wine users - Dec 2011

Saturday December 31 2011
8:11PM 2 Help using Wine to Flash Android Phone.
6:59PM 2 page fault using compiled wine, but not packaged version
3:55AM 1 LTSpice IV Won't Launch from the Wine Menu
3:43AM 1 Pressure sensitivity not working on Photoshop CS or CS2
2:04AM 1 Unable to find cd-rom/DVD drive on this computer
12:36AM 1 Re: OpenGL issues on OSX (wine 1.3.21)
Friday December 30 2011
8:51PM 1 Wine Crashes whenever starting 3D applications on FGLRX
7:50PM 0 [LMDE] Warcraft tft fps drop
7:18PM 2 League of Legends Patches
7:00PM 0 Re: Useful bash scripts for wine / need help
6:28PM 1 Digiguide
4:10AM 1 PID error when running app in one location but not another
3:50AM 2 Download the address where
2:01AM 1 Re: Steam Doesn't work
12:18AM 2 Re: OpenGL issues on OSX (wine 1.3.21)
Thursday December 29 2011
10:40PM 2 Company of Heroes pause and -dev not working
10:01PM 1 Formatting USB memory device.
9:14PM 0 Wizard101 video not appearing once game is loaded
4:12PM 2 requires microsoft plus! with theme support
12:43PM 1 How to get device for drive letter?
11:24AM 1 CS:S for Ubuntu
4:53AM 1 'Cannot find' - Persistent error
Wednesday December 28 2011
7:04PM 8 Playing new Star Wars MMO on MacOS 10.6
2:16PM 1 Beaujolais 1959 Cave de l'├ęchanson
1:02PM 4 JVM 7 fails to start
8:25AM 1 Install Error Message
Tuesday December 27 2011
9:41PM 2 Help
8:31PM 1 Re: Shutcats Ragnarok private client
5:44PM 4 Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed
5:16PM 3 Black screen
4:44PM 2 Execute Windows Programs from another OS?
6:44AM 1 Windows ERP s/w on Ubuntu 11.04, 1.2.2-0ubuntu6 (wine1.2)
6:32AM 3 State of Emergency freezes after loading screen
3:32AM 1 Problems with IE8
12:01AM 9 Unable to register the DLL/OCX
Monday December 26 2011
6:37PM 1 Find Program Version in Wine
4:43PM 3 Wine doesn't write in the USB pendrive
3:33PM 0 some thing's re: Wine program, internet explorer, misc;
3:29PM 0 [eHow Support] Update: some thing's re: Wine program, in
1:37PM 0 [eHow Support] Update: Re: some thing's re: Wine program, internet explorer, misc;
6:38AM 1 [need help] ActiveX component can't create object.
1:04AM 0 some thing's re: Wine program, internet explorer, misc;
Sunday December 25 2011
10:10PM 1 Slackware 13.37 wine package broken
9:18PM 1 wine gui problems on unity
8:51PM 1 Can Wine run .NET WPF applications?
4:54PM 1 Re: Best Linux distro / version or Best Kernel for Wine ?
11:19AM 1 can't connect to mysql
5:58AM 1 Cant install application.
Saturday December 24 2011
9:26PM 1 Crysis Retail w/ Wine 1.3.35
6:42PM 1 Need help! Trying to install USPS Shipping Assistant in WINE
4:40PM 2 make: don't know how to make wine.maninstall-man-pages. Stop
3:22PM 3 fixme:dib:make_rgb_colorref Unhandled color type ff000000
1:43PM 1 Aselia the Eternal crash
5:57AM 2 [PLEASE HELP] Trying to install wine in Amazon AWS EC2
3:10AM 10 Warcraft 3: TFT or RoC in Wine
Friday December 23 2011
5:11PM 2 What happened to OSS support?
12:04PM 5 XRender_AlphaBlend Unable to AlphaBlend without Xrender
10:46AM 1 Carbonite on Wine?
5:18AM 1 Borderlands GPF
2:01AM 3 Using xdg-open by default under Wine
Thursday December 22 2011
11:58PM 1 My windows program isnt working...
11:25PM 1 wine 1..3.35 not drawing titlebar and frame
7:33PM 8 WINE on AMD cpu
5:00PM 3 Beginner and need to install Wine IExplore
4:37PM 2 Please Help!!!
1:48PM 1 Multiple users on WINE
1:04PM 2 how to get administrative privileges in wine?
10:56AM 2 [Mac OS X] [Wine 1.2.3] graphical artifacts with spider.exe
6:59AM 2 Can I play any Win7 game on Linux?
5:32AM 0 Fwd: Running Wine.
5:30AM 1 R.E. Online based installers
5:04AM 4 Installing CD software
12:27AM 1 Run DOS progs?
Wednesday December 21 2011
8:17PM 3 Stereoscopic 3D in Wine?
5:25PM 0 Mass Effect fails to install
5:22PM 4 MS-DOS Batch File Commands
5:20PM 1 Running an exe from the command line
2:52PM 4 Putty X11 problem
2:26PM 1 Re: [Ubuntu 10.10/wine 1.3.16] Nonexistent printers in pulldown
2:02PM 1 Deleting active MRSW lock, expect failure
7:29AM 1 Running Wine.
Tuesday December 20 2011
11:19PM 2 Problems Downloading Wine for Ubuntu
4:51PM 10 SWTOR ETA?
3:27PM 2 How do i create an shared obejct file from a dll file
2:13PM 7 Unable to installe Oracle9i client with wine
11:01AM 6 Runes of Magic - No log in window displayed on wine 1.3.35
10:37AM 0 Can't print from windows program in Mac OS Lion
9:05AM 3 Package of a specific wine version
6:56AM 6 Wine 1.0 on Fedora 16 64-bit
5:34AM 0 Re: Upper Memory
3:26AM 3 Get configuration flags
Monday December 19 2011
9:57PM 3 Hierarchical File System and Wine
8:47PM 2 wine source code, Bug6971, suse 12.1,kde
10:21AM 0 L.A. Noire
3:32AM 0 GL_INVALID_VALUE terminal spamming
3:23AM 1 Steam Microsoft VC Redlist Package
3:16AM 2 Do not know how to install wine 0.9.30
Sunday December 18 2011
9:51PM 0 fst, wine, Kontakt5 ... still no joy
8:28PM 1 SegFault trying to open Steam
12:23PM 2 I cant create a wine dll (so)
6:12AM 1 Disk drive question
Saturday December 17 2011
11:42PM 2 Thoughts on a possible solution to get the Sims 2 running.
10:33PM 2 Problems with NeverwinterNights2
8:32PM 0 Re: FSX install... Failure
2:54PM 3 Download Link ? Yum Install Wine Not Work
12:27PM 6 Custom Logo Design Tips
7:23AM 1 Empire Earth I, suse 12.1-kde, wine 1.3.34
5:56AM 1 DirecTV2PC gives errors on install & attempt to open
4:50AM 3 Can't install Civ4
1:36AM 0 Registry entry to change MIDI mapper changed?
Friday December 16 2011
5:10PM 3 Re: unusual text/mour/menu behaviours
2:30PM 1 Re: service pack 3 for office 2007
1:50PM 1 Re: Cannot install vcrun6 or mfc42 using winetricks /Ubuntu10.04
4:29AM 0 Wine Can't Mount CD
1:58AM 0 System Shock 2: problem viewing intros
Thursday December 15 2011
9:41PM 6 Power Builder 11.5 and sqlserver2008 conection
9:07PM 2 Clucalc / cluwiz
8:41PM 1 Re: Cannot install vcrun6 or mfc42 using winetricks /Ubuntu10.04
1:32PM 1 Game doesn't want to start without virtual desktop
2:05AM 2 Re: newbie question: why do I see root directory in wine, when n
1:32AM 7 Autotunnel GG
Wednesday December 14 2011
2:22PM 0 Re: newbie question: why do I see root directory in wine, when n
1:27PM 1 Re: newbie question: why do I see root directory in wine, when n
12:45PM 5 Black (transparent?) Screen - wine 1.3.34
10:44AM 2 newbie question: why do I see root directory in wine, when no drive is configured?
2:49AM 1 Initial errors when running winecfg for first time
Tuesday December 13 2011
6:44PM 2 RavenShield (UnrealEngine) "General protection fault!"
6:28PM 0 Re: Wine menus - rebuilding, deleting
5:49PM 0 FIFA 12
5:00PM 4 Help needed with navigation
3:11PM 1 Running windows DLL functions from GCC application
10:00AM 0 Re: WineHQ database compromise
4:20AM 1 wine's iexplore: application protocols ?
Monday December 12 2011
7:31PM 0 Linux WINE Engineer (Contract or Fulltime) - Menlo Park, CA
6:59PM 3 status of Jack?
6:28PM 6 vvvv ole error 80131700
3:44PM 7 Problem to install dotnet20
3:22PM 3 Twlight Frontier game
7:58AM 0 Kindle Fire video player-Put/Play AVI movies on Kindle Fire
4:27AM 0 connection time out..??..
4:18AM 1 Trying to install original EQ
Sunday December 11 2011
11:51PM 3 How to switch workspaces from WoW? Tried virtual desktop.
10:37PM 1 Re: msvcp80.dll...
8:44PM 0 Wine why no audio?
5:57PM 1 No sound on Debian Squeeze after building from source
5:09PM 0 Eve-online && msvcp80.dll
3:19PM 2 Any way to use ibus to input in the game uses directx?
10:55AM 1 How to pass file as argument in .desktop file for wine app?
7:57AM 1 EAX sound
Saturday December 10 2011
6:46PM 7 Irfanview 4.30 cannot be installed
6:45PM 2 Can't get GTA San Andreas to work on Linux
5:16PM 1 Wine does not launch a setup.exe application
3:07PM 1 Re: Wine and pulse audio
4:50AM 2 Re: Replacing X11 backend driver with SDL
1:44AM 0 North Face Women Fleece coat Jacket
Friday December 9 2011
10:01PM 6 Application stops working between Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10
9:52PM 0 Re: Using Todolist (abstract spoon) from Ubuntu 11.10
3:32PM 1 FirstClass Client build 11.017 and Wine 1.3.34
2:25PM 2 No sound in Wine with ALSA loopback devices
2:05PM 2 DDO issues, again, sorry
1:58PM 1 Re: Using Todolist (abstract spoon) from Ubuntu 11.10
12:49PM 1 vcrun2008 refusing to install
10:53AM 2 Accessing a Modem / Dial-up telnet connection
3:43AM 1 Re: Using Todolist (abstract spoon) from Ubuntu 11.10
Thursday December 8 2011
12:40PM 1 wine capturing mouse in virtual desktop
10:32AM 0 Re: Documents and Settings
9:50AM 2 World Of Warcraft crash
2:49AM 2 Language Software Crash
2:03AM 0 Play Bluray movie on Nook Tablet with 20% OFF Blu-ray Ripper
Wednesday December 7 2011
1:15PM 5 switch to windows to Linux
10:22AM 4 Cannot open service manager
5:22AM 0 mouse pointer flashs and disappears while gaming
3:02AM 3 Starting out with Wine...
12:26AM 1 Trillian stop working since last update
12:21AM 3 Problem running GIMP under Wine
Tuesday December 6 2011
10:05PM 1 Can I Install a scanner in wine
7:40PM 1 Help creating a link
1:59PM 6 Cannot find 'MFC42.DLL' - Problems installing Windows app
11:10AM 5 Steam games wont start
10:45AM 12 DLL not found
8:15AM 0 Re: Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway
Monday December 5 2011
11:47PM 0 Re: World of Warcraft Launcher.exe keeps crashing
11:30PM 3 .EXE refuses to launch after upgrade to Wine 1.3.29
10:41PM 1 Re: Executing bat file in Wine from bash shell
9:10PM 4 installing canon printer driver
6:56PM 1 Keyboard doesn't work unless..
3:47AM 1 COM ports in WINE
2:55AM 1 Diablo II: Interesting sound issue in 1.3
2:14AM 4 Epson PrintCD
Sunday December 4 2011
6:40PM 3 Magix Web Designer 7 - Error Message
6:32PM 1 Why DroidSans-Bold.ttf always checksum error (winetricks)
6:25PM 1 %ProgramFiles% empty
3:20PM 2 J# version
3:15PM 2 Updating Wine
3:36AM 5 5.1 sound
Saturday December 3 2011
8:37PM 4 directx 9 bug in games.
4:42PM 2 .wine folder deleted but links still show
4:10PM 3 wine stopped working after running fix 10.9.4. from the FAQ
1:42PM 2 Print to text file?
2:43AM 0 Re: App Right Fax with wine 1.3.20
1:40AM 1 RO2
1:16AM 2 Playing Counter Strike 1.6 on UBUNTU 11.10 using wine 1.3.28
Friday December 2 2011
10:14PM 2 issue with sudo make install
5:16PM 7 Clean enviroments in Wine
8:55AM 3 Trying ProduKey to extract winXP from harddrive --
5:18AM 6 Problem with japanese programs
2:03AM 1 Re: App Right Fax with wine 1.3.20
Thursday December 1 2011
10:01PM 2 Audio CDs not detected by winecfg, and dbpoweramp CD Ripper
9:27PM 2 Having problems after installing Wine [osxwinebuilder]
4:18PM 2 EMEditor 11.02
3:53PM 1 Rise of Legends video problems
10:46AM 0 Worlld Of Warcraft 4.x.x
8:48AM 1 OTDR Trace Viewer Problem
1:58AM 2 How to reply to locked thread
1:29AM 6 Using Wine across distros with symlink