Rails - Oct 2012

Wednesday October 31 2012
8:29PM 1 Issues with Routing
7:25PM 0 Help with caching (caches_page) in Rails 3
2:22PM 6 Problem with routes after scaffold
10:42AM 1 Sorting in rails 2.3.5 not same as sorting in (Rails 3.2.8)
7:20AM 6 why can access https://www.xxx.com. but access https://xxx.com have ssl error
6:35AM 2 What is Formtastic and SimpleForm gem ? Is any one of this is by default included in Rails ?
6:28AM 5 css background not showing
Tuesday October 30 2012
5:49PM 1 Issue starting server in production that don't use activeRecord
4:20PM 1 reading bytes and blocking
3:37PM 0 Can't set a secure session cookie
1:29PM 4 rspec : how to I do this ?
12:12PM 1 What to use Cofeescript or Jquery ?
11:12AM 3 why is not passing model in locale flash message?
10:35AM 8 Error while customizing view template in Ruby on Rails
10:24AM 12 Unable to start the web application from localhost:3000(ruby on rails)
9:06AM 1 Unicorn deployment error
7:15AM 1 pass javascript date variable to rails controller as params
Monday October 29 2012
11:57PM 4 Saving values to the db as metric but displaying/editing in imperial.
11:17PM 1 SQLITE Database Browser question
11:04PM 3 Rendering a partial with ajax/jquery
7:59PM 0 Validation messages and $.parseJSON(xhr.responseText).errors
4:14PM 3 500 Internal Server Error
3:50PM 6 Rails and services - Architecture question
1:32PM 16 Newbie - deployment, hosting
Sunday October 28 2012
10:43PM 3 form_for validation it doesn't work
Saturday October 27 2012
8:07PM 4 JSON response , error message
6:47PM 0 JSON request, show error message
1:22PM 0 [4.0] Wrong asset path in engines
10:00AM 7 Photo Paperclip::CommandNotFoundError
Friday October 26 2012
5:04PM 0 JOB - Senior Rails Developer - DC and VA to 160k
3:38PM 7 How to use Ajax with rails ?
12:18PM 2 sum decimals
11:15AM 3 Don't clear password fields if the password is ok
9:26AM 1 RecordSelect does not work in nested pages (Rails 3.2.8)
9:21AM 0 sorting in rails 2.3.5 not same as sorting in Rails 3
8:04AM 0 Routing error in rails
1:54AM 1 why is thread asleep?
Thursday October 25 2012
10:26PM 3 XML Builder
2:29PM 1 Ruby on Rails contractor
10:07AM 0 [Rails 3.2.8] ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger extension, undefined_method
9:18AM 0 JQuery-File-Upload Button dependencies
7:41AM 0 Error while embedding ruby code in fullcalendar jquery to display events
7:32AM 2 calling java application (BIRT) from rails application
5:34AM 1 Run rails application without installing rails
Wednesday October 24 2012
10:26PM 1 Uniqueness and sql serialize
9:54PM 0 How to consume HTTP Streams/Chunk requests in Rails
8:01PM 4 validation check
6:38PM 8 Ajax test not working
6:21PM 0 Accepts_nested_attributes_for gives mass assignment error when roles are used
4:32PM 0 RoR Developer (Full Time, Salary)
4:08PM 14 My first database model - would you look at it pls?
12:53PM 3 combine 'group' and 'order' in joined tables
10:49AM 3 How to configure a PostgreSQL test database before testing?
10:08AM 1 How to configure PostgreSQL's test database before testing?
9:05AM 0 Using gems within Engines - need to 'require'?
9:03AM 0 Active Record streaming/Enumerable results
4:34AM 0 using web browser to control a ruby program
3:56AM 0 Route filtered by method returns 404
Tuesday October 23 2012
4:41PM 0 route problem
4:31PM 4 [JOB] Rails Developer - Denver Colorado
2:49PM 5 whats wrong with this migration
1:11PM 4 A general question about railstutorial.org sessions helper methods
9:57AM 0 multidimensional Array or Hash with group_by 'created_at'
9:09AM 7 Not updating the updated_at field
8:47AM 2 Insert multiple entires
7:06AM 0 AJAX truncated response on Phusion Passenger v3.0.17 on CentOS v6.x
4:18AM 2 SyntaxError in Posts#index ?
4:16AM 1 Developing A Better Curriculum for Learning Rails
12:59AM 0 Unable to build Rails App in Jenkins using Maven, unable to package gems into jar
Monday October 22 2012
9:45PM 0 [JOBS] PlaySpan (a VISA Company) is seeking a Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)
2:16PM 1 Picking back up Ruby on Rails
9:51AM 4 ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_all() returns integers as strings
6:08AM 0 configure apache passenger for substruct app
5:11AM 2 Noob question: Creating model associations
Sunday October 21 2012
6:26PM 0 rails g problem
3:20PM 5 Error occured while evaluating nil
12:56PM 1 Check Bok Tag Checked Issue
9:33AM 1 load_missing_constant
4:42AM 2 check box tag binding between controller and the view
Saturday October 20 2012
6:28PM 7 Validate presence before custom validation
1:28PM 5 Is it possible to store the log file by day?
11:16AM 0 Webservices in Rails
11:12AM 0 custom validation and presence validation
6:37AM 1 which SEO gem is best ?
5:01AM 2 New to Ruby and Rails and confused with Routes..
1:28AM 1 limitations of passing a block to class_eval
12:10AM 0 [JOB] VP of Engineering/CTO - San Francisco, CA
Friday October 19 2012
5:25PM 9 layouts_path
8:59AM 1 How to deploy my sample application
4:34AM 1 Globalize3 gem, upload data from CSV
Thursday October 18 2012
10:30PM 12 Impossible to get data with ActiveResource
7:55PM 0 unexpected return (LocalJumpError) only when executing this code within autoloaded classes?
7:34PM 3 Help to install rails on Ubuntu 10.10
5:42PM 1 routing issue with mounted engine - Rails 3.2.8
2:51PM 5 multiple select and preview of name of selected files
2:38PM 3 NameError?
3:01AM 1 [JOB] Senior Rails Developer, New York City | $2000 referral
2:15AM 2 Why is max-age in config.static_cache_control being ignored?
Wednesday October 17 2012
11:56PM 0 chef recipe to bootstrap a server for rails (ruby, phusion, nginx)
11:29PM 10 Rails Services Module
7:36PM 0 Paperclip installed / commands recognized / still not working
6:32PM 2 autolog: easily debug-like logging on the fly in your Rails app
2:50PM 0 Ruby On Rails - Create With Code
2:13PM 1 drop down menu bar
1:53PM 0 [JOBS] Senior Software Architects & Engineers needed for immediate starts
1:34PM 1 generate 10 UUID records and save it it database in rails
1:17PM 4 401 Unauthorized
11:47AM 6 Not all javascript files for asset pipeline:
11:14AM 6 NoMethodError (undefined method `service_options' for nil:NilClass)
9:44AM 1 Testing "Capybara element not found"
8:01AM 0 Job | Career opportunity for RoR Architecture
6:38AM 0 Nested partial model input forms:
6:17AM 3 Password sent to Server
Tuesday October 16 2012
10:32PM 11 Rails CMS best fit
6:49PM 0 Rails 3 + fb_graph how to get access token to post to my own Facebook page
5:43PM 8 <form> tag is self-closing before input fields .. (HAML generator used)
4:03PM 0 uninitialized constant Rake::DSL
2:27PM 0 How to avoid an attribute without passing it to post in formtastic
12:17PM 10 Bundle Install
11:30AM 6 how to display the images in browser other than the storage path i.e.., public folder (ASAP)
11:01AM 0 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in Quote requestsController#create
10:23AM 3 Rails form submission not validating
8:40AM 5 `method_missing_without_paginate': undefined method `class_attribute' for ActiveRecord::Base:Class
7:23AM 4 Radiant could not be initialized. Please verify that vendor/radiant contains a complete copy of the
7:11AM 0 [JOB] Sr. Rails Developer, NYC | 120-150k
1:03AM 1 asset pipeline slight rethink?
Monday October 15 2012
8:57PM 0 [JOB] Senior Rails Developer, New York City | 120-150k
8:08PM 2 Generated SQl-Query using joins and default_scope
5:49PM 4 No stacktrace from faulty view code
5:49PM 0 Handle actionview errors at runtime?
4:36PM 0 Session for a client server without database
4:06PM 0 CanCan load_resource get a nil resource
1:12PM 0 Help according to my items.
12:40PM 2 Rails 3 - how to defer parsing of JavaScript
11:40AM 1 Rails 3 Namedspace Controller Scaffold with a Simple Model
9:44AM 1 Database integrity and multiple users?
8:44AM 1 regarding routes
7:08AM 4 A custom method for models
3:54AM 1 change layout inside of action
1:50AM 2 how to match /posts/123
1:20AM 0 where is the definition of render method?
Sunday October 14 2012
10:38PM 0 Polymorphic model, Forms and AssociationTypeMismatch
2:12PM 1 How to configure only one generator to skip stylesheets
10:40AM 1 rewriting SQL query in rails ActiveRecord language ?
8:31AM 2 form validation not showing errors
2:52AM 2 Why does Kernel define class_eval?
Saturday October 13 2012
4:48PM 2 [JOBS] Junior Rails developer with experience looking for job
2:47PM 10 Version issue with First App in Hartl Tutorial
2:13PM 0 AuthenticationFailed in Capistrano
12:22PM 1 Temperature display
5:59AM 2 How to include html tag inside rails label tag
5:10AM 4 Database design, working but looking for better ways
4:47AM 1 IRB vs ruby-doc.org
Friday October 12 2012
9:15PM 1 AR validation question
5:50PM 1 What is the best way to check if a method is a singleton method or an instance method?
10:35AM 0 [JOBS] Hacker / Co-Founder - Start-up - Equity Basis | www.seriousoffer.com
10:22AM 11 Which one is best for debugging (Pry or Ruby Debug) ?
6:41AM 3 CheckBox with Value and Drop down menu
4:11AM 0 *** A great opportunity for ROR developer to join a rapidly growing business - Sydney Based ***
Thursday October 11 2012
8:10PM 2 [JOBS] Looking to Source Multiple AGile Teams for High Profile Client
5:44PM 10 Rails 3.2 what are the best gems for full-text search in sql db ?
5:14PM 0 http streaming in Rails 3.0.3 and thin server
11:23AM 4 what;s the right url in this case
9:57AM 11 convert the cells in table to images
7:16AM 2 Discussion: Inserting NULL into database instead of empty strings
6:58AM 2 Coupure de connexion entre Rails 3.2.7 et Postgres 8.4
6:19AM 1 Getting error while submitting form in ruby on rails with radiant
Wednesday October 10 2012
11:49PM 0 Calling coffeescript from view
10:54PM 1 How to get the value of association column name in ruby on rails?
9:52PM 5 Consuming RESTful api with activeResource
6:29PM 4 back /front page question
5:16PM 1 StartonRails na [:koshtech] @ Thu 2012-10-11 19:00 - 22:00
4:05PM 3 start project again with a empty database
4:03PM 2 MongoDB and Rails 3
1:59PM 1 validates_format_of :email throws error
1:04PM 0 show many calendar in main page
11:20AM 6 ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved - Failed to save the new association Authentication
9:39AM 4 How do we get the End of Line date for the gems which we are using Ruby on Rails?
7:47AM 8 link_to with additional data
7:03AM 0 Setting locale directories for I18n
6:45AM 1 Rubymine Install Missing Gems
5:57AM 5 how to use rails debug ?
4:18AM 0 ruby game project
2:48AM 1 marshal vs yaml
Tuesday October 9 2012
9:15PM 0 Awesome libraries
6:50PM 0 [Win7 x64] Encoding::UndefinedConversionError after installing when using gem and rails
5:42PM 10 Auto refresh the drop-down
5:28PM 6 ckeditor_rails gem install issue
4:50PM 1 Working In Iframe for long time - Session timeout problem
4:29PM 3 Select from 3 table! has_many throug
2:58PM 2 Business Object Architect
2:42PM 0 Form Design issue - How to handle a parent association input..
2:18PM 1 Drop Down Menu in Navigation Bar?
1:18PM 3 Error
11:14AM 1 Change my timezone
9:05AM 0 multiple resource editing idea
8:17AM 5 Unablt to send mails in my server
2:05AM 1 Designating CSS class throwing error?
Monday October 8 2012
3:42PM 2 syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end
3:28PM 4 Facing problem to start rails server on my windows machine.
3:17PM 11 Error in cap deploy command
2:18PM 0 $.getJSON not working on rhomobile
1:37PM 0 [JOBS] Columbus found a new world. You could find a new job. Rubyists at all levels @LivingSocial
1:07PM 2 changing the model after scaffolding
10:41AM 11 Problems setting gmail mail
8:42AM 2 How to remove the orignal file in carrierwave
7:33AM 0 sport.db - A Free Open Sports Database & Schema (Football Fixtures & More)
1:54AM 1 dup/clone and taintedness
Sunday October 7 2012
10:17AM 0 Rails Expert Help Please: ActiveRecord & Multiple Database connections
9:07AM 2 routing issue, matching a param as action
12:43AM 1 How to refactor complicated logic in create_unique method?
Saturday October 6 2012
10:36PM 0 Signing in a user - Chapter 8.2 of Michael Hartl's RoR Tutorial
10:28PM 2 Rails API Doc for Mail::Message?
9:33PM 0 rails 3.2 check_box_tag jquery submit as get
7:43PM 1 more misleading content on the web regarding ruby method lookup algorithm
6:15PM 0 TypeError: can't make subclass of Class
5:06PM 1 how to scope the /auth/:provider/callback , using OmniAuth for users and members
3:40PM 1 paperclip gem question.
2:35AM 0 rails 3.2 question/answer with a through table
Friday October 5 2012
8:48PM 0 pure Ruby on Rails or a template engine
8:41PM 2 heroku rake db:drop error PG::Error: FATAL: permission denied for database "postgres"
4:41PM 1 Looking for Ruby on Rails Developers & Testers for Full time Job Opportunities
3:51PM 1 Is Rails Logger Thread Safe?
11:46AM 4 cancan
9:57AM 2 Error while getting image from MSSQL database
7:33AM 1 Need suggestions: Plugin for ruby 1.9.3
5:23AM 1 Current threading model of Rails?
Thursday October 4 2012
9:52PM 9 New in town
7:22PM 3 RoR performance
7:18PM 0 js.coffee file not working correctly?
7:05PM 0 acts_as tree, nested_set, something custom? Which would be best for my situation?
5:21PM 0 Ruby on rails consultant Needed....
11:35AM 1 Page Break issue with Wkhtmltopdf
11:02AM 2 URI
10:11AM 6 How to make a model or a model decorator aware of its controller in Rails?
12:29AM 0 protected method access
Wednesday October 3 2012
8:52PM 0 Re: text area problem
5:33PM 12 IDE
12:09PM 1 [OT] betterspecs.org | rspec best practices
11:56AM 0 Confusion in converting Sinatra form to Rails
10:33AM 3 Sql Script Doubt
8:35AM 0 Anybody running Rails on eCryptFS
7:41AM 1 Jail : Put all your Assets in Rails !
Tuesday October 2 2012
8:50PM 4 Rails Default ETag Generation
8:48PM 0 Ideas for a ruby gem
5:42PM 0 Filtering acts-as-taggable-on Results in Rails
3:47PM 0 [JOB] Senior Ruby / Rails Developer - 100% Telecommute
2:25PM 0 cancan and authorization on controller actions of a gem.
1:49PM 0 [JOB] Multiple Senior/Lead RoR Developer roles in New York City
12:36PM 0 Rails 3.2/4 force prepared statements to be used
9:58AM 2 Ajax in rails
4:12AM 0 JOBS: Ruby on Rails Developers-Mid and Senior level- Great Opportunities
4:00AM 4 How to edit each line of a file in ruby, without using a temp file
1:50AM 1 struct square brackets method used to instantiate?
Monday October 1 2012
7:26PM 12 Can I have Ruby on Rails without json
12:51PM 0 can I have more then 1 dynamic area
3:26AM 1 Question about has_many-through Inbox x