Rails - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
10:04PM 13 cucumber vs. RSpec
9:51PM 4 Rails and Merb session key and secret
8:40PM 3 Removing scaffold?
7:48PM 7 jQuery, RoR, validating fields against a database
7:45PM 10 jQuery & Rails installation
7:40PM 6 Action path - syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ')'
6:12PM 1 Paginator
4:48PM 4 ActionMailer attaching generated files
3:34PM 2 Can't install sqlite3-ruby gem to work with rails 3
2:40PM 2 Which version of RoR is covered in the O Rielly Book - RoR Up & Running
1:54PM 4 calendar date picker plugin
3:38AM 3 Append/Prepend to a template from controller method
3:19AM 0 Job Post: Ruby on Rails Programmer - Junior (Austin, TX)
2:05AM 3 User interface for ranking a list of books
1:33AM 1 Record not saved immediately in production mode
Saturday January 30 2010
11:44PM 0 Action Mailer: All mail comes from MAILER DAEMON
10:58PM 2 undefined method 'month'
10:52PM 1 Rails rack - mounting multiple web applications
10:25PM 21 View Helper Scope
9:38PM 0 Authlogic integration: How save user_id to associated table when user is logged in?
8:49PM 1 Scaffold in Aptana error - wrong number of arguments(1 for 2) help?
7:38PM 12 Best way to connect various applications?
7:06PM 2 Learning Rails
7:02PM 1 Doint something with each field in form as it is entered
3:58PM 1 Question about RoR solution
3:40PM 2 "return" from before_save
2:48PM 3 difference between singularized symbol and pluralized symbol
12:47PM 1 RoR & YML
11:24AM 0 Error applying template with custom rails3 application generator
11:06AM 2 Internal Server Error - newb question
8:32AM 0 factory_girl: build associated object
8:21AM 2 passing multiple objects with remote_function
7:25AM 7 Are class variables session specific?
4:15AM 6 amazon s3 rails file download issue
3:44AM 4 run 'script/generate controller' from inside app
2:11AM 5 Best way to do this
1:10AM 6 Saving to the DB uses a lot of RAM?
12:41AM 1 Select input with nothing selected does not delete
Friday January 29 2010
11:13PM 1 ROR Forms Help
10:09PM 1 rails console not loading my model properly.
9:16PM 0 want to combine two searches into one
9:01PM 0 Cucumber: fill_in does not take label
8:54PM 5 How to create Rails 3 migration generator?
8:08PM 1 Memory, memory, memory
7:58PM 1 script/generate forum
7:22PM 4 requiring records in the DB before testing
6:12PM 4 Rails app on EC2
4:44PM 3 syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end
3:44PM 1 Rails 3 App generator - could not find source path
2:32PM 0 remote MSSQL database JDBC URL and driver
12:16PM 5 text_field instead of a collection_select
10:59AM 0 Mountable Apps
10:39AM 1 do you want to view only the webpage content that was deliev
9:55AM 6 Writing more advanced activerecord error messages
9:39AM 2 errors.add adds "is invalid" if validation fails
9:15AM 2 Give me Suggestion To run ruby file by sciTE in Ubuntu
9:00AM 1 Adding div id leading to 500 internal server error in linu
8:09AM 9 Sql query confusion
7:39AM 2 Beginner
7:36AM 1 model.errors.add ... No attribute
5:55AM 6 install gems problem in windows
5:11AM 1 observe_field and IE 8
4:53AM 3 date_select
4:06AM 0 Session being lost before TwitterOauth callback
1:54AM 0 Rails3 + Ruby 1.9.1 p376 + mySQL Test Server for everybody
1:18AM 4 simple captcha image not displaying
Thursday January 28 2010
10:10PM 2 attr_accessible question
9:14PM 3 collection_select
8:51PM 1 link_to_function error
8:43PM 2 Generating one page with multiple controllers
8:15PM 10 RoR hosting help?
7:54PM 0 form_for helper?
7:52PM 10 Best Practices; Deploying Updates
7:21PM 1 Rails 3 and destroying models
7:18PM 5 many to many relationship with restful routes
5:52PM 5 What is the purpose of :conditions on a belongs_to association?
5:47PM 4 fields_for object methods - no you see them, now you don't
4:56PM 1 Creating executable rails 3 generators
1:50PM 2 [NEW TO RoR] - Error on Rake DB:Create
1:13PM 2 Rails gem download problem
12:40PM 2 Installing calendar_date_select
12:03PM 1 rails files are missing
11:02AM 2 Need help -Video upload progress bar
10:07AM 0 Which is the best forums software for Rails?
9:42AM 2 dynamic drop downs for product search
8:56AM 2 acts_as_nested_set, delete(node) method?
7:54AM 1 Playing a sound with flash
6:51AM 1 validates preference of at least one param
5:31AM 5 files are missing in rails app
4:09AM 11 Super noob needs help.
Wednesday January 27 2010
11:22PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking bright SW Engineer for funded startup in San Mateo - multiple languages including Ruby
11:05PM 4 Better way to count Active Record Data?
10:52PM 4 rails and php mixed
10:31PM 1 named_scope not working
9:44PM 1 ActiveRecord method creation issue
9:06PM 1 Skipping rescue handlers in dev mode
5:07PM 0 Updating the Informix adapter for ActiveRecord
4:50PM 3 Help with a bit of logic.
4:49PM 2 restful_authentication - some default tests failing
3:24PM 1 exception_notification error: custom_require.rb:31:in `gem_original_re quire': no such file to load -- action_dispatch (MissingSourceFile)
2:11PM 4 rails app for transfering/managing files/data
1:31PM 2 Exchange Server
12:55PM 2 How to retrieve the *referring* action/controller
11:32AM 1 around_filter and with_scope
10:48AM 0 globalization using tzinfo
10:39AM 2 A more graceful friendly url method?
9:28AM 2 Calling a models function via a link
9:18AM 3 I need some help
4:55AM 4 state_machine prevents ActiveRecord from being persisted
4:15AM 4 authlogic
1:47AM 7 Administrative task in Rails
12:51AM 1 has_many, through with multiple nested models?
12:48AM 2 has_many, through with nested models?
12:16AM 6 Newbie question: Where do I update the CRUD statements (if they exist)?
Tuesday January 26 2010
11:51PM 8 Oh no! I have a "Spec" model
11:41PM 2 Include NULL values using :group option?
11:40PM 5 Example or Tutorial of Rails & XML
11:01PM 0 Nested resource with nested models -- nested models not saved in child classes.
11:01PM 2 dynamically set named_scope based on current_user
10:26PM 4 Test that a string is not displayed in view
10:20PM 2 We Need a Ruby Developer
7:35PM 0 simple nested form question
7:22PM 4 Anyway to change the button label for file upoading?
7:11PM 1 Why does UserSession.find return nil when using user_credentials = single_access_token?
7:06PM 13 testing errors
6:32PM 19 Redirection problem
6:14PM 0 Earn $8000 salary. Do Data Entry jobs from home part time=11
6:07PM 0 Earn $8000 salary. Do Data Entry jobs from home part time=10
5:51PM 6 Subclassing ActiveRecord::Base
5:48PM 19 noob question: create a link to google a parameter
4:26PM 0 difference between underscore, tableize and self.class.model
4:23PM 1 Mongrels Hanging in mysql_adapter.rb
4:01PM 0 Routes and Requirements parameter question
3:48PM 0 how do I call a Javascript function post-AJAX form submit?
3:41PM 19 Newbie question: Integrating Authlogic plug-in more deeply
3:18PM 11 Cleanest way to give the body tag an id?
2:50PM 0 Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS
2:43PM 1 application layouts
2:20PM 3 Regarding form_for and fields-for content variable
1:01PM 2 Error: SQLite3::TooBigException: String or BLOB exceeded size limit
11:42AM 10 to_xml method
11:19AM 0 Testing helpers with RSpec
9:11AM 2 Updating column (migration)
8:35AM 0 rake spec no such file to load -- spec_helper
6:46AM 7 updated rails now missing rails gem
6:23AM 0 Help with Associations: Templates, Documents and Options
5:59AM 0 A problem when testing a CallBack in model
4:37AM 1 convert to numeric
2:29AM 10 Action Mailer new DSL merged
12:34AM 2 accepts_nested_attributes_for :has_many :through => 'bug?'
Monday January 25 2010
11:34PM 0 has_many, :finder_sql, setting attributes
9:29PM 2 NoMethodError: undefined method while running test
8:56PM 3 arrays to database
5:58PM 0 uninitialized constant Logging
5:52PM 1 mongrel_rails unable to start (cant find rubygems)
5:44PM 0 cart relationated with id
5:10PM 0 [Jobs] Seeking Senior RoR Developers/Leads/Architects
5:09PM 2 Routes and permalinks problem
4:55PM 3 How to get the value ??
4:32PM 0 Ensure single session per user at a time
4:15PM 0 Can only get RMagick to work writing with 777
3:41PM 4 Field update, best practice
3:02PM 1 Displaying already stored images from the database in rails
2:43PM 0 partial refresh help
2:31PM 8 Time taken by page to load
1:39PM 9 skinny Controllers, fat models with REST?
1:04PM 0 Counter for complex forms
12:10PM 0 inline_attachment problem
11:50AM 13 validates_numericality_of , need to accept "-"
11:09AM 4 Collection select options
10:20AM 0 multidatabase transactions
8:43AM 2 Inline attachment
8:30AM 8 button
7:51AM 3 Dynamic attributes!
6:28AM 15 database design question: building features
5:37AM 2 List associations in a particular model or object
4:52AM 4 embedding a rails app in a Google Sites site?
2:24AM 3 JSON render problem
2:00AM 1 ActionMailer does not find templates in production mode
12:34AM 2 is there a beta plugin that requires a beta code to allow access?
Sunday January 24 2010
10:33PM 6 best search facility
9:11PM 1 Nothing shows up under fields_for when referring to a valid association
5:13PM 1 how to build a welcome page?
4:24PM 4 same controller and database, different views based on domain name
4:18PM 7 Building main page with admin controller
1:03PM 1 add onchange attribute to collection_select
11:28AM 2 Rails server error when rails starts
4:31AM 1 ExceptionNotifier in development mode
4:05AM 0 loofah 0.4.2 Released
2:48AM 2 OrderedHash Rails 2.3.2
12:57AM 2 link_to helper (or some other method) on an entire table row?
12:31AM 0 Help for beginners? Nested resources, Authentication, and Authorization
Saturday January 23 2010
7:31PM 5 Suggestions for a non tech guy to teach himself Ruby on Rails
6:40PM 0 Problems with :onchange for radio_button_tag
6:17PM 3 acts as ferret issue (in Production)
4:50PM 3 initializers
3:51PM 0 Additional attributes for objects in multi-object forms
3:35PM 0 [JOB] tester / developer
1:49PM 5 Problem in rendering :partial with auto_complete_field
12:30PM 0 Formtastic
8:52AM 0 Can't create TCP/IP socket (10106
7:42AM 1 Mail version 2.0 released
3:34AM 10 Rails requires RubyGems
Friday January 22 2010
9:24PM 1 question on how to form this query elegantly
7:46PM 3 STDIN gets method issue with rspec
6:10PM 0 Working with a subset (users) data in a common model containing all user data
6:02PM 11 Finding out where a variable is defined
5:21PM 0 [JOBS] Web Programmer at Reed College, Portland OR
4:48PM 0 Routing/File Upload/Put vs. Post puzzle
4:29PM 0 Problem with acts_as_commentable Plugin
3:28PM 2 symbol pointing to a method idiom in ror model
3:23PM 0 creating a new record in a pop-up-window
9:55AM 0 dynamic select menu doesn't work for 'form_tag'
9:43AM 0 Decent Implementation using ActionMailer
9:26AM 0 too many connection
9:24AM 3 Layout not coming in tests
8:56AM 6 Problems with Rails and no existing files
8:12AM 5 Rails Render Issue
7:22AM 0 REXML::ParseException: Missing end tag for 'META' (got "HEAD
6:14AM 5 what should e relationship etween these models
6:06AM 5 How will be the Future of Rails......? Please do reply
4:00AM 6 Authlogic and Sessions
3:01AM 0 JOBS - ROR at Oakley
12:24AM 1 Squirrel plugin produces different results between Passenger and Mongrel
Thursday January 21 2010
11:27PM 0 slow acts as ferret indexing - taking 7 days for 10Million rows (2GB db)
11:15PM 0 issue with rspec and url rewriting...
10:44PM 0 noob problem around link_to
10:23PM 1 Architecture question
9:48PM 1 Iterating through an Instance Variable in my View
9:04PM 2 Two buttons on one line
9:04PM 2 will_paginate ?
9:02PM 2 nested forms and attr_accessable
8:47PM 0 link_to popup pass parameter
8:33PM 0 File upload UI / view
7:55PM 0 ANNOUNCE: railsposts.com - feeds collection for Rails developers
7:21PM 0 [JOBS] Position open for Socially Responsible Senior Ruby Engineer
7:20PM 0 pop-upwindows
7:19PM 1 ActiveResource with a Database??
5:34PM 2 Overriding Date#to_s
5:10PM 0 Specifying a named scope in a mixin?
4:34PM 1 Forcing load_target
4:19PM 2 nomethoderror when trying to create permissions
2:45PM 0 Refresh automatically 2
2:33PM 4 Fitting two step creation in to a resource based design
1:36PM 0 New version 2.0.0 of IBM_DB- The Rails Adapter/Ruby driver for DB2 and Informix now available
12:54PM 0 Problem in accessing SSL enabled mail server
12:03PM 0 InterWoven CMS Integration with ROR
12:02PM 0 Interwoven CMS Integration
11:40AM 9 ror developers
10:35AM 4 New Application
8:17AM 5 Syntax Highlighting
7:08AM 1 ruby on rails programmers and ror developers
6:13AM 0 Moving of Photos
4:50AM 2 Difference between ruby1.8.6 and 1.8.7
4:29AM 7 Send SMS with rails application
3:16AM 3 test:units failing
3:05AM 10 How to generate OR conditions in a scope
3:02AM 4 Redirect www to non-www
12:32AM 1 Background task with rake...or better solution?
Wednesday January 20 2010
11:51PM 4 Searching an array
10:06PM 3 Ubuntu 9.10:: Error: uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
9:48PM 0 RJS / AJAX question
9:44PM 5 disable submit_tag after click
9:25PM 5 reverting to rails 2.3.3
9:24PM 1 Sending eMail
8:30PM 0 How to map a Named Route onto a namespaced resource?
6:32PM 0 (2.3.5) ActionController::Base.session_options[:expire_after] + Error 422/Authenticity Token Issue
3:32PM 0 backgroundrb and time zone
3:00PM 2 parse xml data from xml response.body
2:57PM 0 select option to a select_tag after submitting form
2:39PM 10 Command line ferret engine
2:29PM 0 :id vs. a_id:
2:22PM 0 Cached instance variables in ApplicationController in Rails 2.3.5?
2:19PM 0 data stream
1:29PM 1 config.timezone question
11:57AM 2 mysql problem
11:22AM 1 CRITICAL: Rails 3 error : parser.bundle unhandled exception!!!
11:06AM 2 Rails 3 Problem: no such file to load -- rails (LoadError)
10:52AM 0 Will_paginate not working with the ajax
9:53AM 1 Lightbox :/
9:52AM 0 Problems with flash upload, strange failsafe error
9:01AM 2 Net::http breaks post request, Curb (curl) does not
8:42AM 4 Rake Aborted wont Migrate mysql
8:15AM 0 need help with nested forms and habtm
5:42AM 1 Mechanize and Hpricot
5:35AM 2 Nested Model Destruction
3:54AM 2 empty rails log folder
3:50AM 6 which d should I choose?
3:39AM 2 Create Temporary Sqlite in Memory
12:34AM 1 Ruby 1.9.1 Rails 2.3.5 and Cucumber
Tuesday January 19 2010
10:22PM 2 Timezones and Timestamps
9:54PM 7 scope problem in controller
9:24PM 0 passing parameter thru fields_for text_field
8:36PM 2 Deployment on Network Solutions
8:19PM 1 PGError: ERROR: operator does not exist: character = integer
7:28PM 1 The old "index.html" Ruby Rails is coming out of nowhere?
7:05PM 0 Print an asterisk along with required fields
6:30PM 0 Plugin for external ACL Authorization of PHP applications
5:58PM 0 How do I find all gem dependencies?
5:36PM 2 belongs_to (polymorphic) or has_many (through)
5:05PM 2 error with WEBrick server
4:38PM 4 Which verb?: Take a bus or take the train
4:32PM 0 rake cucumber features fails
3:42PM 6 Views Testing
3:10PM 6 How to redirect to 'new'
2:55PM 5 rake aborted! Can't create TCP/IP socket (10106)
2:03PM 2 Newbie Issue
11:59AM 5 ActiveRecord Observers - can it only take one parameter?
10:47AM 5 Rubyzip gem installed but not recognised
10:34AM 1 dynamic session expiration
10:18AM 3 Array help
9:53AM 0 specified procedure could not be found in postgresql gem
7:33AM 1 Auto numbering of childs for a parent
6:45AM 2 database design
5:33AM 0 (JOBS) Footbalistic is looking for RoR developers
3:12AM 13 Tutorial - Creating a Global REST Controller
2:56AM 5 dispatch.cgi? A host better than Site5
2:50AM 2 Rails Cannot See User_Notifier's methods!!!
2:41AM 0 best way to set default for an optional local in a partial?
12:08AM 15 git clone locally
Monday January 18 2010
9:00PM 1 passing hidden field data
8:40PM 3 The role of self and :: within a method of a model
7:55PM 0 rails 3.0: ActionController::Base render()
6:24PM 4 AR - find all records not already associated
4:08PM 4 XML in rails
4:04PM 5 Re: puts & logger ... flush immediately
2:49PM 2 Can't get gem bundler to work with either rvm 1.9.1 and 1.9.2
2:42PM 1 Disabling "Submit" button in form_remote_tag in dialog box
2:24PM 4 MVC .... Many views and one controller
12:03PM 0 Software Developer - London UK
10:47AM 2 no such file to load -- chronic
10:47AM 1 Cannot use openssl, undefined symbol: d2i_ECPKParameter
10:36AM 3 sub domains
8:09AM 2 Help with nested model forms
7:31AM 6 Loading Seed Data from MySQL exported file
7:18AM 3 validates_format_of :phone,
7:13AM 5 Gem bundler not creating the environemnt.rb
7:04AM 1 Loading Model in Yaml
6:30AM 7 Ruby Array to Java Script Array
5:50AM 2 Specifying the foreign key in a has_many :through relationship
4:31AM 8 Comment syntax and strange partial rendering
2:42AM 8 Forbidden error on rails app with Passenger and Apache
1:15AM 1 binarylogic-searchlogic ~> 2.0 binarylogic-authlogic mbleigh-subdomain_fu
12:00AM 0 "Vary" header
Sunday January 17 2010
11:35PM 7 TUTORIAL - How to create and manage Mailers and Observers
6:49PM 3 DRYing up helper
5:10PM 1 Object#send takes 10 seconds to complete
4:13PM 2 rake db:migrate:up to change scaffold??
8:20AM 0 some routes don't load in production
3:29AM 3 Noob Question D'Jour
3:17AM 3 creating rails 2.3.5 sites after rails 3 install
2:45AM 3 Test params
12:37AM 3 check_box_tag doesn't insert parameter into table
Saturday January 16 2010
10:22PM 1 Delayed Redirect
9:44PM 0 Problem with 3-tier delete.
7:19PM 0 Extending instance-methods of an Module for Plugin-Development
3:44PM 0 Converting snmpset() and snmpget() functions of php in rails
3:06PM 0 Postgresql error
12:53PM 4 rake aborted!
10:02AM 5 Beginner to Ruby
2:54AM 3 Formtastic and Access to Variables of Nested Model
1:53AM 0 Parsing a string from a database and executing the result
1:28AM 0 Newly released Rails plugin for showing a calendar of reservations...
1:02AM 2 Rails saving on LDAP (or directly on a mailserver)
Friday January 15 2010
11:54PM 0 Ketchup: an app for meeting notes, simple, fast
10:06PM 3 polymorphic associations and STI
9:25PM 1 Chaining queries in ActiveRecord
8:19PM 9 authorize state transitions
8:14PM 1 Do you love to submit Bug reports? I have a patch to add better HTTP OPTIONS support.
7:36PM 3 XML output generates dashes rather than underscore
6:38PM 5 passing data to javascript function
6:14PM 0 Thank you Rails and many developer. :)
5:51PM 3 Training
3:24PM 2 Dreamhost & Rails
3:08PM 16 Refresh automatically
2:14PM 2 Generating views in pdf, rtf, or doc format
1:57PM 13 Attach an action to a partial?
1:49PM 3 Pictures out from images folder
11:44AM 2 SNMP in rails
6:15AM 3 send_file errors out with nil.update
6:10AM 4 Newbie question - how set up working with a subset of data (e.g. user's data)?
6:01AM 3 Digital digest in Rails
5:37AM 0 re: Fwd: 500 error in sending bulk mail
5:20AM 2 500 error in sending bulk mail
5:16AM 5 Convert IP address to long
3:51AM 21 Dynamic Assets - can it be done?
1:35AM 0 Router and OPTIONS
12:09AM 7 Design question and opinions
Thursday January 14 2010
10:51PM 0 Duplicate joins with eager loading + include?
9:51PM 2 Changing default path for layouts
9:25PM 1 Is there a simply way to check if two models are associated?
8:01PM 0 returning search result to new.html.erb as textfield value
7:30PM 11 [OFF TOPIC] - Help with Regular Expressions on PHP.
6:37PM 0 Page caching on hosted server not working
5:30PM 4 activerecord 2.3.5's create & find slower than activerecord 2.1.2?
4:56PM 1 Making the distinction between similarly titled links in Cuc
2:50PM 0 Typecasting ActiveRecord Find Results
1:02PM 1 Modules/Mixins and accessing the calling object?
12:47PM 1 Migrations with FrontBase adapter
11:37AM 9 Safer version of update_attributes
8:47AM 0 More virtual hosts on one rails application
7:25AM 2 Help me to Install Ruby on Rail & Cucumber
6:59AM 0 how can I add another model to ActionView::Base.field_error_proc ?
4:22AM 11 Need some help understanding file_field and local_path
1:11AM 1 I want to start contributing patches
Wednesday January 13 2010
10:48PM 0 PgEast CFP (second call) (looking for rails content)
10:36PM 0 Adding online help
9:53PM 3 Problem with polymorphic
9:22PM 2 Best practice: individual or combined tests?
9:14PM 4 Sharing unit tests across models
8:18PM 2 RoR: Best way to handle fatal errors
7:04PM 2 [Ajax on Rails]How to pass an object via param
5:59PM 11 Accessing Raw Post Data
3:19PM 0 Hassles with flash[:notice] vs flash.now[:notice]
2:51PM 8 Difference between Mongrel and Webrick
2:20PM 0 Install RoR on Windows Vista
2:08PM 1 advise: popups for the views
1:15PM 0 change the interval in periodically_call_remote
12:58PM 2 Session sharing between domains
12:11PM 4 Benchmarking a mailer
11:23AM 3 Jquery works in development but doesn't work when hosted on hostingrails.com
9:31AM 2 Abstract rails models
8:10AM 0 ActiveRecord setting has_many association
7:11AM 5 String to String?
6:10AM 5 captcha
5:53AM 3 User a owns resource x; don't let user b see user a's resources...
3:44AM 0 hash_for_*_path and hash_for_*_url arguments
12:19AM 4 validates_inclusion_of on boolean within file fails
12:04AM 1 validates_captcha not generating a captcha
Tuesday January 12 2010
11:25PM 3 emulate_booleans for a specific connection
11:19PM 3 Suggestion for Ajax-Framework, for RoR
10:04PM 8 tips on how to write a controller test for models associated with currently logged in user
9:51PM 12 Multiple validations on a field... grouping them? only one?
9:42PM 0 Looking for a SR ROR Developer in NYC
8:52PM 2 Ruby doesnt look at local gems
7:48PM 1 Mysql 5.1 and Rails 2.3.5 error on Windows
7:39PM 1 plugin for finding duplicates
7:35PM 1 Rails V 2.3.5 aThe applicaiotn has failed to stMnd MySql 5.1
7:18PM 2 NOOB Question on Instance Variable
7:01PM 1 Ruby 1.9.1 intermittently slow
6:47PM 3 Need help reading a yaml file on upload with form
6:13PM 4 How to begin coding with RoR
5:46PM 9 Using find - beginner's advice
4:40PM 8 script/generate not working ! while rails do
3:55PM 5 pluralization question
3:33PM 0 Best practices for Rails API testing ?
3:26PM 3 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
2:32PM 7 How to handle Profile Informations with :has_many_through ?
2:25PM 10 Keep getting syntax error
2:01PM 4 Web with images
1:17PM 1 Integration testing ..
10:28AM 0 store objects with a custom attribute
6:22AM 0 workling not working on linux
5:40AM 4 how to create portable rails app?
4:36AM 2 Question on Render :file => file
2:45AM 0 [JOB} Ruby on Rails Programmer - Junior
2:19AM 0 Need help regarding Ajax and REST
2:15AM 5 Render view outside of a controller/view
12:24AM 3 Weird POST/PUT behavior
12:07AM 1 501 and 405 slightly inaccurate?
12:02AM 4 Change default method mappings?
Monday January 11 2010
11:52PM 1 How to add a route to the method 'options' for each controller?
11:19PM 0 FAILSAFE error when attempting custom POST - How do I fault find for this?
10:49PM 3 Deployment Infrastructure Stack
5:38PM 2 Generating a path from a route with requirements
5:36PM 1 Actionmailer and Mass Mailing
4:19PM 0 Download avatar 2009 for free
3:26PM 4 How to begin with developing of a web application using Ruby on Rails
3:18PM 1 utiliser deux instances de Logger (sysloglogger)
1:17PM 2 Devise, Authlogic, & Restful Authorization
12:08PM 1 Install RoR on Vista problem
11:49AM 0 test examples using authlogic with shoulda
11:23AM 3 Capistrano deploy without irs_process_scripts
11:20AM 5 Question about rails modules/applications
8:55AM 0 Ruby On Rails Developer (2+ years)
7:56AM 2 My talk at PHPcamp - CakePHP Vs Ruby On Rails
6:30AM 2 how to install rails?
5:49AM 4 updating user status
3:59AM 3 Auto Sprite 1.0
2:05AM 4 Autotest - Can make an-install work.
Sunday January 10 2010
10:56PM 0 time_zone_select
10:31PM 3 set Time.zone to current user time zone
9:55PM 16 Ruby on Rails and Postgres - Installing postgresql gem
9:52PM 3 Need advice: threads or Typhoeus?
9:20PM 2 bad interpreter: No such file or directory when running rake
8:01PM 3 Models on existing database?
6:51PM 3 Remove a restful action from map.resources
2:30PM 5 Edit only your posts
12:42PM 1 Second based or permanent tasks in rails
11:23AM 5 Mongrel fails to start after installation of plugin prawnto
11:17AM 0 confusing action and id in link_to_remote
7:56AM 3 [PROJECT] Youtube like web application
6:32AM 2 RoR, good for a beginner?
4:46AM 7 IIS + Apache + Mongrel: Problem with big data submit form
3:55AM 2 Re: Best practice for running an app in subdirectory
Saturday January 9 2010
11:36PM 0 Rails app seems to be 'requiring' a gem 'automatically'
11:16PM 3 tinyint(1) and boolean
10:40PM 7 fields_for
10:17PM 0 ActiveResource and this 'http://test.host/'
8:47PM 4 AuthLogic login page: undefined method `login' and `password'
8:05PM 4 Mongrel to Apache
8:02PM 0 auto_complete_field does not update display:none
6:11PM 9 Problem with Sessions
3:26PM 4 Image in production mode + nginx missed half page
3:05PM 4 help: self referential & search
12:49PM 4 reducing the number of if statements
12:48PM 6 OAI-PMH problem with more than one parameter.
10:32AM 3 Pure, OpenID-only (password not a choice) Authentication?
8:18AM 0 Step by step guide on installing Ruby on Rails alongside WampServer
6:32AM 10 imagemagic errors
1:54AM 0 More than one parameter in URL
12:13AM 5 Redirect 301 and cache
Friday January 8 2010
10:30PM 3 A Little SQL Help
9:23PM 2 "uninitialized constant REXML::Document"
8:53PM 6 has_one belongs_to confusion
8:16PM 0 JOBS - RoR Developers Indianapolis, IN
7:20PM 1 Phusion Passenger on a sub-URI - deleting my controller name
6:52PM 9 Should I continue with rails?
6:42PM 2 Debug output / settings for debug sessions
6:10PM 8 Ruby on Rails, Gems, cPanel and Shared Hosting
5:00PM 1 Accessing dynamic javasript with Ruby
4:39PM 0 Callbacks from model to request?
4:18PM 2 'alt' and 'title' tags :/
4:17PM 3 SQL and select()
3:48PM 1 problem using build with has_many :through relationship
3:21PM 1 Facebooker SystemExit
2:59PM 4 Validates presence of special conditions not working
1:36PM 3 ajax tabs in lightbox
1:24PM 2 Facebook Integration
12:54PM 6 How to change a rails app to INstant rails app???
12:52PM 1 How to change an existing rails app to Instant rails app
12:45PM 6 Craiglist and tracking views
9:20AM 3 Horizontal partitioning of database to scale the ROR application
8:51AM 1 Problems with link_to to delete a resource
5:46AM 12 Fighting with Hello World
5:42AM 0 Engines, Rails App architecture in OpenSource context
Thursday January 7 2010
11:26PM 3 AssociationCollection or Array
8:52PM 5 Rendering partial from button click, not passing locals ?
7:10PM 2 ROR Upload Problems on Windows
5:45PM 1 Javascript to access a server side element in rails
5:27PM 2 ActionMailer SITE constant
4:58PM 1 prevent certain inputs, like "user at gmail com"
4:22PM 0 Exteding/Enhancing SSL Requirement plugin
4:03PM 2 Find by looping thru array
3:47PM 1 unsubscribe me
3:22PM 1 Active Record Error
3:10PM 5 Splitting a string
1:59PM 0 flyerhzm-metric_fu = metric_fu + rails_best_practices
1:43PM 0 Unit testing /lib directory...
1:21PM 0 How to use the same params in respond_to for some formats?
12:39PM 0 Strange problem with query
12:16PM 9 caught by gems
12:02PM 1 text field with autocomplete
7:30AM 4 How to Reduce cpu and memory utilization
5:54AM 4 Relationship in Models
4:32AM 1 scaffold migration
3:39AM 10 rails, dynamic tables and erp/crm
3:07AM 8 Need guidance to learn rails with the goal of getting a job & working with Ruby & Rails full time
2:43AM 4 Unpacking gems and gem version numbers
Wednesday January 6 2010
10:01PM 4 open source software for school study group / community
8:35PM 5 Create route for external file using get with no controller
7:41PM 1 REST URI questions
7:31PM 1 current selected menu element?
6:20PM 9 Updating table data
5:33PM 1 ActionMailer intermittent test failure
5:06PM 0 Validating New Record with Related Records
2:42PM 5 Multi-column search in MySQL
2:13PM 1 gem xmlsimple behaves unexplectedly after adding aws-s3 gem
2:00PM 0 AWS-S3 gem behaviour
12:45PM 1 Rails migrations--urgent
10:21AM 0 Built with Rails: http://hpricot.com
8:35AM 1 html formatted string & displaying only upto specific length
7:34AM 1 paramaters problem
5:23AM 4 serialized attribute converting to string on reload
5:18AM 3 API integration with Rails or Other Language
4:26AM 0 Display 2nd selectbox
3:54AM 0 Multiple sessions & Authlogic
12:04AM 2 undefined method `query' for class `Mysql'
Tuesday January 5 2010
11:59PM 0 Problem with associating comments with blog posts on same page
11:18PM 0 trouble with Imagemagick and Rails 2.3.5
9:48PM 3 Factories, Authentication, and Roles, oh my!
8:09PM 6 thin server claims I don't have correct rails gem installed
7:59PM 0 update_attribute, alias_method_chain on a setter
7:43PM 0 [JOBS] WorkBeast is Hiring!!!!
7:29PM 3 Multiple independent sets of validations with validation_scopes gem
7:25PM 1 Seeking best practise advise
5:26PM 6 Delete multiple files in RAILS_ROOT/tmp/pdfs/
4:45PM 0 smalltalk youtube channel
4:41PM 2 noob question:controller-model problem
3:47PM 5 action mailer
2:52PM 1 Errno::ENETUNREACH (Network is unreachable - connect(2)):
2:29PM 3 (PRAWN) PDF created but PDF won't download
1:04PM 2 Conditional named_scope chaining with params (Need help)
12:29PM 2 How to generate this SOAP xml request?
11:35AM 1 Problem in jasper report intrgration with rails application
11:18AM 0 Good product companies in India using Ruby/Rails?
10:18AM 0 Authlogic giving problem
9:42AM 6 Number limited redirects
9:30AM 0 ruy 1.8.6 and rails 2.3.5
7:19AM 6 Can rails even gracefully upload?
6:51AM 3 user and status table definition and relation
6:40AM 2 Alias_method_chain on a boolean attribute not calling ...
5:37AM 5 Is it possible to use link_to_function to increment value onclick?
3:48AM 1 should it be ext4 or ext3
2:32AM 0 [job] Wanted: Tech Advisor & Adventure &/or Social Change-Seeking Web app & Mobile app developers/cofounders
1:47AM 1 Newbie belongs_to question
Monday January 4 2010
11:54PM 3 Generate PDF
11:44PM 0 Rails app hung up in the database layer?
11:27PM 0 Advanced Rails training class with Wolfram Arnold in SF, Jan 25th
11:25PM 2 Different Usermodels with Authlogic + Declarative Authorizat
10:22PM 1 Handling temporary generated image/graphs
9:41PM 1 juggernaut issues
8:09PM 2 not being able to access the info loaded by config.yml
7:50PM 0 Dynamic Models and WordPress MU
5:10PM 0 XML and XML schema support
3:39PM 1 Good luck new year!
3:37PM 1 mysql username isn't sent
3:29PM 4 Generators
1:20PM 0 Strange problem with I18n
12:48PM 0 resizing cells in Spreadsheet/Excel
12:30PM 0 :include not working
11:20AM 2 to_parm and how it can be used in a helper
10:24AM 5 add external data at new record creation time
8:15AM 4 user management by admin
8:13AM 0 test
6:12AM 1 How to avoid code duplication when validating virtual attributes?
1:45AM 4 Testing get :new
Sunday January 3 2010
8:53PM 0 small problem..
8:15PM 0 Same model multiple times, dynamically, in one form?
8:02PM 6 Zip Code/Leading Zero's search problem
7:46PM 0 Ruby and Rails OS environment documentation
7:10PM 24 SQLServer on Rails
7:04PM 3 SMS Messaging
5:09PM 9 ferret search in production
4:37PM 7 Noob question .each problem
10:55AM 2 Problem with downloading a generated Excel sheet
9:27AM 4 behavior of find(:select => ...)
4:46AM 6 Sessions
3:47AM 0 union of two forms in one
3:17AM 7 Restful routes
2:14AM 0 webdav
1:21AM 3 model in subfolder, not missing constant error
Saturday January 2 2010
9:50PM 2 Underscore in a model's method causes it not to be called from the form helper
7:25PM 15 Best Practice setup Development environment OS X and Linux
6:03PM 0 Print a PDF directly after prawnto with iframes
2:14PM 1 Namespaced Controller and Model Access
12:45PM 2 create subform within rails form
7:56AM 0 Using helper methods to perform Ajax filtering…?
6:05AM 0 Tiny_MCE_Plus with ajax
2:06AM 1 Ruby Gems Start up troubles
1:34AM 5 Named Scopes and Created At
Friday January 1 2010
11:38PM 15 How to explore the environment?
10:53PM 2 Test for field validation before saving
10:33PM 5 What backup approach for uploaded files stored in file system???
6:43PM 5 will_paginate resulting in server 500 error...
6:16PM 0 gmail and smtp
2:50PM 2 Help with routes
2:14PM 0 MTT Newsletter:84 - A Very Happy New Year To All Of You
7:21AM 3 authlogic with declarative authorization
12:39AM 0 Ruby on Rails Programmer – Junior (Austin, TX - No relo)