Rails - Jun 2010

Wednesday June 30 2010
11:49PM 1 rails 3 submit_to_remote
11:48PM 0 Rails3.0.0Beta4 setting session store to database
11:37PM 0 drb problem? ringy-dingy won't answer...
9:41PM 0 rake TestTask problem with t.options
8:10PM 6 GIT: How to upload Rails project using GIT
8:00PM 1 How can I retrieve the object on an association without going through the database?
6:16PM 1 cannot connect in jruby rails for newbie using jruby-1.5.0 final and rails 2.3.3
5:23PM 1 paginate_by_sql and Rails 3.0.0beta4
5:03PM 5 Reposted from Superuser - Installing Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 10.04: A Living Nightmare
3:51PM 0 Where to put custom URL parser
3:14PM 3 Is it possible...?
12:05PM 0 Problem with named routes
11:43AM 1 Prawn gem: How to create the .pdf from an *existing* file
10:17AM 0 validates* inside method
10:02AM 1 App not run when I upload on hosting support RoR
9:58AM 1 How to get a join query to work?
6:46AM 0 I have problem ....PostgreSQLAdapter::PGconn
3:01AM 0 activesupport classify truncates
2:12AM 1 "MySQL server has gone away"
1:25AM 2 One time shot feed params from development
Tuesday June 29 2010
9:23PM 3 FTP: which FTP is best for Ubuntu to upload rails project
9:20PM 2 Passenger: configuration problem
6:54PM 10 Referencing a Layout
6:12PM 0 Rails 3 and ActiveSupport::Callbacks
5:07PM 0 Rails session_id is not unique
3:44PM 6 Search plugin/gem recommendation for search with joins
3:30PM 2 PKI authentication? Webrat, Selenium, restful-auth... ?
3:30PM 3 belongs_to. Association methods don't pass data to DB
2:42PM 0 mongrel_cluster --prefix and static content
1:04PM 3 Possible to recover data from log/development.log files?
12:06PM 0 singleton can't be dumped in rails session
10:00AM 16 problem finding find current page
9:54AM 0 3 Month (initially) Contract Ruby Developer role - Full time office based - London - Market Rates
8:31AM 0 Authlogic and persistence token
7:40AM 8 Add a "filter" on the ERB <%= ... %>
5:26AM 1 How to submit a drop down menu using forms
4:02AM 0 capybara, webdriver not launching on xvfb display
3:10AM 0 Rails Magazine issue #6, 2010
2:36AM 5 "show" action - restrict manual url change from user to view
2:23AM 4 Adding a new project to git
1:56AM 8 list using a sql statement
Monday June 28 2010
9:33PM 2 Rails3 Jquery link_to
8:37PM 2 Testing image_tag :src (asset id issue)
8:16PM 4 Is there any way to have observe_field react to the current value of a field also?
7:49PM 3 rake db:create failing
7:08PM 0 Deploy: Steps to use Passenger
7:05PM 1 Rails command line
6:28PM 0 Jobs - VP Engineering role and ROR developers NEEDED
6:26PM 0 has_one. Deleting orphan tuples
6:23PM 1 Editing multiples rows in a single table
4:55PM 4 Downtime notifier
3:56PM 13 Send_data
3:09PM 0 JOBS: Rails developer, NYC
2:54PM 2 jquery ajax.submit() help
1:46PM 2 form_for won't generate the correct action path
1:43PM 0 JOBS - Ruby Developer
11:51AM 5 Remove first part of path, if = a particular string?
10:08AM 0 Limiting Error Messages
9:22AM 6 Relationship problems
6:50AM 1 Google ad Sense code implementation with Ruby on Rails
6:03AM 0 Send form validation errors through redirect?
5:52AM 3 Rails 3 api
4:10AM 1 Library under lib/ is not loaded anymore with Rails 3 beta 4
Sunday June 27 2010
6:42PM 41 How do you deploy RoR? Newb alert!
5:54PM 1 Error: while uploading ruby project
4:52PM 5 Remote Layout
4:44PM 0 Rails layout generator not doing what the documentation sais it should be doing?
4:23PM 0 Can't update one model from another model (polymorphic models)
8:28AM 11 How to populate a table with id of selected item from another table
4:35AM 15 commenting in new.erb template file
3:35AM 0 TrainerOnRails is back with Basic HTML and Ruby for Rail courses
2:39AM 0 rails3 help with query
Saturday June 26 2010
11:20PM 0 mongrel cluster number of threads
6:18PM 1 Ajax Form with Multipart File Upload in Rails 3.0
6:16PM 0 erase_redirect_results in Rails 3.0
6:03PM 0 change parameters to periodically_call_remote
4:31PM 6 testing and migrations
3:30PM 1 How can I tell what actionmailer is actually doing?
3:20PM 0 Problem in Routing and associations
1:23PM 1 disabling 'show status' in activerecord because of overhead of spawning process
1:00PM 4 Time-dependent values/constants in Models: An issue or not?
11:22AM 1 can www.example.com/...#!... always use controller=redirect
11:16AM 2 Re: Ruby Application installation
8:23AM 2 I am looking for Ruby on Rails Projects
7:08AM 0 Error when running ruby script/ generate: please help : error syntax error on line 4, col 15
3:21AM 2 Rake sporadic: worik
Friday June 25 2010
10:07PM 17 deploy: First Rails App to shared server
9:42PM 3 Default Render Action or Help Cleaning Up My View Folder
8:39PM 0 activerecord + ms sql.. rowguid field for merge replication breaking inserts
8:26PM 3 Best practice for removing leading and trailing whitespaces
5:53PM 1 Spreadsheet creation
5:36PM 0 Opportunity for a seasoned Ruby on Rails architect for SF Interactive Agency
4:29PM 0 Parent model running validations on all existing children when using accepts_nested_attributes_for
2:01PM 3 best practices for putting rails site out on the internet with authentication
1:52PM 1 Best way to implement user generated URLS / Routes
12:25PM 1 kind_of? and superclass
10:57AM 2 (JOBS) Junior Rails Developer, London, UK
8:25AM 21 How can I improvement concurrence performance?
7:51AM 0 nfsnobody problem
6:54AM 0 Rails 3 data-method vs _method
6:44AM 0 count the no of requests
6:39AM 3 migrate problem
5:12AM 8 extracting a portion of a model to a separate file
3:26AM 18 My First Ruby App
3:10AM 5 Error installing gems for Rails 3.0.0.beta4 on MacOSx
2:33AM 0 rails3 finders, rails3 gure's and MVC police
Thursday June 24 2010
11:09PM 0 Newbie - mongrel cluster issue
10:42PM 3 Mongrel rails cluster problem
10:34PM 3 DRY a named scope
9:54PM 0 method name collision between cache-money & httparty
9:31PM 1 Development: How to setup Virtual Machine for Rails
9:00PM 3 Rails models + database updates from outside rails
8:23PM 11 Error: Trying to install passenger-install-apache2-module
7:49PM 1 How can I set the default time_zone to the local time zone
6:55PM 0 Q: Rails 3 Multiselect input param
6:44PM 2 scaffold not generating _form.rhtlml.erb fiel in app/view
6:08PM 0 Nested Model Forms
4:17PM 6 show crypted password??
4:14PM 0 (JOBS) Telecommute Ruby Developer
4:11PM 1 Rails 3 and respond_to_parents
4:02PM 1 Parent model running validations on all existing children
2:42PM 3 Installation: How to install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu
1:39PM 2 use third party library
1:14PM 0 Users form
12:29PM 1 calculate the number of months difference between two dates
11:57AM 12 How to generate an application/excel type download?
11:48AM 2 Why wouldn't the server run?
10:30AM 1 User Management in Ruby on rails
10:28AM 1 Custom account subdomains with Rails 3
10:25AM 0 named scope and has_many
10:05AM 1 Handle multiple requests at one time
7:54AM 0 Prototype and Position of the Popups !
7:34AM 4 Replytotopic Random Issue with Invalid AuthenticityToken
6:56AM 0 Using searchlogic with acts_as_taggable_on
4:20AM 3 weird ArgumentError in non-ActiveRecord models
3:43AM 0 searchlogic+date_select+ordering
2:11AM 0 Brazilian Rails
2:09AM 1 Rails 2.3.2 upgrade to 2.3.8 problem
1:57AM 2 Newbie on rails, need some help :D
Wednesday June 23 2010
9:39PM 1 Negation for searches
9:28PM 0 Release of th new 1.1 version of VirtualRails
9:16PM 1 ActionMailer + GMail STMP: How to set FROM header?
8:43PM 2 How to see the feed of your items
5:52PM 2 Controller and Scaffold Controller generator - plural vs. singular
5:13PM 10 PHP to RoR: What is equal of insert in RoR
3:51PM 0 render :kml
1:22PM 1 [Rails3] Displaying the full stack trace for test errors?
12:56PM 2 CSV Upload Issue
11:39AM 3 Custom default form builder in Rails 3
9:05AM 2 Mysql::Error (Can't connect to MySQL server on )
6:11AM 1 Use reflection to show the list
3:32AM 0 Rails 3 - AJAX Response
Tuesday June 22 2010
10:56PM 0 Intalll RoR on Windows XP, NOT connected to Web
9:36PM 8 Why am I onlu limited by the years from 2005-2015?
7:20PM 2 attribute name selected in form
7:03PM 4 Pass instance variable from one method to another controller
6:55PM 8 Editing Migrations table
6:34PM 6 Silly little link_to question
6:14PM 1 example of an application generator template for Rails 3?
4:28PM 3 Web server
4:12PM 1 Incorrect path generation if some controller actions are under path prefix: expected behavior or bug?
3:48PM 0 Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer
2:11PM 2 Model Namespace?
9:35AM 4 Ajax/Prototype/Scriptaculous
6:42AM 4 I need to do some code that should be in a controller inside a render partial. How??
2:26AM 1 Mocking an ActiverRecord model
1:34AM 1 How to implement a user score by activity
Monday June 21 2010
11:18PM 0 redirect_to ... re-directing to the action you are currently in.
10:49PM 25 Deploy: Developing on Windows Deploying on Linux hosting
9:47PM 0 best way to use ajax when paginating multiple tables
8:42PM 0 Rails and Cassandra
8:22PM 1 Best way to tell if you're running in a webapp environment?
8:03PM 4 javascript tabs not working in rails app
6:10PM 7 rake db:create:all
6:08PM 2 Problem with callbacks and has_many :through association
5:13PM 4 Failing Routes in deployment
4:34PM 6 Non Model form with Validation
4:16PM 0 San Francisco Rails Pay Rates?
4:11PM 24 Redirecting old URLs to new permalinked URLs
11:58AM 4 Cities spell checker
11:04AM 14 Controllers, what? why?
10:23AM 9 [BUG] Segmentation fault
10:13AM 4 Unknown action No action responded to 2. Actions: show
9:06AM 11 stored procedures and ROR
7:41AM 1 in `const_missing': uninitialized constant CGI::Session
6:00AM 2 Rating Plugin
5:15AM 0 Gem/plugin for AJAX advance search (multiple params)
3:31AM 0 error when calling "to_sql" (Rails 3 beta 4, 1.9.2-head)
Sunday June 20 2010
10:26PM 1 NoMethodError in StoreController#add_to_cart -> getting nil
9:50PM 0 ActiveRecord and ARel: correlated subqueries?
8:58PM 0 Error for update model with attachment_fu without file
8:32PM 4 find in controller or view
7:08PM 3 n00b question: 'Having troubles with map.namespace :admin'
7:05PM 3 Multiple has_one to same table
6:12PM 2 Self Reference, Almost There (I Hope!)
5:55PM 3 Google Charts question.
5:10PM 0 [help & ask] WYSIWYG for rails3 beta 4
4:42PM 4 Problem with testing rails applications..
2:42PM 5 Make just one restful action singular
2:23PM 0 ActionPack framework
12:12PM 0 Debugging a Rails 3 app with RadRails 2?
5:44AM 4 gitignore
Saturday June 19 2010
9:15PM 0 act as commentable
4:51PM 3 Storing html form tags in the database
4:04PM 3 Ruby CAS Server on Heroku
1:41PM 2 How to Print Rails Source
12:29PM 1 Webrick will not start on OSX 10.6.4. Snow Leopard
8:38AM 0 re:Help needed act as commentable plugin urgent
8:25AM 0 whether scaffolding can be used with cassandra database
8:17AM 0 Re:help for act as commentable
7:51AM 1 Is validates_presence_of() deprecated in Rails 3?
6:10AM 0 Read receipt status with bulk emails
2:41AM 1 Missing these required gems even though they are installed
2:25AM 0 Cumber: Sending unwanted form parameters
12:35AM 0 easy_translate 0.1.1
Friday June 18 2010
10:23PM 1 Tibco Software - Career Opportunity - UI Opportunity
9:25PM 0 "Clickable" error pages in development mode
9:24PM 2 Rails 3 constraints, named routes and form_tag
8:23PM 4 PDFKIT Gem Example
7:40PM 0 Rails3 & sqlserver
7:39PM 0 Troubles with ActionController::DoubleRenderError
6:59PM 1 Hi
5:53PM 6 Modelling a parent-child relationship
4:55PM 0 Set server-side environment variables in integration testing
3:54PM 0 How to get line_number and file_name of an exception
3:27PM 2 Different views for different user's types
2:16PM 2 Image tag automatically appending some parameter
1:52PM 1 how to pass params to button_to_remote ?
1:44PM 5 client-side form validation
11:15AM 1 Rails 3 generators
10:42AM 0 Render model to json-schema?
9:51AM 0 Simple search in ror
9:27AM 0 JQuery+AJAX partial in form_for
5:29AM 0 Nested Forms and ordering of new child elements
4:53AM 0 prototip not working in ie8
4:51AM 2 link_to_remote the right way in Rails 3.0?
Thursday June 17 2010
11:09PM 13 Need Full-time Senior Ruby Dev with CSS/Jquery skills etc
10:32PM 7 Why do rails calls a method when I'm calling a property?
9:42PM 6 cannot install Mongrel gem w ruby-1.9.2-preview3 [ x86_64 ] and Rails 3.0.0.beta4 [OS X 10.6.4]
9:11PM 1 SQLite - show html from entry
8:50PM 1 render JSONp format
7:23PM 2 "LoadError: no such file to load -- openssl", following Rails Guides
6:49PM 0 session hash set from outside program?
4:54PM 1 Help .. A question about if then
3:50PM 1 Subdomains
3:04PM 11 Covert HTML to PDF
3:00PM 3 Rails application generator fails after installing version 3.beta4
12:42PM 2 How to run nifty generators in rails 3.0
11:21AM 1 syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting $end
11:17AM 5 Interpreter Problems
11:17AM 3 Can i use a hash on a collection_select? If don't, alternatives.
10:27AM 1 combobox from array
8:41AM 0 Windows 7 and imagemagick
8:37AM 1 Problem with options_for_select
8:36AM 4 Big performance issues regarding the browser
8:00AM 1 irb problem
7:47AM 0 delete stale sessions in ror web application
6:49AM 0 Edge Rails Nested has_many :through Association
4:56AM 1 Rails won't execute backticked OS commands
4:20AM 0 Beta 4 and Modularized::Controllers
3:30AM 2 tabular view gem in script/console
3:00AM 0 ARel table aliases
Wednesday June 16 2010
11:34PM 1 Multiple classes on form text_field
10:47PM 2 passenger and apache mpm's
10:43PM 1 Errno::ENOENT in User sessionsController#new No such file or directory - getcwd
10:07PM 7 Recursive self-referential many-to-many relationship
8:48PM 5 Need Help - New to RoR
8:20PM 3 Stopping enter from submitting a form
7:02PM 0 :wrapper_tag, :wrapper_class options (and more) with simple_form and Rails 2.3 ?
6:04PM 1 ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:270:in `activate': u
5:51PM 14 Forcing helper like link_to to use single quotes
5:44PM 0 [Share] How To Upgrade Rails 2 Become Rails 3
5:00PM 4 firebug jQuery undefined message in rails app
3:43PM 2 class methods from module where active rec is involved
2:11PM 1 Building a Cascading Drop Down Selection List for Ruby on Rails with jQuery Ajax
12:38PM 8 Off Topic Advice Needed (Time objects)
12:01PM 2 Senior Ruby on Rails Developer Needed! Can you help?
10:43AM 2 how to call a function after 10 minutes or second?
10:37AM 5 Ruby on Rails Analyst/Programmers, Glasgow.
10:34AM 6 Field validation
8:19AM 5 Different each iteration
7:19AM 0 ajax.Autocompleter not working in Rails 3
7:02AM 2 I installed rails 3 and how to install rails 2
6:31AM 1 Routing Error in rails 3.0
Tuesday June 15 2010
11:34PM 1 permalink generator
11:13PM 4 Learning RoR
10:17PM 0 modifying an association during inheritance
9:49PM 0 running a long process (perhaps it's in an infinite loop) - troubleshooting
9:41PM 10 VirtualRails : The FREE Ruby on Rails virtual development platform
9:34PM 0 VirtualRails : The FREE Ruby on Rails virtual development pl
9:13PM 3 Newbie trying to set up rails with MySQL
8:26PM 8 Allow blank on should validate_uniqueness_of
8:07PM 2 ActiveRecordConnection from jobs script
4:19PM 6 URL Hiding
3:59PM 3 before_filter exception being ignored
3:48PM 5 form select not saving to the database
3:27PM 3 RoutingError
3:11PM 2 best techniques for ajax-submitting multiple forms at once requested
2:19PM 0 How to integrate NING login in my website
12:59PM 4 How to send sms to mobiles
11:44AM 9 Getting note only the class instances but also instances of subclasses on a has_many associations
11:15AM 0 config.gem hassles (again)
10:03AM 10 Split model in few files
9:22AM 0 a few steps for a database with polymorphic association?
8:41AM 11 mysql gem install not happening on Mac OS Leopard - any inputs at all??
6:10AM 2 Store objects in sessions
1:40AM 2 ThreadError: stopping only thread
Monday June 14 2010
11:57PM 0 rails and HTML 5 offline application cache
11:56PM 1 ActionController::RoutingError in Posts#index
11:56PM 8 Install Plugins into vendor/plugins
11:40PM 0 Sockets are Killing Me!
11:39PM 6 ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension (win server 2003/2008 ruby 1.9.1/1.8.7)
11:18PM 1 form_for can someone please explain this?
10:42PM 11 Mac and Rails
8:44PM 3 Rails 3 link_to :remote
6:38PM 1 How to check if an attribute has changed?
5:50PM 5 database.yml host read from yml
5:03PM 7 "NoMethodError in AdminController#index" error
4:34PM 2 stylesheet_link_tag
3:59PM 3 Using Roles but don´t want to show them
2:29PM 0 The Ruby Hoedown 2010 -- The FREE Regional Ruby Conference -- Sept 3-4, 2010, Nashville, TN
2:28PM 0 Cannot run rake on rails 3 beta 4
2:18PM 2 collection_select question
12:12PM 4 Rails authentication from non-web interface
11:58AM 0 [JOB] Junior Web Developer - Northampton, Northamptonshire - interested? (Ref#171816)
10:11AM 2 Oracle problem with encoding
9:53AM 3 How do I upgrade rack in my current rails app?
8:13AM 1 Rails & ImageMagick CLI Backticks
6:25AM 3 Image Magic
6:21AM 0 Why SuperInPlaceControls doesn't Save in partials?
5:55AM 3 How do you update one object of a has_many :through relationship
3:51AM 6 Can I have/use different Versions of rails in the same machine
12:17AM 6 We're sorry, but something went wrong...
Sunday June 13 2010
9:28PM 0 Can't run rake with rails3.0.0beta4- problem with bundler, i think....
8:34PM 5 script/server vs mongrel_rails start issue
6:51PM 4 internal server error(500) when attempting to sendmail
4:10PM 1 Using XmlSimple to parse XML strings
2:25PM 12 using :through to get grandchildren objects
12:38PM 0 declarative authorization rules filename
11:50AM 3 Problem submiting value, form_for, link-to-remote, javascrip
Saturday June 12 2010
9:51PM 2 form_remote_tag running only once
6:14PM 1 How to do a performance test
5:48PM 1 Self Cross Join?
4:49PM 2 noob question string problem
2:11PM 4 Swedish sort order not working
11:11AM 1 map.connect will not create connect_path and connect_url?
10:49AM 1 How not to include the same javascript files more than once?
8:51AM 0 rails3 installtion help
7:35AM 0 ruby on rails developer
7:30AM 2 Redirections, Duplicate Content & Permalinks
2:48AM 1 Heroku good for a rails business host?
Friday June 11 2010
10:59PM 2 How to raise a 403 error?
10:27PM 1 preloading data before running tests?
10:15PM 2 redirect_to :controller=>'tips', :action => 'show'
10:14PM 2 AR after_initialize quandry
10:10PM 2 How to use an active record store session model?
9:43PM 1 Active Scaffold on rails 3??
9:37PM 2 problem: passing post parameters to a controller
8:23PM 0 nested form & habtm
7:10PM 0 Remarkable 4.0.0.alpha4 (pre-release) now available
6:33PM 1 Trying to link to edit from a different form.
6:26PM 3 How to find models that have at least one associated has_many
6:15PM 5 How do you access attributes in form templates?
6:03PM 1 How do I pass interpolation variables to AR validations?
4:08PM 0 Use of Include and Join together
4:03PM 3 How to get data from website load with ajax?
3:22PM 7 Dropdown onchange event?
2:43PM 2 newbie w. quick question on accessors in ActionController
1:39PM 1 REST design question
12:09PM 4 "no route matches"
12:04PM 2 Problem using Ruby On Rails with rspec to write user stories
9:25AM 10 How to get data from other website?
7:34AM 2 Mongrel is Terminating Automatically
6:13AM 0 rendering time
6:04AM 5 TCP Sockets
4:40AM 2 How to get data from DOM Source other website?
2:41AM 4 Session active_record_store
1:34AM 0 Rails returning session of another user
Thursday June 10 2010
9:19PM 0 ajaxful rating question
9:11PM 4 Choose ruby version for a Rails
9:01PM 0 dry_crud
5:26PM 0 [JOB] RoR Developer in NYC @ 65-75/hour for 12 months
5:05PM 2 Could not find a valid gem 'rails' (>= 0) in any repository
4:30PM 0 Interpolation of Variables Through Generator Not Working.
4:02PM 0 User information not getting if it is a same user
3:54PM 1 printing in middle of an erb file
3:54PM 0 uninitialized constant UserSessionsController::UserSession
3:31PM 0 Where to keep web search results
3:09PM 4 Ordered hash: order breaks down pretty quickly
2:00PM 2 javascript_include_tag and stylesheet_link_tag additional generated parameters
1:58PM 2 ActionMailer or alternatives in Rails 2.X
1:40PM 4 gem update fails on make sqlite3
1:33PM 4 Separate validation file for each model
1:10PM 0 How come need to get MySQL to work in a strange way?
12:44PM 0 Re: uninitialized constant User::Authentication
12:37PM 4 rails removes newlines and spaces from ajax requests
12:16PM 0 migrate generate an error with character utf8
11:09AM 0 AR private methods.
10:16AM 1 scaffold with parameter
9:06AM 0 JOBS
8:15AM 2 How to get back to development mode?
8:10AM 2 ActionView::Base - can it dynamically select views?
7:47AM 2 Rails 3 Migration Guide Anywhere?
7:12AM 2 options_for_select error
6:13AM 2 ROR3.beta4 on ubuntu10.04 error
3:53AM 4 Showing youtube video
3:41AM 9 Rails3 beta4 + Ruby 1.9
1:57AM 2 Using partials with XML builder, what's the right way?
12:25AM 0 strange problem:no such file to load -- nokogiri on rails3
Wednesday June 9 2010
11:34PM 2 Ruby DateTime arithmetic question
10:03PM 1 get a marker
9:55PM 0 Persistent values and class variables
9:35PM 2 LoadError: no such file to load -- gem not found in irb, but found in app console
9:34PM 1 Widget
6:41PM 1 Getting Parameter when Form_for is Submitted
6:11PM 1 How to use third party library in rails
5:48PM 0 comments / blogging gem ?
5:32PM 0 strange problem for nokogiri on Rails 3
4:38PM 2 Join types
3:49PM 2 Update quantity instead of create new
2:39PM 0 Best strategy to implement secure, one-time voting links
2:10PM 9 check_box_tag problems
1:39PM 0 CSV uploads and CRLF/LF
1:37PM 5 gsub help
1:16PM 1 To display a button onselect of an option from dropdown
12:38PM 4 db connection issues in production but not in dev mode
12:29PM 1 To Display save button , when we select an option from drop
12:09PM 0 Fieldset class problem
11:22AM 0 formula parser in Rails with eval() ?
8:34AM 2 Moving belongs_to object to different association
8:12AM 1 send loggedin user as action paramaters
8:04AM 2 Chat software
7:32AM 0 papaerclip file name and special characters
5:52AM 4 rails+sinatra sent image
2:32AM 7 How to create embedding code in ror
1:15AM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer, NYC | 12+ month contract
12:20AM 3 rake tells me to install gems that are already there
Tuesday June 8 2010
11:28PM 0 How to use Selenium RC in Rails
10:35PM 4 How do I set session_id cookies securely on an http page?
9:51PM 1 session_options[:secure] resets session_id on every request
7:09PM 1 Params from form & condition in request
6:59PM 1 Jndi access issue when using threads in rails application deployed in websphere (WAS)
5:18PM 3 Select question?
4:25PM 4 Paperclip/ImageMagick issue
3:44PM 0 need help Inplace editor text area size
2:00PM 8 rails, ajax, json, and script
12:44PM 10 Rails crashes when running more than 1 instance..
11:18AM 3 OT: Rubygems.org down?
10:23AM 7 Update Realtion
9:52AM 9 Can i eager-load associations onto an already-loaded object?
9:43AM 2 gem install mysql giving error on linux
8:20AM 8 Render an action if coming from ajax request
7:37AM 9 [Rails Heroku] Problem with saving object (on heroku hosting)
6:00AM 0 /bin/sh: ./miniruby: No such file or directory errror
5:36AM 5 Validate in controller or use Rails validations?
4:18AM 8 string attributes not showing up in view
Monday June 7 2010
9:21PM 2 noob question about irb
7:42PM 5 Accessing a class's variables from an included module
5:47PM 3 How to add dynamic routes to routes.rb. Worked in rails2 doesn't work in rails3
4:52PM 1 redirect_to issue
4:45PM 3 help with a daft question....:-)
3:46PM 3 ActiveRecord.find - Association Not Found Error When Using Custom Joins
2:54PM 12 Can a dropdown be used to select additional form fields?
2:54PM 0 Can we configure CanCan on Devise
1:46PM 3 problems with basic Rails
11:44AM 0 logging bestpractice in production
10:12AM 4 Unable to set expiry date on cookies
10:04AM 0 contacts gem to save imported contacts
6:49AM 3 Model validation giving problem
6:19AM 10 REE and ruby PATH problem
4:37AM 3 authenticity_token shows up in the url when page reloads
3:47AM 0 How to test login action in a controller?
12:40AM 6 net/http set content-type for images
Sunday June 6 2010
10:16PM 0 disable erubis xss escaping
8:17PM 0 XMLHttpRequest and render :js not working
5:39PM 0 Problems testing a method to clone associations
1:34PM 1 Handling an html5 drag n' drop upload
11:28AM 5 Installing MySQL gem on Mac OS X Leopard for Rails 2.3.5
10:19AM 0 Accessing form element on load
10:10AM 2 launch error
7:52AM 2 How to make an SQL querey Within a partial, is that possilbe??
6:29AM 0 Now Hiring: Lead Developer/RoR in NYC
4:10AM 3 running passenger + nginx
3:49AM 0 test db is same as dev db and ask for sure: Yes/No?
3:37AM 1 failure in model#new - I don't get it
12:25AM 3 ajax and redirect
Saturday June 5 2010
10:14PM 0 submit_to_remote button names and method calls
8:34PM 2 install acts_as_textiled
5:47PM 2 Rails 3 queries
2:09PM 6 How do you update HABTM relationships or create.
9:27AM 4 Ruby Code Return
9:25AM 0 Function Ruy Code
9:24AM 2 Error Ruby Code
8:46AM 2 '.new' command
8:44AM 0 table query
8:41AM 6 query
8:34AM 2 Require
7:47AM 8 Newbie: Can't install plugins
3:20AM 5 REE & application frozen gems
12:19AM 3 Visual Effect: insert new stuff, then slide open
Friday June 4 2010
10:39PM 0 Problems with Ruby on Rails and Mechanize gem?
10:14PM 4 New to rails, a little model help please
10:04PM 4 Mac OS/X and Rails 3 ?
8:59PM 2 [Rails 3] How to refer to birthday(1i) in a AR
7:41PM 2 Ajax, jQuery
7:03PM 0 Embedding a form is lots of various place
6:44PM 0 Ajax post from a mobile app
6:40PM 2 sqlite specified in database.yml, rails tries to use mysql
6:20PM 0 Free Webinar! Using Cucumber + Webrat to Test Ruby Apps in the Cloud
4:22PM 0 Integrum is Hiring!
4:11PM 14 Alternative to ActiveRecord for populating model objects??
2:31PM 3 How to specify which database we're using?
2:20PM 8 Running Application
1:48PM 1 How to show a Timer for lock expiry when editing a record
12:58PM 6 Ajax fails in IE8
12:30PM 1 Command require
12:28PM 6 regular expression
11:16AM 0 ruby on rails language problem
11:15AM 5 Password re-check with authlogic
10:31AM 5 Can Rails cache a Controller "as long as code not changed"?
9:25AM 0 How to add multi image with paperclip dynamicly
9:13AM 2 MysQL and Ruby
8:54AM 3 How to embed html to other site
8:37AM 9 Compress css files with Rails
7:30AM 0 Error after Updating version of Ubuntu
5:03AM 12 What kind of Ruby / Erb is allowed inside HAML's :javascript
4:40AM 6 <button type="button"
Thursday June 3 2010
10:12PM 7 Scheduled tasks in Rails: Cron + wget = Best solution?
9:56PM 7 difference between belongs_to and references keyword?
8:03PM 0 using rails for database migrations/installs - even if rails doesn't actually use that database
5:02PM 0 Simple Design and Testing Conference - Mumbai, India; June 26-27 2010
4:56PM 4 Apache freezing with Passenger
4:30PM 1 ruby script/plugin install not working
4:07PM 2 Authlogic on Rails 3 with Checkbox
2:18PM 1 Custom error message for authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic
2:06PM 6 Virtual/Flexible attributes on model
1:19PM 0 Error: can't find ldap.h and lber.h
1:05PM 19 Return partial from a xhr request
12:59PM 0 drag n drop desktop file to application as such in google
12:58PM 2 how to "float" layouts/partials so that they stay in a static position in the browser?
11:47AM 1 need to save generated pdf in public folder
11:43AM 5 How to use split method?
7:47AM 7 rake gems:freeze GEM=pdf-writer not working on MAC
7:25AM 2 Why doesn't this helper work?
7:24AM 2 Using wamp's mysql for Ruby on Rails
3:14AM 3 iterate binary string and sqlite3 query
12:57AM 2 creating fixtures for has_many :through
Wednesday June 2 2010
11:16PM 5 user routing versus admin routing strategies?
8:39PM 10 problem with database still sqlite3 and i want mysql
7:35PM 1 how to pass a form DOM ID to submit_to_remote, just like with observe_form?
6:31PM 7 Routes?
4:39PM 0 Multiple threads writing to the same Starling queue doesn't work?
4:09PM 4 :joins VS :include => different results?
3:49PM 3 Has many_through, how to show only unassociated fields for a category?
2:09PM 1 Validating form that is not bounded to Model
1:54PM 10 Session, memory_store & NoMethodError
12:43PM 0 Active Record Associations and papermill
12:06PM 1 Ajax with JQuery
11:55AM 8 mysql driver giving problem on MAC 32 Bit
10:44AM 2 Error on rake command
8:57AM 14 Argument Error?
3:52AM 3 click the address to display google map
12:43AM 8 Open Source Contribution
Tuesday June 1 2010
11:18PM 1 Is it possible to temporary cache an attribute's value in memory or do something similar?
10:54PM 3 One account several users with different privileges
8:21PM 5 Only display 5 items at a time with more button
8:19PM 6 Starting Mongrel failes on Mac OS 10.6
7:20PM 26 Ruby on Rails + Flash Application ?
6:50PM 5 creating text_field by clicking button
5:42PM 0 modifiying existing files in your template script
4:17PM 1 Specify filename using rails Metal
2:44PM 10 Leading Zeros in a Method
2:43PM 2 Welcome Board!!!(
2:35PM 0 submitting form in utf_8
2:03PM 0 Spawning sleeper threads... good idea? bad?
1:54PM 1 reloading page with errors
1:39PM 2 Ruby on Rails installation issue
1:26PM 6 Restarting apache web server
1:03PM 2 Element.insert_html is not function
12:48PM 2 validation on nested models
12:25PM 4 Ruby with Java
12:06PM 0 How to update counter_cache when updating a model?
11:57AM 0 Can not call RJS and throwing error
11:15AM 19 Model.find statements: SQL condition format -> How?
10:24AM 0 Great for people looking for contract Rails / Ruby work
9:52AM 0 undefined method `add_to_rails_paths' for #<Module:0x3f72698
9:50AM 1 Generating Dynamic text box
9:40AM 1 SMTP Configuration in Rails 2.3.4
8:44AM 0 Partial Error
8:14AM 1 error messages
2:53AM 1 Is there a way to obtain the body of the last render?
2:49AM 2 Combining Two Models into one form
2:31AM 8 Showing 404 page from controller in Rails 3