Xen users - Dec 2010

Friday December 31 2010
10:04AM 8 dom0-linux
Thursday December 30 2010
6:09PM 2 Having stability problems with Linux-
5:28PM 2 XEN domU + btrfs
1:21PM 5 XCP 0.5.0 VM installation Problem
Wednesday December 29 2010
9:02PM 0 Auto Reply: Re: xen PCI pass through clarification
8:26PM 1 xen PCI pass through clarification
1:53PM 5 Virtual Machine Interfaces
12:15PM 1 I can''t install PV ubuntu in my CentOS5.5 based xen
4:05AM 4 Xen Dom0 console display is scrambled
Tuesday December 28 2010
9:27PM 0 switching runlevel 5 to 3 kills networking
1:46PM 5 PCIe switch that does not support or enable ACS
11:34AM 1 How to create an LVM-backed FreeBSD DomU in a Linux Dom0
1:47AM 3 Xen PXE boot problem
Sunday December 26 2010
7:01AM 1 Can''t boot HVM Win2k8 R2 x64 DVD ISO (Viridian?)
Saturday December 25 2010
10:40PM 0 Best way to change kernel in DomU
Friday December 24 2010
2:46AM 2 XCP 1.0 beta Realtek 8168 nic not working
Thursday December 23 2010
1:49PM 1 Myoung 2.6.32 Kernel on CentOS5
Wednesday December 22 2010
9:10PM 2 eComStation and OS/2 support
6:59PM 7 issue moving guest from 3.2 to 4.01
4:03PM 3 Xen Migration Trouble
12:38PM 2 Problem compiling 2.6.32.x pv_ops kernel, centos 5.5 i386, HP DL380 G3
9:01AM 2 Performances compare between PV domU & HVM domU & PV-on-HVM domU
2:32AM 3 XCP License issue
Tuesday December 21 2010
11:09PM 0 [SPAM] Re: [Xen-API] [SPAM] XCP 1.0beta and vastSky and how "far" I got with it.
6:21PM 3 Finding free memory
7:50AM 0 [SPAM] XCP 1.0beta and vastSky. What information I have gathered, what I did and how "far" I got with it.
4:07AM 1 dos attack problem in xen bridge mode
1:15AM 1 noob: xen hypervisor answerfile fields
1:01AM 4 tap2:remus:backup_ip:9000|aio:/path_to_disk.img not working - OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
12:33AM 2 xcp 1.0beta ddk
Monday December 20 2010
4:34PM 17 VGA Passthrough
2:08PM 16 Network isolation - PCI passthrough question
1:42PM 8 Mutiple virtualmachines Live migration at the same time with Xen
7:11AM 1 How can I re-build domU''s Kernel?
2:27AM 0 simple question about xenoprof
Sunday December 19 2010
11:23PM 0 [Xen-API] New Xen.org Community Manager
9:42PM 1 XCP 1.0 stable release?
10:43AM 8 SSH Console issues with Ubuntu
Saturday December 18 2010
5:02PM 1 Xen Dom0
Friday December 17 2010
4:07PM 0 New bootloader options after installing Xen, none of which work
2:48PM 0 Problems Building Xen 4.0.x on ia64 (various releases)
10:57AM 28 Yet another question about multiple NICs
9:27AM 6 XCP 1.0 Beta - Boot-from-SAN with multipathing - howto?
4:32AM 0 HVM guests interrupt traffic briefly
Thursday December 16 2010
2:34PM 11 Time jumping forward on HVM domU''s
11:06AM 1 can''t read dvd-rom during install
10:25AM 19 Hypervisor hangs on startup
5:49AM 0 dom0 does not boot when VT-d is enabled on ASRock X58 Extreme
3:59AM 1 how to create pv domU use xm
Wednesday December 15 2010
11:03PM 4 RHEL6 domU migrate issues w/ higher to lower frequency CPU''s
8:13PM 1 ConVirt 2.0.1 Open Source Released.
8:06PM 1 Configuring VNC for a PV VM causes rebooting issue when a VM is under Xend domain management
5:28PM 1 WARNING:/dev/xvda is not a disk image
10:25AM 2 XEN - VM CPU usage / VM disk corruption
9:06AM 6 about Fedora13 Xen 4 Tutorial
5:23AM 1 launchpad plans for xen 4.0.1 release - my notes
4:21AM 0 DSN: failed (Bqy oqakghlpk)
Tuesday December 14 2010
3:29PM 1 Is XCP 0.5 ready for AMD Opteron 6100 12-cores
2:22PM 5 Xen disk performance over lvm
12:47PM 3 xen in nat mode and windows, no network
9:55AM 5 Xen domains will not reboot or destroy as they should be
3:25AM 0 XCP, XCCS, Xen Cloud Control System virtual appliance builder released
Monday December 13 2010
9:41PM 0 vnc problem after OpenSuSE 11.1 update
7:49PM 0 hi...
12:51PM 0 Xentop and VCPUS
12:01PM 0 DSN: failed (Message could not be delivered)
11:25AM 0 Any ideas why this lvcreate kernel BUG happens?
7:52AM 0 vnc issue after 11.1 update
7:33AM 0 100% usage in udev kernel BUG at /root/xen-4.0.1/linux-2.6-pvops.git/arch/x86/xen/mmu.c:1885
Sunday December 12 2010
8:19PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 70, Issue 23
7:39PM 1 Crash with XEN 4.0 on Suse 11.3
5:42PM 8 XEN 4.0.1 + pv_ops Kernel + CentOS 5.5 x86_64, is there an easier way.
5:20PM 1 OVF Support?
7:12AM 0 bad page happened and the dom0 crashed
7:08AM 2 CMCI exceptions happened and MCE entry state transition made Xen crashed.
2:09AM 0 I have reverted to Xen 3.5-unstable for VGA Passthrough
Saturday December 11 2010
8:00PM 0 Auto Reply: Xen-users Digest, Vol 70, Issue 21
4:15PM 9 What NAS device(s) do you use? And why?
9:44AM 0 DSN: failed (Returned mail: Data format error)
1:47AM 6 How to use "xe tunnel-create" to create GRE tunnel?
Friday December 10 2010
10:09PM 11 Xen 4.0.1 failed to compile on Ubuntu Natty 32 bits
7:32PM 1 Xen server crashed, log questins
6:40PM 0 Cross-Server Private Network on non-management interfaces?
6:32PM 0 inter-vm communication HELP
2:58PM 0 xen-4 + megasas(DELL 6i RAID) = Reject I/O to offlinedevice FROM Chao-Rui
12:14PM 0 Xen network problems on domU shutdown
11:06AM 5 Network Problems
3:00AM 0 Xen and power-management
12:51AM 0 minimal CPU and MEM needed for dom0 hosting iSCSI domUs?
Thursday December 9 2010
5:39PM 1 32bit paravirt guests on large memory machines
4:31PM 4 netchannel2 - how to use and configure?
4:21PM 0 is it possible to disable kqemu ?
3:59PM 1 XCP 1.0beta and xenCenter
3:37PM 0 XEN Server#Reset network settings after emergency mode recovery
12:42PM 0 HVM memory ballooning for 2.4 based DomU''s?
8:05AM 0 [Xen-usr] system hang after showing pciback message
Wednesday December 8 2010
10:58PM 1 Error trying to start xend
1:00PM 16 Kernel DomU 2.6.36-rc6-pvhvm dont boot PVonHVM
10:54AM 4 Access Control solution for Xen?
10:42AM 0 Users'' Manual for Xen 4.0?
7:23AM 0 blank screen while booting xen
1:01AM 0 XEN 4.0.1 HVM+PV kernel modules on SUSE 11.3
12:12AM 1 XCP 1.0 beta -- CentOS 5.5 network installation problem
Tuesday December 7 2010
6:36PM 4 XEN
3:22PM 5 Smoothwall Appliance in Xen
1:49PM 1 Reg: PXE booting Xen Guests.
11:22AM 1 How to change the bash into the hvc0
8:19AM 5 Re: Current GPLPV drivers and pre xen4
3:11AM 0 XCP 1.0beta and xenCenter feature pack 1 beta
Monday December 6 2010
9:18PM 3 XCP 1.0 beta - domU boot: unable to retrieve network based images
9:15PM 4 Ubuntu Server 11.04 comes with a ParaVirtOPS dom0 enabled kernel out-of-the-box!
4:24PM 6 Zero LVM
3:32PM 5 HVM-guest doesn''t boot from virtual disk
10:17AM 12 RAM security
8:26AM 1 what''s the meaning of this call trace
8:03AM 6 How to get remote access to domU console using VNC?
Sunday December 5 2010
8:05PM 0 Network problem with HVM guests
11:50AM 16 IPV4 is nearly depleted, are you ready for IPV6?
3:46AM 0 Create a VHD image?
1:30AM 0 NetBSD 5.1 DomU
Saturday December 4 2010
8:32PM 3 Xen 4.0.1 crashing
8:22PM 1 Network problem with HVM guest
5:18PM 4 Make world problem compiling Xen 4.0.1 from source
4:08PM 1 Xen HVM Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 Problem
12:10PM 0 increasing linux pv domU memory size
2:33AM 3 Problem when building Xen 4.0.1
Friday December 3 2010
10:37PM 3 XCP 1.0 beta : install problem - unable to retrieve stage2.img over the network using http
9:29PM 16 xen 4.0.1 from gitco + Kernel Dom0 from git won'¡t start
7:40PM 5 Linux DomU vs Bare Metal performance issues
7:21PM 0 virt-install location problem
5:37PM 10 Kernel DomU dont boot PVonHVM
11:26AM 1 [SPAM] a doc about troubleshooting Xen on Red Hats site
5:02AM 5 XCP 1.0 beta : NOOB: how do i log into a newly created VM?
3:15AM 0 NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS PCI Express x16 Xen 4.0.2-rc1-pre VGA Passthrough Partial Success
Thursday December 2 2010
10:10PM 0 Problem with VGA passthrough in Xen 4.0.1
4:34PM 3 Performance testing tools for Windows guests
9:24AM 1 PV DomU kernel upgrade
2:08AM 0 XCP 1.0 beta 38754c -- long install time
Wednesday December 1 2010
11:22PM 0 Networking in PV DomU
8:53PM 0 Installing PV CentOS DomU
6:01PM 9 XCP 0.5 - dom0 vcpus/RAM settings not working
5:10PM 1 Make new hard disk accessible on the virtual machine
3:28PM 0 XCP - Enabling sFlow traffic and VM performance monitoring on XCP 1.0 beta
1:45PM 1 mem settings for dom0
12:08PM 0 problem with more the 2 vcpu''s
10:20AM 9 XCP beta 1 and XenCenter