samba - Jan 2008

Thursday January 31 2008
11:20PM 0 Winbind with one-way trusts?
9:42PM 0 smbfs enabled rpms for fedora core 8
7:38PM 0 samba and Windows Terminal Server problems
3:56PM 1 secrets.tbd and ldap - migrating from one samba domain to another
2:45PM 1 winbind problem
1:18PM 1 Secondary groups and Posix ACL
1:05PM 3 Connection problems, laptop to server
12:37PM 0 Winbind and Nested Groups
11:31AM 2 Somebody HELP (wrong uid in lock database)
10:39AM 0 Log out and logs
8:43AM 1 On-line administration for accounts
6:56AM 3 PANIC on 6 of my client servers .Please Help
5:34AM 0 samba share setup witn nt acl permissions
Wednesday January 30 2008
8:52PM 0 Slow to start coping .exe files
8:33PM 0 Terminal Server and samba anyone?
8:00PM 1 samba cluster on multi tiered storage / hierarchial storage management
7:01PM 1 Is my kerberos ok with AD?
6:09PM 0 Samba hanging from time to time
3:57PM 1 net ads join : ads_connect: No logon servers
2:44PM 1 Get number of current logged on users
11:18AM 1 Cannot add machine account
3:07AM 2 Trouble with restricting access and ads
12:29AM 0 Fw: Setting Global printer defaults on standalone server running version samba 3.0.25
Tuesday January 29 2008
9:15PM 0 Windows Terminal server with samba and HOMEPATH
7:58PM 0 core dump after live migrating virtualized environment
7:13PM 2 A good read
5:53PM 0 explorer.exe MSDFS problems
5:22PM 1 Smart card logon
1:01PM 8 Strange issue with share visibility
11:39AM 1 smaba + ldap + privilages
10:53AM 2 Problem accessing Samba shares simultaneously by multiple users
6:01AM 3 Samba Administrator account for XP
1:41AM 0 undocumented Samba message
12:12AM 2 Samba still asking password
Monday January 28 2008
11:19PM 2 Samba PDC (and Users/Machines) join Server 2003 Domain
8:31PM 2 Win2K3 DNS losing Samba DNS entries?
7:26PM 1 Mac Machines taking over Master Browser
4:58PM 1 mount read/write ntfs via samba
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 61, Issue 29
1:07AM 0 Problems with SAMBA
Sunday January 27 2008
9:29PM 0 samba anti virus vfs module: scannedonly-0.11
12:02PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 61, Issue 28
2:46AM 4 Official Samba builds for Ubuntu?
Saturday January 26 2008
4:54PM 1 file differences when copying files to linux, using samba
3:21PM 0 possible repost: Samba 3.28 compilation fails, locking unavailable on FreeBSD 6.3
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 61, Issue 27
12:17AM 3 Member Server creates sambaDomainName LDAP entry
Friday January 25 2008
9:17PM 1 Windows share modes and Linux file locking, flock & fcntl
4:30PM 1 smbpasswd database is corrupt!
4:17PM 1 Weird reproduceable delta after power failure - PDC
3:42PM 7 Trusted domain user login
3:13PM 0 force duplex printing
12:26PM 0 samba PDC problem of windows Administrator login on XP client
12:20PM 0 Samba Profil ACL
12:11PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 61, Issue 26
4:54AM 0 VPN and NetBIOS aliases
Thursday January 24 2008
9:33PM 2 Windows Vista password dialog keeps coming up
6:18PM 0 netbios sid and domain sid
6:06PM 4 compare users in /etc/passwd versus /etc/samba/smbpasswd
5:27PM 1 View Workgroup Computers is Slow to Come Up
5:17PM 1 Hide Home Share for a single user
4:29PM 0 Samba hangs DOS apps (foxpro and clipper)
2:10PM 2 Login with special groups
9:15AM 4 winbindd: Exceeding 200 client connections, no idle connection found
8:32AM 0 Windows server 2003 can't join SAMBA domain - solved
4:54AM 0 permissions acls directories inheritance windows samba
4:21AM 1 smbd errors in syslog - how to get rid of them?
Wednesday January 23 2008
9:41PM 0 samba 3.28 freebsd and locking not available
7:46PM 0 Mounting to the home share with Linux client, what syntax, etc...?
7:28PM 0 strange issues with pam_winbind and sudo
6:44PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.2.0 released
4:06PM 1 Permissions issue -- cannot delete a folder/file
2:01PM 0 Winbind showing wrong entries
10:14AM 8 Retry: Mapping AD domain users to UNIX users
8:15AM 0 can't use Swat to add new user
Tuesday January 22 2008
10:51PM 4 PDC Multiple users
9:23PM 2 SID problem with working samba
8:06PM 1 Problems Joining an ADS domain
5:46PM 0 Debugging samba/winbind SMB share
4:31PM 0 Joining an ADS domain - issue with the netlogon pipe (anonymous access required)
4:02PM 0 test email message
11:45AM 0 failde to get server's time
10:26AM 0 problems with Windows ACL
1:30AM 0 Understanding Samba clustering
12:39AM 1 roaming profiles moved to a new machine - big confusion
Monday January 21 2008
7:12PM 2 Samba PDC kills WinXP
5:32PM 1 Cannot join domain Samba PDC with ldap
1:47PM 1 smbclient segfaults
12:40PM 0 CIFS problem
9:27AM 1 inotify trouble
5:19AM 2 Samba logoff script
Sunday January 20 2008
11:51PM 3 need wins understanding
9:58PM 0 unable to join w2k3 SP1 to samba 3 domain.
7:55PM 1 Can't see my home directory
5:16PM 0 errors after deleted users
4:28PM 0 net privileges
3:51PM 1 winbind forced password change requires interactive shell
Saturday January 19 2008
12:45AM 0 user must logon to change password
Friday January 18 2008
10:40PM 2 Now that MS has to play nice...
10:12PM 2 More then one wins server on a network.
7:06PM 6 Odd transfer speed issue
6:33PM 0 wbinfo -g works whereas wbinfo -u fails
3:39PM 2 Re: set_canon_ace_list: sys_acl_set_file type file failed for file
3:08PM 0 Can't write to share.
2:12PM 0 ldapsam:editposix and winbind questions
12:27PM 1 Re-2: XP Home and samba
11:35AM 0 testjoin on samba pdc fails to get schannel session key
10:43AM 0 Mapping AD domain users to UNIX users
10:23AM 1 Strange locking behaviour upsets Apache
10:13AM 0 wrong uid in lock database
8:13AM 2 Samba AD client's settings transfer
2:56AM 1 XP Home and samba
1:51AM 3 Circular links and backups
12:16AM 1 Bi directional trusts with server 2003
12:02AM 1 unexpected.tdb already open
Thursday January 17 2008
6:24PM 2 samba 3.0.24 works - samba 3.0.25 fails
10:47AM 0 Re-2: Re: Windows XP always see folder with read-only attribute set
10:05AM 2 Home directory problem
6:33AM 3 wrong permissions on windows
Wednesday January 16 2008
3:52PM 0 FW: Standalone Server with Wins -- Password Not Required onWin/XP
3:23PM 1 impossible to see the samba server with network neighborhood
2:14PM 0 AD maximum user token size
11:59AM 1 Excessive files in a single folder.
10:07AM 1 winbind: group membership issues.
10:06AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday January 15 2008
8:47PM 1 question concerning ldapsam:editposix and winbind
8:01PM 1 Idmap creates unnecessary group entry
4:29PM 2 Reproducible samba bug with directory name
2:15PM 2 Network Path was not found
9:20AM 3 The use of goup policies in XP and Vista
Monday January 14 2008
11:51PM 0 Windows 2003 R2 client Network Browsing very slow
11:10PM 3 Samba shares are case-sensitive in Windows = bad
10:58PM 0 One time samba short name issue
9:32PM 0 How can I disable user manager access?
5:52PM 1 Authenticating a linux samba client to a win2k domain
2:29PM 3 Folder redirection without roaming profiles
12:02PM 1 Solaris 10 winbindd: fatal: init_module: can't find symbol
11:56AM 1 Failed to parse cldap reply
10:25AM 0 Mixed success with Samba 3.0.28 and ADS
8:22AM 1 samba clients couldn't find some files
Sunday January 13 2008
5:16PM 0 Auth prompt if access share by machine name
5:03PM 0 Standalone Server with Wins -- Password Not RequiredonWin/XP
4:55PM 1 Can not connect to printer from Vista 64 - error 0x000006f7
4:29PM 1 Standalone Server with Wins -- Password Not Required onWin/XP
2:50PM 0 Migration of samba filers from NT4 into AD server backend
2:38PM 1 AD domains
9:27AM 2 Problem with net join
8:17AM 1 Bug?
1:07AM 1 fI'll post again as I did not get any replies
Saturday January 12 2008
9:56PM 3 Standalone Server with Wins -- Password Not Required on Win/XP
7:11PM 1 Duplicate filename with Samba 3.0.28
6:31PM 1 Problem with old Samba joining AD (migration szenario)
5:56PM 0 AIX and WINBIND
1:12PM 0 Permissions issue with 3.0.27a Solaris 9
Friday January 11 2008
10:24PM 1 password sync "Failed to open/create TDB passwd" - some progress
8:53PM 2 Convert existing Samba DB to LDAP
6:50PM 0 id: cannot find name for group ID
6:42PM 1 Creating samba shares from windows machine?
6:17PM 0 root's SID
3:25PM 0 BackupPC Debain etch
2:54PM 1 Samba 3.0.28 with VFS-Module "GPFS"
9:10AM 0 minimum password age
3:02AM 0 samba+linux server+windows share can't find a file
Thursday January 10 2008
11:19PM 1 Linux disk quota support
10:58PM 0 smbd locks gencache.tdb
6:35PM 8 Windows XP always see folder with read-only attribute set
6:10PM 2 looking for a pam_smbpass user to answer passwd sync issues
4:27PM 3 password sync "Failed to open/create TDB passwd"
3:36PM 0 Idmapping problem on member server
3:18PM 1 Samba4 Debian etch
11:00AM 0 Special Permissions
10:20AM 1 Problems with samba and VISTA SP1 and samba Version 3.0.23d
8:18AM 3 Samba problem connecting
Wednesday January 9 2008
11:39PM 1 Help with backslash issue on smbfs
8:12PM 0 Winbindd fails to start
8:03PM 1 mount -o remount /mnt/samba creates duplicate mount
7:57PM 0 Sporadic Copying XP/2000
7:21PM 0 Can't access dirs with subgroups of a samba share
6:59PM 3 Sync passwords unix/smb with FDS backend?
5:22PM 0 the architecture of remote W2K3 is now detected as Win2K instead of Win2K3
3:45PM 0 Printer sharing and LDAP traffic
3:11PM 0 Winbind separator Problem
2:57PM 2 ldap interface authentication
2:02PM 2 Windows doesn't show Samba group names, only SIDs
1:56PM 1 DFS
11:21AM 2 ldap backend samba
9:59AM 2 samba domain and windows server licenses
Tuesday January 8 2008
3:04PM 3 Need help with SWAT
2:53PM 0 solaris9+winbind+getent
1:25PM 1 Terminal Server entries in SambaPDC
2:36AM 1 No protocol supported
Monday January 7 2008
11:00PM 0 Group Policy - Network Path Not Found - Samba 4
9:48PM 2 Samba locking with NFS backend.
6:06PM 1 Group Policy in Samba 4 Alpha 1, not available?
5:09PM 0 Samba on Linux + Windows Server 2003 R2 / ADS: Clients can connect using IP but no hostname
4:20PM 2 Propose mount.cifs/smbfs able to mount the child folder of share folder
4:11PM 0 Unmatched entries - Failed to Create Administrators/Users/
3:29PM 1 Multiple mount instead of remount?
3:24PM 1 msdfs problem
1:57PM 1 samba - wins? dns ? ldap?
12:25PM 0 smbspool with cups
12:24PM 0 HPLASER Jet printer setup in Opensuse 10.3 over network
11:49AM 0 net groupmap add problems since 3.0.23 version
10:58AM 0 Problem with samba 3.0.25b-33
2:48AM 0 Windows 2000 and smbclient to make a tarball?
2:27AM 0 PDC error
Sunday January 6 2008
9:56PM 0 Domain Trust
9:44PM 3 LDAP problem
9:23PM 0 Adding samba 3.0.26a shared printer to Vista fails with 0x00000057
8:16PM 1 Samba and CUPS accouting with HP 1320
7:41PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.2.0.RC1 released
5:05PM 0 samba proxy - can it be done?
Saturday January 5 2008
11:38PM 1 Multiple mounts instead of remounting?
8:41PM 0 Different "Max Protocol" for different Clients?
5:34PM 2 Odd, slow Windows XP client download behavior
4:24PM 1 Samba 4 Alpha - Compile on Debian etch
2:18PM 1 Samba not seeing any interfaces
8:32AM 0 force close files, preferably through Computer Management
Friday January 4 2008
9:22PM 2 Help removing many users
8:42PM 0 Problems configuring Samba PDC + FDS error "No privileges assigned to SID"
4:03PM 3 Do I need Winbind?
4:01PM 0 clearing and setting the archive bit causes permissions for the owner group to change
2:41PM 1 Bug? "inherit acls" not working as expected
11:16AM 2 Roaming profiles and case sensitivity
Thursday January 3 2008
10:55PM 1 Access Denied when installing drivers using APW
6:41PM 4 Simple LDAP backend question
5:59PM 1 require_membership_of being ignored?
4:12PM 0 net groupmap add
3:40PM 0 Embedded samba 2.0.26 problems
2:47PM 1 Fedora configuration options
2:08PM 2 Migrate Windows 2000 (Active Directory Integrated) Domain to Samba
2:01PM 1 Rename Samba Domain?
12:24PM 1 printers stop working
12:06PM 1 Name Resolution (Network Browsing) in Samba4 server with Vista Client?
11:52AM 0 Samba Share only works when NFS exported to another machine?
4:02AM 3 Samba PDC Ldap integration
Wednesday January 2 2008
9:34PM 0 srv_spoolss_nt.c "Failed to send message about upgrading driver"
9:25PM 0 winbind initialization: GetDC got invalid response type 21
8:39PM 1 page_count x number_of_copies
7:15PM 1 (no subject)
7:10PM 2 Fedora samba and ldap (resend)
4:48PM 1 Unable to Connect to OpenVMS Pathworks
2:20PM 1 Another Uploading Printer drivers problem.
2:19PM 0 Fwd: [Workaround] Allocation size has bad value on a MIPS based setup.
Tuesday January 1 2008
10:54AM 0 pdbmysql
10:09AM 2 Problem with samba and ldap
5:43AM 2 Upgrade from SLES9 3.0.20 to 3.0.26a breaks getent
1:26AM 0 idmap_nss: Default domain not being used