samba - Jan 2007

Wednesday January 31 2007
11:18PM 1 Lotus Domino LDAP
10:50PM 3 Move Vs Copy
9:31PM 5 Advertising Samba shares on the local network via mDNS
5:47PM 0 Samba winbindd crash
5:30PM 1 Enforce Strong Passwords LDAP PDC
3:48PM 1 Cannot change expired password
3:47PM 0 smbpasswd and machine accounts
2:04PM 1 invalid user nobody
1:24PM 3 passwd chat for samba->kerberos passwd-sync
12:27PM 0 Windows Client Print Queue does not getclearedafterjobcompletion....
11:06AM 2 samba4?
10:28AM 2 Help ! Logon Hours
9:56AM 0 Bug Query
9:35AM 0 Samba server access through a firewall
9:22AM 2 Windows Client Print Queue does not get cleared afterjobcompletion....
9:17AM 0 Windows Client Print Queue does not get cleared after jobcompletion....
Tuesday January 30 2007
11:55PM 1 cannot su, something may related to pam
8:04PM 4 Domain logons and client IP broadcasts
6:08PM 0 Joining the domain client related questions
4:33PM 1 winbind users template shell
4:04PM 1 smbtorture NEGNOWAIT makes 3.023d dump core
3:00PM 1 Samba FS keeping AD security
2:56PM 1 net and the PASSWD environment variable
2:04PM 2 Netlogon, roming profiles in samba(PDC)-ldap
1:50PM 0 XP MyDocuments - Network Shares
9:07AM 5 howto : Samba + LDAP
8:45AM 0 ldap machine attributes not filled correctly when join a domain
4:46AM 1 winbindd + smbd errors trying to run in proxy only mode
3:35AM 1 file owner is root
3:20AM 0 NETBIOS (NetBT) Issues
12:34AM 1 Vista, NTLMV2, security = domain
Monday January 29 2007
10:44PM 1 Fw: Question regarding samba with DFS support
7:46PM 1 "locking = no" - netlogon share for PDC
6:18PM 3 Should samba be split between client & server
6:14PM 3 Vista can't use samba hosted printer drivers
4:19PM 1 Performance issue with change to CIFS
11:42AM 5 ACLs fail in 3.0.23d
10:42AM 3 Problem runing Samba 3.0.23d with LDAP on FreeBSD 6.2 sparc64
10:34AM 0 Samba/LDAP PDC problem
8:20AM 1 How can I limit open files in (for) session or share ?
8:12AM 1 Accessing public folder without entering password.
Sunday January 28 2007
4:27PM 4 Use Microsoft shared fax printer?
4:02PM 1 Batch print office documents?
Saturday January 27 2007
11:08PM 3 how to debug roaming profiles
9:40PM 3 SMB slow by design?
7:53PM 1 make_server_info_info3: pdb_init_sam failed!
3:32PM 0 debugging smbldap-useradd failures
12:37PM 0 Problem with MAX OPEN FILES REACHED
11:31AM 0 which log file? (no domain logon)
10:44AM 3 Monitor samba per user ?
7:52AM 3 Samba running slow
1:29AM 1 ActiveDirectory, DNS and Samba Server on different subnets
1:12AM 1 Security = Domain requires Active Directory configured to allow NT emulation?
Friday January 26 2007
8:42PM 3 Multiple Filesystems on one path stmt in smb.conf
4:25PM 0 Cross-network printing
4:15PM 3 Office 2007 saves files as read only on samba shares?
3:51PM 2 Domain Member Server passdb Migration/Change
3:27PM 5 Samba Server Specifications
10:15AM 0 Modification to smbldap-useradd
6:41AM 2 Samba ACL bug?
3:15AM 1 Asynchronous Communications
1:54AM 2 Unable to join domain: FAIDHC01SDCG0402
Thursday January 25 2007
10:10PM 1 Failed to find user using smbpasswd
9:13PM 1 smbtorture4 fails RAW-LOCK against 3.0.23d
7:54PM 1 printing problem
7:27PM 4 What Happened to my SAMBA? Permissions Issue
7:01PM 1 Giving AD group members access to Samba server
5:14PM 1 TCP Bad checksum packets on ports 445
3:18PM 1 SBS Backup User
2:30PM 0 Smbclient 3.0.23d . Access denied when overwriting hidden files on windows.
1:31PM 2 connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor
12:30PM 1 domain/unix groups and valid users parameter
9:18AM 0 Am I going about this all the wrong way?[Scanned]
5:05AM 1 LDAP Timeout
Wednesday January 24 2007
10:55PM 1 Winbind set to only serve certain addresses?
10:09PM 0 Fwd: Samba members in NT4.0 to AD upgrade
9:23PM 1 tree connect failled: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
8:29PM 0 Question about Samba 2.2.7 and AD 2003
6:05PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.2.0 released
4:55PM 1 Am I going about this all the wrong way?
4:04PM 2 Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network
3:02PM 0 samba 3.0.23 memberserver problems
2:28PM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11
11:50AM 1 samba from outside
10:25AM 1 Dreamweaver access errors with Samba 3.0.23d
2:17AM 1 Authentication problem netbios name vs ip address
Tuesday January 23 2007
10:11PM 0 troubleshooiing browsing via a VPN....
8:35PM 0 Windows 2003 Server Problem
6:55PM 1 Segfault/panic with Samba 3.0.23d and setuid
12:57PM 1 Workstaion trust account
12:50PM 3 Login and logout scripts
11:26AM 2 replacing a samba pdc server.
10:33AM 1 Samba as a PDC and LDAP - migration
10:21AM 1 Problems with password authentication on Samba as an AD-Member
10:04AM 7 access users homes share
9:43AM 1 Port Problem
9:19AM 0 help with 'print command'
6:07AM 1 login problem with domain users
5:50AM 0 Remote Registry Changes
Monday January 22 2007
8:25PM 1 Prevent windows users from changing file/folder permission
6:11PM 1 Duplicate Desktop Icons...
4:38PM 2 winbind - timeouts in domain with >100000 domain users
4:38PM 0 checking a locked file
4:30PM 0 Name mangling
4:09PM 2 Samba members in NT4.0 to AD upgrade
3:25PM 0 problem establishing a trust to Win2003 and samba
1:52PM 1 Bug in NetSessionEnum implementation ?
10:42AM 1 Compiled smbd and nmbd doesn't start up
10:40AM 0 compiled smbd and nmbd doesn't rise up
10:20AM 3 net ads info can't find the ldap server.
10:12AM 0 printing without a spool
10:10AM 1 Slow samba transfer
7:35AM 2 Mode 0x1b4 errors in logs, unable to save Word documents
Saturday January 20 2007
7:20PM 1 Error looking for next uid at /usr/sbin// line 993.
6:22PM 1 Profile problems
2:30PM 2 Mac OS X and AD
Friday January 19 2007
10:53PM 1 Possible bug on net rpc trustdom establish
9:48PM 0 Unable to Access Samba Server from 64 bit Windows
8:44PM 1 Samba4 TP release
8:04PM 2 Multi share point to the same drive letter
7:10PM 2 Using users from another samba server
3:06PM 1 I want install samba on debian
3:03PM 0 Help me I want to install samba on denian
2:47PM 1 solved: Re: Letter instead of A4 with driver installed via Samba's Point'n'Print
2:42PM 0 Roaming profile problem BDC
1:42PM 1 Samba PDC roaming profiles problem
1:36PM 1 Unable to locate SID, possible problem with Idmap?
12:21PM 1 Samaba PDC - User Permissions
10:57AM 1 Domain groups problem Samba 3.0.23d
9:22AM 0 Trusted domain or BDC?
3:01AM 0 generate printer like netlogon
1:38AM 1 Assign different shells to
12:44AM 1 samba security question
Thursday January 18 2007
9:49PM 1 Domain Member Server or Mounted Shares?
8:54PM 2 Dual Computer Names
8:00PM 0 Tell TLS to ignore certs
6:00PM 1 windows 2003 can't map drives
5:25PM 1 migrating to a new server with LDAP
3:32PM 2 Letter instead of A4 with driver installed via Samba's Point'n'Print
2:33PM 1 Users shell
1:51PM 1 Static compilation and Samba 3.0.23c
11:21AM 0 Impossible to change Primary group
9:24AM 4 samba 3.0.23d with ldap compile problem
6:47AM 1 samba-3.0.21b-2 & win98
Wednesday January 17 2007
11:24PM 1 Machine account in Users home
11:08PM 0 user home dir
9:38PM 1 CIFS / mounting long delay
9:25PM 1 folder redirection of my documents
8:46PM 0 Samba 3 and Mac OS
4:28PM 0 FIXED getsmbfilepwent problem - Samba concerned with negative UIDs
4:18PM 1 Default Profile Problems
4:17PM 0 getsmbfilepwent problem - Samba concerned with negative UIDs
4:11PM 1 smbstatus -B segmentation fault
2:15PM 2 smbldap-useradd question
2:08PM 0 Error during copy with Mac OS client
1:46PM 0 More info about "winbind and domain member authentication problems"
12:20PM 0 winbind and domain member authentication problems
11:16AM 3 bdc ?
10:38AM 3 Mapping a network drive to a Windows Drive Letter
10:06AM 3 PDC BDC hot failover
9:34AM 0 not getting the filename requested.
9:30AM 1 concerns with moving from samba2 to samba3
9:24AM 2 Slow at loading large folder tree
9:10AM 1 unable to join to Windows 2000 AS SP4
Tuesday January 16 2007
11:16PM 1 Indentifier muddle
9:56PM 1 samba attributes for openldap
8:52PM 2 Dual boot Win98 Centos sharing files
8:30PM 4 Administrator is Root
12:33PM 1 SMBFS in FC6
12:15PM 1 Active directory usergroups to use with samba
11:58AM 1 Question about Solaris ZFS and ACLs
11:30AM 1 hostname and IP
5:38AM 0 nested groups with ADS does not work?
Monday January 15 2007
10:06PM 0 prevent windows users from changing the share permission
9:37PM 1 Winbind caching group membership issue
9:37PM 1 Mac OSX doesn't retain file timestamp when copying to SAMBA share
6:03PM 1 Group permissions issue migrating from 2.2.8a to 3.0.23a
5:59PM 1 Winbind nested groups not working
5:32PM 0 User permissions
5:11PM 2 Auto Create user home directory
2:03PM 3 Testing subnets with samba[Scanned]
1:39PM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
12:02PM 1 windows user problem
11:16AM 1 Samba and Windows XP: "foogroup is not accessible"
Sunday January 14 2007
8:01AM 1 Active directory not working across openvpn tunnel
2:57AM 1 map network drive on previously mounted samba share on winxp
12:59AM 2 Windows XP SMB mounts require manual refresh
Saturday January 13 2007
7:31PM 3 Windows XP cannot load roaming profile
2:19PM 1 winxp home login to samba shares
3:34AM 1 fam inconsistent in noticing changes
1:23AM 1 Failed to verify incoming ticket
Friday January 12 2007
11:18PM 1 How to get Soft Links to work
10:27PM 1 Error setting up Samba with LDAP
3:42PM 5 File Lock Timeout
2:15PM 1 Samba 3.0.10 - Invalid Value!!!
12:35PM 0 Write list options Dont work
10:16AM 1 Repost: Can't connect to my smb share from Win machine
10:03AM 0 Samba box comment in NLS
9:39AM 2 samba storing filenames as utf8
8:00AM 0 Kerberos Password Changes
5:35AM 1 Logon script problem
12:40AM 1 Migrate W 2K users and user group to samba
Thursday January 11 2007
10:50PM 1 Complicated question
9:22PM 2 read only share problem
8:29PM 1 rename or mv not possible when unix write mode not set
7:47PM 1 pdbedit problems
6:58PM 1 SAMBA-LDAP - Group permissions
5:39PM 0 Intermittent Windows user authentication problem
5:23PM 3 3.0.23d UNIX vs. AD group permissions
4:41PM 1 migrate machine-passwords from smbpasswd to ldap?
2:11PM 1 samba to respect cups-ACLs?
1:09PM 1 /etc/passwd needed for tdbsam?
12:27PM 2 Account is not authorized to log in from this station
10:27AM 1 access to data denied
6:06AM 3 problem with mapped group
4:49AM 0 Add mail attributes using smbldap-tools
Wednesday January 10 2007
8:57PM 1 ADS groups and 'valid users'
6:10PM 0 winxp client - directory listing fails
3:05PM 1 maybe OT: UCS
12:47PM 3 Joining the Domain - How and Why
6:08AM 1 Global Address List & Joining Domain
Tuesday January 9 2007
10:28PM 1 xp client spoolers cause packet storm
4:38PM 0 smbd keeps maxing out the cpu, must reboot server constantly [SOLVED]
4:22PM 1 local machine cannot find smb shares
4:08PM 0 Can't get kerberos ticket with samba 3.0.23d and Windows Server 2k3 SP1
12:28PM 1 migrate old samba2.2.8 - smbpasswd to new samba3.0 - ldap - based
11:06AM 1 Charset problems, for the first time
5:01AM 1 problem share folder cannot delete, modify
3:50AM 3 How to recover: Lost /var/lib/samba/profiles restoring from disk crash
1:02AM 1 Join samba to W2K server
Monday January 8 2007
11:23PM 0 Samba 3.0.22 PDC trusting Active Directory 2003
6:29PM 1 unable to find the Domain Master Browser name
5:08PM 0 Using samba groups on AD
3:59PM 0 lib/util_sock.c:print_socket_options(206)
3:29PM 0 WinXP -> Samba PDC Solved
1:58PM 2 sharing word files
1:18PM 0 pam_winbind + password never expires [re-post]
12:41PM 0 All users make use of same profile insteed of their...
12:21PM 1 Can't joing windows XP client to samba PDC
10:11AM 1 escape character
7:40AM 0 failing to create a machine trust account
4:34AM 3 W2K3 server unable to join samba PDC
Sunday January 7 2007
9:56PM 0 Can't connect to my smb share from Win machine
5:37PM 1 net ads problem
3:52PM 1 home shares always viewable
10:16AM 4 AD passwd change
12:14AM 1 Cant write to share (Fedora Core 6)
Saturday January 6 2007
12:55PM 1 slow streaming but fast copy
7:02AM 2 can samba figure out the "closest" domain controller in ADS mode?
Friday January 5 2007
11:45PM 2 users can't write to a subset of mounted directories
10:47PM 1 net rpc group members timeout
9:10PM 0 Joining Domain Issues
7:07PM 1 WINS server issues
6:41PM 1 PAM configuration
4:12PM 0 Windows file security properties on a domain member server
3:43PM 3 Mount smbfs
3:18PM 1 Upgrading to Windows 2003 servers
3:09PM 4 smbd keeps maxing out the cpu, must reboot server constantly
1:02PM 1 Problems managing groups with smbldap
12:16PM 0 browser list
10:17AM 1 log rotation in samba
9:13AM 0 troubles with telnet sessions under Solaris8 as AD member with winbind V3.0.23d
9:11AM 3 permission problem samba share 2nd suse server
2:02AM 2 Kerberos and PAM
2:01AM 3 Access From another subnet
Thursday January 4 2007
11:10PM 1 samba needed to network across openvpn tunnel
10:57PM 1 samba fails to start.
10:20PM 1 how do i tell winbind to use PAM
10:14PM 0 Problems with Samba install on Solaris 10
8:48PM 0 3.0.23d : Failed to verify incoming ticket!
7:15PM 0 Winbind/samba domain logon
6:32PM 1 Problem with Windows Client / make_connection(799) / w2k client workaround
5:18PM 0 pam_winbind + password never expires
2:28PM 1 Upgrade question NT4 -> Samba 3 PDC
1:25AM 2 Making Home Directory available for Windows Users
Wednesday January 3 2007
11:14PM 0 (no subject)
9:27PM 1 Samba/Cups collating
8:10PM 0 samba3.0.23d group permissions problem
7:20PM 0 error upon logging out of XP clients
6:52PM 1 samba is freezen when it is accessed from different computers at same time
6:30PM 0 moving a samba server from domain to AD
5:17PM 2 unable to authenticate user
4:46PM 0 samba is freezen when is accessed by two different computers at same time
3:42PM 1 Unable to browse PDC from WIN2000 clients or clints from PDC
3:37PM 1 replacing samba server
1:48PM 0 Re: USRMGR, groups, and ldap
1:31PM 4 prevent "delete user script" to delete special Samba user
1:12PM 2 active directory with Samba
10:19AM 1 To Andrew Tridgell -- new Samba forum
2:11AM 1 Some users can connect and others can't
1:47AM 1 ldapsam_add_sam_account: SID 'S-1-5-21-4006805566-80074115-2117584543-3006' already in the base, with samba attributes
12:44AM 0 CIFS, Samba 3.0.23d and file locking
Tuesday January 2 2007
10:27PM 0 3.0.23d - call_nt_transact_ioctl(0x90078): Currently not implemented
7:51PM 3 linux auth against SAMBA PDC
7:50PM 1 importing groups from NT 4 server to Samba 3
4:55PM 1 Getting host keys with samba
4:33PM 2 IP Address permissions per share
12:42PM 1 ACL inheritance like NTFS?
12:23PM 2 guest account group
10:40AM 0 Samba 3.0.23d + Mac OS X
10:21AM 1 PDC, allow only domain logons to use services
Monday January 1 2007
9:18PM 1 only ROOT user?
7:36PM 2 Samba version 3.0.23d-1 and joining a Windows Domain