samba - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
9:17PM 0 Question about remote users and groups management
9:15PM 1 Problems with groups using samba + ldap
5:26PM 3 default profile
2:52PM 2 Samba wants "chdir"
9:15AM 2 Profiles updates...
2:05AM 1 NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE when trying to access Linux system samba share
12:26AM 0 I want samba PDC join without ldap
Saturday August 29 2009
9:18PM 1 How are tickets used by Samba in an Active Directory environment?
5:45PM 1 Multiple instances of /usr/bin/smbd -D
1:06PM 1 Password Sync not letting users to change password.
12:34AM 1 How to backup my samba+ldap PDC?
Friday August 28 2009
6:36PM 1 FreeBSD 7.2 and Samba 3.3.7 AD 2003 Authentication Problem
12:58PM 1 question on 3.4.0..
10:38AM 0 net rpc group addmem gives NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
8:25AM 2 sambaPwdMustChange not synced on PDC from BDC
2:32AM 0 samba account integrate
Thursday August 27 2009
9:48PM 0 Share folders with Samba4 AD
6:01PM 3 ldap? Samba? Nss?
6:00PM 2 error sys_lseek copy file samba 2.2.7
12:14PM 4 Fwd: most common way to implement 'net time' privileges
9:24AM 0 Samba profile/profdata and Windows XP/Vista/7
6:36AM 3 monitor domain logons
1:38AM 1 FAT32 format HDD recognizes as NTFS
Wednesday August 26 2009
9:31PM 1 Auto mount home share in Vista
7:37PM 1 Domain not reachable.
6:03PM 0 ID mapping help
3:06PM 0 samba4wins & BDC
2:05PM 0 Problems with smb-ldap tools
Tuesday August 25 2009
6:08PM 2 migrating DOS attributes
4:12PM 0 Strange SMB Log Entries on Server
1:53PM 0 Samba + ldap issues
1:14PM 3 password policy
10:29AM 0 SAMBA 3.3.7 - (SMBntcreateX) NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
9:28AM 0 Users created by smbpasswd not a member of any ntgroup
8:03AM 0 Samba 3.4.0 - Error 64 from Xp clients
7:34AM 0 Samba 3.4.0 - Multiple groups & Multiple users
Monday August 24 2009
8:00PM 0 Failed to join domainL: failed to connect to AD: NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED
7:36PM 0 Is this possible using winbind
7:29PM 1 Question on sambapwdhistorylength attribute
7:12PM 0 client ldap sasl wrapping stripped out by testparm: AD net join fails
6:29PM 0 Slimming down smbtree?
5:25PM 0 [SOLVED] Compiling on RHEL 5.3 possible? --libtalloc does not exist
5:15PM 2 BDC Promotion and Netbios...
5:01PM 0 ADS mode. Stop machine account auto creating in home folder
2:53PM 0 Winbind problem with GID range and idmap_rid
12:55PM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
9:51AM 3 most common way to implement 'net time' privileges
8:52AM 0 Samba 3.4.0: wbinfo -g does not show BUILTIN groups
12:32AM 0 CIFS slow on gigabit, doesn't support sockopt=TCP_NODELAY ?
Sunday August 23 2009
6:58PM 1 working smbpasswd webinterface for samba 3.4?
Saturday August 22 2009
10:35PM 1 AD auth with lowercase domain name
7:27PM 2 cupsaddsmb not working after upgrade to Lenny (rpcclient -> WERR_INVALID_PARAM)
4:54AM 0 smbd error: Matchname failed on (machine name)
4:28AM 3 Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4 Samba; brand new subscriber
Friday August 21 2009
9:16PM 1 Compiling on RHEL 5.3 possible? --libtalloc does not exist
8:04PM 0 Samba 3.3.2, in win2k only root can join domain
3:28PM 0 winbind error..or else
2:53PM 1 Samba 3.2.4, Win 2008 AD require domain name for auth.
10:51AM 1 Little trouble with samba authentication in domain windows AD
7:09AM 1 Problem starting nmb using Samba 3.4.0
12:35AM 1 Auditing/logging with latest Samba release
Thursday August 20 2009
8:06PM 1 samba 3.4 performance tuning
5:22PM 1 LDAP errors with v3.0.34 using the LDAP schema file with Sun DS 5.2
4:30PM 3 netlogon.bat issues
1:34PM 2 Veto files question
12:24PM 1 central PDC + remote BDCs: LDAP strategy, my lack of comprehension
7:47AM 1 Script to Auto-add Domain Users to Workstation Power Users Group doesn't work
2:41AM 1 Migrating to replacement PDC
2:32AM 0 Can only connect to Samba thru IP, not FQDN
1:56AM 1 samba vbscript login script blocked by windows
Wednesday August 19 2009
8:13PM 0 idmap_rid and manual group mapping
6:53PM 1 Which version do I need for SMB2?
4:48PM 1 Samba and Windows Server 2003 Native Functional Level
2:58PM 1 (no subject)
12:50PM 0 Please help with Samba on Solaris10
12:49PM 0 Send error in SETFSUnixInfo = -5
9:13AM 0 smbldap-populate
2:59AM 1 How to get users from a second AD domain recognized by samba?
Tuesday August 18 2009
6:40PM 0 ID mapping help LDAP/AD
3:36PM 2 Samba authentication
12:46PM 1 Using LDAP authentication
10:06AM 2 Enforcing local profile doesn't let Home Directory mapping
5:48AM 3 'inherit owner' doesn't play nice with 'force directory mode'
Monday August 17 2009
7:40PM 4 Is Samba useful in an all-Linux environment?
7:35PM 1 is it possible to convert linux shadow passwords to smbpasswd format?
7:15PM 1 Question concerning file permissions in Samba 3.3.4
5:53PM 1 Keeping a list of NetBIOS names on a network?
3:34PM 1 reviews of Samba 3.4?
5:37AM 3 Not able to display domain users using wbinfo
1:51AM 0 TOSHAG-NetworkBrowsing.xml translate finished and some typo/question found
1:49AM 2 Renaming a computer on the domain
Sunday August 16 2009
4:52PM 1 Samba 3.4.0 + windows 7
4:44PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Samba PDC + OpenLDAP (Debian Lenny)]
3:54PM 1 hidden share
2:37PM 3 python: listing samba shares
1:08PM 0 AUTO: I am on vacation. (returning 23-08-2009)
11:01AM 1 block streaming from samba server
10:59AM 2 Samba PDC + OpenLDAP (Debian Lenny)
7:35AM 0 Win clients connection drops while copying large files, errors in logs
1:17AM 3 Can't open shares using netbios names
Saturday August 15 2009
11:14PM 1 Peculiar difference between two Samba servers
Friday August 14 2009
10:46PM 0 server vs domain Auth
9:45PM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6635] cannot rename files/dirs
8:22PM 3 Permission Issues
7:51PM 1 "access denied, unable to connect" printing error from Windows
Thursday August 13 2009
9:39PM 0 cannot rename dirs or files with ubuntu 9.04
9:26PM 2 Problem: LDAP as idmap backend
5:12PM 1 can't write to share
4:00PM 1 Windows machines (WINXP, WIN2K) can/will not join domain
2:37PM 1 winbindd & Domain group
8:54AM 1 samba admins on xp
8:25AM 1 Unable to access share from canon printer
7:47AM 0 Cisco Router Simulator for Linux
4:20AM 4 Win98 asks for IPC$ password
Wednesday August 12 2009
9:28PM 0 Vista client mounting ".profile" as home share
7:52PM 1 sambaprimaryGroupSid
4:29PM 0 Issues with CP 850
3:47PM 1 Vista Issues with samba
3:47PM 0 Scaleability
3:16PM 1 RID idmap backend: difficulties looking up a user by its uid
2:18PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.14 Maintenance Release Available
1:45PM 0 Problem: cannot rename files
7:29AM 1 xp problem with samba pdc 2
6:53AM 2 xp problem with samba pdc
5:20AM 1 Samba login errors of Vista PC to Samba DC
4:03AM 0 Samba CP850 related errors.
12:05AM 4 samba with ldap PDC cannot join my windows to domain?
Tuesday August 11 2009
7:18PM 0 Samba-LDAP Password Expiration Email Script?
6:19PM 2 File Locking, Access - Inconsistencies
3:50PM 2 Win98 client can't connect after Samba upgrade
1:25PM 0 samba init script
5:43AM 1 clients that are not a part of the domain cannot authenticate
1:32AM 0 Winbind core dump issue
Monday August 10 2009
6:58PM 1 SambaSID's on PDC/BDC
5:19PM 0 A question about ntlm_auth tool.
5:02PM 0 Using Samba in a Linux-only environment - GDM login
4:41PM 1 This needs to be easier
12:39PM 1 cant browse user home directories
9:54AM 1 Is there a console tool to monitor&control&log&notify the print queue information?
9:30AM 2 can not logon on windows after sometime
7:39AM 0 Samba is starting 2 threads
Sunday August 9 2009
6:36PM 1 Waiting for the domain list to be created
1:43AM 0 Samba issues with UID mappings
Saturday August 8 2009
6:42PM 0 Samba, OSX, and USB vfat
12:34AM 2 Samba 3 PDC > 3.3.4 broken with Win 7 RTM
Friday August 7 2009
11:59PM 0 This is happening too
11:02PM 1 This is happening during config
10:35PM 0 samba 3.4.0 upgrade on Suse 11.1
9:36PM 1 Samba Team Blog.
9:24PM 1 Samba permission problem
9:02PM 0 sharepoint services 3.0 and samba?
8:48PM 4 re reading config
3:28PM 0 Samba HA Issue Fixed, need clarifications.
12:30PM 0 domain_client_validate error with Samba 3.2.13 on Debian Lenny
12:29PM 1 mounting volumes : pammount vs gvfs
8:02AM 3 Samba 3.4 - merged-build
4:02AM 5 I am try to install samba on debian 2.6
2:31AM 0 sys_setgroups in samba-3.3.X fails, cause a panic
Thursday August 6 2009
11:59PM 2 20 second delays when accessing Samba on Fedora 11
8:01PM 1 migrating from freebsd to linux - wbinfo mismatch
6:21PM 0 Problem after upgrade to 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.8
Wednesday August 5 2009
11:42PM 8 Tuning the performance of Samba over LAN network to improve I/O performance
7:28PM 2 problem with samba and ldap
7:04PM 1 moving from nt4 to active directory
6:35PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.7.0 released
3:15PM 1 Delay of group membership modifications
2:06PM 2 "inotify_handler No data on inotify fd?"
10:58AM 1 Additional file info (Properties->Summary)
10:26AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.0.36 Maintenance Release Available
9:44AM 2 Samba
2:59AM 1 Samba on Solaris 10 , cannot read socket option
Tuesday August 4 2009
4:39PM 1 Samba HA issue
3:22PM 0 wins registration
2:07PM 4 folder/users privileges
Monday August 3 2009
5:42PM 0 sub-directory permissions and active directory group membership
3:21PM 1 re Trouble with idmap_ldap in 3.3.6
2:38PM 1 new share with specific setting
11:56AM 1 CTDB+GFS2+CMAN. clean_start="0" or clean_start="1"?
11:55AM 0 Bare Minimum configuration needed for a single-user read-only share?
1:37AM 1 TOSHAG-ChangeNotes.xml translate finished and some typo found
Sunday August 2 2009
6:26PM 1 libsmb error
Saturday August 1 2009
12:33AM 1 Windows share permissions with Samba