samba - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
9:09PM 0 user cannot logon to domain although log says "auth succeeded"
5:26PM 0 DOUBT about Samba
3:51PM 2 MDB database corruption
10:13AM 2 samba file locking problem
8:49AM 0 ShadowLastChange does not update
6:44AM 0 Question on Samba server with WINS service
12:04AM 2 Rename Computer In Samba Domain: Access Is Denied
Tuesday September 29 2009
8:23PM 1 Too much init_sam_from_ldap...
8:01PM 1 Cannot access/write to shares
2:54PM 1 Samba and NFS locking on Netapp filers ?
2:23PM 0 Cannot access/write to shares, samba appears not to convert group names to SIDs
1:38PM 1 not permitted to access this share
1:14PM 2 ACL
12:29PM 5 Windows 7 Support
7:30AM 2 Mapping usernames
Monday September 28 2009
10:37PM 1 samba authentication via pam_pwdfile
10:29PM 1 Samba query for aix 6.1 OS
7:05PM 0 Winbind and home directories....
3:29PM 1 Unix Kerberos authentication - how?
12:02PM 0 Can't run an application as normaler USer in Samba-Domain
Sunday September 27 2009
5:02PM 1 samba ACL open-for-delete problem
Saturday September 26 2009
2:12PM 0 Samba Shares - Permission denied
Friday September 25 2009
8:30PM 2 Print queue show jobs when queried from windows, nothing in cups
5:15PM 1 New Samba Team Blog post up !
12:14PM 2 samba file locking
8:54AM 2 invalid computer name when accessing a Samba server from a Samba client
8:22AM 0 Newbie: Samba Domain Controller
6:19AM 0 viewing acls
12:09AM 0 Add BDC a PDC
Thursday September 24 2009
11:50PM 0 smb service response times + OpenVPN
7:46PM 1 Samba File Issue
3:20PM 2 Problem using local groups when winbind is running
2:50PM 2 Adding a AD Group to a Unix user account
12:26AM 0 TOSHAG-TheNetCommand.xml translate finished and some TYPO found
12:20AM 0 TOSHAG-IDMAP.xml translate finished and some TYPO found
Wednesday September 23 2009
6:04PM 2 winbind and smb tries to auth as pdc$ rather than local name when using ADS
5:32PM 1 Broken samba
7:10AM 0 User's UID to add a windows workstation to a domain ?
7:06AM 1 Slow login to Samba PDC from windows XP
12:59AM 1 After migrating users to ldap, passwords still stored in passdb.tdb
12:51AM 0 progress! (just good problems this post)!
Tuesday September 22 2009
10:20PM 3 Can't Join Domain "The User name cannot be found"
6:33PM 2 75 second (5 x 15) between login request and response
4:08PM 0 samba 3.2.8
2:54PM 0 unable to find suitable server
2:36PM 0 Problems compiling ADS support on Solaris 9
1:18PM 0 list all domain controllers in AD
10:35AM 1 Atribute 'userPAssword' not allowed
6:19AM 1 using svn on a samba share
Monday September 21 2009
8:11PM 3 upgrading samba
7:35PM 1 samba slave with winbind fails to communicate with the PDC
6:08PM 2 Samba as member in AD-domain: which windows to prefer?
3:14PM 1 Help! Driver issue?
6:39AM 0 samba
6:19AM 0 Domain Logon fails in interdomain trusted domain
6:07AM 1 No Admin-Rights in SMB-PDC-Domain
1:45AM 1 Using AD machine account for ldap queries
1:13AM 0 Adding printer from Win Vista error (0x000006f7)
Sunday September 20 2009
12:18AM 1 Simple client config
Saturday September 19 2009
10:14AM 1 cifs.upcall not respecting krb5ccname env var?
Friday September 18 2009
8:29PM 1 Failing to add XP SP3 client to Samba domain
5:42PM 0 User shares shown when browsing server
4:30PM 1 smbd processes loaded onto one core
4:27PM 0 [PATCH] s3:smbstatus: Fix bug 6703, allow smbstatus as non-root
4:15PM 1 Panic or segfault in Samba
2:27PM 1 Cannot rename/delete files from Windows client anymore
1:26PM 1 Problem to map uidNumber and getting authentication to work
5:41AM 0 User authentication from multiple domains
3:46AM 1 Verification on HOW adding a machines works
2:29AM 4 Autofs and Fedora 11
Thursday September 17 2009
6:01PM 1 winbind idmap question
5:57PM 0 enumerate only the joined domain
3:50PM 0 Samba 3.3.7 Member server not using Ldap
1:43PM 0 Samba 3.4.1 BDC fails
12:58PM 1 Question about command line tools.
11:59AM 1 A device with two interfaces
9:48AM 1 netlogon sccript
7:05AM 0 samba password check (Bartlett, Vernooij)
6:28AM 1 smb.conf(5) format meaning question
5:00AM 2 Share authentication via AD
Wednesday September 16 2009
11:13PM 1 locking down ssh when using winbind
7:24PM 2 Help needed: valid users
4:05PM 0 Printing queues not clearing after server crash
3:18PM 1 ACL misbehavior moving from POSIX ACL -> acl_xattr
2:10PM 1 Can I use net ads join without DNS
12:46PM 1 Problem with net rpc .
11:37AM 2 Mystery Samba (3.4.1) and Win7
Tuesday September 15 2009
9:15PM 1 Can winning authenticate users from two AD groups?
6:51PM 0 FreeBSD 6.2 fresh install samba 3.3.7 problems
6:42PM 2 Domain SID vs. Local SID on Domain Controller & SID requirements
6:31PM 1 FYI, Samba presentation at Ohio LinuxFest 2009
5:24PM 0 samba wins question
2:34PM 1 Domain Trusts
9:30AM 1 Password policy doesn't work (pdbedit)
3:06AM 1 How to get Default builtins added?
1:48AM 1 doc & examples bug regarding 'xattr' special switch need
12:40AM 1 Samba server masquerading as another...
Monday September 14 2009
8:30PM 1 Samba PDC + OpenLDAP, Jaunty: Can't join domain
7:58PM 0 Share home with samba 4
5:57PM 1 How to create a new share
5:17PM 1 Help With Permissions
1:10PM 0 smbcontrol winbindd online and kinit
12:10AM 1 TOSHAG-GroupMapping.xml translate finished and 1 TYPO found
Sunday September 13 2009
5:14PM 0 snow leopard no conect to samba
Saturday September 12 2009
4:59PM 1 Still problems with samba 3.4.1 / ldap and search for users ans machines
4:40PM 0 Samba Upgrade: 3.2.14 -> 3.4.1
11:19AM 0 Migration failed. Why ?
Friday September 11 2009
9:35PM 0 station can t join domain due to wins cache
7:30PM 0 BDC and PDC communication...
6:00PM 1 authenticating IIS 6.0 against samba?
4:36PM 1 smbclient -M
4:24PM 1 ERROR: Unable to fetch machine password for DLEL70$@ in domain
12:59PM 0 Smbd process keep file locked
11:26AM 0 net rpc share migrate files
10:46AM 1 pam_winbind seems unable to return full list of trusted relationship domain members
9:45AM 1 Lightweight NetBIOS host enumeration in Python
9:28AM 1 New Files do not belong to the User who created them...
Thursday September 10 2009
10:16PM 0 Share homes folders with samba4
10:13PM 3 Domain Member Server connecting to Samba PDC
7:07PM 3 Samba Panic when attempting to connect using OS X cli ent (3.3.7)
12:13PM 2 Windows 2008 terminal services with a samba PDC
9:51AM 5 compiling samba-3.4.x on RHEL4
7:57AM 1 Security context stack overflow on Debian5+LDAP
2:23AM 0 TOSHAG-Passdb.xml translate finished and some typo found
1:01AM 0 Rejoin BDC to domain?
12:17AM 1 samba w/o openvpn: OK - else strange issues
Wednesday September 9 2009
4:30PM 1 Compiling 3.4.0 on SPARC Solaris 9
2:45PM 0 Samba update 3.0.14a to 3.2.5 -> machine needs unix account!?!
2:29PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.4.1 Available for Download
12:03AM 0 ldap ssl = Off dont work
Tuesday September 8 2009
11:53PM 0 AD with SAMBA 4
9:50PM 1 kerberos database principal problem
5:25PM 0 Help with Samba more Openldap
3:54PM 3 unable to join w2k3 SP1 to samba 3 domain.
3:26PM 1 Restart Winbind
11:53AM 5 Problems with samba and domain controller
11:53AM 1 Can't find users from WinXP with Samba+ADS+ACL environment
Monday September 7 2009
9:41PM 2 Problems with Samba 3.4 under Opensolaris snv_111b
12:08PM 1 Regarding smb4k
10:25AM 1 Problem with Samba 3.4 Franky: Internal Error starting Samba3
10:20AM 3 Port 7
10:03AM 0 Accessing shares with machine account credential...
7:37AM 0 New Windows workstation cannot join Domain (samba-ldap)
2:44AM 2 HELP: Samba server crashing on me
Sunday September 6 2009
11:01PM 2 smbd uses 10 to 15% CPU w/Vista client
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
10:29PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 1 "net sam provision" and samba 3.4.0
Saturday September 5 2009
11:34AM 2 Authentication from Vista?
8:22AM 0 Samba quota
6:24AM 1 net rpc rights grant: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
5:06AM 2 Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4 Samba
4:39AM 2 Share Permission Issue
12:05AM 1 Windows Users cannot change password on PDC Samba Server
Friday September 4 2009
9:49PM 1 Logging application
9:05PM 0 Printing from Vista/W2K8 with 3.4 Print Server
9:03PM 1 samba - preauthentication error
7:41PM 0 Samba Panic when attempting to connect using OS X client (3.3.7)
5:22PM 1 random samba failures
4:27PM 3 2.6.31-rc8: CIFS with 5 seconds hiccups
3:31PM 2 smbclient gives strange results
3:15PM 1 samba / ldap
3:03PM 1 URGENT: printer problem under 3.3.7
Thursday September 3 2009
7:10PM 1 CTDB: Clustered NFS, reboot, requires me to exportfs -r(a)
6:51PM 0 SMBClient will not connect to Server2003
3:10PM 1 How do I tell winbind to always send kerberos pre-auth to Active Directory DC
11:59AM 0 mount error 13 = Permission denied -> what is the correct samba configuration for guest access from windows client
11:52AM 0 AD integration and machine account access to shares
10:40AM 1 Samba and chroot
10:30AM 1 Samba-PDC: One fresh installed XP-Machine can't load the Profiles
3:26AM 2 Question regarding access to shares from LOCAL administrator account
Wednesday September 2 2009
10:57PM 1 how to retain windows file time stamp with samba on linux
9:52PM 6 Password-less share, for certain users.
7:58PM 1 User permissions on other users home directory
4:30PM 0 Upgrade from 3.0.31 to 3.3.7 now has incredibly large printer tdb files
4:30PM 2 Cached password updates with Winbind
2:20PM 1 Problem to join Win20900 ADS realm
12:12PM 1 preexec BATCH FILE
12:10PM 2 samba+cups printing. drivers on clients.
11:33AM 1 Vista + samba 3.4 member server problem
10:33AM 1 Samba 3.4 is unable to list users with getent and id (idmap_ad backend)
9:17AM 3 several domain
8:46AM 3 Simple CIFS Linux permission
7:28AM 4 Windows 7 RC
1:17AM 0 Disk Shares ID'ed as Printers
Tuesday September 1 2009
6:30PM 0 Samba process issues
3:20PM 1 avoiding local users
2:48PM 1 Samba authentication against Linux-based Kerberos
2:23PM 1 Password policy under Samba 4?
1:50PM 1 Cannot connect from Windows 2000 to Samba 3.4.0 on Li nux ....
11:46AM 1 Cannot connect from Windows 2000 to Samba 3.4.0 on Linux ....
11:40AM 2 Ignoring unknown parameter "idmap domains"
10:20AM 1 Samba 3.3.7 -> smbd panic in printing.