samba - Aug 2007

Friday August 31 2007
6:03PM 0 Hi, I was hoping someone can help me with this: I can mount a share using smbclient, then change to a hidden directory cd /my/home/directory and access the files
4:59PM 1 Doubts about some old parameters?
3:19PM 0 newbie
2:47PM 1 Sign Secure channnel
1:17PM 1 Samba+LDAP with real-time share permissions
4:05AM 0 Samba 3.0.10, Solaris 8 - Fails Retina 5 for access rules
Thursday August 30 2007
3:53PM 4 NT MD4 password check bug??
8:13AM 0 logon script sometimes doesn't run
7:04AM 0 open_fake_file access_denied file[$Extend/$Quota:$Q:$INDEX_ALLOCATION]
Wednesday August 29 2007
11:08PM 0 Setting domain SID
10:55PM 0 No icon desktop on XP to Samba PDC?
9:55PM 2 kinit works, net join ads fails
8:15PM 0 Location of profile sid renumbering script
8:02PM 2 forcing XP clients to use CIFS
7:21PM 0 Secondary Group Access on another Samba PDC
6:42PM 3 Help with roaming profiles and drive letter mapping...
4:46PM 1 Question about samba.
4:46PM 0 Samba-Gentoo-accentuated letters
4:45PM 3 How to use ZFS volume
4:45PM 0 Performance problem when copy from samba server to client
4:45PM 2 Samba and OSX 10.4
3:37PM 0 sambaProfilePath and sambaHomePath when adding a BDC
3:29PM 1 Samba 2.0.25 won't accept home directory location from ADS
2:47PM 1 samba-error: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
12:17PM 0 poor performance with bonding in round-robin mode (only samba affected)
7:40AM 1 building module
Tuesday August 28 2007
11:07PM 0 Connecting custom home shares with ADS.
11:04PM 0 NIS/Samba probs
9:07PM 2 vista client poor transfer rates
7:35PM 1 Unable to join Win client to domain (user not found error)
3:00PM 0 Samba 3.0.23c and AD failure
1:30PM 0 winbind with NSS backend incorrect convert UIDs to SIDs
1:15PM 0 guest problems
1:06PM 1 SMB shares size on a Linux system
11:55AM 0 samba log analyzer
10:42AM 1 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind + IE problem
7:19AM 0 smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-2, breaking
6:26AM 6 Problem with netlogon\logon.bat not mapping all drives
1:35AM 0 admin users security implications
12:33AM 0 Samba Logon Time and Logoff Time...
Monday August 27 2007
11:32PM 0 Need a windows binary for smblookup
10:08PM 0 winbind and force user
7:41PM 3 Lots of "Failed to create" error messages after upgrading to 2.0.25c
4:03PM 1 Add 2003 machine to samba domain: "Application popup: Windows - System Error : A duplicate name exists on the network."
3:41PM 0 Two Samba Domains
3:35PM 0 Samba whith mysql
11:32AM 1 Subnet not visible in Network Neighbourhood
5:54AM 1 smbd and pdbedit segfault
Sunday August 26 2007
11:45PM 0 winbind (I think) problems
7:59PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 56, Issue 2
5:07PM 1 Winbind deadlock with AD and nss
3:24PM 0 RE: migrating samba to new hardware and different OS [SOLVED]
1:19PM 1 RE: migrating samba to new hardware and different OS
Saturday August 25 2007
8:44PM 1 Linux Kernel VESA Video Modes for 1440x900
4:52PM 1 python bindings not building in 3.0.25c
2:49PM 1 smbd still crashes [3.0.25b + solaris 9 + openldap]
Friday August 24 2007
9:08PM 4 Samba 3.0.25c Going Nuts on our Network???
6:46PM 1 Group add trouble
6:20PM 2 Winbind usage
4:35PM 1 Interdomain Trusts and Winbind
12:59PM 4 SAMBA Team - Still no SiSE rpms for 3.0.25c
12:42PM 0 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file
10:28AM 1 Windows XP joining Samba/LDAP domain problem (User cannot be found) [SOLVED]
9:26AM 1 net user ... /add /domain does not work with samba ?
7:55AM 0 no local users at all while in ADS mode
6:45AM 0 Prevent 'BDC' overtaking 'PDC'
5:55AM 1 Samba, Winbind and Active Directory
1:56AM 1 Re: Samba & ACLs?
1:50AM 0 smbldap-tools problem
1:00AM 1 Setting up new Samba domain (again)
Thursday August 23 2007
11:49PM 2 winbind uid problem
9:50PM 0 winbindd with 2 samba pdc's
8:21PM 5 symbolink links in samba
7:08PM 0 Problems with print driver information stored in ntprinters.tdb
6:34PM 0 reset AD domin membership non destructively
6:32PM 1 pam_winbind
5:07PM 0 unable to join AD domain: Failed to parse cldap reply
3:22PM 0 Samba to Samba Interdomain Trusts Questions
3:21PM 1 Problems with slow printing (and name resolving?)
2:21PM 4 Automatically running a script on Samba PDC when Windows user changes his password
12:24PM 1 Login-Problem with DFS-Share
10:42AM 0 Trouble with SID and user nobody
8:57AM 0 Security share and problem with unix groups login.
8:37AM 0 Winbind 3.0.25c: Problem joining 3.0.24 domain
8:18AM 0 Re-2: Samba using linux root under ADS mode
6:18AM 2 Samba Team - 3.0.25c Seems Well in Standalone
4:33AM 0 Make: rc command not found
2:32AM 1 Samba tuning - ldapsam:trusted
2:30AM 0 gencache.tdb going missing
12:38AM 1 Build error on 3.0.25c using Tru64
Wednesday August 22 2007
10:43PM 1 winbind problem, have workaround but...
9:40PM 2 Strange directory creation behaviour
5:12PM 3 SID
4:20PM 1 Can't ping samba box after a while
3:08PM 1 php includes lost
3:01PM 0 How Can I Stop Certain Passwords from Expiring?
2:56PM 0 PDF file not getting deleted in File Share Folder!
1:51PM 1 winbindd starts, works, then fails soon
1:33PM 1 read_data: read failure for 4 bytes
11:50AM 0 Samba using linux root under ADS mode
8:31AM 1 smbd using 99.9% CPU with MS Office docs
5:06AM 0 AD native mode authentication on OpenSolaris
Tuesday August 21 2007
8:59PM 0 SOLVED Re: ldap and computer accounts
7:18PM 2 ldap and computer accounts
6:53PM 1 sambaDomain Policies Implemented?
6:00PM 0 A utility to install printer drivers that don't come with .inf file
4:21PM 1 Problems Rejoing Domain w/ WinXP & Samba 2.0.25b
3:45PM 4 Samba on Debian with shares on nfs-filesystem
2:10PM 1 Samba + LDAP + displayName attribute
12:31PM 0 Files in mounted share vanish
12:29PM 1 [NetBIOS] Registering new name?
10:26AM 0 setresuid failed with EAGAIN, samba crashed
9:41AM 3 Segment violation during the list of directory with smbc_readdir
8:30AM 0 VFS recyclebin module exclude directory
8:25AM 1 Server doesn't show up in Network Browser
8:21AM 3 Samba 18GB file Transfer
7:27AM 3 Memory usage
6:33AM 1 Extremely slow file serving
4:53AM 1 Domain Setup
4:10AM 0 Timeout in sessions samba
2:08AM 1 samba share problem
Monday August 20 2007
10:52PM 2 Samba 3.0.25c Available for Download
8:03PM 1 Log files created for every machine not joined to the domain...
5:27PM 0 access denied & Sid does not start with 'S-'.
4:07PM 1 restricting the windows users security tab with samba acl
12:26PM 2 Domain Join( Security = DOMAIN) not working on Longhorn in 3.0.25b
12:23PM 0 Hide shared printers
2:37AM 0 Samba 3 with LDAP... can create, modify, delete files but read always causes 'access denied' errors
Sunday August 19 2007
11:43PM 1 Truncate with libsmbclient
10:31PM 0 samba3->ADS / user name format problem
Saturday August 18 2007
2:49PM 0 Only option "force user = root" give file locking
12:05PM 0 I had add some document inside samba 4 wiki 'HOWTO'
10:20AM 0 Offline Folders on Win XP issues.
Friday August 17 2007
7:09PM 1 Problem on displaying groupquota info
7:07PM 1 Why doesn't getent passwd work for me?
4:58PM 0 Winbindd needs 5 minutes to work after reboot
2:48PM 0 Domain users and local permissions
2:04PM 0 high load averages on large file transfers
1:17PM 0 Samba+LDAP: Groups and Groupmappings?
8:41AM 1 winbind offline logon
8:16AM 1 join ads -> Preauthentication failed
Thursday August 16 2007
10:01PM 1 remove group mappings manually?
7:30PM 1 Migrating NT4->Samba3: Found bogus group member...
6:01PM 0 file size restriction
5:53PM 0 Windows 2003 trust not working
5:51PM 1 net rpc problem
2:51PM 0 WERR_INVALID_NAME in printer migrate
9:20AM 3 Offline files enabled clients are loosing network drives
2:24AM 0 samba3.0.25b group permissions problem via AD+Winbind
12:23AM 1 samba3 upgrade misery
Wednesday August 15 2007
7:28PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 56, Issue 15
6:54PM 1 Winbind can do everything besides lookup by name
6:37PM 1 Changing the PAM module
6:30PM 0 Mapping external MIT K5 realm users to windows domain users using winbindd
4:16PM 0 Multiple Domains and Machine Addition issue
4:04PM 0 panic: Unable to open new log file ... Too many open files
3:01PM 1 changing a user's name.
2:35PM 0 [Fwd: Re: password server DOMDC1 rejected the password: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE]
1:13PM 1 how make cancel case sesitive mode
10:25AM 1 "winbind enum = yes" ... oreilly samba books says "turn off" ... but things break. confused :-(
9:07AM 0 Files and folders went 'missing' after creation... ...any idea how to isolate?
2:53AM 1 Performance Problem / failed to verify PAC server signature
12:00AM 2 ldap passwd sync only
Tuesday August 14 2007
6:23PM 0 Bad Password Count Problem -- LDAP connection failed
2:59PM 1 the story of 2 samba, 1 ldap as passdb, and home sharing issue...quite urgent ^^
2:15PM 0 Winbind fails to refresh Kerberos tickets (3.0.25b - Fedora Core 5) - 2nd Try
1:29PM 0 IDMAP and RID problems
Monday August 13 2007
9:09PM 1 Samba and Windows Domain Usernames
6:48PM 2 Compile error
2:38PM 1 UID and GID mappings
2:21PM 0 small patch
12:46PM 0 ldap passwd sync on 3.0.25a
8:47AM 1 password server DOMDC1 rejected the password: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
3:19AM 2 Freebsd + Samba + Ldap + Acls -> No locking file
Sunday August 12 2007
5:03PM 0 Got Sighup dumpmg debug info
3:01PM 1 admin access to user home directories
10:13AM 1 AD + winbindd(8): group permissions being ignored ? WTF ?
Saturday August 11 2007
9:24PM 3 Issue with Samba version 3.0.25b on Debian
3:14PM 0 GPO
5:59AM 1 about roaming profiles and windows xp, vista
Friday August 10 2007
11:38PM 3 Samba winbind and nsswith.conf
11:20PM 1 Trailing backslash issue with Windows Shares
7:55PM 0 Disappearing samba ports
6:43PM 2 OK. there I am again!
4:41PM 1 Samba and winbind with LDAP IDMAP backend - user connects with Domain Admin permissions
3:30PM 0 fedora and samba
12:15PM 0 SUMMARY: username map
Thursday August 9 2007
8:23PM 0 smbspool and cups on Centos5
8:11PM 1 Samba 3.0.25b: smbd 99% CPU utilisation with opened MS Word doc
7:53PM 1 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
2:02PM 1 Too many 445 and 139 packets
11:48AM 0 Profiles with an LDAP backend being overridden
9:02AM 0 dfs problems in 3.0.25a after client reboot and remapping
Wednesday August 8 2007
11:14PM 1 home dir file permissions samba, winbind with ldap backend, AD Server 2003 R2 domain
9:58PM 1 Fwd: Re: Domain with public shares
9:17PM 0 username map
8:50PM 0 Default User in netlogon trouble
8:11PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.0.0 released
6:52PM 1 SERIOUS PROBLEM - Root Account Locked
6:37PM 1 Domain with public shares
6:18PM 2 Enforcing Password Policies...
2:39PM 2 Questions about samba+LDAP
2:20PM 1 ACLs and winbind
2:09PM 0 Can't connect to Windows 2000 Server v. 3.0.25
9:30AM 1 Permission problems with Samba Version 3.0.23d
8:46AM 1 How should guest access work with Samba 3 and User Mode Security???
8:04AM 0 libpthread warning while compiling samba 3.0 on Suse Linux (SLES 10)
6:59AM 2 Problem with LDAP failover config
Tuesday August 7 2007
8:12PM 1 New installation does not show on network
6:09PM 1 Limitations on the size of a samba share
5:38PM 0 XP PC hangs when copying file
3:49PM 0 Issue when migrating samba domain server to new hardware and samba version
3:00PM 0 Guest account access not working on Samba 3 with User modesecurity????
1:47PM 0 user profile
1:45PM 0 NTLM-Auth fails agains Win200SP5
1:42PM 1 Newbie Setup.
1:08PM 0 Windows Logoff Deletes Files
12:42PM 2 FW: Slow opening files on Samba Version 3.0.22 (UPDATED)
12:36PM 0 Slow opening files on Samba Version 3.0.22
10:34AM 0 LDAP
9:44AM 2 NTLM proxy auth against a Samba 3 server
9:31AM 1 Wireless + samba domain.
9:07AM 2 AW: Probs to "make" Samba-3.0.25b
9:03AM 2 windbind or ldap ?
3:24AM 1 Can't browse shares after shutdown domain controller.
Monday August 6 2007
10:13PM 2 Request for explanation on NFS re-export issue
9:17PM 1 File locking issue
6:13PM 0 Roam Prof + F Redir: Logon/off merge deletes most of profile
3:54PM 1 cifs module and nocase option
9:40AM 1 setfacl(1) - Can FreeBSD's ACLs contain groups from NT/AD domains ?
9:25AM 0 Using the “net rpc rights” Utility
Sunday August 5 2007
6:31PM 1 sam-fs and samba (copy while staging / timeout)
3:50PM 0 Newbie Question
3:46PM 1 logon requests on the BDC
3:00PM 1 Keeping samba off the internet
Saturday August 4 2007
4:48PM 1 (no subject)
3:32PM 1 rename workstation
7:49AM 1 smb.conf, in addition to my questions of yesterday
7:44AM 1 SMB VFS INTERFACE VERSION and samba version
1:18AM 1 Samba doesn't work after upgrading
Friday August 3 2007
9:55PM 2 Argument createcomputer does not work in net rpc join
9:19PM 6 try to bind samba traffic to specific interface - without success
8:43PM 2 Missing Heimdal, Kerberos, Samba and OpenLdap how-to
8:22PM 1 full_audit on Samba 3.0.20 vs 3.0.25
8:18PM 0 and yet another one
8:15PM 0 yet another (perceived) inconsistency
7:07PM 2 maybe I should explain what i am after!
6:40PM 2 my next question: no accesss
6:09PM 0 NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_GROUP when attempting to connect
6:08PM 0 Default User in netlogon share won't work
5:46PM 0 Cannot connect to shares (groupmap problem?)
4:34PM 4 inconsistency?
11:51AM 0 Problems with oplocks (samba 3.0.24, Kernel 2.6.17) now solved!
6:37AM 0 Probs to "make" Samba-3.0.25b
5:42AM 0 Testing roaming profiles
3:58AM 1 Problem with name resolution (I think)
2:52AM 0 Samba Domain member server also with local user
Thursday August 2 2007
2:39PM 1 Samba Quotas using LDAP?
1:48PM 0 Problem compliling samba 3.0.25b with openldap-2.3.32(stable)
9:12AM 2 Printer publishing
6:32AM 0 Help Regarding Hanging problem on Samba
12:54AM 1 Receiving SMB: Server stopped responding
Wednesday August 1 2007
4:36PM 0 RE-post: Problems copying files between shares
4:14PM 0 Problems copying files between shares
2:37PM 1 How to migrate samba 2.x account to ldap backend
2:34PM 0 Hostname DNS update (using nsupdate-gss) to Active Directory DNS using Sites
1:50PM 4 profiles?
1:49PM 1 smbd panic
1:00PM 1 Permission denied when opening certain files - NT_STATUS_NOT_A_REPARSE_POINT
12:49PM 4 Failed to join win2000 domain in 3.0.25b
7:22AM 0 ADS join not working on Longhorn in 3.0.25b , any expected release timeframe?
6:44AM 1 Active Directory
5:51AM 1 how to configure vfs object = audit
5:47AM 2 hundreds of 'smb -D' processes
2:03AM 1 "Failed to create Users" problem.
12:54AM 1 Domain and local user permissions