samba - May 2008

Saturday May 31 2008
7:07PM 1 Strange PDC issue
5:17PM 1 Samba docs
Friday May 30 2008
10:20PM 0 Problem with mandatory profile
6:18PM 0 any idea what these messages mean?
6:01PM 1 patch-3.0.29 to 3.0.30 broken
5:54PM 3 NetBIOS Hostname
5:15PM 1 problems w/samba-3.0.30 and NT4 PDC
3:24PM 0 Version 3.2.0pre3-9.fc9 smbclient problem
11:46AM 0 ldap groups?
8:55AM 1 Migration from Ldap to Samba+Ldap
12:59AM 2 Mapping of Unix groups to Samba user permissions
Thursday May 29 2008
8:31PM 1
7:19PM 1 Test Failure for RW1 with samba-3.0.30, Solaris 9
5:49PM 2 strange situation
4:20PM 1 Populating the samba/ldap database
3:22PM 1 Winbind: SID2UID looks in own domain only ?
2:02PM 0 Overlaying acls onto a share.
12:59PM 1 Trustdom setup and trusted group management
12:33PM 6 [Fwd: From Johnson]
9:21AM 1 tdb samba and NTFS ACL Support
8:35AM 3 cannot add new machines to domain
8:24AM 2 FW: Roaming Profiles Load Very Slowly
8:13AM 0 trust issues with 3.0.30
Wednesday May 28 2008
9:22PM 1 Browsing with 2 PDCs on same subnet
6:14PM 1 Group membership confusion, UNIX, nested, and AD
5:54PM 0 idmap help
5:39PM 2 home lan
5:34PM 2 Open file error....samba 3.0.28a
5:14PM 1 Nessus test issues with open shares
3:34PM 0 samba 3.2 mount cifs and kerberos
2:56PM 4 CVE-2008-1105 - Boundary failure when parsing SMB responses
1:32PM 3 shut off roaming profiles
8:40AM 1 WinXP not creating profile
Tuesday May 27 2008
11:56PM 2 printer drivers - Add Printer Wizard disabled
7:40PM 1 home driectory mapping --drive letter Z:
7:30PM 3 Transferring Local User Profiles When Joining Domain
7:28PM 4 Setting up PDC w/ LDAP
5:48PM 0 netlogon script from a trusted domain controller is not executed
5:03PM 0 Incorrect/incomplete group information when authenticating against AD
2:44PM 1 Samba conncet ldap via socket
2:39PM 1 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
2:25PM 0 wbinfo and net use
1:25PM 1 samba, ads, winbind and active directory
12:41PM 2 Procedure to rebuild a Samba PDC?
12:38PM 1 How to restrict winbindd to access trusted domains objects.
11:58AM 3 mount shares with path
10:21AM 1 Problem installing Printer-Drivers (solved)
9:26AM 8 Roaming Profiles Load Very Slowly
9:03AM 0 AUTO: Gabby Romano is on vacation. (returning 01/06/2008)
6:00AM 0 Domain with samba 3.0.2X can view AD Domain?
5:37AM 2 Can Samba send DNS updates?
2:08AM 1 how to get Windows to notice unix-based delete command (inotify)
1:34AM 0 Mount.cifs option "directio" versus smb option "Oplocks = No"
Monday May 26 2008
1:15PM 0 where samba stored passwords in tdbsam backend?
2:45AM 0 ( Paid ) Expert Required in Sydney for Vampire process
Friday May 23 2008
9:12PM 0 installing Samba3 on FreeBSD 6.2
7:06PM 1 smb.conf setting for file permissions?
3:28PM 4 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0rc1
2:03PM 4 Seamless update from Samba 2 to Samba 3 on a new server
1:30PM 0 Re: pdbedit prob
10:32AM 1 compile 3.0.28a probs.
4:39AM 2 Migration From 3.0.22 to 3.0.28a on New Hardware
1:19AM 3 Somewhat bizzare share issue
Thursday May 22 2008
5:58PM 0 Phantom permissions -- where should I look ?
4:32PM 4 winbind,ads, win2k3, trusted domains, user mapping
3:57PM 0 unable to compile samba-3.0.28a on Fedora 9 i386
3:18PM 1 samba authentication awfully slow
2:22PM 0 Compile warnings on Solaris 9 / Sun Studio 12
1:58PM 0 Got cupsaddsmb working but the client PC download of the printer drivers fails for 3 out 4 PCs tested so far!
10:42AM 1 Directory permission windows issue
10:22AM 1 Users from Samba3 to Samba4
9:50AM 2 Strange samba error
8:36AM 3 dos application
2:18AM 1 Samba 3.0.29 Available for Download
Wednesday May 21 2008
9:39PM 3 howto sync unix passwd & samba passwd?
6:55PM 4 Looking for a set of definitive answers (long)
6:22PM 0 user can not print to cups printer
6:06PM 5 swat password
5:16PM 1 could not parse domain user errors
3:46PM 0 ADS, NTLM, KRB and other crazy acronyms
3:31PM 1 Samba4 wouldn't create smbpython
2:06PM 1 [Slightly OT] Mac and Samba
4:04AM 1 squid + samba error
Tuesday May 20 2008
10:29PM 0 Samba 3 PDC - client unable to join domain
6:32PM 1 [samba 3.0.25c] disappearing printers problem
3:26PM 0 necessary to join pdc to domain?
2:03PM 1 Compatibility question
1:31PM 0 Is this even possible
10:54AM 2 permissions
8:44AM 0 smbd -i hangs when generating certificates, no dns resolving
7:41AM 1 The specified network name is no longer available 3.0.25 RHEL4
Monday May 19 2008
10:45PM 3 LDAP Samba Schema
10:13PM 1 samba server maxing out cpu, load up to 10
9:40PM 1 XP is very slow to access Samba
7:53PM 0 Total system freeze during cifs share umount
7:49PM 1 Help with Remote Desktop Users group with Samba PDC
7:30PM 4 adding users to group with net rpc
6:43PM 0 Shares permissions
4:13PM 0 Samba Printer shares - add printer port winxp
3:37PM 4 net rpc commands not working
3:25PM 0 Printing problem
3:00PM 0 Samba 3.0.23b and 3.0.25c difference with NTLMv2
7:01AM 0 more Samba Domains
12:08AM 11 Rosetta Stone again
Sunday May 18 2008
6:13PM 0 pam_winbind module and "account" use
10:09AM 0 SAM LOGON & SAM Response - user unknown
9:03AM 3 Write Once Read Many share with samba
Saturday May 17 2008
5:36PM 7 SAMBA PDC with LDAP backend syncing unix/samba accounts ...
5:03PM 1 nmbd using 80-90% cpu for name reg from phantom
11:05AM 1 smb_ldap_setup_connection failed with blank user Password
8:53AM 0 libsmbclient: how to see if authentication succeeded
1:00AM 0 Listing shadow copy directories from Linux CIFS client?
Friday May 16 2008
11:16PM 1 ads + "password server" not set = what behavior?
6:15PM 0 Access Denied, Roaming Profile -- no apparent reason...
6:04PM 0 OT? Disabling roaming profiles
3:46PM 0 Problem with Credentials File in Samba 3.2
3:29PM 2 Existing files don't show up in share, new files do
2:53PM 1 NetBios name resolution from WINDOWS
2:46PM 2 add machine script option
12:11AM 6 NetBIOS name resolution from Linux
Thursday May 15 2008
10:41PM 2 Unable to join Samba
9:50PM 2 Per share IP restrictions
5:10PM 2 Password Policy for Samba Ldap PDC
5:10PM 0 Server 2003 Domain Controller Search w/ Workgroup Setup
1:03PM 1 Re-2: monitoring file access levels?
1:01PM 0 Samba with ldap of AD
7:33AM 1 samba & ldap
Wednesday May 14 2008
11:58PM 1 HowTo clear a share using smbclient ?
10:58PM 0 Administrator Maps winbind GID to 100 (sys)
10:37PM 2 monitoring file access levels?
10:34PM 3 [Fwd: File Locking and Permissions Issue]
9:02PM 1 windbind locks out domain account
7:25PM 3 netlogon folder permissions
6:45PM 0 Samba Upgrade to 3.0.25b leads to core dumps with winbind and ldap idmap
5:11PM 0 AD LDAP for auth, NIS for uid?
2:14PM 0 Samba Mashup Report (#2) for Wednesday, May 14, 2008
1:53AM 1 ntlm_auth authentication to two different domains
Tuesday May 13 2008
8:11PM 0 Problem with UID
3:39PM 3 creating a master share
3:10PM 2 Samba as nonroot
5:37AM 1 Does samba modify print queues?
12:15AM 1 [SAMBA4] command net
Monday May 12 2008
10:35PM 0 BDC problem joining domain
8:17PM 1 PDC replacement
7:25PM 2 User SID problem with home directory
5:45PM 1 solaris 8 native ldap support
2:47PM 1 What does this warning mean and how do I fix it
2:23PM 0 Using AD groups for samba access
10:31AM 2 Group quotas on shares
10:13AM 1 smbmount deprecated - what about Windows 9x?
7:10AM 1 Samba 3.0.28 failing to authenticate on Win2003 Server Active Directory
3:25AM 1 guide for setting ACL's ?
Sunday May 11 2008
11:02PM 0 winbind, mod_auth_pam, and plaintext passwords
Saturday May 10 2008
2:40PM 1 [samba 3.0.28a,1] Unable to connect to CUPS
1:39PM 1 [samba 3.0.28a,1) PANIC: tdb_reopen_all failed
Friday May 9 2008
10:55PM 1 samba shares and active directory
5:30PM 1 BSOD when writing from W2003 clients after SP2 has been installed
2:58PM 0 question about kdc=
1:20PM 1 File Lock Issue
10:49AM 1 Unable to browse share from WinXP
9:37AM 0 wbinfo and samba domain controller
2:11AM 2 Vista and "System error 53 has occurred"
Thursday May 8 2008
9:24PM 1 Samba not working the same on all servers
3:59PM 0 enumeration of usernames from getent dissapearing
11:53AM 0 help for smb_request problem
8:25AM 1 Problem reading file on SAMBA (read raw)
8:15AM 0 Problem with kerberos + winbind + samba + ADS
7:48AM 1 Problem with file as read-only
2:05AM 0 Re: Samba-LDAP interdomain trust
Wednesday May 7 2008
9:01PM 4 name resolves to public address - should resolve to private...
8:50PM 1 domain trusts in samba3 with openLDAP
7:34PM 1 two questions
5:52PM 0 got stuck in setting up samba to linux box through putty tunneling
5:39PM 2 Samba and Win98
12:58PM 1 Problems with simple samba setup
12:54PM 0 - Email found in subject - RE: Files over 4GB not listing properly. Cannot getCIFSworking.
Tuesday May 6 2008
9:24PM 0 Restrict AD Users
5:28PM 1 "DNS update failed" during ads join
3:52PM 1 Can't get 3.0.23d from SuSE RPM to be a member in an NT4 domain
3:08PM 3 Files over 4GB not listing properly. Cannot get CIFSworking.
3:06PM 0 PDC migration: printing trouble. Summary.
7:42AM 1 Users SID problem
12:51AM 1 mounting Windows NTFS drives on CENTOS 5.1
Monday May 5 2008
9:04PM 3 "Must Change Password at Next Login" does not work
4:54PM 3 machine being dropped from ads
4:29PM 2 Can I mount an NFS volume and re-export via SAMBA?
3:52PM 1 machine profiles?
3:50PM 0 Files over 4GB not listing properly. Cannot get CIFS working.
2:07PM 1 Samba on Virtual Machines
1:10PM 0 Weird behaviour concerning send-speed (Debian Etch, Samba from official deb)
12:16PM 2 Add permission? (was How to create a write-only share?)
11:30AM 1 Samba 3.0.28a and win 98 no access on shares, no domain login
8:51AM 0 open file not shown in smbstatus but in lsof
Saturday May 3 2008
12:00AM 1 Samba PDC - XP Client refuses to join!
Friday May 2 2008
5:28PM 1 Configuring duplex printing as default: how?
Thursday May 1 2008
8:10PM 0 users home folders, with windbind AD auth.
7:38PM 5 Unable to change Windows password on Samba BDC
4:57PM 1 Samba Volunteer job postings at