samba - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
3:57PM 0 CTDB Node unnecessarily banning other nodes
2:24PM 0 Profiles and samba servers
1:13PM 0 Samba + Ldap Unable to logon
6:01AM 0 Issues with joining to W2k3 domain
5:40AM 0 TYPO Samba 3.4.0 docs-xml/manpages3/ldbrename.1.xml
4:50AM 0 TYPO Samba 3.4.0 docs-xml/smbdotconf/security/accessbasedshareenum.xml
4:30AM 1 Joining samba domain post heartbeat install
Thursday July 30 2009
5:19PM 0 net ads search.
4:19PM 1 anonymous netlogon
3:41PM 0 Can't compile 3.4.0 Binary on solarisx86
9:06AM 0 OpenLDAP compatible AD schema
8:45AM 0 I got some problem with samba 4 installation
5:16AM 1 Password complexity checks
1:17AM 1 krb5 + winbind + ads (back to ads)
1:09AM 2 Minor error in Samba Wiki
Wednesday July 29 2009
8:38PM 1 Mount errors,....try try again
5:23PM 1 winbind + rpc windows
11:55AM 3 Version of OpenLDAP to use with Samba
11:16AM 1 Batch computer account creation
10:33AM 3 winbind and getent
9:33AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.7 Available for Download
6:23AM 3 Streaming large videos causes server's networking to crash
Tuesday July 28 2009
8:43PM 3 Reverse Veto Files - let's try again!
8:09PM 6 How to use local profiles in samba PDC?
7:13AM 0 Information about password complexity for users
5:56AM 0 Samba and Active Directory
5:03AM 1 samba 3.4.0: point'n'print does not work
Monday July 27 2009
10:20PM 1 Firewall rules to block other's computers browse list
8:51PM 2 wbinfo returns no domain users
8:01PM 1 3.2.11 not compiling on solaris 9 ( error)
1:19PM 2 Share access problem from 3.4.0
1:04PM 1 Samba-3.0.34 can ADS join but not non-ADS join.
11:32AM 1 I/O error when trying to write
8:40AM 0 Samba-PDC with winbind on Samba-domain-member
8:00AM 2 Samba using Server 2k3 DC for auth and ACL permissions
1:40AM 1 Samba and ESX 3.2 update 4
Sunday July 26 2009
11:59PM 2 TYPO net.8.xml
7:41PM 0 server response does not appear to correspond to request
7:08PM 0 Samba 3.3.2 and roaming profiles
5:53AM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.7.0.RC1 released
Saturday July 25 2009
8:07PM 0 wbinfo check secret fails
5:24AM 0 Samba can't find child pid - remove_child_pid
Friday July 24 2009
9:15PM 1 Samba Member server cannot access other Member servers
8:03PM 2 tdbsam.
7:23PM 0 Question regarding dynamic DNS updates
5:37PM 2 couldn't find service netlogo
8:31AM 1 Resend: Internal and Panic Errors after raid rebuild
8:15AM 0 Internal and Panic Errors after raid rebuild
Thursday July 23 2009
7:49PM 2 SAMBA 3.0.3x and Sun Java One Directory Server 5.2 LDAP authentication
2:52PM 0 provision broken on linux
12:12PM 1 Winbind issue connecting to trusted domain controllers
8:14AM 1 what has to be in the message
8:00AM 0 vfs:recycle behavior
6:33AM 1 TOSHAG-WindowsClientConfig.xml translate finished and some bug and typo(?) found
1:08AM 0 Fwd: Need Help on start samba
Wednesday July 22 2009
10:39PM 11 Request for feedback
9:32PM 2 Question on Samba and Sun Directory Server 5.2
7:57PM 0 Multiple versions of group profile?
7:47PM 2 samba server version removal
7:10PM 0 Samba4
4:12PM 0 Cross-subnet browsing problem
2:49PM 3 Need Help on start samba
1:02PM 0 Samba 3.3.x - "The system cannot log you in due to the following error: Procedure number is out of range"
11:14AM 1 Cannot generare SSPI context
11:08AM 1 authentication issue: not reading user
Tuesday July 21 2009
11:57PM 5 File Size Limit - Why/How?
2:50PM 0 Samba 3.2.11 and Windows Vista
Monday July 20 2009
10:59PM 2 Crazied NTLM_AUTH on samba 3.4.0
8:43PM 2 Only administrator works in ldapsam:editposix domain
6:50PM 0 Winbind keeps failing after a week
6:32PM 0 Differences in Samba and CIFS in terms of keeping the deleted files open?
5:49PM 2 Samba is deleting samba-passwords out of ldap-tree
4:44PM 2 Difference in Samba and CIFS interms of keeping the deleted files opened
Sunday July 19 2009
3:54PM 2 How to migrate samba to new box
Saturday July 18 2009
6:34PM 1 Change the OS Level of Windows
3:19PM 1 How to test roaming profiles
5:45AM 0 smbclient access to VSS on windows servers, possible?
Friday July 17 2009
9:04PM 1 Using NetWkstaGetInfo / NetWkstaUserEnum with samba server
8:02PM 1 Samba Permissions
4:12PM 0 drop-box permission issues with Mac OSX
12:29PM 1 Backup Server
10:40AM 2 Strange samba problem with Win XP
4:54AM 0 Help with configuration of winbind and idmap backend = ad
4:13AM 6 Deploying apps via policy
12:10AM 2 Permission problem with mac os x client
Thursday July 16 2009
9:21PM 2 net join problems
9:06PM 1 Slow perfomance comparing Win NT 4.0 server
7:11PM 4 Ubuntu Jaunty samba 3.3.2 print$ no write rights even though I do; -)
4:01PM 1 samba ldap problem
3:56PM 0 Password policy not being used
12:25PM 1 0x000006d1 while connecting with Windows Server 2008 to Samba server
4:35AM 0 TYPO manpages: ldbadd, ldbdel, ldbedit, ldbmodify, ldbrename, lbdsearch
1:18AM 2 Can I embed shares?
Wednesday July 15 2009
9:43PM 0 Configuring Samba to use MIT Kerberos
7:55PM 1 require a getent passwd for winbind to work first time
4:47PM 1 Samba + ADS - Filepermissions home directories
10:11AM 0 idmap problem
9:51AM 1 Security Policy.
7:00AM 1 can not read file permissions via samba over gpfs
6:49AM 0 Samba 3.2.8 and the sticky Bit
1:18AM 1 still have old version
Tuesday July 14 2009
11:58PM 2 two rules for [homes]?
10:05PM 1 Samba users can still login after password change
3:40PM 2 New samba server
2:41PM 0 map untrusted to domain parameter in 3.4.0
10:29AM 0 Winbind, nscd, solaris 10, nscd.conf, group, passwd
8:41AM 0 Samba 3.3.2: idmap uid or idmap gid missing -- winbindd/idmap_tdb
4:54AM 1 shared drives are getting disconnected after some time
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
Monday July 13 2009
11:14PM 1 Sharing same directory with Samba and NFS
8:36PM 0 Intertrust Domain Account over Samba Servers?
7:58PM 7 Samba on RHEL issue
6:17PM 0 Suggestion for 2 domains samba+ldap and Windows AD
4:38PM 1 nsswitch issue
4:34PM 0 Samba4. Provision script fails.
3:09PM 1 writable shares between solaris and windows
Sunday July 12 2009
1:46PM 2 Howto get the detail log of client access in samba?
Saturday July 11 2009
7:19AM 1 Samba freezes server when writing 50MB MS Word document (sometimes)
5:03AM 1 help with winbind and groups
4:34AM 2 Trouble with idmap_ldap in 3.3.6
Friday July 10 2009
9:26PM 3 net command in sernet -samba 3.4 for RHEL
8:27PM 1 Windows 7 RC
8:30AM 4 Samba(3.2.12 and 3.4.0) - Winbind - trusted domains - Problem!
7:09AM 0 Broken Pipes openSuSE 10.3 samba-3.3.4
5:18AM 1 Simple group question...‏
Thursday July 9 2009
9:37PM 1 Simple group question...
9:36PM 0 Classic confusion over new IDMAP params
7:42PM 1 Problem building 3.4.0 from source
5:14PM 6 Active Directory Integration Problems
4:45PM 0 Quick question on joining a Win2k3 domain
4:35PM 0 winbindd and group cache
4:29PM 0 Re: (FIXED) editposix: winbind -u: Error looking up domain users
1:52PM 0 VFS recycle & force user (fwd)
11:55AM 0 Q: Import Samba users into AD?
9:33AM 0 samba member of domain, user authenticated from AD
7:20AM 1 TOSHARG-StandAloneServer.xml translate finish and some 1 typo found
7:07AM 3 Samba 3.4 on Centos 5.3
6:52AM 0 Samba slow over WAN.
2:58AM 1 Failed to send packet on .255
Wednesday July 8 2009
11:04PM 1 scary fill_share_mode_lock failed message
8:37PM 0 nmbd issue
7:38PM 1 net user add . is there any way to specify destination ou ?
7:11PM 1 Inherit groups
6:47PM 4 editposix: winbind -u: Error looking up domain users
5:44PM 1 windows 98 compatibility
5:36PM 0 [maybe semi OT] samba deny execution of files on novell shares to novell clients
3:52PM 1 Authentication requests being handled by PDC not local BDC
3:04PM 1 Winbind Password Problem
1:14PM 2 Problem accessing a share on a W2008 server via smbclient
12:20PM 1 No Error When Trying To Delete Protected Files With Windows Explorer
12:04PM 1 error packet at smbd/blocking.c(318) cmd=36 (SMBlockingX) NT_STATUS_FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT
8:00AM 1 bash change from "root@myserver" to "Administrator@myserver"
5:28AM 1 Samba 3.4.0 in Debian unstable
Tuesday July 7 2009
10:20PM 2 Samba configuration error
8:41PM 0 Problems with shares after upgrading to 3.4.0
6:17PM 0 Curious Transport Endpoint message
5:17PM 2 Best way to setup Samba + OpenLDAP + Linux to use a different partition for /home?
1:47PM 3 VFS recycle & force user
12:20PM 1 request for documentation improvement
9:10AM 1 Failing to join an ADS domain
1:55AM 1 Samba Windows resolve issue
1:40AM 1 smbclient failing: Server requested plaintext password...
1:21AM 4 recognizing netbios name
Monday July 6 2009
10:33PM 1 permissions problems
9:19PM 1 can't access samba PDC after power cut
8:35PM 0 winbind pam error
5:30PM 0 Samba and file access latency
9:52AM 0 issue while cross compile samba for mips.
7:18AM 1 TOSHARG-DomainMember.xml translate finish and some bug found
Sunday July 5 2009
9:03PM 2 max. length of a username
6:22AM 4 login.bat has error?
Saturday July 4 2009
11:06AM 4 winbind 3.3.6 + windows 2008 ad
Friday July 3 2009
10:56PM 2 roaming profiles
9:11PM 0 confused about directory permissions for profdata
5:40PM 0 a website shared in samba
4:43PM 0 can't work net command.
2:29PM 2 [Announce] Samba 3.4.0 Available for Download
12:01PM 0 WMI In Samba
Thursday July 2 2009
9:13PM 0 Samba BDC + LDAP failing to authenticate users
7:29PM 4 Slow connection and browsing
6:13PM 2 Ubuntu Jaunty samba 3.3.2 print$ no write rights even though I do;-)
3:11PM 0 Kerberos issue after upgrade
1:57PM 0 share folder accessible for domain group
11:31AM 4 Word and Excel files are read-only when opening
10:40AM 0 Can't connect to Samba-Server with WIndowsXP
3:20AM 1 Re: Showstopper for 3.4.0 ?
Wednesday July 1 2009
11:21PM 0 samba on solaris losing trust to domain
11:21PM 0 ACL special permission
11:21PM 0 samba problem
8:00PM 0 samba auditing with samba 3.3.x
6:46PM 0 Problem with provision of samba4 as domain controller
3:43PM 4 can't get Samba users from Windows
2:39PM 2 group access to a share
10:52AM 0 Unix Extensions + ext3 quotas + df
10:07AM 0 Deskzilla site license for
10:03AM 2 net ads join -> strong(er) authentication required
9:13AM 0 Troubles with dfs-linked root shares
7:06AM 0 TYPO smbstatus manpage
1:43AM 0 Problems resolving most users with winbind and AD/SFU (Resolved?)