Xen devel - Oct 2005

Monday October 31 2005
11:10PM 0 CPU counters
9:33PM 11 Recent trace patch not arch-neutral
8:27PM 45 Daily Xen Builds
8:18PM 0 [PATCH] wild pointer in xenstat.c
8:01PM 0 [PATCH][TRIVIAL] Change documentation references to xm set-mem => xm mem-set
7:18PM 0 [PATCH][VT] Disable guest firmware apm
6:36PM 0 [PATCH] add SHUTDOWN OPTIONS to xmdomain.cfg man page
5:52PM 0 RE: Xen3.0 + Fedora core 4
4:52PM 7 Network script handling changes
4:13PM 3 Now available: xm-test-0.4.0
4:06PM 0 [PATCH] Make check_pkgs work with the Bourne shell
3:05PM 2 [PATCH] Fix PAE shadow on a machine with RAM above 4G on x86_64 xen
2:47PM 5 zombie domains
2:16PM 1 [patch] fix xenbus race
1:59PM 0 xenbus question
11:12AM 2 iSCSI problems
1:52AM 2 RE: DomU panic in net_rx_action *initiated by another DomU*; 7503:20d1a79ebe31
1:38AM 0 How to get the physical CPU number, total memory and free memory?
12:53AM 1 DomU panic in net_rx_action; changeset 7503:20d1a79ebe31
12:41AM 1 Xen File functions
Sunday October 30 2005
9:36PM 1 RE: [PATCH] Changes to allow dynamic enabling/disabling oftrace buffers
9:14PM 5 [PATCH] Changes to allow dynamic enabling/disabling of trace buffers
4:43PM 22 USB virt status
2:16PM 2 wiki spam
1:42PM 0 Adding new backend and frontend devices and triggering of probe() in XenWiki
Saturday October 29 2005
12:31PM 2 Time quirk, UTC on Java 5
7:45AM 0 [PATCH] Unshadow for the native case only
6:03AM 0 [PATCH] Fixing bug/typo in shadow.h
2:03AM 1 misleading names in xen memory management code
1:34AM 6 [PATCH] Add Initial Man Pages for xm and xmdomain.cfg
Friday October 28 2005
7:21PM 17 DMA trouble with current xen-sparse
6:42PM 2 [PATCH] Add a mechanism to detect block device setup failure
6:13PM 0 [PATCH] >3 virtual nics crashes domU
12:49PM 1 Lightweight domains
11:37AM 1 No block devices in domU
10:18AM 1 [PATCH] Event driven NIC device model
8:59AM 5 Why rename default bridge name ?
8:14AM 0 Reverting bridge/antispoofing param removal
7:45AM 0 [PATCH] Local APIC support for VMX domain
5:05AM 0 [PATCH][VT] xm reboot for vmx domain
1:05AM 11 [PATCH] SMP dom0 boot fix
Thursday October 27 2005
11:20PM 1 VT-VMX: monitor_table not zeroed when entering alloc_monitor_pagetable
10:54PM 6 creating a domU with a particular UUID with xen-unstable
8:31PM 0 obsolete mmuext_ops?
8:22PM 0 RE: [PATCH][VT] Multithread IDE device model ( was: RE: [PATCH]Make IDE dma tranfer run in another thread inqemu)
6:05PM 5 Updated XenMon Patch
5:43PM 4 monolithic versus modules
4:04PM 7 [Fwd: [Xen-changelog] Fix Jerone Young''s xenstat / xenstore patch:]
3:58PM 0 [PATCH] fix a couple of minor xs_tdb things
3:55PM 0 [PATCH] fix some header usage in tools/misc/
3:53PM 0 [PATCH] use standard int typedefs for xc_elf.h
3:07PM 0 build error in latest unstable changeset
2:18PM 1 RE: [PATCH][VT] Multithread IDE device model ( was: RE: [PATCH]Make IDE dma tranfer run in another thread inqemu)
1:57PM 8 unstable network trouble
1:03PM 5 domU networking trouble in Xen 3.0-unstable.hg
10:29AM 3 [patch] Lets not put statements with side-effects inside BUG_ON()
10:23AM 1 question about the effect of dom0''s memory size on applications in domU
8:45AM 1 problems in the network config of Guest OS on Xen
5:32AM 1 Why change from notify_via_evtchn to notify_remote_via_irq?
3:04AM 2 [PATCH] Enable xenstat to use xenstore & fix bugzilla #311
12:35AM 0 Example of broken Network and related issues
12:14AM 1 status of xc_gnttab
Wednesday October 26 2005
3:25PM 1 RE: [PATCH][VT] Multithread IDE device model ( was: RE: [PATCH]Make IDE dma tranfer run in another thread inqemu)
2:31PM 1 [PATCH][VT] Multithread IDE device model ( was: RE: [PATCH]Make IDE dma tranfer run in another thread inqemu)
11:25AM 0 [PATCH] ACM script fixes/improvements
9:23AM 0 [PATCH]Make IDE dma tranfer run in another thread in qemu
4:18AM 0 [PATCH] ACM: unbound eventchannels and "zombie" domain handling
2:19AM 4 [PATCH] [VT]long event-channel pending and mask arrays
Tuesday October 25 2005
8:59PM 0 Still unable to bring up SMP DomUs
7:59PM 0 udev hogging CPU
4:54PM 2 xen-unstable quiescent?
4:40PM 5 unconditionally enable the trace buffer
4:17PM 1 [PATCH] Remove duplicate .PHONY decliration from tools makefile
1:59PM 5 xen 3.0 for AMD Pacifica
1:26PM 0 write_dev() limitation to 8bit minors
12:48PM 3 live migration with DRBD devices
12:36PM 1 Xen on Pentium III issues
11:19AM 4 timeline?
9:39AM 2 [PATCH] getting mini-os to compile again
9:31AM 2 Logging hypercalls
9:12AM 1 xm destroy does not cleanup vbd
8:17AM 1 RE: [PATCH] [VT] add BT instruction support to VMXMMIO decoder
Monday October 24 2005
7:46PM 2 pagetable handling in xen
6:39PM 0 second domU crashes
5:49PM 11 Please pull xen-ia64-unstable
4:47PM 0 Time stood still problem - FYI (Bugzilla #163/265)
4:40PM 3 Re: USB virt
4:24PM 2 errno in xenbus_xs.c?
3:49PM 1 x86_64 dom0 smp broken?
3:03PM 2 xc_domain_getinfolist() declaration
2:46PM 1 States for correct establishment and tear-down of an inter-domain communication channel.
2:38PM 4 register new block device script
1:51PM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] make ia64 dom0 rework on xen-unstable.hg
9:31AM 1 Unable to startup SMP domain0 in x86_64
7:30AM 0 [PATCH] Magic header in start_info page
4:40AM 1 about probing xenbus drivers again
Sunday October 23 2005
6:28PM 0 [PATCH] Fixing
3:15PM 0 [PATCH] [VT] TSC virtualization
1:47PM 0 [PATCH][VT]fix an issue for passing arguement from control panel to deivce model
9:02AM 0 [PATCH] [VT] some fixes to VMX
3:46AM 5 [PATCH][RESEND] Control panel changes for IA64/VTI
Saturday October 22 2005
9:18PM 0 changeset: 7473:94cee9a918de,
3:20AM 1 [PATCH] Control panel changes for IA64/VTI
2:26AM 9 Network still broken, new issue as well , 7468:17a9f111fa93
12:10AM 1 [PATCH] xenstat - printing out of order enabled vcpu usage
Friday October 21 2005
10:03PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] Tweak to pygrub build config detection.
9:10PM 9 Unable to bring up x86_64 UP DomU on processor #32
9:06PM 0 [PATCH] Xen on a 32-way and bitops
6:35PM 1 GPF error message from hypervisor
4:47PM 1 problems with tools/pygrub/setup.py and xen/xm/main.py
4:21PM 3 3c59x module errors, scsi timeouts
3:42PM 0 How do we solve the problems in the staging tree?
3:26PM 0 just a question on the Xen administration by the web
2:10PM 0 [patch] shadow mode cleanup
1:14PM 3 dom0_shadow=1
12:05PM 4 Is the repository broken?
11:08AM 1 [PATCH] kernel /proc information modified for xen mem-set
10:53AM 0 [PATCH] bvt scheduler setup based on other or shadow domain
10:17AM 4 Xen 3.0 and Pacifica
9:53AM 0 [PATCh][VT] move full PIC to hypervisor (was RE: [PATCh][VT] partial PIC to HV patch)
8:25AM 1 [PATCH] Update Cirrus VGA DM from qemu 0.71
4:29AM 3 Block device configuration
1:23AM 0 [PATCH][RESEND][VT] turn off some debug switches by default
12:31AM 4 [PATCH] [VT] Fix for python breakge
Thursday October 20 2005
11:55PM 4 [PATCH] fix bugzilla 89 x86_64 linux won''t boot on hardware with sata drives
6:15PM 0 [PATCH][acm] Cleanup and support for policy decision command
5:36PM 0 XenMon Patch
2:55PM 0 Xen domU installer scripts
12:47PM 4 bug report
12:21PM 1 Open up bugs for these?
11:35AM 0 console switches from xen to dom0
11:34AM 10 Network-bridge script with bonding and vlan
10:43AM 0 [PATCH][VT] disable bogus touchpad device model, which cause annoying dmesg on 2.6 kernel
9:23AM 0 Unable to get sources with the last version of mercurial
8:55AM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] include/xen/smp.h (avoid a warning).
2:05AM 3 [PATCH]Cannot send special keys, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del
12:55AM 8 App virtualisation, not OS virtualisation
Wednesday October 19 2005
10:45PM 10 [PATCH] tools: convert cpumap bitmap to list
9:54PM 1 XenStore Reference on Wiki
9:05PM 0 Unable to read memory/target
7:57PM 4 Unable to bring up x86_64 SMP DomUs
7:47PM 0 Xenoprof user guide
6:59PM 0 [PATCH] xenoprof for SMP domains: patch for oprofile 0.8.2
6:51PM 0 [PATCH] xenoprof for SMP domains: patch for dom0 and domU trees
6:45PM 2 [PATCH] xenoprof for SMP domains: patch for linux-sparse tree
6:40PM 0 [PATCH] xenoprof for SMP domains: patch for Xen
5:42PM 1 [PATCH] fix for NMI causing auto reboot with SMP domains
5:03PM 2 LVM in domU
4:50PM 1 [PATCH] [VT] Fix the problem that VMX guest can not get brought up on current tip (changeset 7425)
3:42PM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] declare ac_timer_init().
3:03PM 4 pygrug breaks build with python2.2
2:48PM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] declare ac_timer_init().
1:40PM 6 current unstable doesn''t boot dom0 (SMP bug?)
1:36PM 4 xenconsoled[3321]: segfault at 0000000000000008 rip 00000000004029ff rsp 00007fffffdaf200 error 4]
1:12PM 0 Domain Failure Diagnosis Tool
12:22PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Rename patch so it actually gets applied. Fail
11:38AM 9 Booting DomU
11:22AM 8 device/udev problem
10:09AM 11 block-nbd script and example config
9:47AM 1 Rename xen-br0 to xenbr0
9:44AM 14 xendomains init script
9:35AM 25 network-bridge script reworked
7:49AM 0 [PATCH][VT] turn off some debug switches by default
4:23AM 1 error inserting modele in domU .....
12:04AM 1 Staus of split lock in pfn_inf on x86_64
Tuesday October 18 2005
11:04PM 0 [RESEND] evtchn sanity check
10:46PM 3 [PATCH][RESEND] Make xend set the console limit
10:39PM 0 RE: Fix for SMP xen dom0/domU for x86_64
10:13PM 0 RE: Fix for SMP xen dom0/domU for x86_64
9:30PM 1 evtchn sanity check
9:20PM 0 Re: Installing a new domU
8:45PM 3 Unable to bring up SMP DomUs on x86_64 Xen
8:34PM 4 dom0 oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d
8:30PM 9 allocating AGP aperture memory
6:29PM 2 SMP on X86
6:18PM 0 unexported xenbus_register_backend ?
5:06PM 3 Bugs with block devices to domU - let''s find solution
5:03PM 2 domU boot/mount errors
3:25PM 2 xen printk?
1:48PM 5 network-bridge defunct
1:22PM 0 [PATCH] Bug #327 - xentop fix to display online vcpu usage only
12:40PM 0 xenstore transactions
12:28PM 6 Introducing dom0
12:12PM 1 [patch] minor hotplug fixup
11:32AM 6 udev
9:38AM 0 [PATCH] [VT] clean up some VMX IO handler code
1:56AM 0 [PATCH] Fix for SMP dom0 on x86_64 boot
Monday October 17 2005
11:39PM 1 patch: event channel fixups
11:08PM 1 [PATCH] remove extra field from vcpuinfo python binding
9:36PM 1 XEN) (file=irq.c, line=224) Cannot bind IRQ 4
9:17PM 1 current Xen3 (446aa56ca4fe) unable to reboot XenU ("cannot allocate memory")
9:11PM 0 [PATCH] Removing shadow_tainted_refcnts()
8:09PM 3 building xen for x86_64
6:44PM 16 peth1: received packet with own address as source address
6:22PM 1 [PATCH] Removing PSE bit from shadow PTEs
6:22PM 0 domU using dom0 loop interface
6:16PM 9 PAE on xen-2.0 testing?
3:20PM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] SMP and VCPU migration.
2:29PM 1 dom0 crash with latest unstable
2:10PM 2 libxenstat python bindings
12:26PM 0 register_blkdev: cannot get major 8 for sd
11:28AM 1 Stale comment about GDT indexes in arch-x86_32.h ?
10:00AM 0 building dom0 kernel
8:56AM 1 Xen unstable and power management:
Sunday October 16 2005
2:45PM 3 IP lost
2:38PM 8 cannot boot domU
1:32PM 1 How to build Xen3 with newer kernel than 2.6.12
Saturday October 15 2005
9:13PM 6 domU - no networking
3:03PM 0 network breakage, smoking gun
2:28PM 19 domU crash
1:46PM 0 xen domain configuration
10:11AM 1 Where is xc_evtchn_bind_interdomain() method?
6:14AM 1 [PATCH] [VT] add BT instruction support to VMX MMIO decoder
5:44AM 0 RE: Switching from writeable pagetabletoshadowlog-dirtyat runtime
1:29AM 0 RE: Switching from writeable pagetabletoshadowlog-dirtyat runtime
12:31AM 1 SMP DOM0 is broken on x86_64
Friday October 14 2005
11:27PM 0 RE: Switching from writeable pagetable toshadowlog-dirtyatruntime
10:56PM 3 Adaptec 7892 Not Showing
10:39PM 4 [PATCH] Bug #327 xentop/libxenstat vcpu fix
10:32PM 5 [PATCH] Fix NAT for domU checksum offload
8:57PM 4 I give in
6:53PM 1 Re: RE: new /etc/xen/network script
6:29PM 0 Re: RE: new /etc/xen/network script
6:22PM 0 Re: RE: new /etc/xen/network script
6:01PM 1 AW: RE: new /etc/xen/network script
5:16PM 1 RE: RE: new /etc/xen/network script
5:12PM 1 [patch] PFN_PHYS PAE overflow (fixes bug 242)
5:05PM 4 ERROR network-bridge
5:00PM 1 segmentation and Xen
4:13PM 1 configuration problem
4:02PM 1 RE: [PATCH] network-bridge script support for multipleexternal interfaces
2:54PM 0 Confused, xm dmesg output showing header from my source tree
1:44PM 1 RE: [PATCH] network-bridge script support for multipleexternal interfaces
1:23PM 2 [PATCH] network-bridge script support for multiple external interfaces
10:30AM 1 xen-unstable / vmx / environment
9:43AM 1 RE: Switching from writeable pagetable toshadowlog-dirtyat runtime
9:10AM 0 [Fwd: [PATCH]Send keys in vmx]
7:59AM 0 Exception starting xend
3:12AM 0 [PATCH]rtc emulation for xenU
2:46AM 1 RE: Switching from writeable pagetable to shadowlog-dirtyat runtime
1:53AM 0 xen_blk: can''t get major 8 with name sd
12:48AM 1 "irq 19: nobody cared!"
12:32AM 1 Solution: apt-get (re)install hotplug (was Re: Re: Unable to find root device. domU??)
Thursday October 13 2005
11:03PM 2 [PATCH] sedf get in XendClient API
10:17PM 0 RE: RE: Please check ia64 patch for core files to beaffected
9:51PM 1 Cannot bind IRQ 2 to guest. In use by ''cascade''.
9:49PM 4 Seeing bridge issues, how do I tell what domU is using what interface?
9:21PM 1 xm list -l displays duplicate information
8:51PM 1 XendClient and sedf get
8:23PM 4 Please check ia64 patch for core files to be affected
6:06PM 3 domU panic changeset: 7369:92c6021f23e4
5:44PM 0 RE: Switching from writeable pagetable to shadow log-dirtyat runtime
5:20PM 0 Switching from writeable pagetable to shadow log-dirty at runtime
5:05PM 1 [PATCH] Make xend set the console limit
4:45PM 0 [PATCH] bug fixes and performance improvements to shadow
3:33PM 0 some domU preempt kernel oops
3:09PM 0 bridged networking not working
2:20PM 1 who invokes device''s probe function?
1:57PM 0 Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 boot problem
12:18PM 0 2.4 support in stable
12:02PM 0 compiling problems
11:28AM 4 can''t find arch/xen/xen-public/io/console.h building xencons_ring.c in 29db5bded574
10:10AM 0 Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 boot problem
10:04AM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 boot problem
9:57AM 1 how to compile?
9:50AM 0 Re: [Xen-users] xen 3.0 boot problem
9:49AM 5 Xen 2.0.8 with 2.6.12 support?
8:31AM 0 compile bug
7:20AM 2 vcpu-pin ?
5:08AM 0 [PATCH][VT] IO packet state STATE_REQ_READY fix
3:34AM 2 Unable to find root device. domU
2:20AM 19 Unable to find root device. domU??
1:30AM 0 [PATCH]Send keys in vmx
12:45AM 2 massive failure on domain creation for 7353:29db5bded574
12:39AM 0 RE: More on domU not starting -- HELP
Wednesday October 12 2005
11:13PM 1 [PATCH] sparse: makes dom0 boot on SMP
9:37PM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-changelog] Rewritten XendLogging to not be asingleton class, and not have methods used
8:53PM 0 very erratic domU creation, with 100% work around
3:49PM 3 kernel version
3:35PM 1 [PATCH] Restore, comment, correct memory barriers in xenstored.
1:37PM 3 Recent changeset breaks Xen/ia64 build
12:14PM 0 [PATCH][VT] Add a option for enabling ne2000 NIC device model
11:28AM 1 compile error
11:06AM 0 xen-unstable kernel 2.4 compile problem
1:10AM 1 Now available: xm-test-0.3.0
12:04AM 1 specifying evtchn ports?
12:04AM 0 [PATCH] [VT] Hide VMX cpu feature from unmodified Guests
Tuesday October 11 2005
11:16PM 0 [PATCH] tools: Add default IP address and netmask logic to vif-nat
11:07PM 0 [patch] pae u32 overflow in xc_linux_build.c (bug 242)
9:28PM 3 Guest domains dying and resurrecting
9:25PM 8 More on domU not starting
8:43PM 0 One Dom0 boots fine, another hangs when trying to mount ext3
7:24PM 10 Xen 3.0 for OpenBSD
7:15PM 1 [RFC] Xend configuration option for console memory limit
6:59PM 1 [PATCH] error to stderr
5:36PM 0 [PATCH][RESEND] Fix compilation issues in xend
5:22PM 0 [PATCH] TPM fix
5:03PM 1 Xen 3.0 Status?
4:02PM 2 [PATCH] xs.h cannot include xenctrl.h
3:58PM 0 [PATCH] gcc-4 fixes for xsls (i386)
3:36PM 0 [PATCH] Fix xenstore compiliation problems
3:02PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] Added auxbin module, for handling auxillary binaries.
2:51PM 0 Networking scripts
2:46PM 0 Build Break - x86 FC4 - xsls.c:28: warning: field precision is not type int (arg 2)
2:46PM 0 Re: Xen TCP/UDP checksum problems
2:34PM 0 Build Break on SLES 9 x86_64
10:40AM 1 Network start up in Xen 3.0
9:22AM 1 gdbserver-xen crash with core file
8:44AM 0 AW: Re: xen 3.0 boot problem
8:14AM 2 Changeset for reisermodule x86_64 compilation w/ -Wall
Monday October 10 2005
10:50PM 1 suggested event channel cleanups
10:49PM 1 domU crashing with no root
9:28PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] /home/emellor/log2
8:50PM 9 xend "invalid token" error
7:35PM 0 A xenu kernel 2.6.11 with physical access to a PCI netcard.
7:07PM 1 [PATCH][RESEND] Add short changeset to ''xm info''
6:53PM 5 xend bug? restart = ''never''
6:43PM 0 [PATCH] $(LN) not defined
6:06PM 1 Unable to start guest domains
5:50PM 1 [PATCH][RESEND] Fix "Invalid Parameter" during xm create
5:05PM 3 xenrt phases
4:26PM 0 [PATCH] Fix "Invalid Parameter" during xm create
4:02PM 4 Re: [Xen-changelog] Rewritten XendLogging to not be a singleton class, and not have methods used
3:22PM 0 [PATCH] 2/2 VCPU creation and allocation
3:18PM 0 [PATCH] 1/2 VCPU creation and allocation
3:16PM 13 [PATCH] 0/2 VCPU creation and allocation
2:51PM 0 [PATCH][RESEND] Don''t explode when running xm as non-root
2:34PM 2 Exception starting xend: 0
2:17PM 0 xen-2.0.7: Can''t start xenstored
2:15PM 8 [Xen-merge] xen subarch
1:52PM 0 very slow nfs mounts from domU, net-snmp on domU ifspeed
11:12AM 0 Domain creation tools with Xenbus, without Xend
10:46AM 4 unstable: no ballooning
10:38AM 3 -unstable
Sunday October 9 2005
11:05AM 0 RE: x86-64 Net Performance [was: Opteron server and NUMA]
9:18AM 3 RE: x86-64 Net Performance
Saturday October 8 2005
10:39PM 1 page fault handling in Xen
4:16PM 5 (file=event_channel.c, line=137) EVTCHNOP failure: domain 0, error-22, line 137
5:51AM 0 [PATCH][VT] (update for __vmread_vcpu cleanups)
1:55AM 0 [PATCH]__vmread_vcpu cleanups
1:38AM 1 usercopy.c:628
Friday October 7 2005
9:49PM 1 [patch] testing needed: "xenif" dom0_ops
9:08PM 4 Problem access hardware with xen 3.0 unstable
8:17PM 0 [PATCH] TPM patch
5:26PM 10 [PATCH] reenable pygrub build
5:15PM 0 [patch][VT] move mmio operation structure from domain to vcpu
3:31PM 1 xm shutdown --all --wait and zombie domains
2:19PM 0 [PATCH][VT] cleanup file vmx.c
2:18PM 1 xen.xend.XendProtocol.XendError: Invalid memory / mem_kb: None
2:03PM 2 (XEN) (file=grant_table.c, line=940) Grant unref rd(13) ld(0) frm(1a8cd) flgs(1).
12:50PM 2 xend stop fails to call network-script stop
12:37PM 0 link to nightly tarball broken?
9:07AM 0 [PATCH][VT] move construct_vmcs to arch_vmx_do_launch
12:42AM 0 load balancing support in XEN 3.0
12:04AM 0 [PATCH] driver model correctness cleanups
Thursday October 6 2005
11:07PM 0 RE: SMP dom0 and AMD64? + some benchmark figures
11:03PM 0 Re: SMP dom0 and AMD64? + some benchmark figures
10:59PM 9 Opteron server and NUMA
9:46PM 5 SMP dom0 and AMD64?
9:43PM 3 xen_blk timeout, hotplug
9:38PM 2 [PATCH] tools: Add NAT scripts to xen/scripts/
8:10PM 3 Xen unstable/SuSE 9.3 install issue
6:16PM 0 [PATCH] Out of bound check in bind_virq (trivial)
3:27PM 3 [PATCH] support udev or hotplug based on the system [3/3]
3:27PM 1 [PATCH] support udev or hotplug based on the system [2/3]
3:26PM 0 [PATCH] support udev or hotplug based on the system [1/3]
3:26PM 0 [PATCH] support udev or hotplug based on the system [0/3]
3:00PM 0 [PATCH] ensure paths set in vif scripts
1:57PM 0 smp issues changeset: 7234:bd37123974b2
1:47PM 3 Re: Rename all dying domains to be prefixed with Zombie. This allows a new domain
1:34PM 2 @introduceDomain with xenbus?
10:41AM 1 Xenbus problems solved (soft of)
10:28AM 1 logging domainU consoles to files
9:35AM 7 bad ip checksums
7:52AM 0 AW: Daily Xen Builds
3:05AM 2 [PATCH] Event channel request fix
Wednesday October 5 2005
11:40PM 0 domu''s will not stat, objdump match attempt
11:28PM 0 What a long strange trip it has been :-)
10:15PM 0 [PATCH] Don''t explode when running xm as non-root
9:20PM 1 split mapping in clear_kernel_mapping()
8:55PM 0 RE: [PATCH] tools: Fix network-bridge to workwithGentoo (version 2)
8:51PM 2 [PATCH][VT] Enable multi-word DMA mode 2 for the PIIX3 chipset
8:34PM 0 [PATCH] TPM-FE suspend/resume patch
8:25PM 3 RE: [PATCH] tools: Fix network-bridge to work withGentoo (version 2)
7:14PM 0 Re: xen_blk timeout connecting to devic
6:27PM 11 [PATCH] "lock cmpxch8b" and split locks
6:09PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] Add Gentoo handling to network-bridge. Based on patches
4:52PM 7 My turn to rant about types... bitops
4:44PM 5 Transactions and watches
4:25PM 2 Get notified on unbind_evtchn?
4:06PM 0 Wed Oct 5 10:15:50 2005 +0100 072fb38810a6
3:38PM 4 over ride for noreboot option
3:15PM 4 AW: can''t boot dom0
3:13PM 3 stop_this_cpu disable_local_APIC, wild xm list output
2:55PM 2 can''t boot dom0
2:50PM 12 xen 3.0 boot problem
2:43PM 10 xen 2.0 testing / DMA failure with ivtv-driver
12:59PM 1 Name uniqueness has been violated for
12:53PM 6 Deletion of 2.4 Linux sparse tree
11:44AM 0 Config Options?
10:33AM 1 Build error in latest xen-unstable
6:38AM 13 xen_blk timeout connecting to device
2:49AM 0 [PATCH] always install scripts
12:04AM 2 Assigning a physical device to a particular domain
Tuesday October 4 2005
11:59PM 1 CPU Utilization.
11:20PM 0 PATCH fix page fault in dom0 cmdline parse
11:05PM 0 Please use the upstream xen-unstable for full virtualization
10:50PM 5 [PATCH] Cleanup use of strlen() to check for empty string
10:07PM 1 [PATCH] Fix block-detach of non-existent device
8:30PM 0 gnttab_transfer: Transferee has no reservation headroom ...
7:53PM 0 [PATCH] Common TPM driver form dom0 and domU
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] Linux build cleanup.
7:35PM 0 [PATCH] Makefile cleanup.
7:32PM 1 [PATCH] Makefile cleanup
6:46PM 2 [PATCH] Fix tools makefile to properly check for external tools
4:27PM 2 question on xenbus priv in dom0
2:18PM 1 Xend broken - Exception starting xend: maximum recursion depth exceeded
9:08AM 0 RE: xen dom0 failed to boot up if compiled with "framepointer" enabled
7:56AM 2 Question regarding behavior of virt_to_bus ....
4:45AM 0 [PATCH 2/2] Update kernel watch API to pass the array of watch arguments to the callback instead of just passing the node.
4:44AM 0 [PATCH 1/2] Change xs_read_watch interface to return a sized array (in userspace and in kernel).
4:43AM 4 [PATCH 0/2] Change xs_read_watch interfaces to support variable arguments
Monday October 3 2005
10:52PM 5 Now available: xm-test-0.2.0
10:39PM 1 RE: xen dom0 failed to boot up if compiled with "framepointer" enabled
8:57PM 0 xen dom0 failed to boot up if compiled with "frame pointer" enabled
8:51PM 0 kernel BUG and "unknowm domain" messages
7:45PM 0 changeset: 7157:f22fba673196, xm shutdown still misbehaves
6:42PM 10 Re: [Xen-changelog] Create new vcpu_op() hypercall. Replaces old boot_vcpu()
5:03PM 26 xenstore documentation
4:54PM 1 xen_changeset : Mon Oct 3 05:26:29 2005 +0100 f22fba673196 updates 4k and 8 k kernel stacks
4:32PM 6 domain in state p isn''t destroyed
4:06PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] remove useless ptep_establish_new function (called set_pte_at now)
2:23PM 0 RE: [PATCH] [VT] SMP VMX guest AP bring up need calldo_boot_vcpu in hypervisor
1:14PM 0 What guarantees are provided by xenbus/xenstore?
1:13PM 1 RE: [PATCH] [VT] SMP VMX guest AP bring up need calldo_boot_vcpu in hypervisor
12:44PM 2 ethool for e1000
11:53AM 4 changeset: 7157:f22fba673196
7:58AM 0 mpt error
Sunday October 2 2005
6:14PM 4 Custom Guest OS not booting
2:59AM 1 (no subject)
Saturday October 1 2005
8:50PM 0 [PATCH] TPM driver patch
7:16PM 0 How does domain (smp) scheduling work?
6:48PM 0 domU shutdown problems
3:43PM 1 [PATCH] Export xen_start_info & notify_remote_via_irq symbols
3:20PM 4 4kb or 8kb kernel stacks?
1:08PM 0 export xen_start_info & notify_remote_xxx?
12:32PM 1 critical blocker: mptbase
12:25PM 2 Problem getting x86_64 dom0 to boot on a FC4 machine
12:17PM 8 xm list d flag?