Xen users - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
10:01PM 30 Xen 4.0.1 on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 - Desktop / Server - 64 Bits - With OpenGL (Intel GEM) enabled - From Linuxcon Brazil! :-D
9:04PM 4 System Memory
7:16PM 0 BIOS serial console redirection for HVM domains (Qemu)
3:54PM 2 errors when xend starts
3:41PM 6 Win 2008 x86 / GPLPV on Xen 4.0.1 - BSOD whem migrating HVM to a new machine.
2:45PM 1 Xen bonding, vlans, bridging with dom0 included...
11:35AM 3 Idea for future xen development: PV file system
7:54AM 0 Some question on vhd disk
7:51AM 1 [Xen-API] XCP: How can I create a Resource Pool?(Either from Xen-API or CLI)
5:14AM 3 how to install xen4.0.1 from sourceļ¼Ÿ
1:49AM 2 [Help request] Xen 3.4 serial console setup problem
1:37AM 0 another XCP 0.5.0 bug stumbled upon
Monday August 30 2010
11:38PM 0 Issue using tc tbf with inter-vm transfers
10:29PM 0 unable to destroy domain
8:33PM 2 Audio problem with XEN
7:38PM 0 Help requested: udev problems with 2.6.18-xen
6:30PM 0 XCP 0.5.0 bug, XCCS impact
5:54PM 1 XCP vs. cloud.com Cloudstack and convirture
5:47PM 9 Dom0 down ...
9:37AM 1 Windows Vista native and as guest
Sunday August 29 2010
1:23PM 2 Xen, disks and hvm.
1:22PM 0 More than one drive on HVM
12:33PM 3 Error: Bootloader isn''t executable when installing Ubuntu 10.04 on CentOS 5.3/Xen 3.0
8:48AM 5 lvm i/o
1:41AM 0 Anyone saw this before?
Saturday August 28 2010
6:27PM 0 Do I need virt-manager installed
Friday August 27 2010
11:09PM 0 Running as domU
7:57PM 1 reset route table after reboot
4:03PM 2 XCP and CentOS
4:02PM 0 NPIV & SAN Controller Failover
2:01PM 2 Network lockup when stopping domU''s
1:36PM 0 Pv-grub warnings
1:17PM 2 Creating Fedora PV Guest Images
11:36AM 0 DSN: failed (Returned mail: Data format error)
10:35AM 0 (no subject)
7:41AM 6 Xen Kernel Compilation error
6:43AM 1 Install Xen on a hard drive (like XenServer)
6:41AM 9 Why HVM?
Thursday August 26 2010
6:50PM 0 RE: Question: Solaris 10 10/09 HVM on 64-bit Centos 5.4 Dom0 vs Suse 11.3
4:25PM 1 How to mount xenvm file system on host system
3:54PM 0 Xen4 crash on Debian Squeeze
1:55PM 0 domU networking problem (corrected with more data)
1:35PM 1 VPS Providers
1:31PM 0 domU networking problem
Wednesday August 25 2010
11:16PM 1 XCP Enable HA on Pool
5:25PM 4 Xen 4.0 - Support for Citrix WHQL-certified Windows PV drivers
3:36PM 3 Error during guided partitioning
12:32PM 8 Xen version for production environment.
8:32AM 7 Xen 4.0.1 released
8:09AM 4 Need help in compiling and installing Xen-3.4.1 on Lucid
2:54AM 2 Monitoring Xen with Zabbix..
2:49AM 0 Is there any other way to enable sHypervisor instead of rebuild the kernel?
1:03AM 1 How to enable Xen ACM in SuSE11?
Tuesday August 24 2010
10:08PM 0 XCP: Is there any detailed guidance to create a template from scratch?
9:32PM 0 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.5.3 released!
9:10PM 3 Firewall rules
8:07PM 5 question to DRBD users/experts
6:28PM 0 aggregated CPU stats for xen server
4:33PM 1 Problem on upgrade domU kernel to PV Linux kernel
3:25PM 4 Slow windows network with gplpv driver.
3:08PM 2 WIndows PV driver problem (from XCP 0.5) with XEN 3.4.3 and 4.0.1-rc6(-pre)
2:51PM 4 No login on boot with VNC
1:36PM 3 the best version of xen
12:28PM 0 recovery of LVM2 partition after upgrade
11:53AM 1 Upgrade issues
11:51AM 0 XCP and access to consoles
9:00AM 5 XCP How to install "Other install media" in XCP 0.5
8:51AM 2 pcihide does not work anymore
6:09AM 0 Correct disk configurations
Monday August 23 2010
10:51PM 3 which cpu?
8:29PM 0 CFP for special session on Virtualisation in Distributed Systems - PDP2011 - deadline extended to 26th August.
3:45PM 4 problem with static routes
3:04PM 0 Keyboard not working for dom0 kernel 2.6.34 with xen 4.0
1:57PM 0 noob questions
1:22PM 1 xenserver configuration for dom 0 and dom U
7:37AM 1 [SPAM] How to Know DomU resources from Dom0
4:41AM 0 xen netwroking problem
1:05AM 1 XCP, XCCS, xe, and XVP, random thoughts
12:56AM 1 configuring a desktop system?
12:16AM 1 top ten excuses to not use OpenSuSE as Xen dom0
Sunday August 22 2010
11:45PM 0 Xen passthrough
9:53PM 2 please help with xen networking with 2 ips
8:01PM 0 DSN: failed (Returned mail: see transcript for details)
7:28PM 1 Why domain-0 100% cpu utilization?
11:51AM 9 XCP: VM installation in XCP 0.5 is behaving strangely
Saturday August 21 2010
4:16PM 0 DSN: delayed (Returned mail: see transcript for details)
9:26AM 4 Intel integrated graphics VGA passthrough problem - I/O virtualisation disabled
4:29AM 3 suggest improvements in my doc to compile Xen from sources
1:56AM 4 Xen Hotplug Issues
Friday August 20 2010
4:03PM 3 what to use for vncviewer
2:40PM 0 Change output to virbr0 to eth1
2:20PM 2 Vhd-util resize
2:20PM 10 RE: Question: Solaris 10 10/09 HVM on 64-bit Centos 5.4 Dom0 vs Suse 11.3
12:58PM 0 How to explain Xenmon result
12:35PM 0 KSM failure on Xen 4.0.1/FC 13
Thursday August 19 2010
1:32PM 0 Missing link on XEN web page
1:15PM 0 Xen 4.0
11:26AM 4 Can I mount the xen image file while vm is running
8:11AM 0 xen daemon not running
6:39AM 3 who can send me some comparison among several major virtualizations?
Wednesday August 18 2010
11:03PM 6 Question: Solaris 10 10/09 HVM on 64-bit Centos 5.4 DOM0
10:30PM 0 Understanding PCI Backend Options
9:58PM 4 Apache SSL Password
9:22PM 5 Arp not sent after live migrations on xen-unstable
8:03PM 0 XCP - Cloning VM from Xen
3:57PM 2 tracking VM use of cores?
3:31PM 13 Cloning VM from Xen
3:30PM 0 Out of Office Auto-Response
1:14PM 0 [Xen-API] XCP: new weekly unstable snapshot (week 34)
8:34AM 1 xenserver 5.6 installation
7:23AM 0 howto use xenapi commands in xm shell
Tuesday August 17 2010
8:08PM 0 Heavily loaded server
8:07PM 1 unsubscribe
7:27PM 7 Should applications be running on Dom0
5:42PM 3 xend does not start
3:42PM 2 DRBD on XCP 0.5
12:14PM 1 networking woes (opensuse 11.3 & XEN 4.0) - dom0 or domU have networking but not at the same time
11:21AM 0 Dom0 randomly crash in xen 4.0.1-rc4-pre
9:47AM 0 AW: Xen-users Digest, Vol 66, Issue 27
2:54AM 1 iozone tested in domU performs better than dom0?
2:48AM 2 Xen 4 on top of Ubuntu 10.04 is slow!
Monday August 16 2010
9:25PM 1 Xen4 Two-Way Routed Network & NAT
8:12PM 3 XCP & InfiniBand
7:56PM 0 Xen Summit Asia 2010 at Samsung - Call for Topics/Speakers
2:05PM 1 cant connect to my windows xp domU
4:05AM 0 Does Domain-0 in ''xm top'' represent the sum of total domU + hypervisor?
1:43AM 0 Good Xen Dom0 distribubtions
Sunday August 15 2010
8:19PM 8 how does hypervisor isolates DomU from Dom0
12:46PM 4 What is the Current Status of VGA Pass-through in Xen 4.0.0 Hypervisor?
12:06PM 2 [Fedora-xen] xen 4.0.1-rc6 rpms for Fedora 13
8:06AM 3 [XCP] openvswitch controller using
3:05AM 2 trouble launching vm''s
Saturday August 14 2010
1:16AM 2 Running Handbrake from within a VM
Friday August 13 2010
3:48PM 1 xm sched-credit
1:57PM 1 Any experiences using glusterfs (2.0.8?/3.0.5?) with xen 3.4.3 on CentOS 5.5 around ?
1:44PM 0 Production problem
12:24PM 4 Dom0 networking
12:18PM 4 migration, shared storage and fencing
11:34AM 0 CPU monitoring & CPU cycles
9:52AM 4 Install PV DomainU from CD-ROM
9:29AM 4 Xen Network Configuration Problem
8:24AM 3 Guest CentOS statistic
8:12AM 1 Installing HVM DomainU causes Domain0 to Reboot on SLES
6:03AM 0 GTX465 passthrought
3:25AM 0 sda vs xvda
12:36AM 5 block attach in windows HVM guest
Thursday August 12 2010
5:11PM 1 Question regarding Hypervisor_sched_op function
3:31PM 2 maxmem
2:38PM 3 Very technical question about ballooning
7:00AM 1 Dom0 mask CPU flags?
6:56AM 2 Powerpc port for XEN
6:52AM 0 Powerpc
5:30AM 3 Can Dom0 be replaced after installation?
Wednesday August 11 2010
10:14PM 0 qemu-img-xen broken?
9:26PM 0 Xen 4.1 host crash
7:24PM 0 Recompiling a xen-enabled kernel "the Debian way" (lenny)
7:12PM 8 XenConvert
2:18PM 0 Xen-3.4.3 PV and BlkTap2?
2:03PM 1 XCP and opensolaris
11:19AM 0 Xen 4.0 and xen-sources-2.6.34
9:45AM 0 Re: [fcrepo-user] Autostart-Script
7:49AM 38 Did anyone succeeded in installing xen 4.0.0 on Debian Lenny?
7:03AM 5 Changing MAC address of vifs in dom0
Tuesday August 10 2010
9:09PM 0 AttributeError: type object ''VirtualAudio'' has no attribute ''MODEL_DEFAULT'' - Xen 3.x & Centos5.3
6:43PM 6 best setup for live failover
4:28PM 0 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System 0.5.2
4:04PM 0 VM network connection drops
4:03PM 0 Dom0 running on Centos
3:57PM 0 Re: XEN in VirtualBox?
2:43PM 9 Xen-DRBD Migration question
1:52PM 2 RE: [Xen-API] XCP upgrade
10:02AM 1 Does anyone run win7 or winxp with xl toolstack?
9:29AM 0 Clone Xen Guest (LVM)
6:30AM 5 Hi: Newbie intro.
6:07AM 0 does libvirt support VHD disk tpye?
5:15AM 2 XEN powerpc
5:12AM 2 FreeBSD DomU
1:50AM 0 Installation of Windows 2008 failure in hvm mode
1:43AM 0 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
Monday August 9 2010
11:17PM 0 CentOS 5.5, XEN-4.0 (gitco), Kernel 2.6.34-xenified and Fedora11-PV
7:37PM 2 Compiling Xen from source on a machine without Internet access
2:23PM 0 [XCP] physical server "crash"
1:19PM 0 Software RAID 5 Installation Problem
1:08PM 4 xen headers xcp kernel
11:32AM 5 [XenARM] ARM support ?
10:56AM 5 DRBD and XEN on Centos5.5
9:09AM 1 AW: Impressive Performance Problems with Small-Files /Small Blocksizes
7:45AM 14 multiple streaming servers in a xen cloud
1:26AM 0 HXEN on OS X 10.6.4 Server
Sunday August 8 2010
10:14PM 0 vga passthrough
6:38AM 0 vnc console support for pv guests
Friday August 6 2010
9:18PM 0 Changing the VNC Screen Size for XEN Guest - how to pick a resolution?
12:06PM 0 Impressive Performance Problems with Small-Files /Small Blocksizes
9:57AM 2 802.1q on gentoo
9:18AM 4 OES2
Thursday August 5 2010
6:11PM 1 Is it possible to run Xen on an EEE PC 700 series?
5:53PM 0 Xen Summit Asia at Samsung - Program Committee
5:00PM 5 XCP Upgrade Advice
4:50PM 3 Ballooning on SLES11SP1
4:33PM 1 XCP
2:08PM 6 xen-4.0.0 on slackware
12:33PM 9 Xen 4.0.1 PCI passthrough help
9:17AM 2 XCP vm install INVALID_SOURCE error
8:48AM 0 VM state error
7:53AM 0 DRBD iSCSI failover while running Xen guests
2:09AM 1 Reproducible HVM DomU reboot Xen3.2 (Debian Stable)
Wednesday August 4 2010
4:02PM 7 Xen 4.0.1-rc5 w/ dom0, DomU''s start paused
2:43PM 0 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.5.1 released!
2:11PM 0 PV-on-HVM domain config files
1:07PM 6 pvgrub doesn''t read grub-config
12:58PM 0 XenStore
11:22AM 3 one busy vm affects other vm
9:03AM 0 OT: Network Security
8:39AM 1 Blktap-control under
8:30AM 0 (no subject)
8:25AM 4 broken network-support for netBSD-domUs?
7:17AM 0 Windows VM Network Issue
1:45AM 0 XCP oddity number 2, XCCS load balancer
1:38AM 0 Add module after instalation
1:08AM 1 XCP another bug in 0.5.0, XCCS ver 0.5.1 coming
Tuesday August 3 2010
9:59PM 2 Limit of ip adresses for DomU
9:28PM 0 openSuSE kernel-xen bug (netback deadlock issue)
3:32PM 4 [Xen-API] New XCP Management Tool
10:41AM 1 [XCP] cross-pool live migration
9:39AM 6 xen vlans in domU
2:25AM 2 maximum domain memory
12:59AM 1 XCP: install to local disk mirror (md raid)
Monday August 2 2010
10:01PM 0 who uses Lustre in production with virtual machines?
1:58PM 9 remus support in Opensuse ?
8:12AM 0 netlink programing in domain0
8:08AM 1 IO-APIC+ timer doesn''t work
7:47AM 2 snapshots, backups of XCP vm''s
Sunday August 1 2010
11:27PM 6 Opensolaris domU - install ok, pygrub boot not ok.
6:02PM 0 how to debug random domU reboot
5:57PM 2 No access to hwclock on Dom0 / Xen 4.0.1-rc5-pre / pv_ops
12:54PM 0 Re: Xen nexentastor-3.0.2-xen.cfg (blktap)
12:44PM 2 Good tutorial for building Xen-4.0.1-rc5/Linux pvops on Ubuntu 10.04?
1:05AM 0 maxmem does not work?