wine users - May 2012

Thursday May 31 2012
5:06PM 1 Re: Joystick mapping "wrong"
12:43PM 0 Tomb Raider Underworld problem
12:38PM 1 How can I use that specific Terminal command?
12:10PM 0 Idea: wine + SUID sandbox = windows sandbox?
8:02AM 1 what commpilation do i download for google chrom OS
12:52AM 2 Mouse cursor not displaying
12:34AM 1 Sid Meier's Pirates!
Wednesday May 30 2012
7:45AM 3 How to completely uninstall wine
2:34AM 2 Half-life 2 with steam freezes at intro screen (stable/dev)
1:20AM 2 Cannot run program?
Tuesday May 29 2012
8:55PM 1 Problem with diablo II snow leopard wine port
5:45PM 2 Trying to install Vmware View Agent 4.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
2:42PM 1 Re: Driver issues?
12:21PM 1 Did work home server software ethernet hardware and wine
9:18AM 3 COMBO BOX read only mode not working
3:42AM 2 <The Debian Administrator's Handbook>'s View on Wine
2:03AM 1 '/Users/Administrator' is not owned by you
1:56AM 1 Resident Evil 4 on Wine
Monday May 28 2012
11:32PM 1 Building a shared WoW64 setup from source
5:16PM 2 Wine 1.4 removes gnome-common & mate-common (link)
2:29PM 0 Game's gamma setting on desktop after Alt-Ctrl->
1:09PM 3 [ALSA] WINE and microphone -> does not work?!
12:07PM 1 Portal 2 crashes and no 3D acceleration
10:20AM 1 Re: vcredist_x86.exe - "Unable to find a volume for . . .&q
9:24AM 0 no run fonts .vntime
6:41AM 2 Creating a working desktop shorcut for Rosetta Stone 3.4.5
Sunday May 27 2012
12:39PM 2 Wine causes Flash instabilities
Saturday May 26 2012
10:59PM 3 Wine freezes with full-screen mouse capture in games
8:03PM 0 Age of Empires 2 not running.
7:20PM 2 Unable to run "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion"
5:48PM 3 Help me ( how can i edit the files )
5:30PM 1 Wine crashes trying to play final fantasy xi
11:02AM 0 Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine
10:20AM 1 Debian-4.0-Etch/stable + wine-0.9.25-2.1
8:24AM 0 Victoria 2: house devided (Steam). Error on loading
7:18AM 1 Yet another iTunes enquiry
2:56AM 1 Visual novel,d3d and gstreamer
2:11AM 3 I need help for running Wine on my Mac
12:34AM 3 Wine Mac Help
Friday May 25 2012
7:18PM 1 Network Drive configuration doesn't 'stick'
12:43PM 2 Re: 64-bit appliacations support
11:47AM 2 Compiled wine from source now a problem.
5:47AM 2 Newbie iTunes Question
Thursday May 24 2012
9:49PM 4 PaloAlto Software
7:46PM 1 Re: Wine + unix ODBC + delphi app BIG PROBLEM....
6:15PM 3 Page fault on seccond run of Myst III: Exile
3:16PM 6 Wine taking extremely long to launch programs
8:42AM 1 Tips for proper Hebrew font rendering ?
Wednesday May 23 2012
6:37PM 0 Enterprise Application
6:24PM 2 no direct3d tab in winecfg
4:39PM 2 Re: problems loading DC universe
4:06PM 2 WINE stalled, printer says it's printed, but it hasn't
3:56PM 0 [Anno 2070 Demo]Graphical bugs
12:02PM 3 Portal 2 disappears on initial loading screen
4:07AM 3 Error -installing IBM Visualage COBOL requires at least 64M
4:02AM 0 wine and intrusion detection
Tuesday May 22 2012
8:44PM 2 keyword "msgctxt" unknown to compile on SLE10 SP4
5:34PM 1 LM12 No graphic in "playfield"
4:56PM 0 Using Thin application to wrap install in single application
4:48AM 4 Kubuntu 12.04: LackeyCCG stopped working
1:01AM 1 Audio & Video sometimes speed up dramatically
Monday May 21 2012
11:11PM 1 hotfix for windows
10:52PM 2 Measuring SO2 in our red wine
9:34PM 1 Wine malloc error
8:31PM 0 Re: Wine and MSSQL 2008: SSL Security Error
8:19PM 5 DirectSoft 5 Serial communications Issue's
3:46PM 3 Basic User Knowledge - Wine Install Failed
3:30PM 2 Supreme Commander with WINE
1:09PM 3 Wine and ringcentral
9:52AM 0 Re: "Internal errors - Invalid parameters received" wi
4:49AM 2 Wine not showing up on program list
Sunday May 20 2012
7:46PM 3 Watching a National Geographic cd in Ubuntu 12.04
5:40PM 1 File and Image uploader is not work to me (crash)
4:24PM 1 Problem with Wine after LoL patch
2:35PM 0 Error message in ford games
1:12PM 1 World of Warcraft Patch 1.12.1 Framerate absolutely horrible
12:46PM 1 Once in a hour Crusader kings 2 game stop to work
12:38PM 1 Wine Emulation Error
4:33AM 0 Civilization 4 beyond the sword? Does it work on wine 1.5.4?
12:33AM 2 Can't see DOTA 2 Video
Saturday May 19 2012
11:40PM 0 PlantsVsZombiesSetup_20110729_2_2.exe
10:38PM 0 "Internal errors - Invalid parameters received" with Starcraft Resolution Hack
6:37PM 0 Re: Wine & HD3D S3D Stereo 3D, Stereoscopic 3D ?
6:03PM 4 Installing mono in Wine
11:07AM 0 Steam: Fatal Error: VGUI_Setup failed
6:00AM 3 Wizard101 does not run, Error message
4:29AM 3 TGB Dual crashes when opening files.
1:38AM 1 How to set Large Address Aware flag
Friday May 18 2012
11:28PM 0 Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga crash patch
11:23PM 0 Some fonts looking bad in a poker client
10:04PM 1 Program in wine fails during the C-function call setlocale
9:57PM 1 Cannot create 32bit wineprefix (Ubuntu package problem?)
9:40PM 1 Call of Duty: MW3, Dying for Help
9:24PM 1 Dungeons and Dragons Online on MacOS
5:41PM 5 misexec and mspatcha.dll failed to patch files
3:51PM 0 Skyrim in Fedora
3:23PM 2 PhysX support. Driver? Wine?
11:45AM 1 Running .NET 2.0 application, problem with ActiveReports
Thursday May 17 2012
8:00PM 1 Mono won't load
5:36PM 0 Steam savegames after OS update
9:56AM 3 Freeze with wine 1.5.4
9:29AM 0 Donate bitcoin?
7:34AM 0 Windows Reverse Jobs
1:14AM 0 PDF problems in wine
1:13AM 0 Wine error al games
12:18AM 1 Software running fine in wine, how to save/open files?
Wednesday May 16 2012
7:59PM 4 trigger wine old chinese font
6:14PM 0 Game Ranger
2:53PM 1 Strange Photoshop CS5.1 behaviour
1:11PM 0 Diablo 3 Error BLZPTS00007
11:20AM 0 Re: Using wine for Peoplesoft Development
10:41AM 1 Developing a DirectX application using wineg++
10:38AM 1 I don't understand what I am doing wrong :0(
6:30AM 0 Pinball problems
Tuesday May 15 2012
11:59PM 1 Error when trying to run Limbo game
8:49PM 1 Question about default Wine prefix
7:54PM 3 wine-1.4 Call of Duty Black Ops error
7:50PM 6 wineasio compile problems on OSX - COM work arounds
5:59PM 2 [Backtrace]Anno 2070 does not works
6:51AM 1 A Question about Porting
3:51AM 0 What lib do I need?
3:23AM 2 Windows frame decoration
1:52AM 5 Office 2010 on Mac with Wine
12:02AM 2 Newbie needs help with Game install
Monday May 14 2012
6:51PM 4 Wine doesn't do X11, does it?
4:06PM 2 Maple 15 + 16 Graphic error in context menu
11:25AM 1 wine 1.5.4 hangs
12:18AM 0 Toy Soldiers on Steam
Sunday May 13 2012
5:09PM 2 Diablo 3 - git get Wine 1.5.2
4:40PM 0 Running World of Warcraft Cata in Wine..clicking issue
11:24AM 1 Re: install "files for complex script and right-to-left lan
8:14AM 3 Xenocode Postbuild 2010 error with .NET 4.0
Saturday May 12 2012
8:11PM 2 wine: Unhandled page fault on write access
7:42PM 5 wineprefix
3:21PM 1 error
2:59AM 4 Help
1:32AM 2 Wine trying to run applications (double click)
Friday May 11 2012
9:28PM 1 Running Bunch of Heroes
12:06PM 8 Failed to execute child process (Permission denied)
6:29AM 1 Completely green with programming-need help with USB *MAC*
1:48AM 2 Wine 1.4 and old games
1:41AM 4 Quickbooks Starter Edition
12:06AM 2 sabayon 8
Thursday May 10 2012
8:36PM 2 Visual basic scripting under wine?
8:04PM 0 Starcraft 2 graphic issues
6:05PM 0 Fixes in Wine 1.5.4
5:39PM 3 Bioshock 2 No Keyboard
5:23PM 4 General question
4:26PM 2 Outlook 2010
3:50PM 1 Damon and Stefan accomplished out of boondocks
3:09PM 1 ISDone.dll Problem , Installing Games with Wine
3:03PM 0 Admin rights required for program registration
2:11PM 1 Dark Shadows could be a nice movie
2:10PM 0 previous episode we had seen Alaric becoming
2:09PM 0 All you have got to try to
1:05PM 0 Re: err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection
1:04PM 0 Skymonk wine 1.5.2
9:20AM 2 Hi im new, With questions about helping an app
3:03AM 0 Xbox 1 gamepad not detected with Star Trek Online game
2:15AM 0 TWC4 Wrestling game - how to work?
Wednesday May 9 2012
10:15PM 2 Running programs in Wine 32 vs 64
6:26PM 6 winhttp 5.1
9:54AM 1 New User.. Just general advice
Tuesday May 8 2012
9:37PM 1 Cradle Of Rome error.
9:09PM 1 Crash after OS updated
8:46PM 0 Civ 3 crashes
8:14PM 2 Problem with Game
7:09PM 0 [Ubisoft's Games]Can't save a game
5:20PM 1 Re: Baldur's gate II - 'rest' function problem
4:17PM 0 problem letters in mu online 99b
1:32PM 6 Ubuntu 12.04 64bit + Wine 1.5.3 (or 1.4) + .NET Framework3.0
Monday May 7 2012
6:54PM 1 Bad Wine installation
4:40PM 2 FileFormatConverters: no equations in docx documents?
3:09PM 1 Couldn't Initialize OpenGL
3:04PM 2 Why no winetricks for wine 64bit?
3:03PM 3 CountryChk.dll missing
2:31PM 2 AION EU<>US
12:11PM 0 OpenEventW() failed. Something to be worried about?
10:00AM 3 dotnetfx installation with wine 1.3.28 + winetricks
Sunday May 6 2012
11:58PM 2 Wine directory system
6:32PM 1 Installers of any kind don't working.
5:49PM 1 wine not recognizing my graphics card
5:09PM 1 Re: debugging wine
3:02PM 1 The drama continues...
11:30AM 1 Wine 64 bit?
10:23AM 11 Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, Wine 1.5.3, OpenGL issue
10:15AM 1 Gnome-keyring-pkc11 not found
8:28AM 3 Wine version 1.2
4:17AM 1 GTA San Andreas camera and graphics problems
1:40AM 1 Compiling wine gphoto2 error
Saturday May 5 2012
2:57PM 1 1.5.1 better than 1.5.3 ?!
2:37PM 4 Program hangs with "LISTVIEW_WindowProc unknown msg"
1:51PM 2 How to fully return X11 after fullscreen Wine game exits?
1:42PM 12 Error running an app on a Mac
4:45AM 0 Having minimize issues running games in wine with gnome shel
Friday May 4 2012
4:42PM 3 Is this message something to be worried?
3:51PM 1 Updating Wine
3:29PM 2 Installation 64-bit program on a 64-bit system
2:48PM 1 Bug NOT fixed in wine-1.5.3
2:16PM 0 So I'm making HQ videos of gaming on linux, got any feedback
2:14PM 3 as the Multiple LockWindowUpdate fix?
1:59PM 3 jdk on wine - Error
1:57PM 1 Trying to find what winetrick option I need...
11:59AM 0 Which kind of movies you really like?
10:29AM 4 wine apps kills jack stream
9:45AM 0 CTabCtrl (tab control) & TCS_VERTICAL style
6:54AM 0 Wine and VBS
2:47AM 1 Been at it all day ... finally have to ask for help!
Thursday May 3 2012
11:41PM 3 Program loses focus
9:56PM 2 Unhandled exception launching games from Steam
9:15PM 1 Failure in internet connections after updat. to Ubuntu 12.04
9:09PM 0 Re: Wine 1.3.25 kills sound with PulseAudio
8:40PM 0 Re: DVDFab
8:33PM 1 Mono doesn't work on Ubuntu 12.04
6:50PM 0 Re: Problems with managing layers
12:36PM 0 Re: Error loading mfc42.dll - failed (error c000007b)
10:50AM 0 scroll bars on virtual desktop
10:47AM 0 wine error graphics_dx9.cpp(2408): d3d error 8876086c(2156)
5:42AM 1 the transparent background become a black ground in wine
12:33AM 2 How can I make Wine run my programs faster?
Wednesday May 2 2012
7:40PM 6 On Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits : stack overflow
5:00PM 1 Hash results with Wine-installed programs
4:10PM 5 Winasio, somebody know how make it work??
3:49PM 2 Wine and VNC4Server
2:53PM 0 Re: Assassins Creed White window
Tuesday May 1 2012
11:56AM 1 Connection problems with Steam games
9:59AM 7 Error installing dotnet30
3:03AM 1 Re: wine internal errors invalid parameters steam