samba - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
2:53PM 2 Issue joining a PC to a Samba domain from a subnet other the one that Samba PDC
Friday March 30 2007
9:44PM 0 Beta IE7 Policy Template
6:55PM 0 getent group shows me twice user id in a group
4:01PM 0 Vista Roaming Profiles and GPMC.MSC
3:35PM 2 error was re: disappearing printer drivers
10:25AM 3 Linux Active Directory Integration Problem
10:09AM 0 Inter-domain trust relationship AND logon script/ntconfig.pol
9:04AM 0 How to get mount.cifs to behave like a Windows client?
8:14AM 0 LDAP machine accounts
7:03AM 0 Folder and file dates change
6:14AM 1 Windows add\remove program problm
2:39AM 0 disappearing printer drivers
Thursday March 29 2007
9:49PM 1 Printer suddenly stops printing
9:49PM 0 Meaning of user.DOSATTRIB values
7:13PM 0 smbclient and -W... when do I need it?
6:49PM 1 Problems with Samba between Linux host and VMWare Windows guest
4:17PM 2 Rebuild Samba Server: Do my XP clients need to rejoin domain?
3:41PM 0 usrmgr and time restrictions - off exactly 1 hour...
1:42PM 0 CIFS ACLs & Linux
1:10PM 3 Samba logging behavior on new files
12:07PM 0 Samba - 2 or more connections in my pc
11:14AM 2 change password failed
10:31AM 0 inherit permisssions in share/dir/subdir
7:16AM 0 3.0.24 on Solaris 10 (sparc)
Wednesday March 28 2007
11:26PM 0 SAMBA and ACLs on FreeBSD 6.1
11:13PM 2 windows clients can't see workgroup at all
7:23PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.3.0 released
6:44PM 0 File transfers to Windows XP x64 stalling and dying after a few minutes. [SOLVED]
5:29PM 0 shares breaking
11:19AM 0 Active Directory Groups within /etc/group
10:43AM 0 Application slowness after samba upgrade
3:59AM 0 pam authentication needs smbpasswd to lookup login
12:31AM 3 Dueling master browsers...
Tuesday March 27 2007
9:37PM 0 Samba hangs badly making the OS hang unrecoverably too
5:35PM 1 samba on intel nas box and windows share browsing hanging
5:31PM 1 Could not peek rid out of sid
3:13PM 1 Problem joining an active directory domain
2:01PM 0 disallow change group
1:03PM 4 Samba 3.0.24 on AIX
1:03PM 1 authentication w/o using /etc/passwd
1:02PM 1 Printer Drivers on Samba server
1:02PM 1 Does samba support ipv6 ?
1:00PM 0 "All-In-One" with Samba
12:58PM 1 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind
12:58PM 1 Samba, WinXP and slow printing
12:57PM 0 LDAP error while starting smbd
12:56PM 1 cups and inf file with hp laserjet 4000
12:55PM 0 error "you do not have permission to change your password"
12:54PM 0 FW: smb.conf
12:53PM 0 Joining ADS Domain from Solaris9
12:52PM 0 Network browsing problem and solution.
12:52PM 0 Samba connectivity fails
12:51PM 1 Samba File Server Antivirus
12:50PM 0 smbclient mangles share names
12:49PM 0 samba pdc+ldap authentificating users in another ldap without samba
12:49PM 1 probleme d'installation de samba sur AIX 5.3 et accés LDAP
12:48PM 0 samba 3.0.21c, AIX 52 ML7 gcc 3.3.2, Error authenticating root in SWAT
12:46PM 0 kint error after time change
12:46PM 0 Samba 3.0.23d-19.2-1179-SUSE-SL10.2 wrong Workgroup listing
12:46PM 0 reporting wrong sizes
12:45PM 1 re: Samba + Winbind + SuSE Linux AD auth not working
12:43PM 0 Want to join samba domain from a Vista professionnal client
12:43PM 0 samba on alpha reporting wrong sizes
12:43PM 0 nfsv4 acl's on zfs
11:46AM 0 To set up Administrator User with no Session Enabled
10:45AM 2 NDN: Re: Move local profile to domain profile.
9:24AM 1 Multiple Domains; 1 PDC
7:23AM 0 What triggers a make_user_info_map
12:23AM 1 smbclient syntax
Monday March 26 2007
10:49PM 0 Mangled Names
10:13PM 1 Samba-LDAP interdomain trust
10:04PM 1 cups samba and inf file with hp laserjet 4000
9:54PM 1 Migration to Samba from Windows 2000
9:05PM 1 Joining EMC NAS to Samba 3 Domain?
3:10PM 1 Upgrade 3.0.10 to 3.0.24 on RHEL4 - NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
2:52PM 0 One of the SOLUTIONS for winbind authenication failures with STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW
12:45PM 0 upgrade 3.0.22 3.0.24 winbind problem - no reply received to cldap netlogon
6:31AM 0 How to access a samba share that has softlink within?
Sunday March 25 2007
9:29PM 0 Samba NT Domain User/Group Confusion
8:57PM 3 panic in pwnam_r after a reconnect
7:19PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Roaming Profiles Problem]
4:29PM 2 Roaming Profiles Problem
Saturday March 24 2007
10:14AM 1 winbind: BUILTIN\users group gid 1001 conflict
Friday March 23 2007
10:19PM 0 Importing accounts from NT4 domain with Vampire
6:15PM 2 Can No Longer Join to Domain
5:39PM 2 Domain Member Server Problem
5:18PM 0 How to install nfs on a LAN-Drive with SMB-Server on it?
3:34PM 0 Domain Controller either fails to acquire or loses client machine identities after several hours
12:48PM 2 Recycle
2:11AM 1 getent passwd / wbinfo -u timeout
Thursday March 22 2007
7:35PM 1 Valid Users setting causing crash
5:06PM 0 smbd using 95-100% CPU and going very slow
3:40PM 2 Updating System Policy Templates
1:20PM 1 smbldap-passwd
10:07AM 2 Problem with fileupload on SMB share
Wednesday March 21 2007
11:32PM 1 Samba 3.0.25pre2 Available for Download
4:32PM 1 pdc configuration
3:58PM 1 Will *not* be providing RedHat 9 packages for Samba 3.0.25
2:56PM 0 Error accessing trusted w2k3 domain share
1:17PM 1 Active directory, winbind, and distribution groups (as opposed to security groups)
11:44AM 6 error while migrating users to ldap with pdbedit
8:09AM 0 Samba FDS pasword problem
3:09AM 2 help with Samba & win2k3 domain
Tuesday March 20 2007
11:29PM 2 Copying local profiles to domain profiles...
11:09PM 0 Delete permission only for one IP
11:00PM 2 a lot off nmbd
7:16PM 5 Problem with 02 domains on a single PDC
3:26PM 2 Limit AD for Winbind
1:27PM 1 Problem with Desktop
12:13PM 2 Logon script change failure
11:48AM 1 Bizzare behaviour of Samba+ADS - help needed
11:41AM 2 smbclient and long share names
10:54AM 1 samba errors when using windows xp home edition
Monday March 19 2007
10:19PM 1 samba groupware integration
3:24PM 0 Server Does Not Appear In My Network Places
12:53PM 0 No 'user' in authentication process. only guest access
Sunday March 18 2007
8:59PM 1 Symlinks deletion behaviour
7:48PM 1 Samba / NFS performance
Saturday March 17 2007
1:50PM 2 The specified NEtwork Name Cannot Be Found
5:47AM 1 Configuring pam with
1:48AM 0 Kerberos + Windows XP + Samba
Friday March 16 2007
11:45PM 1 Active Directory integration without NSS support
9:20PM 0 Slow browsing, File Open dialog
3:11PM 3 Can't change password change dates with PDBEDIT
2:58PM 1 Idmap_rid differs on FreeBSD and SLES!
9:31AM 0 How to client can know its domain controller
12:23AM 1 Information about SSID structure
Thursday March 15 2007
10:48PM 2 3.0.23 ldapsam:trusted=yes problem
9:16PM 0 Winbind on a PDC
6:13PM 0 Permissions/ACL's being ignored by Windows clients
5:55PM 0 re: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.
5:01PM 1 Samba Authentication Using Novell eDirectory via LDAP
4:46PM 0 Inconsistent mapping issues
3:27PM 4 AutoCAD / file lock problem / Samba 3.0.10
2:59PM 0 Samba and LDAP Replication
2:27PM 1 Strange lock problem + sporadic massive slowdown
2:23PM 2 Laptops randomly losing their domain credentials
2:23PM 0 Printers queue with possible bug
11:22AM 1 Samba 3.0.x, GPFS and NFSv4, ACLs and so on... ???
11:19AM 1 Groups unknown (but users ok) on members of Samba domain
10:22AM 0 samba ldap export account
8:02AM 0 Winbind problem
7:24AM 1 refuse machine password change
4:02AM 3 Question about AD user/ACL mapping
3:51AM 1 winbind occasionally failing to find domain controllers for trusted domains
Wednesday March 14 2007
11:00PM 2 Move local profile to domain profile.
9:20PM 0 winbindd logging problem, filling up log filesystem
4:12PM 1 close_low_fds
2:47PM 1 [Fwd: problem writing files]
2:41PM 0 RE: Re: can´t access share by name, but on ip
2:06PM 3 Errors logging in from Windows - LDAP + Samba PDC
12:27PM 0 samba 3.0.23: %p not working?
11:53AM 1 roaming profile not uploaded correctly when logging out for the first time
9:55AM 1 Active Directory Group Policy
1:57AM 0 Problem with Samba and McAfee?
12:33AM 0 NT Migration Auth Problem with NIS & Samba3
Tuesday March 13 2007
8:26PM 0 Problem with pdbedit -e, Samba 3.0.11
8:09PM 3 Owner/Permissions and winbind
6:36PM 0 Can't connect to Samba server from Windows XP box
3:13PM 2 Authenticating with Active Directory
3:02PM 10 Need some explanation on Samba/NFS locks handle
2:53PM 5 can´t access share by name, but on ip
2:46PM 1 Registry on server
1:50PM 0 NET_SAMLOGON failed
12:52PM 0 pdb_getsampwnam (TDB): error fetching database.
9:31AM 1 VFS module and file size problem
7:27AM 3 Win32 services management?
1:57AM 0 samba access
Monday March 12 2007
10:50PM 2 Samba kerberos more time sensitive that Windows?
8:37PM 1 Resolution of Groups on Mac OS X 10.4.8...
7:44PM 1 Print queues not emptying
3:47PM 0 net ads join error in debug mode when joining Windows 2003 AD
3:19PM 0 problem writing files
11:19AM 0 queue windows client not emtpying
8:53AM 2 %M resolve to IP (only)
5:59AM 3 Fatal Samba bug? Why can't anyone answer this question?
12:37AM 1 write list doesn't override read only paramater
Sunday March 11 2007
11:48PM 0 Question about tdb files
11:31PM 1 samba+Ldap+smbldap-tools
5:41PM 1 Is anything special needed for connecting two linux computers?
3:59PM 3 I cannot see the network in the PDC server but yes in xp stations, any idea?
3:56PM 1 Samba PDC - upgrading from winxp clients to linux (OpenSUSE) clients
Saturday March 10 2007
3:37PM 0 Samba Core dump when using AD groups on the Linux File System??
Friday March 9 2007
10:52PM 0 Groups turn to SIDS?
6:04PM 1 Users Read/Write/Delete Permission
5:12PM 1 pdc root password
3:32PM 0 Domain Authentication Problem
2:45PM 2 Windows won't recognize hostname of server
12:33PM 9 printing problem
12:30PM 0 sam logon ACCESS DENIED
11:01AM 1 Samba+LDAP wrong domain name
11:00AM 1 problem adding machine to a samba domain
10:12AM 1 samba reporting wrong space
9:45AM 0 Shares on XP - Q from a Windoze Newbie:)
8:02AM 1 Authentify User again Windows 2003 Active Directory
Thursday March 8 2007
5:29PM 2 Share problem between Windows and Linux
4:02PM 0 Local and Roaming profiles
3:27PM 1 ldap
2:42PM 1
2:36PM 0 Lost trust relationship with domain controller
1:12PM 1 Vanishing options in hp printer drivers
1:06PM 2 Q: Samba Proxy or SAMBA Cluster?
12:49PM 0 chown/chgrp for winbind users doesn`t work
12:26PM 2 CUPS errors when not using CUPS - Breaks printing
11:24AM 0 WG: Samba Version 3.0.24 and 3.0.25 Winbind lost connection (Connection reset by peer) to W2K3-DC on Port 445 \lsarpc failure
11:08AM 1 Workstation SID Variability in Samba-Controlled Domains
3:45AM 1 recommended filesystems with NT/Posix ACL's ?
2:14AM 1 winbind fails "getent passwd eknuds"
Wednesday March 7 2007
11:28PM 0 smbclient -P HELP
11:20PM 2 smbldap-tools problem
10:55PM 0 Problem with users files
4:58PM 1 Cannot Join Client to Domain
4:23PM 10 Office products Locking issues
4:05PM 0 Executing smbclient in batch
3:00PM 1 3.0.24 weird errors, harmless?
12:04PM 1 Samba problems after latest Solaris 10 Patches
11:58AM 1 NTLMv2 configuration problems
6:05AM 0 Network name no longer available error on large file write to FAT Shares
2:03AM 1 Buffalo Terastation with 3.0.23d PDC and LDAP backend?
Tuesday March 6 2007
11:02PM 1 Shares losing group entries
10:52PM 0 samba + kerberos
10:51PM 1 samba profiles and homes
10:24PM 3 /etc/fstab and windows share problem
10:24PM 1 smbldap-useradd says "Error: modifications require authentication at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ line 1056."
5:04PM 1 smbclient -P
4:37PM 0 problem with 3.0.24.
4:00PM 0 net send *
2:46PM 1 AIX 5.3
1:20PM 0 strange problem with share access
12:31PM 0 SSO group / map problem
10:14AM 0 win2003 AD to samba ldap pdc migration
10:04AM 0 SambaNextRid, SambaPrimaryGroupSid.
9:31AM 2 "rec_read bad magic" error when printing... again
8:31AM 0 Specify profile type per user
Monday March 5 2007
10:54PM 1 Translating the Samba Howto Collection in French
9:36PM 1 Trouble adding samba server to a domain
5:12PM 1 Samba authentication w/o using /etc/passwd?
5:02PM 1 samba+ldap: Simu.- login of 2 different users => user rejected
4:46PM 0 XP and ACL info
1:17PM 1 error exporting account data to ldap
7:30AM 0 Using different UIDs for server and client
6:53AM 1 Samba over SSH to Windows Vista
4:07AM 1 NTLM authentication with squid using smbpasswd/tdbsam?
2:32AM 1 Delete permission question
Sunday March 4 2007
11:43PM 1 Change user IDs on Samba PDC
7:21PM 0 Samba PDC (3.0.24)
6:05PM 1 net ads join to w2k3 hangs, every encryption type fails
Saturday March 3 2007
4:34PM 4 Fwd: Changing LDAP password from Windows XP
7:50AM 2 Unable to follow dfs referral - still a problem for smbclient & also freebsd smbfs
Friday March 2 2007
9:57PM 1 Sambapwdcanchange is not working!
6:23PM 1 Changing LDAP password from Windows XP
3:40PM 2 Administrator on samba server?
2:24PM 1 Duplicate SID for Root and Samba Server Machine Name
2:23PM 1 libnss_wins crashing Firefox/Iceweasel?
10:27AM 1 roaming profiles not working
7:03AM 1 Wrong permissions
3:21AM 1 smbfs gzip/bzip2 "File too large"?
Thursday March 1 2007
11:36PM 0 Trouble Joining Active Directory
4:41PM 0 changing samba password from windows client not in domain
4:39PM 0 blocking name diffusion within two subnets
3:39PM 2 subdirectories with different permissions
2:42PM 3 groups command slow
2:40PM 0 How I can forbid to look resources of a server?
1:38PM 0 windows2000 machine accounts join Samba
1:14PM 0 Samba 3.0.25pre1 Available for Download
11:41AM 0 [Joining a Samba Server as an ADS Domain Member]
11:12AM 1 How to detect a printer across a network?
9:19AM 0 locale profile migration
9:14AM 0 Files get deleted
4:21AM 0 Wide open (security = share) w/ printers including driver download success story
3:40AM 1 Samba 3.0.24 ported to OS/2 - a couple of problems