samba - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
9:35PM 0 winbind idmap backend = ad : repeated error 'could not read attribute mssfu30gidnumber'
9:19PM 0 winbind's libads/ldap_utils.c repeatedly says 'failed to reconnect (Timed out)'
6:21PM 3 Old problem with get_file_version , Windows 2003 x64 (Jerry, you know this one!)
5:39PM 0 getent not returning users or groups, 3.0.25rc3
4:13PM 0 Fw: LDAP redudancy problem
3:43PM 0 Filenames coding after upgrade sometimes broken/messed up - RHEL 4 -> RHEL5
2:33PM 0 Win2k3 server cannot access samba share
1:07PM 1 cannot start after "chown-ing" a directory
9:47AM 1 Changing group owner to a group user is not member of
8:27AM 1 Vampire and Capital Letters
7:02AM 0 PANIC: internal error in samba rhel4-u4
7:01AM 0 nss winbind AD Problem ?!
4:39AM 0 Yearly attempt at 'vampire' of NT4 domain
Sunday April 29 2007
11:23PM 0 Samba/LDAP PDC and member servers
11:19PM 0 kernel: smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-2, breaking
10:08PM 0 Can copy to test share, but not read, move or delete
6:25PM 1 Problem using valid users with security = ADS
10:16AM 1 UID, GID access query
2:52AM 1 Urgent pls!!! Error in "pdbedit -L" with rid 513
Saturday April 28 2007
9:12PM 1 sambaSID generation
9:36AM 0 bugzilla taken down due to spam attacks
7:48AM 1 freeRADIUS with winbindd, ntlm_auth on Samba 3.0.24
4:59AM 1 major cifs bug in 2.6.19+?
1:09AM 1 samba & browse.dat file location
Friday April 27 2007
10:43PM 4 Guide to porting to non-unix like systems?
7:04PM 3 SePrintOperatorPrivilege
5:39PM 0 clearing out the .recycles?
1:35PM 0 Samba3 : windbindd log missing failing user name
9:15AM 5 Option valid user not expanded for groups
3:09AM 1 Accessing files on a domain-controled network
2:37AM 0 LiveCD ok, regular install not ok
1:57AM 0 test share works, but homes returns with "network name cannot be found
Thursday April 26 2007
10:43PM 1 Joining Samba 3.24 to 2003 ADS
9:05PM 0 Slow Samba
9:05PM 1 ntlm_auth to AD with only ntlmv2 enabled failing
7:29PM 0 Excessive winbindd logging at log level 0 ????
7:28PM 3 Samba 3.x and PCNetLink domain trusts
4:39PM 6 Samba & CUPS: only banner-page gets printed
4:39PM 0 AD and Samba
4:29PM 1 3.0.24 What commands must be executed by root verses ntgroup="Domain Admins"?
2:49PM 0 Pdbedit -L: strange error looking up RID 513 by key RID_00000201
2:16PM 0 winbindd PID name resolution mis-behaviour with Linux (openSuse 10.1)
12:55PM 0 (Fwd) mapping drive from sanba machine requesting password fai
12:27PM 2 Automatic printer download
11:47AM 1 nsswitch wins reverse lookup
10:15AM 1 Winbind: limiting groups that can log-in
10:03AM 1 BindDN and password for Active Directory
7:09AM 0 Problems with winbindd installation
6:27AM 1 Cups, Samba, Windows without login
Wednesday April 25 2007
11:58PM 1 trust relationship fails
8:38PM 1 winbind nss info : how does it handle multiple values?
8:24PM 0 samba 3.0.25rc3 ebuild fro Gentoo
8:08PM 2 Can not grant SeMachineAccountPrivilege on Debian Etch
7:29PM 1 samba-3.0.25rc3
6:30PM 1 Help with SWAT
4:37PM 1 trouble with samba 3.0.25rc3
2:01PM 0 [Samba4] KDC
12:55PM 1 Samba 3.0.25rc3 Available for Download
12:00PM 0 ntlm_auth for domain group members only
11:00AM 0 peer to peer samba
6:59AM 0 winbind on Solaris 10
Tuesday April 24 2007
11:07PM 2 BLOATED LDAP Traffic from Samba
7:56PM 2 smbd segfaults when trying to browse printers folder
5:43PM 2 cpu load on centOS 4.4
3:31PM 1 Issue with mounted drive
2:07PM 1 default devmode
12:10PM 1 Samba with Kerberos on Active Directory: explorer hang
11:25AM 0 Limit of connections to domain?
6:11AM 1 Re: Re: Symlinks deletion behaviour
4:15AM 1 Kerberos stopped working
Monday April 23 2007
8:31PM 0 Authenticate against AD/NT4, but use local account?
8:00PM 0 pdc login issues with Vista
7:18PM 0 can't list directories
5:21PM 0 changes to /etc/group without restarting samba
4:06PM 0 PDC LDAP Idmap problem
3:46PM 1 The network is invisible!
2:18PM 3 Link AD to pre-existing UNIX accounts
10:41AM 1 Change password from XP
Sunday April 22 2007
11:52PM 2 PDC over PPTP VPN
10:35PM 1 Permissions problem
6:19PM 1 VFS
11:57AM 1 Samba 3.0.25rc2 Available for Download
Saturday April 21 2007
1:42PM 3 samba pdc issue
12:55PM 0 Syncing tdb files although it's not the best idea ;-)
12:17AM 0 Big problem with Profiles being deleted
Friday April 20 2007
7:29PM 1 danger in using pdbedit
7:05PM 2 question re multiple backends and the 'guest' backend
4:31PM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED error. Pls help
4:15PM 0 accessing samba shares from a winpc sometimes as a readonly user and sometimes with writing abilities
2:25PM 0 client not authorized
2:22PM 1 ACLS, inherit owner=yes
12:50PM 1 Redundant ldap idmap backend possible?
12:05PM 0 Samba-console
11:09AM 0 Samba OpenLDAP Setup
8:17AM 1 LDAP redudancy problem
Thursday April 19 2007
10:45PM 1 3.0.25rc2?
9:12PM 0 Problems with Samba Authentication (samba.i386 0:3.0.24-4.fc6 or 3.0.25rc1)
7:43PM 0 Changing permissions in WinXP interface of not owned files... Only with root
7:13PM 1 Re: Vista, share level, UNC (3.0.25rc1)
5:57PM 0 How can I set permissions to various groups?
5:25PM 2 username map script never runs
4:14PM 1 Enter or quit a samba's domain in pdc
1:22PM 0 Creating users
12:49PM 2 successor of 'printer admin'
12:06PM 1 LDAP, tdbsam, and profiles
2:19AM 0 Samba on Solaris filing
Wednesday April 18 2007
10:59PM 1 change ldap accounts to samba ldap accounts
7:32PM 1 Cannot Access Linux Shares from Domain Client
5:20PM 0 _mcount: too many profiled procedures
4:27PM 0 Users/Groups Permissions
3:45PM 3 file permissions with inherit permission + ACL's
3:18PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Drag and Drop and Crash]
2:39PM 1 Windows don't show domain groups
2:21PM 0 How much Money are we saving with Samba?
2:17PM 0 connections from WinXP fail
1:53PM 1 winbindd/ fail to use workstation credentials (NTLM+SPNEGO)
9:33AM 1 smbclient tar function : no password asked ?
7:25AM 0 Making Linux use nmblookup to transform names into IP addresses
6:43AM 1 Domain membership problem in OpenSuse 10.2
12:22AM 0 Samba / Winbind / LDAP - Can't access shares
Tuesday April 17 2007
9:59PM 0 new added users can't join from xp clients
8:24PM 3 delete readonly = no ..not working on windows
6:42PM 1 Log: lib/smbldap.c:smbldap_open(1009)
6:24PM 1 Problems with folder permissions
5:49PM 1 problem setting ntlm authentication for apache using mod_auth_winbind
5:05PM 2 WinXp - Samba - Solaris Connection issue
4:04PM 1 VS: Potential bug in winbindd
3:36PM 1 notebook users question
3:27PM 3 wbinfo on a PDC
2:58PM 2 Samba sessions
11:44AM 0 LDAP PDC migration gone wrong.
11:05AM 0 net rpc query
9:40AM 1 pam_winbind.c
9:37AM 1 the challenge that the password server.. supplied us is not the one we gave our client
9:09AM 2 problems with msdfs proxy in AD environment
3:00AM 2 [Fwd: Re: Drag and Drop and Crash]
12:18AM 1 winxp samba problem
Monday April 16 2007
9:05PM 2 Sparc Solaris 10 samba issue -
8:42PM 0 Winbind on a PDC
7:54PM 1 requesting assistance in samba-samba migration
7:24PM 1 Samba 2.2.7
5:37PM 0 BDC problems
4:25PM 0 Resharing a Remotely Mounted CIFS share
4:13PM 1 Samba with LDAP Intergration
2:38PM 1 VFS on AIX 5.2 4.3.3
2:06PM 0 Problem with RPC and Win2003 Server
1:04PM 0 Winbindd periodical timeout issue
12:45PM 2 hide directories?
8:17AM 1 Winbind offline logon
7:50AM 0 samba and FreeBSD jails
Sunday April 15 2007
6:27PM 0 pdbedit and root SID/RID
3:16PM 1 Samba 3.0.24 - group permissions
Saturday April 14 2007
10:51PM 0 Problem using ADS
4:32PM 5 SAMBA Problem - Users take ownership
3:56PM 2 Samba -> WinXP: slow transfers, partial solution
2:30PM 0 writable share with guest acount problem
2:02PM 1 WINS gives wrong IP.
Friday April 13 2007
10:09PM 4 smbldap-useradd not creating machine accounts in correct fashion
8:05PM 1 Performance Problems in smbmount but not in smbclient
6:12PM 1 disable roaming profiles
2:55PM 0 ACLs for local users on windows machine
2:33PM 0 Samba PDC, WinXP and home shares...
1:39PM 2 Printer and faxes icon in browsing list
11:50AM 0 Net getlocalsid error samba+ldap
8:34AM 1 Samba3 : no suitable range available for sid
Thursday April 12 2007
8:46PM 1 InterDomain Trust Issue w/Server 2003
7:23PM 3 Idmap back compatible issue
6:24PM 0 Can I do advanced group mapping (rpc) without Active Directory?
6:01PM 1 Cannot set ACL rights for group "Authenticated Users" (SID S-1-5-11)
3:54PM 0 machine trust account password backup
3:03PM 0 PDC and BDC across WAN
10:48AM 1 Moving a Samba PDC from Solaris 2.8 to CentOS 4.4
9:32AM 0 panic in smbd_audit aftar a connect
6:52AM 0 Hide workgroup names in network neighborhood ?
6:17AM 0 Deleted files reappear after login
Wednesday April 11 2007
10:50PM 3 Samba 3.0 and XP roaming profiles
10:50PM 0 w2k3 memberserver as terminal server in samba domain
10:50PM 3 Problems sharing HP Officejet 6210 Linux --> XP
10:50PM 1 Hybrid Mode for Security
10:50PM 1 Poor Quickbooks Performance
10:50PM 1 samba problems
10:50PM 1 ntprinters.tdb and ntdrivers.tdb
10:50PM 1 WinME can't log immediately after restart (Samba as PDC).
10:50PM 0 env-entry problem in Pluto portal
9:31PM 1 bind or samba configuration preventing browsing network
2:11PM 2 reset on zero vc, global parameter or not
1:39PM 0 Summary from Tuesday's Bugzilla Day
12:33PM 0 ldap password sync
11:10AM 3 Any pointers for multiple subnets?
11:08AM 1 Problem with subfolder permissions
8:37AM 2 Problem with subfolder permissions within share
4:18AM 1 samba: offer public share to Windows 98 and writable share to Windows XP
1:09AM 4 machine authentication at Active Directory
Tuesday April 10 2007
11:58PM 0 Some errors importing accounts from NT4 PDC with net vampire
9:26PM 2 Roaming Desktops with Linux Clients
8:40PM 5 Drag and Drop and Crash
6:51PM 0 root ownership of print jobs
5:52PM 1 Problem to start services nmbd and smbd
5:18PM 4 SMB Signature verification failed when establish trust with win2003 domain
3:58PM 2 Group Policy install MSI from Samba share
3:40PM 1 Backup Domain Controller
1:47PM 1 Samba - deny 2 or more connections in a pc
1:41PM 0 Problems with Single-Sign-On
1:20PM 0 I have to delete samba cache everynight
11:55AM 1 Supressing smbclient output.
10:01AM 0 winbindd breaks after unsuccesfull foreign account authentication attempt
Monday April 9 2007
11:45PM 1 Share does not exist
8:12PM 0 Samba 3.0.25rc1 Available for Download
7:30PM 0 Bugzilla Day for Samba 3.0.25rc1 on Tuesday, April 10
3:11PM 3 net rpc vampire umlauts (äöüß) problem
Saturday April 7 2007
6:58PM 2 access problem on linux mounted Windows Vista share
6:54PM 1 Migrating Samba # domain Controller from FreeBSD to MetBSD
Friday April 6 2007
9:03PM 1 Vista, share level, UNC
7:57PM 0 Samba Domain Confusion
4:00PM 3 Problem with samba and XP
3:22PM 1 Can upload but can't delete how ?
3:08PM 2 Vista and UNC solved
10:48AM 1 Authentication problems using libsmbclient API and DFS shares
3:33AM 1 Using Special Characters
Thursday April 5 2007
9:24PM 0 Samba woes with Linux/CentOS/VMWare/Windows
9:23PM 0 Re: Fwd: Win32 services management?
8:43PM 1 Help with samba on Solaris 9
8:14PM 2 Samba kills network.
7:47PM 0 Linux SMB Browser
6:16PM 0 Annoying behavior in Windows
11:17AM 1 Can't conect to share ?
11:16AM 2 %g Variable of smb.conf
10:35AM 0
Wednesday April 4 2007
11:45PM 1 Use of cache_peer login=username:password
10:43PM 0 smbd trying to use incorrect am-utils paths
7:23PM 0 Samba-3.0.24 patched drive mapping prompting for username/password and fails..
3:47PM 1 creating NTConfig.POL
3:11PM 1 Failed to verify incoming ticket! When clients use netbios names only!
2:57PM 1 Issue with pam_winbind for MS AD authentication and moduleoptions
2:26PM 0 Solaris 10 Samba and AD using LDAP
1:52PM 1 Issue with pam_winbind for MS AD authentication and module options
11:41AM 3 SID resolution to Username
11:16AM 0 Samba not calling "add user script"
9:24AM 1 Changing winbind's user settings of an AD-User
9:12AM 0 Problems setting up Samba-3 as PDC
8:57AM 0 %LOGONSERVER% variable in netlogon/Default User folder redirection
7:28AM 1 SambasSID with 1 ldap-server and 3 samba-servers
3:32AM 0 Can't see samba drives or printers in host Linux from VMWare guest Windows
1:44AM 0 Samba- popup message
1:44AM 1 DFS not working from XP
1:43AM 0 dosattr tool
1:43AM 0 Issue joining a PC to a Samba domain from a subnet other the one that Samba PDC resides on
1:42AM 0 CIFS vs NFS
1:41AM 0 SAMBA AIX Authentication using LDAP
1:40AM 0 smbclient -M "connection fails"
1:40AM 0 sambauserworkstations
1:39AM 2 Mac OSX Samba Q
1:39AM 0 uploading printer drivers
1:31AM 1 Samba - LDAP - Kerberos
1:31AM 0 Migration suggestions?
Tuesday April 3 2007
8:39PM 0 Samba+ADS+groups>32 = broken Samba
8:28PM 0 Occasional cache-related problem
2:13PM 1 unsupported nsswitch entry
2:13PM 0 dual-head patch from IDEALX / Master/Slave LDAP
11:11AM 1 Winbind 3.0.25-pre2 problems with sid2uid
10:10AM 1 Jobs stay in WinXP-Printer-Queue, never processed by CUPS
8:18AM 1 General question about 'smbclient'
Monday April 2 2007
11:24PM 1 Authenticating against linux before windows
6:09PM 1 home shares and thunderbird profiles
6:02PM 1 problems creating a share with SWAT
5:27PM 0 Failed to set servicePrincipalNames error
5:25PM 0 Samba mounts failing to Win2003 Server
5:18PM 0 open_fake_file_shared: access denied
2:07PM 0 Samba domain members and idmap_ad
7:52AM 0 PDC and BDC problem
5:24AM 0 Can't see samba drives in host Linux from VMWare guest Windows
Sunday April 1 2007
7:56PM 5 How to change SID in ntuser.dat?
1:41PM 2 deny second or multiple logins