Rails - Sep 2012

Sunday September 30 2012
11:16PM 3 How to escape a forward slash with gsub, also does interpolation work with gsub?
10:06PM 0 Protecting certain model attributes from being exposed in an API
6:56PM 0 Rails 3: create input field for each element of a collection (MongoID)
3:33PM 0 How to properly setup multiple databases?
12:23PM 4 On selecting the country, state dropdown gets refreshed
6:12AM 2 Run ruby web app from command line
Saturday September 29 2012
4:51PM 2 Test cases in rails project
6:36AM 2 adding different title for a single form in rails
4:08AM 34 Rails with Phusion Passenger and Apache
3:33AM 0 rails 3.2 nested form names not correct
Friday September 28 2012
10:21PM 2 How do you create a link to a resource that expires
6:40PM 1 How to Include Associations in #as_json
5:14PM 2 devise validatable and password_confirmation presence
3:03PM 1 Best way to hook into class_attribute setter?
2:49PM 1 collection_select doesn't populate the drop down list
1:30PM 1 BcmsFckeditor fails with browsercms 3.5.3
12:30PM 1 How the difference between Observer and Sweeper?
8:39AM 1 create database and run migration at run time
8:08AM 2 LDAP gems: paged search with net-ldap
Thursday September 27 2012
10:47PM 5 RVM settings lost after every logout
8:00PM 0 Dynabyte bjuder in till SHRUG den 1 november!
7:52PM 0 Rails Routing - Adding more RESTful actions
2:54PM 0 Rails 3 Facebook Authentication - Omniauth-Facebook
2:19PM 0 what is best Rails 3 approach for mutable app-wide singleton?
1:18PM 4 spredsheet_on_rails support only 2003 xls not 2007 & 2010 xlsx ERROR-"OLE2 signature is invalid".
6:53AM 1 dropdowns buttons in ruby
6:11AM 0 Aloha Ruby Conf
3:25AM 0 undefined method 'read' in importing CSV file
12:40AM 2 How is the Kernel module an ancestor of Object?
Wednesday September 26 2012
10:00PM 0 bootstrap :File to import not found or unreadable
8:02PM 0 Getting the controller Name dynamically.
4:37PM 0 StartonRails 27/09/2012 na [:koshtech]
3:40PM 1 OLE2 signature is invalid
3:16PM 0 connecting to mysql server on LAN cannot pull database
2:51PM 2 Online Chat application in Rails 3.1.3
11:41AM 0 bundle install issue
10:37AM 3 Question . how to create multiple new records from single new page and from same model?
10:14AM 3 Garabage collection Ruby 1.9.3
9:24AM 1 undefined method 'cms_connector_path' during browsercms 3.5.3
9:00AM 1 Displaying an array of events in full calendar
8:58AM 8 Relogin.
7:43AM 1 How to avoid tempfile generation for uploaded file ?
3:05AM 2 method name resolution
12:57AM 2 Bundle Install ERROR: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
Tuesday September 25 2012
10:44PM 3 New To Rails
8:44PM 1 problem with git clone.. Permission denied (publickey) :( HELP!
4:24PM 1 Show thumbnail preview of image before upload
2:07PM 2 how to use Ajax
11:46AM 0 Convert base64 encode string into image using paperclip
10:55AM 1 Devise Gem
8:26AM 10 Gem
8:08AM 2 Model using external data source?
5:35AM 8 Rails 3 routes
Monday September 24 2012
10:46PM 0 Ruby on Rails developer in Denver
8:50PM 0 [JOBS] DevOps Engineers with Ruby Rails @LivingSocial
6:17PM 7 Ruby on Rails salaries in Berlin?
5:22PM 1 Self-Referencial ActiveRecord Relations
5:18PM 4 User & Profile w/ Devise
2:00PM 1 'gvim' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
1:11PM 4 Insert multiple datasets - one form
1:08PM 8 Email with out SMTP Settings is it possible
12:01PM 6 How to do this ?
10:16AM 1 Deactivating a user token
8:55AM 2 Internationalization Example Sites including Arabic and Chinese
5:30AM 0 Best Practices for Multiple Model Creation
1:13AM 0 Beautiful Rails Project in search of evangelist coders - 95% complete
Sunday September 23 2012
9:29PM 10 Why is this simple require failing?
9:21PM 3 global methods under object supposedly unaccessible
7:41PM 6 Not able to create ne app
4:37PM 1 The auto_html gem is not working
2:46PM 0 How to remove column without downtime with ActiveRecord > 3.0?
11:15AM 1 ruby koans don't understand the principle sandwhich code
11:08AM 0 serving .ejs files from rails?
9:56AM 10 Problem setting log level
9:25AM 2 Find by id in the view template dynamically
12:38AM 6 Missing template projects/index, application/index ?
Saturday September 22 2012
8:16PM 4 Class, Module, Object
3:40PM 2 Version Confusion
3:38PM 3 A super-easy and great way to implement Gem configuration
3:04PM 2 Record count from different table
2:43PM 2 (koans) uninitialized constant TriangleError
1:44PM 2 Error from New Site
1:05PM 4 Help going from Rails 3.2.8 to 3.2.1
11:19AM 1 Getting Started
5:34AM 1 formtastic does not save at all
4:19AM 0 how can i get effects from test database to development database
Friday September 21 2012
8:45PM 2 Intro and some Architectual Questions
6:55PM 1 [JOBS] Rubyists & Sr. Rubyists @LivingSocial for DC, SF and REMOTE
5:45PM 9 Using PostgreSQL with RoR on windows. Help!
5:29PM 2 in Rails, what is the main (global) scope called?
1:52PM 0 [JOB] Telecommute RoR/CTO Candidate Screener
11:41AM 0 Build belongs_to and has_nor assiciations automanically
11:19AM 8 how to get effects from test database to development database
11:02AM 0 Summer 2013 Intern Options
10:50AM 6 How to overwrite devise user session attributes?
10:21AM 4 has_and_belongs_to_many migration problem i am facing
9:48AM 7 Set a query filter
9:39AM 1 Creating a blog
8:56AM 0 devise - multi step registration with different models
8:47AM 5 jruby vs ruby
8:00AM 0 Where to put Chrome Native Client files?
7:12AM 3 (koans) another problem (syntax error)
6:30AM 1 can't upload image
4:57AM 2 cancan authorization
2:34AM 1 upload file in rails
12:32AM 0 Queue packages
Thursday September 20 2012
11:12PM 7 jQueryUI autocomplete (Rails 3.1): can't get source as url to work
8:16PM 6 Good books about the internals of Rails 3
6:52PM 3 New to Rails. Looking for some help
4:30PM 1 Translate rails guides to portuguese
3:14PM 0 Nested Resources and bespoke XML/JSON Issues
2:55PM 0 adding a FCKeditor toolbar button
2:35PM 0 Junior Ruby/Rails developer available for hire.
1:56PM 3 Ruby Developer required!
1:22PM 1 created_at field sometimes is nil
11:23AM 7 Images to pdf
10:45AM 4 access controller's object attributes in view page
10:13AM 4 Newbie question: Routing Issues since rails version update?
5:23AM 2 append_features(mod)
5:02AM 2 Storing attributes and values dynamically to an hstore column
4:10AM 0 Source code of Fedena 2.3 is released to public
1:32AM 8 path helper help
Wednesday September 19 2012
10:15PM 0 StartonRails na [:koshtech] @ Thu 2012-09-20 19:00 - 22:00
4:48PM 0 Nested Model Mass Assignment Error
2:50PM 0 [ JOBS ] Ruby on Rails - Remote
10:45AM 6 mark multiple results
2:38AM 10 Rails on windows
Tuesday September 18 2012
5:23PM 5 Koans question : Don't understand the answers
4:28PM 4 "best practices" for Rails serving RESTful JSON services for use by AngularJS, Ember.js, etc.
4:05PM 2 undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass
3:14PM 0 insert text from a drop down list in a fckeditor textarea
2:35PM 11 Unable to send mail
9:09AM 0 Searching for a gem to manage related records
8:55AM 2 Access block scope from AR object
5:47AM 6 Find the largest value of given 3 values
5:32AM 1 PDF file is crashing
5:29AM 13 pg gem error
3:23AM 3 Nginx + Phusion Passenger 3 problem with "504 Gateway time-out"
3:00AM 2 NoMethodError with rake db:migrate
1:04AM 4 multiple modules defining same method included into a class
12:38AM 0 Rails Thread Starvation
Monday September 17 2012
11:29PM 3 Unable to install gem on mountain lion?
7:44PM 4 gem file showing outdated gems?
6:20PM 0 is Phusion Passenger really supported?
5:01PM 1 require current_password to update user information
4:40PM 0 Can't modify frozen hash memcached
4:31PM 2 Cannot redirect to nil! - basic MVC operation
3:38PM 0 Connecting to an external DB
7:27AM 4 confusion about a exercise
2:45AM 5 Biometrics fingerprint scanner in RoR? Is it possible? and how?
1:45AM 2 Duplicate queries while eager loading multiple associations
Sunday September 16 2012
6:57PM 3 inheriting from StandardError
3:58PM 0 Multifield/range validation 2: highlighting fields
3:14PM 0 Depot, private issue
2:28PM 0 tutorail test writing problem
10:18AM 1 “Routing Error No route matches {}” when omniauth failed on registration
4:42AM 2 Rails 3.2.6 hates dbi gem ?
3:57AM 4 Simpleton routes
Saturday September 15 2012
6:25PM 4 formats in action view base
5:01PM 2 [RSpec Testing] Methods take two arguments
3:26PM 8 ROR books seem to be out of date
11:42AM 1 Could not find gem 'nileshtrivedi-gupshup (>= 0) ruby' in the gems available on this machine.
10:21AM 6 Array value to get except first two values
6:01AM 2 id NOT IN (?)
5:16AM 6 New to Ruby
Friday September 14 2012
7:23PM 5 ruby server chrashes
2:00PM 4 Routing error.
1:30PM 7 Lottery Number Matching
12:32PM 3 Devise sign up with paypal
11:31AM 7 Troubles with bcrypt-ruby
9:12AM 3 Passing Session id to rest client
7:24AM 3 "belongs_to" aliases
2:43AM 1 calling method on base intended to simulate initialize on instances?
Thursday September 13 2012
8:41PM 5 Rails 2 to Rails 3 mysql migration?
6:22PM 8 Comments are not being nested
6:10PM 0 Re-Program your FUTURE...
6:09PM 16 (JOB) Looking for RoR Engineer
2:32PM 3 Creating a link_to from a collection_select
1:55PM 6 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Hackers @LivingSocial - all levels - all locations and REMOTE
1:43PM 0 [JOBS] DevOps Engineer positions with Chef @LivingSocial - REMOTE
11:35AM 8 How to read Microsoft document file in ruby on rails ?
10:36AM 1 Devise single sign in for two models
8:39AM 0 Time to flounce...
7:53AM 10 access key error
6:10AM 2 multiple-select no method found?
6:08AM 9 Different DataBases Used in ROR
5:41AM 0 Uploading pdf
Wednesday September 12 2012
9:57PM 0 Problem with counter cache in many-to-many relationship
8:35PM 0 [JOB] Software Engineer
7:11PM 0 TAPE, LLC is seeking to immediately hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer-Aberdeen, MD
4:19PM 0 Loading the lib folder troubles
1:02PM 1 Create multiple records on model
11:56AM 1 how to do in console
11:44AM 6 ActiveRecord Validations Not Working
9:22AM 1 Re: How to delete huge records from a table(batch wise)
9:15AM 3 Session in client side
7:57AM 2 how to generate third table in test database
6:25AM 8 Round off method in 1.8.7
1:11AM 4 ActiveSupport::Notifications threading question
Tuesday September 11 2012
11:33PM 0 #StartOnRails - 13/09/2012
5:09PM 1 define_method vs module_eval
3:38PM 2 git error
2:18PM 6 Extracting OS Name
12:35PM 4 Should i buy Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training with Kevin Skoglund from Lynda.com
12:29PM 0 JQuery.js problem
12:04PM 1 link_to_remote not working
11:52AM 10 wickedpdf
10:04AM 3 15min of mentorship asked
8:58AM 3 [JOBS] DevOp / SysOp for Web Application (Location: Preferably in Berlin, remote work possible)
8:02AM 3 How to convert the HTML entities into UTF-8 character set, in ruby 1.8.7
7:25AM 1 setup git in my godaddy server
4:39AM 3 Which Static Web Generator should i use?
Monday September 10 2012
7:58PM 0 Aloha Ruby Conf 2012
6:26PM 0 [JOB] Senior Ruby Developer - NYC | 150-180k
2:56PM 0 Tips: workarounds to do free full-text search on Heroku :-)
2:05PM 0 Coding test and analyzer
1:58PM 6 Migration in vendor folder
12:51PM 0 Free Web Application Secure Coding Training by Jim Manico and Eoin Keary
12:43PM 1 how to purge anonymous guest users from DB
11:41AM 1 insert multiple records to a single table from a single form
11:37AM 2 suggestion for user-friendly input: typeahead
10:47AM 7 Taking about a minute do display error in development
4:48AM 5 flash[:notice] not working
4:03AM 4 Object Efficiency
3:45AM 0 Authlogic: current user is nil, after adding http basic authentication in production environment
3:20AM 4 Rails error: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
1:56AM 11 get property of a model data
1:41AM 1 misleading variable value
Sunday September 9 2012
11:31PM 5 Case of lost milliseconds
7:25PM 1 LookupContext missing constructor
7:08PM 2 mattr_accessor inside a class
5:53PM 2 What module are the <% %> and <%= %> defined in?
4:12PM 0 how to force the routing format being the request one
4:10PM 5 Rails Syntax Change
4:49AM 1 not seeing where name attribute is added to input fields
Saturday September 8 2012
8:43PM 0 Client side form validations
6:42PM 4 dash symbol
9:12AM 0 Updating entire data using ajax
5:25AM 3 Discussion about the performance of "auto-expiring" cache fragments
3:36AM 0 :index => nil
1:41AM 2 Javascript error in Rails
Friday September 7 2012
9:08PM 5 A Question about Model and Database?
5:25PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails position with 1saleaday.com
1:35PM 2 Multilanguage Approach I18n
10:06AM 0 curd on nested resources(the comments resource in rails user guide exmaple)
8:04AM 1 Performance reports by mail in production
7:28AM 0 RoR project deployment using Nginx and Thin
6:25AM 2 The bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed from Rails 2.2.
6:07AM 4 Singular form of model
1:15AM 1 Hartl RoR tutorial Section 5.3.4
12:02AM 1 Looking for a developer to help with RoR SaaS project
Thursday September 6 2012
7:21PM 1 Rails 3.2.8 production site 10x slower than development site
4:48PM 4 [JOBS] Seeking a ROR Ninja
4:06PM 3 Assets are not compiling
3:27PM 0 Question ?
1:06PM 0 Bonus talk for MagicRuby 2012! Register now!
7:49AM 0 ActionController::DoubleRenderError in Controls/itemsController#update Can only render or redirect
5:40AM 2 Regexp pre_match
4:55AM 0 :index option to form_for
1:38AM 3 modules
Wednesday September 5 2012
10:34PM 0 [JOBS] Experienced RoR developer in Melbourne
7:38PM 10 Image question
2:34PM 1 Hash Issue when looping through
1:41PM 1 What is the best forum for small questions for newbies?
1:25PM 1 What is the best forum for a newby?
12:28PM 1 Getting error message while executing ruby code for fetchign data from MYSQL
11:39AM 2 problem with rails console
5:28AM 0 Generate devise session controller
12:46AM 0 Mysql2 with Rails3 Error
Tuesday September 4 2012
8:23PM 0 Ruby on rail installation framework similar to installAnywhere or some sort of installation wizard
8:19PM 0 ror on the premise
6:59PM 0 Validating an association as a whole rather than per entry
6:25PM 0 Mongrel_service and bundler
5:58PM 8 Math between Models
4:53PM 5 Associations and Math between Models
4:39PM 0 can't access helper method in forem engine
4:07PM 3 Thinking Sphinx and Ransack in the same application?
2:43PM 1 Using one model's attribute in another model's method
9:39AM 2 How to get contact list from yahoo in rails using OAuth
7:01AM 1 what is :media in application layout in .js and .css include tag???
4:54AM 0 Add expire header for images stored in amazon s3
2:08AM 9 Write to tempfile
1:33AM 11 I wanna make a new rails community :)
1:29AM 0 dynamic route generation
Monday September 3 2012
11:55PM 9 get & post methods in controller's test
11:36PM 0 undefined method `singular_route_key' for "User":ActiveModel::Name
9:53PM 2 Newbie question: How do I get CarrierWave to save my files in a has_many / belongs_to setup?
6:57PM 1 polymorphic_url
6:12PM 4 problems following this tutorial
6:11PM 7 transfer text file to lpt1 port
6:08PM 4 ActionView module declared several times
6:05PM 1 RoutesProxy
4:43PM 0 [jobs] Ruby on Rails Devs (f/m) in BERLIN, Germany
4:31PM 5 How to connect gmap with rails.
4:27PM 2 Augmenting to_s for ActiveRecord
3:14PM 0 Event Logging
11:44AM 1 Cannot create assoication between new objects for nested model form in rails
10:54AM 0 foundation in rails
9:58AM 6 Rails Generate Devise::session controller
5:49AM 0 How to setting config.timezone in non-Rails application?
Sunday September 2 2012
11:43PM 1 Adding functionality to an app in modular fashion?
10:05PM 1 to_model
8:16PM 5 Spreadsheet gem
6:23PM 2 where to put logic
4:56PM 2 default form helper
1:42PM 1 回复: Which Framework will improve my Ruby Skills?
8:17AM 8 Which Framework will improve my Ruby Skills?
Saturday September 1 2012
11:41PM 1 n00b: authentication via Google
11:15PM 1 Trouble With db:migrate
5:39PM 2 Parsing data and create record when app starts
3:15PM 1 Construction methods
10:56AM 1 has_one with nested form
10:23AM 0 Question 2 (Answer my friends)
5:43AM 4 Basic Paypal
2:47AM 3 Delayed Job Question