Xen devel - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
5:15AM 0 DomU crashing when I register netfilter hooks
Friday March 30 2007
7:29PM 3 Getting domain information in xen 3.0.4-1
Thursday March 29 2007
5:26AM 0 extracting CPU usage from xentop
2:39AM 2 lock issue for vpic_irq_negative_edge
2:27AM 0 vmx status report against 14631 - No new issue, 4 old issues
Wednesday March 28 2007
10:23PM 1 Is unmodified_drivers broken?
7:06PM 1 [PATCH] remove redundant rcu_read_unlock
6:36PM 3 Xen netfront fixes for changed skbuff in net-2.6.22.git
5:01PM 0 CAP limit
4:02PM 0 [PATCH] Remove duplicate list_move
3:51PM 7 [PATCH] Proper use of VMX execution controls MSR.
2:57PM 0 [PATCH][SVM]Generate Invalid Opcode to guest for SVM instructions in guest.
12:56PM 0 [PATCH 3/3] User-space grant table device - changes to libxc
12:56PM 2 [PATCH 2/3] User-space grant table device - main driver
12:56PM 0 [PATCH 1/3] User-space grant table device - changes to PV linux
12:56PM 0 [PATCH 0/3] User-space grant table device
12:38PM 0 [PATCH] xenbus: check function return values
12:35PM 4 [PATCH] pciback: check function return values
5:16AM 0 vmx status report agiainst changeset 14596 - 1 issue fixed, 4 old issues
2:18AM 1 Strange Block Device Issue
2:17AM 2 [XEN][ACM] Allow versioning information in ACM XML policy
Tuesday March 27 2007
11:53PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Add option to xm create to skip DTD checks.
9:21PM 2 Please pull xen-ia64-unstable.hg
9:06PM 8 RE: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] hvm: Remove access to QEMU monitor inVNC server
8:17PM 0 [PATCH] Add rcu variants to linked list primitives
7:45PM 0 [PATCH] Fix editing of long lines in pygrub
5:13PM 0 [PATCH][Xen API] Add model field to VIF class
4:09PM 1 Dynamic Loading of Domain Memory Image
3:42PM 0 [PATCH] [Bug 936] Fix "cpus" in config.sxp
3:40PM 0 [PATCH] [Bug 935] Fix the information of the xm list command
3:12PM 0 [PATCH] make all performance counter per-cpu
2:35PM 1 PCI Passthrough & iperf Throughput Skew
11:24AM 5 calling the VMX instructions from HVM guest application
9:45AM 2 [Patch] Fix a decode bug in x86_emulate()
9:27AM 0 vmx status report against changeset against 14560 - 1 new issue, 4 old issues
8:25AM 3 _domain in page_info structure
4:51AM 3 Question on shadow_invlpg return value handling.
Monday March 26 2007
8:48PM 8 Backend device not found error
8:03PM 8 making changes to agp code?
7:47PM 3 Seeking performance numbers for flip vs. copy
7:29PM 3 [PATCH] pciback: restore PCI BARs on D3->D0 transition
6:23PM 12 System time monotonicity
3:29PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: batch hypercalls when pinning address spaces
2:54PM 3 [PATCH] linux: simplify and perform checking of multicall status
2:50PM 2 [PATCH] improve x86 page table handling performance
2:40PM 0 [PATCH] linx/x86-64: cleanup the Xen-specific macros in entry-xen.S
2:28PM 0 [PATCH] fix time reporting to guest
1:52PM 1 HVM RTC where is it initially set where is it respected?
10:23AM 1 Xen on Bochs
8:53AM 0 RE: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 25, Issue 217
7:20AM 1 [PATCH] Remove tabs from xensec_gen/main.py
6:36AM 0 RE: PCI DMA Limitations (Stephen Donnelly)
6:23AM 1 [PATCH] [Bug 934] Fix the xm mem-set command
6:16AM 1 [PATCH] [Bug 933] Fix the xm mem-max command
4:03AM 2 Xen error:no memory allocted to domU
3:35AM 3 PCI DMA Limitations
Sunday March 25 2007
11:35PM 8 [PATCH][RFC] Emulating real mode with x86_emulate
7:58PM 2 [PATCH] rcu readers - remove dummy lock object
2:29PM 2 out of dma-memory when using usblp-module in driverdomain
12:50AM 2 [Patch][RFC] correct retry limit of balloon
Saturday March 24 2007
6:22PM 2 rcu support in xen
11:37AM 5 memsize for HVM save/restore
2:37AM 0 [XEN][ACM] Check offset to be within the buffer''s size
Friday March 23 2007
3:33PM 0 What is XEN_DOMCTL_settimeoffset good for?
3:33PM 2 non-ANSI Unions
2:47PM 0 pvfb failure
2:29PM 3 HVM guest shutdown send ACPI Power Event
11:30AM 0 Priorities? Audio Skipping?
11:27AM 0 dom0 crash on second xen related command - problem for xen devel
11:22AM 0 [PATCH][SVM]Rename reset_to_realmode.
10:05AM 0 [PATCH] fix undefined bit shifting in mmio emulation path
8:22AM 0 [PATCH] linux: fix a compiler warning
7:10AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14479 - 1 issue fixed
Thursday March 22 2007
11:35PM 0 Xen Summit #4, Apr 17-18, Yorktown, NY
10:00PM 0 [PATCH] Implement auto-ballooning for Solaris
8:46PM 0 booting of 32-bit SLES10 hvms is broken using changeset 14462
4:13PM 2 [PATCH][HAP][2/2] fix CR4 initialization when hap is on
4:13PM 0 [PATCH][HAP][1/2] Bug fix for page allocation when HAP is being used
3:51PM 1 HVM guests and localtime
2:21PM 0 [PATCH] further shrink the big-lock window
2:19PM 0 [PATCH] add generic WARN_ON()
2:10PM 0 [PATCH] defer error generation for too old gcc
2:09PM 1 [PATCH] use CC for defining CPP
11:20AM 0 xen 3.0.4 does not run
9:59AM 0 Same informations in config.sxp
8:16AM 1 netfront + netconsole
5:44AM 1 Live Migration performace analysis
4:17AM 1 /etc/udev/ does not exist
Wednesday March 21 2007
11:48PM 1 please pull xenppc-unstable-merge.hg
10:31PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for missing response to XS_UNWATCH request.
9:15PM 9 x86 Physical CPUs at different frequencies - timer error messages
9:08PM 2 domU reboot failure
5:50PM 0 page tables location
4:08PM 0 Please apply unstable changeset 14220 to 3.0.4...
3:24PM 1 ISA DMA
2:59PM 1 Red Hat Cluster and Xen
11:53AM 5 [PATCH] [PATCH] Remove tabs from xm/main.py
11:24AM 0 guest crash
9:47AM 1 Adding interface for communication between HVM guest and xen VMM
8:15AM 5 /dev/mem and /dev/kmem
6:40AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14462 - 2 new issues
6:03AM 2 About ISA DMA
5:56AM 2 Move MEMZONE_XEN to the last
2:44AM 1 [Patch] Clean up vmx_io_instruction()
2:08AM 1 [Patch] Add VMX memory-mapped Local APIC access optimization
1:02AM 8 Xen --> Guest
Tuesday March 20 2007
5:56PM 3 [PATCH] Provide HVM guest RTC change notification
5:15PM 3 Error: string index out of range
7:15AM 16 Data broken during FTP test
4:46AM 62 RFC: [0/2] Remove netloop by lazy copying in netback
1:37AM 3 Xen cpu Scheduling
Monday March 19 2007
10:40PM 3 PCI MMIO issue
8:25PM 4 PATCH: CVE-2007-0998: Remove access to QEMU monitor in VNC server
3:05PM 0 Ubuntu Xen 3.0.3 xm list hangs
2:31PM 1 hvm save twice fails
1:34PM 1 crash-kernel-32-on-64.patch
1:31PM 0 query on interrupts in Xen
1:10PM 6 Kernel panic in Xen
10:57AM 0 [Patch] lower the frequency of HPET device model to 1/32 of TSC''s
10:40AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] [RFC] User-space grant table device - changes to PV linux
10:40AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] [RFC] User-space grant table device - changes to libxc
10:40AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] [RFC] User-space grant table device - main driver
10:40AM 9 [PATCH 0/3] [RFC] User-space grant table device
9:35AM 4 c/s 14420 (gcc 3.4+ required)
2:17AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14422 - 1 issue fixed
2:04AM 0 Xen to DomU
12:50AM 0 [PATCH] PV drivers for HVM guests
12:17AM 0 [PATCH] Add CVE-2006-5753, CVE-2007-0006, CVE-2007-0772, CVE-2007-0005 and CVE-2007-1000 into patches/
12:13AM 0 [PATCH] the address of ''symbols_addresses'' will always evaluate as ''true''
12:10AM 0 [PATCH] convert inline alloc_domheap_pages to static inline
Saturday March 17 2007
8:54PM 1 [PATCH] Add parentheses to trace_do_casts macro
7:15PM 11 Frontend/Backend model
6:48PM 1 multiple mounting of partitions can cause trouble?
5:09PM 0 RE: [Xen-users] Re: upgrading Xen3.0.4-1 to Xen-unstable ...
Friday March 16 2007
11:38PM 6 upgrading Xen3.0.4-1 to Xen-unstable ...
11:27PM 7 Physical address mapping to user space in dom0 problem
9:23PM 3 [PATCH] Fix build when bcc is not installed
6:46PM 1 Guest page table dumping
6:31PM 0 Infiniband modules for Xen guests
6:30PM 2 Bug at svm.c:712...
2:19PM 1 [PATCH] mini-os: Fix forp xenbus and cleanup
1:47PM 4 Re: Fwd: Re: struct page field arrangement
12:08PM 0 pcnet bringing down network...
12:07PM 10 [PATCH] [HVM] Patches to make HVM capable of running OS/2.
11:58AM 5 Re: Fwd: Re: struct page field arrangement
5:01AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14394 - 4 old issues
Thursday March 15 2007
7:31PM 3 HVM hypercalls, hvm_hypercall_table
6:50PM 2 xenperf and mini-os on xen 3.0.4_1 (
6:24PM 5 Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 does not run with more than 2 VCPUs
3:20PM 0 [PATCH] Remove tabs from xm/shutdown.py
1:39PM 3 mini-os: C programming
11:27AM 12 performance counters
9:53AM 7 [PATCH] fix memory exchange hypercall.
9:52AM 10 graphic card on domU
9:35AM 0 problem with xm save in mini-os
7:48AM 12 HVM save/restore issue
7:36AM 0 [PATCH] Add two arch hooks to gnttab_release_mappings()
4:44AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14372 - 4 old issues
3:30AM 13 [PATCH][HVM] remove qemu shadow_vram patch for performance
Wednesday March 14 2007
10:28PM 0 S/DNAT and Xen problems
4:33PM 0 [PATCH] 32on64 oversight in update_va_mapping
4:32PM 0 Custom Xen LiveCD
4:17PM 2 [PATCH] SCSI disks in FullVirt Domains
3:55PM 4 return value checking on multicalls
3:42PM 4 [Queries] Unpinning and Unhooking shadow
3:41PM 0 VIF creation
3:02PM 10 Possibilities with Xen3 compared to IBM Power5 DLPAR
1:52PM 0 [PATCH] [BIOS] Fix 32bit gateway and TCG extensions and some cleanup
1:31PM 0 auto balloon amount
1:23PM 1 do_update_va_mapping_otherdomain()
12:24PM 1 XEN boot error
11:02AM 6 [RFC] change provided physical RAM map to add EBDA
3:39AM 1 [PATCH][HVM][ACPI] Introduce a compatible rev1 FADT to fix ACPI Windows 2000 installation
1:51AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14364 -4 old issues
12:24AM 0 [PATCH][Xend] Fix disappearance of managed hvm domains on xend restart
Tuesday March 13 2007
11:19PM 1 SMP Support (Xen unstable + 2.6.18)
11:01PM 7 Cs/ 14346 breaks 64bit hv
9:56PM 1 vlapic warning messages
7:32PM 7 vram_dirty vs. shadow paging dirty tracking
5:26PM 0 [PATCH] [libxen] Serialization of sets with strings
5:07PM 1 Event channel problems
2:34PM 0 SMBIOS level in Xen
12:22PM 1 bug using bootloader + patch
11:14AM 2 ptep_set_access_flags() using UVMF_MULTI?
10:19AM 0 [PATCH] Improve xm vcpu-pin command for releasing CPU affinity
9:18AM 3 Block issue for save&restore w/ cset 14356
7:37AM 6 3w-xxxx module problems with Xen
5:32AM 1 query on pinning mechanism
2:54AM 4 vmx status report against changeset 14356 - 1 new issue
Monday March 12 2007
11:43PM 2 Loop Back Mounted Files Cannot be UMounted, DomU Cannot Restart
8:14PM 0 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] vTPM test changes
8:14PM 4 [PATCH] 14287 followup - console
8:02PM 0 [PATCH] [HVMLOADER] fixup compiler warnings and constant usage
7:43PM 0 [PATCH] [HVMLOADER] Compiler warning fixes and fix relocator initialization
7:01PM 0 [PATCH] [docs] Update some todo items
4:11PM 2 Tap:aio not working in current unstable?
4:10PM 29 Re: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 25, Issue 93
2:32PM 0 [PATCH] linux: Add more consistency checking to balloon code
2:28PM 0 [PATCH] linux: Adjust memory allocation condition in netback
11:15AM 1 start error
8:37AM 1 Full testing against xen unstable 14201
8:35AM 0 [PATCH] Fix valid_phys_addr_range() prototype of xen /dev/mem.
8:20AM 0 Full testing agianst xen unstable 14201
8:20AM 2 Running Windows 2k3 guest in ACPI multi-processor HAL mode (acpi=1)
7:53AM 3 Question about xm save
7:11AM 0 mx status report against changeset 14331- 3 issues fixed issues
5:55AM 14 paging mechanism clarification
Sunday March 11 2007
11:59PM 0 Xen Summit #4, Yorktown NY, April 17-18
Saturday March 10 2007
7:09PM 0 allow ^O through console when doubled
5:15PM 1 Why is the credit scheduler better than SEDF
7:30AM 0 Why is the interdomain communication slow?
4:26AM 1 What code is related to the writable page?
Friday March 9 2007
9:27PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 14201
6:36PM 1 [PATCH]: Documentation for xm block-attach
4:54PM 1 [PATCH] linux: fix condition for entering tickless state
4:48PM 9 XP: VBD could not connect to backend device: USB boot
4:18PM 1 [PATCH] [libxen] Two fixes for sending and receiving of (arrays of) structures.
3:50PM 0 Full testing agianst xen usntable 14201
1:26PM 3 smp booting query
12:17PM 5 3.0.4 (and earlier): skbuff_ctor() use of xen_create_contiguous_region()
10:14AM 0 [PATCH] add allocation success checks
7:28AM 0 I/O priorities
5:40AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww10]
4:18AM 2 vmx status report against changeset 14287 --Test Blocked by Bug 919
2:47AM 4 [Patch] Fix the dom0 crash issue when "vcpus=0" in HVM guest configuration file
1:52AM 4 [PATCH] dump-core: store .xen_p2m or .xen_pfn section in pfn ascending order.
Thursday March 8 2007
10:22PM 0 external random hardware and entropy dispatching
7:39PM 4 pciback_field_is_dup needs a fix
5:15PM 3 USB (virtualiation?) in PV and HVM
4:40PM 1 Xend problems
4:23PM 10 [PATCH] [TPM] Remove an unused data structure
3:28PM 0 [Xense-devel][1/1] Flask XSM Development Policy
3:28PM 1 [Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][4/4] Xen Security Modules ACM Module
3:28PM 1 [Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][3/4] Xen Security Modules Tools
3:28PM 1 [Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][2/4] Xen Security Modules Flask Module
3:28PM 16 [Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][1/4] Xen Security Modules Patch
3:28PM 1 [Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][0/4] Xen Security Modules Introduction
2:32PM 3 Mini-OS: new_pt_frame fails
10:52AM 0 VMKNOPPIX is released
10:10AM 1 page ownership
8:09AM 1 about framebuffer support in xen domain 0
5:59AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14282
Wednesday March 7 2007
11:34PM 3 wait_on_xen_event_channel
7:48PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] linux: Fix xenbus device write function.
7:24PM 7 LTTng-Xen Buffer shared between the hypervisor and a dom0 process
4:29PM 1 [PATCH] [RESEND] Don''t mount raw blktap disks for pygrub
4:16PM 1 libxc printfs and debugging
2:56PM 1 [PATCH] netfront: adjust clearing of extras space
10:47AM 6 [PATCH][XEND]Reprt error for a existing file
10:14AM 0 live migration uses all the bandwidth
9:05AM 0 [PATCH]Nvram support for IA64
3:17AM 0 [PATCH] dump-core: always use ELFCLASS64 to support x86_32pae
12:25AM 3 4gb_segments & movzbl
Tuesday March 6 2007
10:10PM 4 page_alloc query
9:23PM 0 How can I determine a Xen server''s overall CPU utilization?
7:46PM 0 PTEs not being validated?
7:04PM 0 [PATCH] generate notification of new console ring data
7:01PM 3 periodic tasks in Xen
6:47PM 0 [PATCH][ioemu] - remove -c option in echo
6:38PM 1 [PATCH] - use -p with INSTALL to reduce rebuilds
5:45PM 3 How to disable xen debugger?
4:29PM 0 [PATCH][TOOLS] - allow python tools build to be optional
3:59PM 2 Diagnose network issue
1:56PM 7 [PATCH] add domain creation/shutdown script execution support.
12:06PM 14 Effect of installing Xen on VT enabled machine
11:56AM 3 HVM PV (unmodified) driver performance
11:24AM 1 Transaction mapping in xenstored
Monday March 5 2007
11:53PM 10 2.6.18 kernel status
10:31PM 0 [PATCH 5/5] SVM: Clear VMCB''s EFER.LME when guest disables paging
10:31PM 0 [PATCH 4/5] SVM: Use svm_long_mode_enabled() when checking if guest is in long mode
10:30PM 0 [PATCH 3/5] SVM: Cleanup handling guest EFER writes
10:30PM 0 [PATCH 2/5] SVM: Return shadow EFER on guest EFER reads
10:29PM 0 [PATCH 1/5] SVM: Remove SVM cpu_state and add EFER shadow to svm structure
10:29PM 0 [PATCH 0/5] SVM: Bug fixes and code cleanup
9:05PM 2 [PATCH] Make AMD GART work as a mini IOMMU [4/4]
9:05PM 1 [PATCH] Make AMD GART work as a mini IOMMU [3/4]
9:05PM 1 [PATCH] Make AMD GART work as a mini IOMMU [2/4]
9:05PM 0 [PATCH] Make AMD GART work as a mini IOMMU [1/4]
8:09PM 0 xm block-list fails
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] more flexibility in gathering data from /proc/cpuinfo
7:07PM 0 How to debug a kernel module in domain 0?
6:41PM 6 COW in Xen
5:45PM 2 [PATCH] Make save/restore of multiple VCPU contexts arch dependent
3:19PM 6 Vif rate limiting
1:40PM 0 rebase 3.0.4-testing?
11:19AM 0 [PATCH 10/10] linux/x86-64 2.6.18: reserve bootmem differently
11:18AM 0 [PATCH 9/10] linux/x86-64 2.6.18: do away with pud_offset_k()
11:17AM 0 [PATCH 8/10] linux/x86_64 2.6.18: remove orig_ist
11:17AM 5 [PATCH 7/10] linux 2.6.18: time handling
11:16AM 0 [PATCH 6/10] linux 2.6.18: change pcifront locking
11:15AM 1 [PATCH 5/10] linux 2.6.18: kill unneeded vector_lock
11:15AM 0 [PATCH 4/10] linux 2.6.18: miscellaneous
11:14AM 0 [PATCH 3/10] linux 2.6.18: constify instances of ''struct file_operations''
11:14AM 7 [PATCH 2/10] linux 2.6.18: COMPAT_VDSO
11:13AM 0 [PATCH] Don''t mount raw blktap disks for pygrub
11:13AM 0 [PATCH 1/10] linux 2.6.18: assembly annotations
11:13AM 0 [PATCH 0/10] linux 2.6.18 merge adjustments
10:21AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] linux 2.6.18 merge: eliminate Xen specials: x8664_ksyms.c
10:20AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] linux 2.6.18 merge: eliminate Xen specials: alternative.c
10:20AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] linux 2.6.18 merge: eliminate Xen specials: intel_cacheinfo.c
2:48AM 1 vmx status report against changeset 14201 - 1 new issue, 4 old issues
1:23AM 8 Mkinitramfs wants minimum 2.6.19 kernel!
Saturday March 3 2007
10:21AM 4 GNU Mach Xen port
6:16AM 5 [PATCH] Compile issue with tools/libfsimage/iso9660
12:58AM 1 xen/arch/x86/time.c:local_time_calibration
Friday March 2 2007
11:42PM 4 CPU Usage Discrepancies
11:26PM 3 vcpu_pause
10:58PM 0 [PATCH][retry 3] Make x86_64 swiotlb code to support dma_ops [2/2]
10:58PM 0 [PATCH][retry 3] Make x86_64 swiotlb code to support dma_ops [1/2]
9:40PM 3 PATCH: Set close-on-exec flag for QEMU disks
9:10PM 3 3.0.4 ACPI support and Opteron 2210 ?
8:54PM 11 arp during live migration
8:39PM 7 Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] Added some more fields to host_cpu.
7:48PM 0 [PATCH][XEND] Fix actions_after_* fields in VM class
6:11PM 2 xenbus_dev_request_and_reply()
4:06PM 4 xenbus_dev_write and failed writes
3:09PM 1 [PATCH] [XEN] [ACM] Change the domain_rcu_lock calls
2:51PM 0 [PATCH] Remove temporary {kernel, ramdisk} file when VmError occurred
1:39PM 0 xend can not start normally in the case of UP Domain0
11:07AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww09]
11:04AM 4 [PATCH] linux/x86-64: allow kernel init memory to be freed
10:54AM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: avoid a re-definition warning
10:32AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] x86: real mode support: get EDID info
10:32AM 4 [PATCH 2/3] x86: real mode support: get EDD info
10:31AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] x86: real mode support
10:05AM 0 [PATCH] .S->.o generation should depend on asm-offsets.h
9:09AM 8 page fault handling in Xen
6:03AM 0 vmx status rerpot against changeset 14195 - No new issue, 5 old issues
5:49AM 1 Some xen questions
Thursday March 1 2007
11:25PM 0 Xen and tc problems
8:56PM 0 [PATCH][PVFB][TOOLS] Terminate backend when frontend vanishes early
7:17PM 0 [PATCH][retry 2] Make x86_64 swiotlb code to support dma_ops [1/2]
7:17PM 1 [PATCH][retry 2] Make x86_64 swiotlb code to support dma_ops [2/2]
4:42PM 7 hvm_init_ap_contexts
4:27PM 1 [PATCH] linux: allow use of split page table locks
3:22PM 0 [PATCH] [Linux] [TPM driver] Resume frontend after checkpointing
11:55AM 0 Re: Bandwidth limit (--resource) in live migration does nothing
8:42AM 5 Fwd: Re: struct page field arrangement
8:19AM 1 Re: [XEN] Compat-mode dom0 always provides compat vcpu_guest_context structs.
5:42AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 14173 - 3 issues fixed, 1 new issue, 4 old issues
4:17AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH][IA64] bug fix for acceleration of IDE PIO on HVM/IA64
1:43AM 0 [PATCH] Replace get_domain_by_id() with find_domain_rcu_lock() [2/2]
1:39AM 0 [PATCH] Replace get_domain_by_id() with find_domain_rcu_lock() [1/2]