wine users - May 2009

Sunday May 31 2009
11:27PM 2 Speaker Workshop under wine 1.1.22 - debugger output
11:03PM 8 cannot uninstall software
8:00PM 1 UT2k4
7:40PM 1 Old WINE versions
3:43PM 0 WINE system tray appears randomly
8:51AM 2 getting a specific Programm to run under linuxMint
4:14AM 3 Naturally speaking under wine help needed
Saturday May 30 2009
11:29PM 2 Darwine problem
10:14PM 2 Nextgen MMO betatester and can't update the game
8:06PM 2 I need some help.
4:29PM 1 DreamWeaver CS4 Install Problems
3:35PM 3 GNOME menu entries for wine run games
12:49PM 2 Office 2003 Language Bar
12:36PM 2 Script Help
12:27PM 2 How convert Linux path to Windows path like "cygpath" does?
4:22AM 5 Error registering dll - DllRegisterServer not implemented
2:42AM 5 Cannot start a game - err:ddraw?
Friday May 29 2009
10:27PM 7 Problem with EVE-Online
9:46PM 2 ASTRO (logy) under wine - understanding the debug output?
9:29PM 1 "insert JDK path on Wine" = huh?
8:58PM 2 Graphics Problem
7:28PM 3 Wine Fails to recognize DVD RW Drive
5:21PM 2 No keyboard input when sound is enabled
2:54PM 0 Re: First-time wine user, having problems with Direct3D and EE2
11:56AM 4 WineDOS
7:53AM 1 winedbg out of control since Jaunty Upgrade
6:38AM 4 paralle port dongle
6:19AM 0 BattleForge runnung well, but hotkeys (keyboard) don't work
12:54AM 6 How to switch between current running wine apps
Thursday May 28 2009
10:39PM 0 fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:compute_location Unhandled attr op: e0 - when running The Sims 2
9:28PM 2 Running two versions of wine?
8:30PM 5 Please help with Cyrilic fonts
7:17PM 2 Buying a graphics card for Wine: ATI vs nVidia
1:22PM 1 how to compile
8:59AM 3 Counter Strike Source - Help!
8:59AM 0 Counter Strike Source
3:25AM 4 Constant Wine Crash
Wednesday May 27 2009
7:51PM 3 Trouble finding the program in the wine folder
3:00PM 3 Kingsoft Office 2009
9:08AM 2 Wine / Google Earth network issue
3:38AM 5 Regression From Platinum
2:40AM 1 How to use winecfg when running from source directory
12:37AM 0 Lower version of IE required with Gecko
Tuesday May 26 2009
10:29PM 1 Steam on wine 1.0.1
8:33PM 3 usage of winedbg
4:36PM 1 Sonos 2.8 Install Fails/Succeeds on Unbuntu 9.04 Wine 1.1.22
4:12PM 6 html help
4:11PM 0 weird mouse problems
2:17PM 6 Unable to install Direct X 9
9:49AM 2 winebrowser and self signed certificates
12:17AM 1 Microsoft Office 2007?
Monday May 25 2009
10:17PM 0 RPGWO - no item images in inventory tab
8:08PM 0 flash 8 pro not working anymore
3:13PM 0 maximaise
3:02PM 4 Can I copy my .wine??
1:21PM 1 Is it possible to run an application automatically?
7:44AM 1 Re: PlayStation 3
6:49AM 1 How to Convert Video and Rip DVD to Any Video Formats
3:20AM 2 Wine keeps crashing.
12:17AM 6 Port WineHQ to a different OS and different hardware...
Sunday May 24 2009
11:52PM 3 need help to compile wine with patches
11:03PM 3 Registry setting question...
9:23PM 1 Quicken 2009
8:41PM 0 Need for speed most wanted me da error y se sierra
6:35PM 27 How can I detect WINE from my program
4:47PM 0 Having Problems with Star wars best of PC
4:35PM 1 Re: C&C Red Alert 3 - Lan (and also hamachi) play
3:39PM 1 Quicken 2008 special offer crash
1:38PM 1 directions for porting my own code using 3rd party dll
11:14AM 1 Installation of Paymo widget
9:03AM 11 Half-Life starts fine with sound, but freeze on start game
1:18AM 0 skype
Saturday May 23 2009
7:33PM 0 Wine & Wow
4:13PM 2 Wine crashes when I open one certain window
3:07PM 6 [SUGGESTION] WINE, autodisable/ask to disable PulseAudio
1:41PM 3 EVE online won't run
12:23PM 0 SeaClear II / Wine use 100% of the CPU
12:14PM 2 MIDI in WINE
12:11PM 2 Heavy Metal FAKK2 has no sound
6:42AM 1 wine
Friday May 22 2009
1:50PM 3 Help requested for Aeris Dive Computer interface
12:00PM 1 Help with Wine 1.1.21
9:33AM 1 Trying to install Visual Studio 2008 pro
7:13AM 1 Win92 Radio Scanner program
7:09AM 1 Serial Port Data Slicer applications
6:35AM 4 Prog running in Wine OK but needs Alt+F10 to maximise.
1:07AM 2 Help on Running Luna Online
Thursday May 21 2009
10:59PM 1 Wreid Problem Wine leaves user settings corupted
8:21PM 1 systeminfo updation
2:00PM 0 VC2010 (VC10) can't use /Zi option
12:18PM 17 Praetorians Game Problem
12:18PM 1 Installing SAPGui 710
10:19AM 4 gdi32.dll error
8:35AM 2 WMI over wine
7:42AM 4 Running GTA Classics.
7:33AM 1 Visio crash (#3416) on SVG export
7:27AM 2 err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection on Mac OS X 10.5.7
6:34AM 4 Pathfinder Office 2.70 install- Regedit case sensitive?
Wednesday May 20 2009
10:14PM 0 Re: Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock instead!
9:56PM 1 Re: "Select Script File" window
9:20PM 3 Running 3D in Virtual Desktop Mode freezes Nvidia hardware
9:08PM 6 Error
8:31PM 1 Expect Deadlock! [Assistance needed, Building Wine on Etch]
8:13PM 1 Expect Deadlock!
7:55PM 7 Mapped network drive in wine.
7:41PM 8 fixme:heap:RtlCompactHeap (0x110000, 0x0) stub
7:31PM 1 Re: Expect Deadlock!
3:38PM 1 Cannot press more than 1 key
1:56PM 4 configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
1:55PM 1 chess master 10th edtion it just will not work help!:)
1:49PM 2 Creating a Rpm with a windows-program and wine included
11:22AM 11 DarWine & OpenGL
8:13AM 2 configure fails to see deps when installing on rhel 64bit
3:57AM 3 Filemaker Pro 7.0
1:55AM 2 Warcraft 3 crashes at bnet
Tuesday May 19 2009
10:28PM 1 using dll in php
10:10PM 0 Updating Endnote with msp patch
9:40PM 4 Has anyone had any luck with the sims 3?
4:24PM 2 steam
3:43PM 3 Rappelz?
3:39PM 9 Ubuntu and play65 application
2:14PM 1 Game problem
2:06PM 4 Program installed fine, doesn't run though
11:20AM 7 Hamachi annoyances
10:36AM 0 Warcraft 3 crash
9:26AM 3 can't run program - Exception EAccessViolation in module
2:53AM 4 settler 2 10th anniversary after i start free mode
2:22AM 1 Re: Why Firefox (under wine) print dialog doesn't have any optio
12:39AM 2 CS:S Error Need help
Monday May 18 2009
11:25PM 1 problems with libaries (8.04 ubuntu)
1:28PM 1 Wine & Socks
1:27PM 3 Can't run flatout 2
9:58AM 3 .Net application is getting closed
9:23AM 3 Communication Application
7:05AM 3 Opengl Problems
5:28AM 1 Calling linux make from an editor running on wine
3:18AM 2 CS:S Problem...
1:10AM 4 Portable applications list needed
Sunday May 17 2009
11:30PM 1 City of Heroes / wine not identifying NVIDIA video card
10:56PM 0 opening a wine program from Ubuntu 8.04 go-home applet
9:13PM 5 Dawn of War - Dark Crusade, graphics problem
5:15PM 2 Re: The values entered in the program are different from print p
5:07PM 0 Re: apps with Aladdin HASP HL hardware-based protection key (don
4:45PM 0 Freelancer in Ubuntu Linux under wine tutorial
4:08PM 6 LexisNexis PCLAW ver. 9.20f - BindToObject failed: 80070057
3:28PM 1 Counter-Strike Source keeps crashing
3:07PM 7 Running games without a cd
2:05PM 2 Re: Problem trying running Guild Warss (First Post)
12:38PM 0 apps with Aladdin HASP HL hardware-based protection key (dongle)
9:58AM 1 MapPoint 2004 and Swing App
8:46AM 2 Command prompt problem to solve software installation issue
7:29AM 4 browse C: drive does not show all directories / files
5:41AM 2 VC++ 6.0 in Wine/Ubuntu 9.04
3:56AM 2 Ubuntu9.04 & Office 2007 Pro etc...
2:55AM 2 IIS and message queing
12:39AM 3 Trying to add a wine application I've added in other Ubuntu systems, but not working
Saturday May 16 2009
9:45PM 1 Wine 1.1.21 on Mac OS 10.5.7
8:25PM 1 Call of duty 4 gamestop download
8:24PM 1 How to find a summit??
1:23PM 1 Samsung Media Studio dosen't install
11:52AM 1 Error 3: path not found
7:14AM 0 Re: warhammer online and age of conan?
5:31AM 1 Homeworld 2 Crash right after start?
2:57AM 2 Running MTV VideoConvert.exe
Friday May 15 2009
8:35PM 2 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
7:08PM 1 Nvidia 8400 Gs not detected correctly
4:52PM 1 Visual Studio 2008 install on virtural machine via wine
11:55AM 3 Start two wine instances for two users
9:44AM 4 ulimit -n ignored/ Max files reached
6:05AM 2 Radio? Sure! Internet Radio Player support in Wine?
Thursday May 14 2009
6:25PM 1 MSHTML fails to draw
5:41PM 0 Wine StartUp Services Msconfig
10:02AM 1 The values entered in the program are different from print previes (P5Szamla)
9:54AM 0 Re: HandyCafe
9:44AM 0 Re: No wine-pthread in 1.1.19 ?
7:31AM 3 iexplorer.exe 6 error in wine when running in Kubuntu 8.0.4
2:09AM 1 Re: No wine-pthread in 1.1.19 ?
1:37AM 2 alsa-utils missing asoundconf in Karmic
Wednesday May 13 2009
11:02PM 0 Why Firefox (under wine) print dialog doesn't have any option to print to file?
6:23PM 4 64-bit OS, WINE and Memory (size) related question.
5:01PM 2 Football Manager Live with Wine
2:56PM 0 Anyone able to manually confirm a wine-users account?
12:33PM 2 Wine causes X server restart
8:41AM 1 Elder Scrolls Oblivion
8:37AM 0 A Best Software Tool to Rip DVD and Convert Video on Your Ma
7:45AM 3 Font issue with Wine
6:04AM 3 Windows explorer in wine
5:58AM 3 Installing older versions of Wine
2:12AM 0 Any magicJack users?
Tuesday May 12 2009
11:00PM 2 FEAR 2 on WINE 1.1.21???
7:36PM 1 Oblivion Horse armor Bug
7:20PM 0 Mappery : Ye! Utuvienyes! and also Eureka!
5:16PM 1 Full guide: How to Crack DRM Video
3:48PM 2 Today's git mis-reads CTL-S
3:39PM 1 Native dll loading for win64
3:18PM 2 Wine: Unhandled page fault on write access to
2:54PM 1 Starcraft install won't run
2:08PM 17 error running anything in wine
12:53PM 2 Pangya USA
12:49PM 1 Noteworthy Composer crashes when print preview is called.
12:07PM 4 Dreamweaver MX4 & Photoshop 7.0 error on Solaris
10:56AM 0 pickup.listchecker involving packet capturing/sending
8:41AM 0 How to rip a DVD and edit DVD on Mac/Windows
8:16AM 2 Full guide: How to Crack DRM Video, Rip a DVD and burn a DVD
8:08AM 0 Share an easiest way to enjoy all music/video on iPod/iPhone
7:23AM 1 AION (!gameguard! problem) works on linux?is it true?
2:37AM 1 Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn - failure to run
12:24AM 0 Cheapest lineage II adena site
Monday May 11 2009
7:07PM 5 Wine+SuSe11.1+iBook
6:57PM 6 Error using OSMTiles
3:42PM 1 Eve adjustments (Thank you WINE developers for 1.1.21)
3:13PM 1 Gears Of War
2:24PM 3 Wine and 3D rendering issues
2:01PM 2 Query about Forte Agent 2 in Wine 1.0.1
12:48PM 4 4Story charters, monsters, mounts are not animated
12:03PM 2 Zangbandtk under wine - Mouse and Saving issues
11:13AM 7 alsa not available in winecfg under karmic?
9:09AM 0 How to enjoy DVDs on iPod/Zune/iPhone
5:32AM 1 MDI form in Wine
2:20AM 0 I/O question (output via Parallel Port)
2:16AM 11 First crack at this! Could use advice on a few questions...
1:56AM 5 Access Printer port pin by dll
Sunday May 10 2009
8:45PM 5 Wine 1.1.21, KUBUNTU 9.04 - Please help me with COPY/PASTE
7:57PM 0 Help w/ Running BF1942 on Puppy Linux
4:08PM 1 Majesty the gold edition does not work on Ubuntu 9.04
2:08PM 0 Unable to start a directX application after one was closed
12:05PM 2 Copy files from Original Windows CD,possible?
11:42AM 4 Install adobe CS3 Master Collection
5:06AM 0 ddraw hack files from Jasmine Iwanek??
Saturday May 9 2009
11:14PM 4 I kind of need help: the games are juddery
6:02PM 4 Application to run in proper resolution?
5:14PM 2 Noob Here Please Help
4:40PM 1 Wine not responding on upgrade
4:38PM 14 Please Help!
4:28PM 2 company of heroes
4:23PM 3 wintricks dotnet20 install
12:38PM 1 wine upgrade
8:44AM 1 Screen Corruption in directory trees in foobar2000
7:36AM 3 す く る め い ト Schoolmate
Friday May 8 2009
7:36PM 2 Diablo LOD Copy Protection
6:04PM 2 32bit exe to run with wine64
5:10PM 4 setupapi.dll.SetupGetInfFileListW
4:53PM 1 Wine not fluid in all games
3:35PM 1 DirectX: cab file cannot be trusted
3:03PM 3 Star Wars Galaxies Help
1:17PM 1 wine config screen
12:48PM 5 Game install, Microsoft DirectX (tm) limitation.
11:20AM 3 Fonts Problem Menu bar
6:31AM 0 How to Rip DVD and Convert video on OS X
4:58AM 2 Wine fails to load programs
12:00AM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
Thursday May 7 2009
9:48PM 0 Is it an easy way to find an application with old report?
8:55PM 2 Modo 302 in Wine
8:31PM 1 Garry's Mod not working anymore?
8:25PM 0 Gamehouse game start
6:50PM 1 Starcraft 2 beta coming soon
6:31PM 1 FFXI does not load
6:15PM 13 How to open apps...
5:25PM 3 Re: wine error causing reboot
4:53PM 6 When next version?
3:59PM 2 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
11:49AM 3 Altium license server Error
10:50AM 6 Systemwide WINE installation?
10:00AM 2 Wine by default picks up from c:\windows\system32
9:20AM 2 canconfirm?
8:20AM 0 Enjoy your DVD and Video from anywhere!(For Mac/Windows)
6:45AM 0 How to put video on iPod/iPhone/PSP/Zune/Zen/Sansa Fuze……
6:35AM 2 How to convert Mod/Tod/AVI/WMV/RM to any video formats
4:14AM 0 accessing virtual midi ports on OSX
3:46AM 1 Re: wine error causing reboot
1:11AM 0 Re: wine error causing reboot
12:37AM 14 WINE Help
Wednesday May 6 2009
8:14PM 1 StarFaxCoverSheet
7:11PM 1 Re: wine error causing reboot
4:23PM 3 Re: wine error causing reboot
3:37PM 5 x86 vs x64
3:06PM 3 Wine slower on x64 machines
12:56PM 2 Status on OSX Intels?
11:07AM 8 Call for volunteers
8:38AM 0 Enjoy DVD and Video on Creative Zen and Quicktime (Windows/M
8:26AM 0 Modo302, UI delay
7:55AM 0 Re: CakePoker install help
1:28AM 4 question with game (Shaiya)
Tuesday May 5 2009
7:16PM 2 Re: Wine memory problem
6:51PM 2 RunTime java needed
5:43PM 6 HLSW on Slackware 12.2
4:53PM 2 Wine programs folder -> how to modify it ?
3:17PM 5 HandBrakeCLI crashes when converting
4:30AM 2 Mount Manager Error
12:39AM 3 German translation
Monday May 4 2009
10:56PM 2 Removed drive, Wine wont open any files now.
8:51PM 0 WINE with X Server and VNC Creating new window
7:15PM 2 wine 64
6:21PM 0 Chessmaster GM Edition
4:32PM 1 What if I.........
3:21PM 2 Fullscreen
2:27PM 2 Trying to Play Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun On Ubuntu?
1:46PM 0 Re: Wine menus - rebuilding, deleting
1:20PM 4 How to set the time and timezone in Wine
12:29PM 3 problem with ms office
12:00PM 3 DirectX Setup fails to install as a cabinet file...
11:37AM 1 How to update to a specific version of Wine?
11:21AM 1 joined wine today
8:42AM 0 Some Popular Conversion Tools Related to iPod
8:08AM 1 Oblivion Installer not working
5:54AM 2 Games run, but i can always see desktop
4:20AM 0 How to Add Limewire Songs to iPod with iPod Music Converter
4:09AM 0 How to Rip DVD to iPod Touch, iPod Nano Converter on Windows
2:26AM 2 Issue accepting WoW Terms of Use
1:36AM 6 how do i know what my hostname is in wine?
1:04AM 2 Site badges / certification?
12:27AM 1 Good day
12:09AM 5 OneNote2007 and Wine
Sunday May 3 2009
10:58PM 1 Cannot associate nzb with GrabIt
8:41PM 1 Error running Knytt Stories
6:54PM 3 Does Wine only work when Windows is on Drive C:?
6:40PM 1 Re: Attempting to Install WINE Onto Linux Lite - Running On Acer
6:34PM 0 I see no units of c: and z:, no veo unidades a parte de c:, z:
6:34PM 0 Re: cannot install iTunes
6:15PM 3 itunes
5:54PM 4 What happened with WWN?
5:49PM 0 Fotress forever problems
4:08PM 4 Weird OpenGL problems
11:26AM 1 Problems with installing Wine
9:58AM 2 Bug report – unknown fields
9:42AM 2 Which native dlls can make change to program graphics?
9:14AM 0 2009 Top 10 Software Reviews
5:02AM 1 OpenSuse takes toooooo loooooong to start - wine-1.1.16
12:19AM 2 text
Saturday May 2 2009
11:27PM 1 Re: no internet
10:48PM 7 yum installation problem
9:49PM 2 Re: no internet
9:37PM 1 Running the game "Memento Mori" - "Windows Media Video..."
7:26PM 1 Unable to install anything
5:56PM 3 Separate nic in Wine
4:18PM 2 Windows games
3:56PM 0 installing maple 8 - Java error
2:22PM 3 Irritating bug
1:49PM 0 Windows Installer 3
12:19PM 1 Re: no internet
12:10PM 4 Some program running problem (P5Szamla)
11:38AM 1 Steam games won't launch
7:34AM 3 Re: How to deal with the message: winedevice.exe has encountered
2:47AM 1 Medieval total war
Friday May 1 2009
10:04PM 1 Run program as background job
9:51PM 1 sacred under wine/crossover, patch doesnt work
8:15PM 3 Sound Problems
7:54PM 2 Shared clipboard, drag and drop, Linux <> Wine 1.1.20
6:37PM 1 Wine software uninstall
5:30PM 0 heroes3 on xubuntu jaunty, 2 problems
5:22PM 7 No Internet Connection
5:20PM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
4:50PM 1 Re: How to deal with the message: winedevice.exe has encountered
4:31PM 2 Wine Notepad vs Windows Notepad
4:22PM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
3:39PM 1 Re: How to deal with the message: winedevice.exe has encountered
2:29PM 3 Dreamfall - Starforce makes Wine crash
1:24PM 0 Anyone else having trouble with inbound audio start/stop/start?
12:21PM 2 Can't get Photoscape to run :-(
10:25AM 6 Trying to install WINE getting an error message
7:06AM 6 City of Heroes control problem. Keys repeat.
6:00AM 6 Program cannot access MDB file
12:29AM 1 Real number of bugs for 1.2 ?