Rails - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
10:32PM 1 q@ request.request_method=='OPTIONS', ajax, post json
6:13PM 10 How do you get the activerecord tests to NOT eat stdout or useful stack trace information?
6:01PM 1 [Rails 3.2] nested instance not updated ...
12:22PM 3 Rails Course Booking System
8:50AM 0 facebook multiple signin problem
6:45AM 1 Why did we include assets folder in Vendor, Public, lib directorys ?
4:57AM 4 Tokeninput incremental search not working
4:51AM 13 Issue with passing parameter to action using link_to
1:32AM 2 Facebook omniauth nil object
1:04AM 2 bundle install fatal error
Thursday November 29 2012
11:56PM 0 The last call for Fukuoka Ruby Competition! - Matz's videos are available!
6:26PM 0 Guard-Compass fails to act on changes in Raisl 2.3.9
6:07PM 1 Learning basics + power?
2:27PM 2 [Rails 3.2] form_tag w :remote => true doesn't fire up the js format
11:30AM 4 Rspec post controller failure
9:47AM 5 Is it ok to use struct as constants in initializer?
8:47AM 9 Adding a input field (select box) to a cell in a table that is rendered from controller
3:33AM 6 has_and_belongs_to_many for the same model
Wednesday November 28 2012
6:54PM 0 Any Interesting Glitzy Yet Reasonably Complex Demos Out There?
3:46PM 1 Magic variable: params and :id
10:00AM 8 why we are Using self.method_name?
9:12AM 9 Rails seo friendly urls
8:42AM 10 Having two paths for a single action with different parameters
2:25AM 0 strange query like SELECT * FROM [Primary Key] = 0
12:08AM 0 Rails: Submit Local Variables from view to another view
Tuesday November 27 2012
10:42PM 0 Reload controller class with caching callbacks
10:02PM 1 multiple file upload to amazon s3 using jquery file upload rails app
12:34PM 1 Google Drive
11:35AM 1 controller not rendering existing js.erb file
11:28AM 0 Imap not returning emails while scaning inbox
10:41AM 2 Unique constraint on a date looks for previous day
9:51AM 2 [Rails 3.2] rake test/functionals failing but testing each individual functional tests are OK
7:37AM 6 Need Sujjestions On Opensource Reporting Tool To Use In A ROR Project
7:04AM 0 Rails 3.2 - test for application_helper.rb fails when trying to access application_controller method
6:33AM 0 Active record queries, reverse lookup on has_many: :through =>
Monday November 26 2012
6:52PM 5 Missing template pages/layout only occasionally
3:58PM 5 jquery-ujs has already been loaded!(application.js)
1:58PM 1 Loding only active_record for rspec model tests
12:45PM 8 why functional test does not get failure?
9:27AM 29 Call a controller method from Javascript
8:03AM 2 Storing some data to a different DB
7:55AM 2 API design for batch updates
2:19AM 1 refactor respond_to block
1:35AM 6 Hosting with email accounts?
Sunday November 25 2012
7:03AM 1 An Interview with Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
Saturday November 24 2012
10:44PM 0 Ralis Playgrond down - no phone support
6:39AM 1 CKeditor linked image problem
Friday November 23 2012
1:55PM 0 problem font-face routes css
Thursday November 22 2012
3:32PM 1 functional test encoding issue
1:04PM 0 Is there a Chronic-like natural language parser for time/date intervals?
12:58PM 5 Issues with rails resourceful routes
11:15AM 0 [3.2] route issue w root url displayed
9:53AM 4 Rails self referential association
9:21AM 1 Processing ajax form
9:07AM 0 Devise Need to show Confirmation error
8:06AM 1 unable to understand the architecture of legacy source code
3:53AM 4 Destroy method link_to show
Wednesday November 21 2012
9:57PM 3 File sharing site tutorial?
7:38PM 1 [JOBS] RoR Developer at SF Google-Backed Start Up
6:51PM 1 I Dont like it but i have to do it
5:57PM 5 Opinion on a particular use of Initializers
5:35PM 1 clue about deleting empty directories in a file structure ?
2:34PM 0 Sunspot Solr specialized search
1:33PM 3 is there a better DRY code writing for this scope ?
10:56AM 3 Are Rail's database tools really helpful?
10:48AM 0 What to use //= require_tree or js,css incude tag in application.erb ?
4:32AM 12 Nested Attributes in Rails 3
Tuesday November 20 2012
8:33PM 1 Cmd line arg to specify DB for rake migrate?
4:46PM 5 Rails 3.2 Extending String Core Classe as per Rails doc
3:33PM 5 Automatic navigation?
12:08PM 1 Share Cookies in rails 3.1.3
12:01PM 1 How to use group with scope when joining 3 tables
11:24AM 0 Different header for PDF
11:08AM 4 rake task ) fileutils how to remove parent specific folder
9:08AM 0 [Jobs] Freelance at Wimdu!
Monday November 19 2012
6:17PM 4 Struggling at Rails beginner help
5:23PM 7 Multiple models and views in 'transactions'
4:36PM 1 Alter sequence postgresql + rails
2:25PM 14 Ajax
1:11PM 2 Rails 3.2 Logger
12:40PM 1 how to open a pop-up page in rails 3 and load data from database
10:53AM 1 Forcing a reload for all user sessions
6:56AM 4 Drop down with model info
Sunday November 18 2012
7:42PM 3 rake test:units error because not null constraint.
6:20PM 7 Search for a word in a file before uploading
3:52PM 0 Please Help...
3:29PM 3 Share partial among different resources
9:31AM 3 remarkable activerecord association RSpec
8:20AM 5 Global variables and assigning the values
3:36AM 0 How mix jquery based ui packages and ruby on rails
3:23AM 0 tes
Saturday November 17 2012
5:26PM 3 Need help fixing an error populating a select box in the insert page but works in the editpage
2:08PM 0 insert the javascript codes of another view returned from ajax to a view page
11:40AM 0 How to get more debug information in test log ?
10:19AM 2 Help needed for error in foreign key validation
5:29AM 1 How does rails determine the path from an object?
4:06AM 1 application controller uninitialize authentication error
12:15AM 2 Multiple User Types - Michael Hartl's Tutorial
Friday November 16 2012
6:32PM 3 Devise question
3:14PM 1 trying to have pretty localized root url
2:05PM 3 Question about Active Record
12:46PM 1 Problem with record not being saved but no errors
11:53AM 0 With streaming on, closed client connections cause Fatal Broken Pipe errors
8:17AM 13 Please solve such problem
Thursday November 15 2012
7:00PM 3 Getting Involved and Rails 3 Observations
4:01PM 3 Create a Migration from an existing table?
10:44AM 0 Showing error messages in active admin for has many relationship
10:03AM 1 using Thin web server configuration in development , how to have eq. Apache RedirectMatch permanent
8:30AM 2 Writin Test case
6:15AM 5 can split form_for into two parts?
Wednesday November 14 2012
9:07PM 12 in standby for an annoying problem.
5:25PM 4 How to stop ruby escaping javascript?
2:48PM 1 devise problem : xpected /home/roelof/tamara_devise/app/controllers/sessions_controller.rb to define
1:35PM 0 ActionMailer test helpers
11:20AM 2 garbage #_=_ in url after authenticated w Devise/Omniauth
6:46AM 8 right click or Context Menu in ruby without javascript
4:07AM 1 2013 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition -Entries to be judged by Matz
1:19AM 0 startonrails do feriadão
12:04AM 3 Learning RoR in 26 days: Can it be done?
Tuesday November 13 2012
11:07PM 7 Cancan question - create rule issue
8:40PM 4 Proper use of the where method om ActiveRecord.
6:08PM 2 migration problem
5:36PM 2 installation of queue-tip on centos/asterisk server
4:22PM 6 Models and erbs
2:31PM 6 routing issue on match '/:locale'
1:34PM 5 has many through
12:22PM 3 best practices in methods
11:16AM 0 how can I get the active_record_store :domain option in my controller
7:22AM 2 non ascii encoding
Monday November 12 2012
10:33PM 0 regarding ROR opportunity
9:53PM 0 Rails with Rack 1.4.1 and malformed cookies; advice needed.
7:42PM 3 Updating objects in arrays
7:28PM 3 Can anyone tell me about my website
5:47PM 3 issue in delete a cookie ( cannot 'eat' it ..)
1:40PM 1 undefined method `original_filename' for nil:NilClass
11:19AM 2 How can I change the notice to a text with a variable
10:09AM 4 Rails Guide:"For belongs_to associations, has_many inverse associations are ignored." not clear?
10:01AM 1 Factory girl associations and rspec
9:19AM 7 RSpec: controller POST create
Sunday November 11 2012
5:50PM 4 sorcery gem virtual fields problem
12:45PM 1 gem CanCan help
11:11AM 0 RSpec: scaffold index undefined method create
10:48AM 0 Spree commerce and styling menu CSS
6:31AM 4 help for ideas of instance method or controller
Saturday November 10 2012
8:05PM 1 How to get database schema version manually?
6:27PM 0 JOB: Late-Stage Video Sharing Site, Dev Needed
3:24PM 2 gem install fails so no installation of Rails
12:23PM 0 Ruby on rails. How to format errors.full_messages?
7:33AM 0 Want to change Ckeditor Model name...
Friday November 9 2012
5:57PM 6 Hosting costs for a small up!
4:41PM 1 error when using active_record_store which doesn't happen using cookie_store ...
3:51PM 0 Devise : wrong re direct
7:27AM 8 method conditional option pattern
Thursday November 8 2012
6:36PM 0 vendor dir in rails project
4:05PM 0 Current recommended approach to "chat room"-type app?
3:50PM 1 Newbie who want to add video and newsletter
3:27PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of(*attr_names) w scope not working in unit test
2:20PM 0 Where is the file when I upload it?
2:15PM 0 After order a HTML with JQuery UI Drag and Drop, save ordered table to DB using Rails
12:15AM 0 JOB - Ruby Developer, Portland, OR
12:07AM 1 wrap_parameters and Single Table Inheritance
Wednesday November 7 2012
10:14PM 1 Problem with gem
9:28PM 2 Rails app slower on a new Dell with Ubuntu than on an old Mac
8:07PM 9 find_by_sql - ActiveRecord - Help please.
5:46PM 1 is there a way to get access to a cookie stored a root site in a session set at subdomain level
12:44PM 12 Develop using Rails in offline mode
12:13PM 2 Any suitable gems for collaborating social networks ?
11:50AM 17 Sqlite3 is confused me fully ? What to give database extension (.db or .sqlite3)?
10:47AM 0 redirect from a collection_action to another class
10:42AM 7 Give me some quick start to Ajax
10:37AM 2 Social N/W Gems
10:35AM 2 How to setup a template-engine in ruby rails
9:54AM 0 Ajax Search Form Issue
7:29AM 11 What to use .haml or .erb ?
4:56AM 1 Can someone simply give all the steps to install ruby and rails on windows7 pls
Tuesday November 6 2012
11:27PM 0 How to get which check boxes has beed unchecked and remove Subscription for them?
8:49PM 1 Understanding the Rails /lib/ Directory
7:19PM 2 rspec failure upon revisit
1:05PM 1 Proper deployment steps + next steps of learning RoR
12:42PM 0 Message ID in mailer is different for same email in unit test
12:30PM 1 Use Time.zone.parse outside of Rails
9:40AM 3 views
12:39AM 2 Configuring proper sequence of Rack middlewares ...
Monday November 5 2012
10:36PM 0 Error while installing GEM sqlite3
9:31PM 1 Cuban Rails community
9:14PM 0 Install problem with Synology NAS
7:32PM 6 has_one relation and form_for
6:19PM 3 DragonFly Object not found in Production
2:11PM 3 Not able to create test database for cucumber in postgres?
12:40PM 4 Ruby on Rails Roadmap
10:46AM 8 Is we have to restart the server(development) when we do any changes in environment.rb ?
10:40AM 0 scaffold: yml files for tests are missing
10:37AM 0 Have problem with SourceIndex# add_spec
Sunday November 4 2012
10:19PM 0 form_for for a has_one relation model
3:44PM 0 my application
2:51PM 0 rails-i18n and date_select issue
9:09AM 0 [Bangalore] Need urgent help in ROR from Freelancer
2:41AM 0 Keep all validations inside a single ActiveModel::Validator class
Saturday November 3 2012
9:43PM 9 Suggestion for Rails 4
8:43PM 16 Wierd NomethodError
7:42PM 2 jquery mobile update div tag
11:46AM 11 last saved record not retrieving .
4:34AM 1 Volatile cache keys with Rails and Redis
1:43AM 0 ids writer fields for HABTM relationship.
Friday November 2 2012
11:37PM 0 Is this a use case for an engine or a railtie and why/how?
4:26PM 1 custom validation method on nested model
3:36PM 2 Adding associations without commiting to database
3:00PM 5 Good Tutorial on RSpec
1:46PM 0 redirect_to for Nginx Reverse Proxy?
10:27AM 2 jquery error in production precompiled
8:24AM 1 [Rails 3.2.8] issue in regex scan
5:44AM 4 How to test recaptcha in localhost?
Thursday November 1 2012
9:02PM 4 Problem passing id of parent model to child
8:04PM 4 Link_to _path instead of href?
12:12PM 6 -bash: ruby: command not found
11:52AM 2 how to use localtunnel gem ?
10:32AM 2 Any plugin available to support rhtml and rxml in rails 3.x
6:04AM 3 How to run controller methods using rails runner ?
4:37AM 1 specified new ruby rvm.. now rails is broken
1:45AM 2 SyntaxError in Posts#index