamp resolution
2:49PM 6 Xen networking newbie
2:42PM 2 All DomU failing SSLv3 handshake (curl, apt-get, wget, etc.) but OK on Dom0
12:51PM 0 more than 16 GB in a 32 Bit dom0
9:28AM 0 xen crash
6:35AM 0 vm creation
Thursday February 3 2011
9:03PM 4 network interrupted when booting or shutting down DomU''s on SLES11
7:03PM 1 pci-passthrough nic but no link
5:34PM 3 Is grub menu supposed to work over the serial console, in Xen 4.0.1?
4:34PM 1 Compiling new centos kernel for DomU
3:09PM 0 problem with vm creation
Wednesday February 2 2011
9:56PM 0 iommu options?
8:16PM 6 bonding with trunking AND iscsi
3:19PM 0 not able to send command to virtual machine using vnc
3:12PM 1 vif-route does not work
1:39PM 33 Backup running Windows machines - redundancy
1:00PM 7 Xen 4.0.1 hangs when trying to create vps
10:55AM 7 suddenly no network, peth0: transmit timed out
9:28AM 1 xend hangs if out of memory
3:16AM 3 how to PCI-passthrough 1 card to a DomU when another @ Dom0 uses the same driver?
Tuesday February 1 2011
6:25PM 10 About XCP OpenNebula integration
4:05PM 3 boot from cd takes long time
2:37PM 1 Convert existing System to PV
11:03AM 1 Uprading a Guest on Xen
8:58AM 1 XendInvalidDomain
6:14AM 1 can vnc line in domu.cfg be a problem for failed installation