samba - Jun 2008

Monday June 30 2008
11:28PM 2 Smbd internal error and panic with nfs-mounted share
7:21PM 2 FreeBSD, Samba 3.0.28a joined to AD domain but prompts for login
6:32PM 1 Did Microsoft release any useful information . . . ?
2:26PM 0 [3.0.28] SUNWsmba{u,r,c} AD keytab not being written.
10:51AM 0 Failed to join domain: failed to set machine spn: Operations error Win 2k8 samba 3.2.0rc2
10:41AM 1 Fw: File Change notification in Samba
9:40AM 0 Solaris Version 3.0.23b doesn't read new information from /etc/passwd and /etc/group
9:38AM 0 Simple linux samba server setup for authenticating users on MacOSX LDAP
6:37AM 2 File Change notification in Samba
3:18AM 0 User can't access Domain Memeber Server
Sunday June 29 2008
4:11PM 2 Weird problems with OpenOffice
3:07PM 3 Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile
Saturday June 28 2008
4:01PM 1 Remote Shares
2:22PM 0 Domain Member Server Problem
1:56PM 1 Newbie - sharing b/w OSX, Windows & Linux
1:29PM 0 Samba and anti-virus (again)
4:11AM 2 Samba "Preferred Platform"
4:08AM 1 Getting info from Windows AD 2003 domain
Friday June 27 2008
8:31PM 0 Samba and anti-virus
7:05PM 1 Replacing Samba with a new one
6:51PM 2 Samba PDC: Vmware Problem
4:12PM 0 Windows 2008 + FreeBSD 7.0 & Samba
1:26PM 0 parsing smb.conf in a script (adding, removing, changing values)?
12:29PM 1 Test
12:26PM 1 Best Resource for Windows ACL Mapping
12:04PM 2 Help needed. Samba 3.2.0rc2 - IDMAP - Windows 2008 Server - ADS Integration - Winbind
10:40AM 7 [3.0.28a] Telling XP to save password?
Thursday June 26 2008
10:36PM 0 Samba + LDAP server and many domains and workgroups clients
3:06PM 0 builtin group, domain group, or local group
1:07PM 1 idmap_ad - GID
10:32AM 1 New domain, Samba PDC, tdbsam, where are the groups?
10:07AM 1 samba with pam: ad accounts ok, local ones not
8:47AM 3 Offline files with Windows - again
Wednesday June 25 2008
8:57PM 1 Still no joy using "print command" with 3.0.30
8:52PM 0 Error messages while managing groups in User Manager
8:52PM 3 Samba Domain Crontroller migration
7:31PM 0 [Fwd: AOL Mail]
6:20PM 2 join linux client to samba domain
5:21PM 1 samba and AD integration, Two questions
3:13PM 0 AD Authentication
2:11PM 0 question about groups
7:58AM 1 problems with word mail merge
3:14AM 0 Winbind AND local users AND local groups
Tuesday June 24 2008
9:09PM 2 Create masks set to 770 yet new files created as 750
6:31PM 1 Samba, Kerberos and LDAP Question
4:28PM 3 Permissions Issue
1:32PM 1 Connecting Solaris 10 + samba + Mac OS X Open Directory
1:08PM 0 backported RPMS for Mandriva - CVE-2008-1105
12:04PM 2 Samba LDAP and Ubuntu
8:39AM 2 Wins XP cannot login domain if samba offline
8:26AM 0 ADS-Member, smb-folder, password invalid on MS WinXP
6:33AM 1 tdb_open_ex is floding my log.nmbd
6:11AM 0 Samba 3.0.29 -> 3.0.30 Trust Relationship Failure
1:08AM 0 Setup samba on RHEL 5
Monday June 23 2008
9:41PM 2 Adding Printer drivers with rpcclient
6:21PM 1 : how to connect samba with Active directory on openSUSE 10.3
4:01PM 2 Roaming profile & f-secure problem
1:40PM 0 Print Command not working in 3.0.30
1:32PM 0 how to connect samba with Active directory on SUSE 10.3
1:11PM 0 rplclient setdriver returns error
12:30PM 0 Problems with Windows Offline Folders / Samba
10:17AM 1 samba ADS and ms licenses
8:27AM 0 publishing printer to ADS not working
5:35AM 1 memory optimization for Samba
Sunday June 22 2008
4:42PM 2 cupsaddsmb shows no output
7:08AM 1 problems installing samba
Saturday June 21 2008
5:15PM 3 can join,but not log into domain
Friday June 20 2008
7:21PM 1 Samba 3.0.20 & Windows 2008
3:43PM 1 Windows apps prompting for overwrite on new files - samba 3.0.20b and redhat 7.2
2:55PM 1 Samba 4 alpha 4 with OpenLDAP
2:47PM 1 Samba Shares Suddenly Look Empty with 3.0.28a
12:41PM 1 Hostname not visible across 2 subnets
11:13AM 0 msdfs bug? duplicated intermediate folder in path
7:50AM 0 Problems with the Samba Client
4:09AM 1 samba oplocks not breaking
Thursday June 19 2008
5:01PM 0 Error when complile samba 4 with python 2.5
3:18PM 1 idmap_ad - Unix attributes vs. Windows attributes vs. Winbind
3:16PM 1 testparm and includes
2:47PM 0 How to enable TDB_LOG
2:14PM 6 login scripts --what to use
2:09PM 9 slow samba
1:32PM 2 Sure, it's a newbie thing, but I'm willing to be at least ONE person has been bit by this....
12:03PM 0 'remote browse sync
11:36AM 2 hi
9:11AM 2 Samba hectic behaviour
Wednesday June 18 2008
3:20PM 1 linux server not caching users
2:56PM 1 Using %G for template homedir
1:49PM 0 "Access denied" while trying to edit a group in usrmgr.exe
11:26AM 0 Weird ACL/permissions problem
1:56AM 2 Only one user logged in domain.
1:24AM 0 Vista VPN machines having trouble getting into Samba shares.
Tuesday June 17 2008
8:22PM 1 Samba Auto Hidding and Archiving
5:43PM 1 CIFS VFS errors on strtoUCS in messages log
4:17PM 4 different logon scripts and mappings for individual users
2:15PM 2 smbclient - Segmentation fault
1:45PM 2 Windows xp is waking up NAS for every 30 minutes with NBSS session service packets
1:34PM 1 samba ldap squid dansgardian
1:05PM 0 Server ACLs via Winbind
12:06PM 1 new clients in PDC
11:45AM 1 Re: Reg: net rpc rights grant command is not working on samba-3.0.10
11:24AM 7 Accessing member server prompts for credentials
10:15AM 4 Vista SP1, Server 2008 joining NT4/Samba Domain
2:39AM 1 Strange Samba permissions on vfat (fat32) volume
1:59AM 0 smbstatus error - Substituting charset 'UTF-8' for LOCALE
Monday June 16 2008
8:28PM 0 cp using mount cifs gives corrupt files
8:12PM 1 How many users/groups are allowed per share?
2:51PM 1 Samba 3 with OpenLDAP multimaster or Fedora-DS
1:33PM 1 Restrict permission changes
9:50AM 1 Notification changes sometimes works, sometimes no
Sunday June 15 2008
1:15PM 3 wbinfo question
Saturday June 14 2008
8:52PM 1 How can I create a ntlm-hash with Java
Friday June 13 2008
6:40PM 1 Samba on FreeBSD 7.0
6:31PM 0 Switching form NT PDC to AD
6:10PM 3 Configuring a samba server with two NICs
4:59PM 0 How to map an AD group to an existing unix group/gid
4:54PM 1 samba auth against imap?
3:08PM 1 Samba 3.0.30 and 3.2.0rc2 packages for all (SUSE) Linux products
8:02AM 1 HomeDir with machinenname
Thursday June 12 2008
6:13PM 0 roaming user profiles do not transfer all settings - *SOLVED*
5:36PM 0 What was done to fix our Samba/OpenLDAP ills
4:29PM 1 Help with sudden wierd ticket error.
3:12PM 1 Inherited ACLs can not be removed
11:34AM 0 idmap ldap winbind core dump
8:20AM 0 Samba 3 handles Linux permissions differently then Samba 2 ?
Wednesday June 11 2008
9:50PM 0 Problems joining a windows domain (Failed to join domain: Operations error)
9:24PM 1 Leopard mounting issues
9:21PM 1 Some kind of weird setup ...
7:37PM 0 reply_nt1: smb signing is incompatible with share level security !
1:36PM 1 Multiple Samba Instances: Cannot set private dir and lock directory in smb.conf
1:26PM 1 Squid/ntlm_auth issues with two user accounts (all other accounts on the domain work).
10:46AM 2 Mounting Samba Share using linux login
9:11AM 1 install XP Pc into network
8:52AM 3 WINS server looses election irregular in a heterogeneous network
8:19AM 2 vfs_set_filelen function problem on FAT file systems.
7:34AM 2 Samba4, multi-domain Forest and Unix ID mapping
6:51AM 1 idmap for trusted domain changing over time
1:43AM 2 Problems logging on from XP to Samba PDC w/OpenLDAP
Tuesday June 10 2008
10:41PM 1 Bookmarks in Samba PDF Manuals
7:52PM 1 smb signing is incompatible with share level security !
7:39PM 4 Samba and XP
6:31PM 0 help with anonymous null sessions
5:17PM 1 Using Samba with cygwin on Xp
4:09PM 1 samba 3.2 and win98
1:16PM 0 Default AD user lookup string
12:59PM 3 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0rc2
12:39PM 1 Migrate samba+LDAP to MS AD
9:14AM 8 2nd smb server
Monday June 9 2008
8:38PM 1 sid_to_uid/public share problem
8:28PM 1 smbstatus
5:40PM 4 roaming user profiles do not transfer all settings
4:57PM 0 I have done a Howto (in Spanish)
1:10PM 6 second samba pdc
9:26AM 0 "strange" nmbd log message: Doing a node status request to the domain master browser at IP .... failed
5:43AM 2 samba/network performance
Saturday June 7 2008
3:15PM 1 Question about samba domains PDC migration and browsing slowly
2:28PM 2 cant join the domain
1:43AM 0 add|delete user / group / machine ... scripts, is the "API" somewhere documented?
Friday June 6 2008
7:34PM 3 lazy samba server?
6:33PM 1 limit user connections to PDC
5:57PM 2 CVE-2008-1105 - clarification request
2:33PM 0 log.winbindd
1:47PM 0 Samba and ldap referrals
12:13PM 7 XP SP3 and posix locking
7:38AM 1 how to reduce footprint of smbd?
Thursday June 5 2008
11:51PM 2 CVE-2008-1105
9:27PM 2 win32api call NetFileEnum against samba
9:03PM 0 Setting user permissions (acl) with standalone server & Win XP
8:33PM 4 push install software with samba
8:11PM 1 unable to join a NT4 Domain since 3.0.28a
6:25PM 0 Shouldn’t I see a _MSBROWSE_ entry for each LMB on each subnet ?
3:06PM 1 patch or upgrade for vulnerability
2:53PM 0 Copy files
2:51PM 4 do i need posix users/groups in ldap
9:44AM 0 Custom icons in samba shares
9:05AM 0 Samba corruption of ADS authentication details?
7:28AM 1 samba GPFS and HSM?
4:46AM 4 Can not connect to share for a particular user.
Wednesday June 4 2008
11:32PM 1 Problem with Login Shell in User Information using Winbind
10:00PM 0 net rap session returns just 3 entries
9:27PM 1 Samba & AutoCAd 2005
6:36PM 4 multiple smb commands (some non AndX) in one packet
6:32PM 0 Samba and Vista profile probs
5:53PM 0 CTDB problems: 1) Unable to get tcp info for CTDB_CONTROL_TCP_CLIENT, 2) ctdb disable doesn't failover
5:46PM 1 samba/ldap setup stopped working (might be a challenge)
4:09PM 1 3.0.28a to 3.0.30 issues - pam_winbind_request: write to socket failed
3:57PM 1 question about sids and ads auth
2:09PM 0 Network transfer speed issues in RHEL4
2:09PM 3 Can't join AD anymore after migration to 3.0.30
6:16AM 2 Home Lan computer browser(s)
5:59AM 0 Mapped share looses write/user permission on inactivity -- how to avoid
Tuesday June 3 2008
9:01PM 2 unsafe_string_function_usage_here when linking smbd
6:31PM 0 error on ads_startup: No logon servers
6:24PM 0 unable to connect to KDC Server
6:10PM 0 wbinfo -u lists ADS users without domain, getent passwd returns only local users
6:10PM 1 SELinux and samba/winbind w/ADS on RHEL 4.6
5:42PM 1 windows share vs. linux share access
3:31PM 1 missing dependencies when compiling samba/ctdb rpm on sles 10.1 (don't have all features required for Active Directory support)
11:51AM 4 Gentoo, Samba, Upgrade, Authentications now failing
10:07AM 1 Grant or deny internet access based on Samba domain logon?
9:09AM 3 getent not listing ADS users ctdb samba
9:09AM 8 How to move a samba PDC to a diffrent box
8:41AM 0 smbd process eating memory
8:00AM 0 Strange with an acl.
7:25AM 1 Peculiar issue when loading images via samba/cifs
Monday June 2 2008
5:00PM 0 mapped user problem
3:45PM 1 winbind, ads member server and pam_mkhomedir
10:36AM 2 cifs and kerberos
8:10AM 1 Problems (Panic) with 3.2.0rc1 on Solaris10/ADDomainMember
7:22AM 0 os x to samba authentication failure on share level
4:11AM 1 Samba & Vista
Sunday June 1 2008
10:08PM 1 smbldap-tools
2:17PM 0 samba printing with cups driver and cups with non PS printers
12:59PM 3 Failed building 3.0.30 for tru64 4.0F
8:14AM 0 ctdb samba smb.conf file?
3:06AM 2 Winbind issue