Rails - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
11:03PM 1 Single Validation Error... best practices?
10:06PM 3 has many through & associate records
7:31PM 7 Select distinct records from an Array
7:08PM 1 HABTM & collection_ids: confirm changes before saving
5:32PM 10 Web 2.0 Javascript Standardization Topic
4:10PM 2 ruby on rails application help.
3:37PM 0 Understaning log file response times
2:36PM 5 We're sorry, but something went wrong(500)
12:08PM 6 Who caused the view to be rendered
9:08AM 0 Yahoo WOEIDs
8:48AM 4 RESTful new method
8:31AM 3 Eager loading outside the find method
7:15AM 0 Savage Beast For Rails 2.3
6:47AM 0 gmailer not connecting go gmail account.
6:13AM 5 Instantiating controllers?
Wednesday December 30 2009
10:48PM 3 Accounts and Users
10:30PM 12 script/generate cucumber fails in Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1
10:26PM 2 Rendering Partials as Objects with Parameters?
9:31PM 4 Error running Mongrel on Ruby 1.9
8:45PM 0 Sharepoint integration
8:30PM 4 Validating the presence of two associated objects from both models
6:43PM 0 Tutorial - Creating a Custom Google In-site Search for Rails
6:39PM 5 Loops in Ruby
5:32PM 5 Controller named /2010
4:21PM 2 Best Linux Distro for Rails App?
2:55PM 0 Additional params arguments through routes.rb
2:22PM 2 relating controllers... How to?
11:40AM 4 can i write programs in rails without scaffolding
10:14AM 1 Framework choice for a new app
8:01AM 0 Do we use Rails ActiveRecord as a Hybrid Structure, i.e. Data Structure+Object ?
6:27AM 9 Oracle adapter problem? How to fix this?
3:55AM 2 Variable scope and RESTful methods
3:36AM 3 Question on CRON
1:46AM 1 nested attributes and initialization
1:34AM 1 Cannot gem isntall rails
1:15AM 3 Mail now in ActionMailer
12:42AM 1 How to interpret the log file's "View:" and "DB:" numbers?
12:01AM 1 AutoCompleter without the AutoComplete
Tuesday December 29 2009
11:12PM 7 best approach to pass hash type data in string form from Rails/Ruby to a C# app???
9:44PM 0 Mongo3 - rule your mongoDB clusters!
8:37PM 0 Windows XP - MySQL installed thru XAMPP
4:23PM 15 help needed - undefined method `reenable' for <Rake::Task db:schema:dump => [environment]>:Rake::Task
3:05PM 1 Hello, help required.
2:28PM 1 Controller belongs_to model?
2:26PM 14 Question regarding entering data in a has_many relationship.
2:24PM 8 Encrypt senders pvtkey with data and with recievers pubkey
2:21PM 3 missed elements in array
1:15PM 1 help with WebBrick
10:28AM 1 undefined method `alias_method_chain' for I18n::Backend::Simple:Class
10:11AM 6 Not equal to query
9:12AM 1 error when using facebooker
8:57AM 0 problems with thumbnails, attachment_fu
8:01AM 0 newbie question: running lighttpd
3:16AM 0 Using current_page? With An Edit Route
2:34AM 10 Good RoR Oursourcing company
12:38AM 1 Showing the items visited for a non-logedin users
Monday December 28 2009
11:49PM 0 find_in_batch and postgres hanging
8:50PM 2 Corkd.com Application?
6:32PM 14 using test data generators -- valid / invalid data
3:58PM 1 REST and context
3:48PM 3 i want to link html pages to my app
2:24PM 0 div disappearing when enclosed partial re-rendered
1:49PM 2 How to get parameters to controller from view using <input tag?
12:58PM 3 Updating Scriptaculous and Prototype with current project
12:37PM 12 Simple facebook status update from rails?
12:06PM 1 Multi-file upload and Mongrel problem - "Too many files open"
11:24AM 3 Mysql::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
10:16AM 0 Get a Selected value
9:59AM 2 Handling initial user setup (authlogic)
8:54AM 2 Override .find, .find_by_id, etc...
8:20AM 0 Draw the multiple points on same label
6:08AM 3 Cross Browser Check
5:57AM 0 to_hash
5:02AM 5 git
Sunday December 27 2009
10:54PM 5 Difficulties in understanding Rail-Plugins in depth
9:59PM 1 ruby/rails/debugger variable dump question
4:24PM 3 Rails OpenSSL Problem on Win7 x64
9:11AM 0 Trainer On Rails is back !‏
5:23AM 1 Re: Using json gem's encode instead of Rails'
4:18AM 1 Writing content in Textile format instead of HTML
Saturday December 26 2009
11:55PM 10 How can i cancel the effect of a command-generate controller in my app
8:20PM 5 strange array behaviour
4:43PM 1 Plenty of warnings - low quality of code
2:46PM 3 Does :class_name for belongs_to have to be a string and why?
5:03AM 8 Best payment method in Rails
Friday December 25 2009
6:57PM 1 newbe question on view for a 1:n model
2:57PM 4 Creating a special UL LI menu and having issues with subpage
5:02AM 2 Understanding “create_association” and invalid objects
2:02AM 18 rescue_from ActionController::RoutingError II
1:43AM 1 Simple string comparasons
Thursday December 24 2009
7:01PM 0 rails lightbox question
4:10PM 3 When/why/should I unit test validations?
2:09PM 12 no such file to load -- ferret
12:47PM 1 validation
11:01AM 2 Cucumber + radio button
9:36AM 1 Help with select boxes
7:06AM 4 NoMethodError
6:43AM 2 Showing graphs on browser with gruff lib.
4:41AM 1 problems unpacking log4r
3:55AM 3 I need a example program for getting values from check box
3:55AM 2 ccess denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
Wednesday December 23 2009
11:29PM 8 Where did this value in a form come from?
10:46PM 1 variable f rather than frame f in debugger
7:40PM 4 using amazon to search for / return item info
7:05PM 1 Safety Properties and Consistency Issues
5:53PM 11 rescue_from ActionController::RoutingError
5:13PM 2 ActionController::DoubleRenderError -- how to redirect to different paths based on if else condition in rails??
5:04PM 0 Re: undefined method `count' for Array...
4:52PM 0 Re: undefined method `count' for Array...
4:39PM 1 Learning Rails+ExtJS from scratch: what to start with?
2:21PM 3 Help with Navigation
12:50PM 0 Migration from the "Restful Authentication" to "Authlogic"
10:33AM 3 Internalization: select languages
10:11AM 3 persisting input values not tied to an object in form
9:27AM 0 Best Way to exchange data among two clients
9:23AM 4 html parser / assertions in a model
6:35AM 1 A particularly complex find using group that I can't seem to figure out.
5:00AM 2 xmmp4r and backgroundrb
12:26AM 3 Rails 2.3.3 session issue in production
Tuesday December 22 2009
10:52PM 4 record.save returns false
10:36PM 2 worker plugin
7:54PM 4 Year Wierdness
4:59PM 4 Rails/JRuby WAR Heap Space Issue
3:49PM 5 Check empty? of variable for Case/When
2:25PM 1 Rails fixtures - defining a table name?
2:22PM 2 PDF Writer and Ruby 1.9
11:33AM 1 Re: Paypal Recurring using active merchant
9:51AM 3 Re: Error al usar acento en el nombre de la tabla de la BD
9:47AM 4 Excluding controller from before_filter
9:27AM 0 User Activity Monitor Plugin
9:22AM 5 has_many association with two foreign keys
8:23AM 16 Will paginate is missing on rake db:migrate
5:51AM 1 Calander dateselect error
5:46AM 1 Paypal Integration
Monday December 21 2009
11:30PM 1 500 error, no log files
9:45PM 0 Google Analytics and Gdata
7:19PM 9 Setting Fixed Time Zone (without time savings)
6:23PM 3 Eval on LHS of Assignment
5:35PM 0 post method or request flattening array of hashes in params
5:25PM 1 Given the session key and secret, how can we decrypt cookie-based sessions?
5:02PM 1 Making CSS Rounded Divs with Rails
3:36PM 3 beginner problem
2:40PM 5 t.references usage
2:34PM 2 Multiple email recipients
2:21PM 0 errors.add_to_base translation missing: en, activerecord
1:28PM 1 Newbie questions
12:30PM 3 Value for text_field_tag ?
12:14PM 1 Display ActiveRecord runtime info in the view
11:12AM 2 global variable problem in production environment
10:19AM 2 Improving privacy on my app
8:42AM 1 Eager load extended associations
5:25AM 2 How to use thinking sphinx
5:14AM 1 complicated route
5:00AM 2 Can i use Heroku in windows.........
4:38AM 6 "NoMethodError" while running Rake
1:33AM 3 "Best practice" for accessing session from model
1:12AM 13 rendering partial chokes on :locals
12:14AM 0 Heroku account behavior
12:05AM 2 Beginner views
Sunday December 20 2009
11:28PM 1 paths for configured gems
10:23PM 1 [JOBS] Available for HIRE
10:14PM 0 problems getting a particular version
7:32PM 0 problem with autocomplete
6:38PM 0 Search encrypted data
6:32PM 1 Problem with has_many :through Association
6:09PM 3 Noob Install Failed
4:34PM 2 script/plugin does not work!
3:50PM 0 Re: mysql on a fresh snow leopard install
3:48PM 0 Re: updating updated_at column on a belongs_to
Saturday December 19 2009
8:20PM 3 What's the "update" equivalent to the "build" method?
6:13PM 2 Slideshow
1:38PM 1 accessing another controller's data
11:56AM 3 Cant install any gems on windows
11:46AM 1 CSV - Error- Please help me
11:34AM 3 big time help(any idea for a proper title..)
7:01AM 11 Regular expression: How do I allow forward slashes?
3:40AM 4 TinyMCE v. FCKeditor v. others
Friday December 18 2009
11:58PM 1 Proper/Safe way to search across columns?
11:45PM 3 unknown attribute: commit
10:49PM 0 Iconv UTF-8 to ASCII EXTENDED
10:24PM 1 NoMethodError in Books#index
9:18PM 0 Routing error: Double slash in resources
7:56PM 2 ActionBuilding a new association in a form
4:59PM 0 Skyline CMS Release 3.0.8
3:18PM 2 Undefined Method error - help request
1:00PM 3 Newbie problems with scaffolding
10:11AM 0 sorting/searching in active record by calculated fields
9:16AM 3 svg in Rails
5:10AM 6 SQL query problem
4:29AM 1 Can't kill workling, and it's acting oddly
4:17AM 4 A Describe Method / Pull list of Fields
4:00AM 0 Announcing: Spittle - a pure ruby spriting library for PNG images
2:27AM 1 Protecting Ruby on Rails Application
Thursday December 17 2009
11:59PM 0 buy book from system user based
11:22PM 4 Passwords
11:18PM 3 single table relation, newbee question
9:24PM 0 why it
8:58PM 2 openssl
8:55PM 2 schema dump to schema.rb not happening after migration
5:05PM 0 Streaming Media best practices?
4:46PM 0 [JOBS] RoR in NYC - URGENT!!
1:21PM 2 RFC: conflict_warnings plugin
5:13AM 1 observe_field
2:06AM 6 Understanding where certain 'inherited' methods come from in ActionController::Base
12:33AM 2 Where is the first point in rails code that a request hits?
Wednesday December 16 2009
10:34PM 5 Caching comments: timestamps and subdomains
10:27PM 2 Segmenting databases in environments
6:42PM 17 EDI
5:13PM 0 Rails documentation generating error
2:44PM 2 Twitter rails Plugin
12:00PM 0 mysql character set = UTF-8 on a cloumn in a migration
10:25AM 0 Cookie encoding problem
9:12AM 1 Are class variables and class instance variables shared among different requests?
7:09AM 0 Regarding Combobox
6:22AM 12 Approaches to improve response times for web pages who's HTML & content is loaded through Rails???
6:06AM 0 change my email address?
5:55AM 2 Cucumber + Ajax
5:16AM 1 Passing Parameters from one view to another using link_to
3:51AM 0 how/where can I use 'benchmark' to include response time right from the first point the app receives a request?
2:16AM 1 Where should I store private/restricted files?
2:10AM 2 Newbie question: How to send an empty response?
Tuesday December 15 2009
11:41PM 1 Help writing a simple algorithm
10:43PM 1 Deployment of an app that uses a big Shared library
9:25PM 3 text_field_with_autocomplete and onKeyUp()
4:49PM 0 [JOBS] RoR in Sweden (Stockholm)
3:24PM 0 Skyline CMS Release 3.0.7
11:59AM 12 where to put this class??
11:51AM 3 Rails application template divided into sub-templates
11:34AM 3 is there a profiling gem/plugin for Ruby on Rails?
10:41AM 5 shear madness
8:45AM 0 Problems reloading plugin extending AR model
8:20AM 0 FOSDEM RoR devroom
4:37AM 1 Re: [ruby-6] Scalability Hacking
Monday December 14 2009
11:46PM 6 Why not associations without an extra table?
11:08PM 0 plugin install
10:57PM 2 How can I future-proof my system for a future migration from HTTP to HTTPS???
9:43PM 4 From DB to migrations
8:21PM 2 Hi !!
8:02PM 0 PostgreSQL Conference East 2010 Call for Papers
6:15PM 1 update a field in a second model when creating a new record in a first model? is possible?
4:28PM 0 find many-to-many relationships not present
4:24PM 5 Too many methods in the model? Extra lightweight logic layer?
3:36PM 0 Encoding ISO-8859-1
12:12PM 0 iam iranin
Sunday December 13 2009
8:22PM 5 Attempt to write a readonly databae
6:35PM 20 Need help...NameError in InteractController#add_to_cart
4:17PM 9 Rails Hosting
10:26AM 0 Permalink and cache page
10:14AM 2 Good docs on writing gems?
9:42AM 4 code coverage tool for manual testing
5:23AM 4 any use of flash causing "stack level too deep"
3:01AM 5 which is the most popular Ruby on Rails AUTHORIZATION gem/plugin at the moment???
2:38AM 4 how can I download full Rails API doco in the format it is at http://api.rubyonrails.org/ ???
2:02AM 1 Looking for insight into the Rails Way of handling views
1:55AM 3 Integrating facebook connect
12:54AM 2 Single Table Inheritance in Rails: Sample App Available
Saturday December 12 2009
10:40PM 3 Finding non-empty has_many associations with a named_scope
8:22PM 7 How to make PUT with html forms?
7:05PM 0 Looking for freelance work
4:38PM 2 View change on db field change
4:18PM 1 Privacy improvements
2:02PM 3 Mactag - Emacs TAGS for Rails
12:12PM 2 how to print out content of stylesheets in <style> tag via stylesheet_link_tag
10:56AM 6 How to scrape a page without knowing its html structure
10:03AM 2 Printserver / User-Customizable Template-System / OpenOffice
Friday December 11 2009
9:17PM 4 how to build a website using ruby on rails
3:15PM 1 dynamic loading of ruby files
1:23PM 1 Multiple choices inside the model
1:08PM 2 problems with 1.9.1, acts_as_versioned an acts_as_ferret
9:30AM 1 OAuth, OpenId and Facebook Connect e.t.c.
7:15AM 7 redirect without changing url
6:27AM 3 Model based method - how to create it?
3:28AM 4 Issue with multiple models on one form
1:30AM 0 Mikel's Mail OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
Thursday December 10 2009
11:44PM 6 (annoying) question: Netbeans vs Rubymine
10:49PM 1 javascript store of db values
10:15PM 2 Problem rendering several partials from an helper
10:03PM 3 Sqlite3 for production
8:46PM 0 no comments in heroku gem manifest file possible
8:43PM 2 How to customize the default scaffold?
8:41PM 0 expire_directory ?
7:16PM 0 Best Practices on managing routes in Rails plugin
6:24PM 0 Ruby On Rails training class in SF Jan. 19 w/ Sarah Allen (OpenLaszlo core team)
5:48PM 0 Model types implementations: EAV-attributes VS flat tables.
5:44PM 0 GlassFish gem 1.0.0 available
3:05PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking freelance developers
10:33AM 4 Request methods
10:04AM 0 error in login form
8:50AM 1 ActionMail Charset for email body
6:05AM 7 Things I wish I knew when beginning testing
4:24AM 0 including rake tasks in gems
3:52AM 7 .gitignore and vendor
2:03AM 4 Merb and Rails merge?
12:30AM 2 ActiveRecord find with conditions: = works but IN fails
Wednesday December 9 2009
11:06PM 6 Dynamic configuration of ActionMailer
9:53PM 2 actionmailer with attachment created with ERB
9:32PM 4 ROR Newb question - multiple models, one form / populating drop-downs from tables
7:33PM 0 ZenTest Help Please
6:42PM 3 what is the best book to buy for ruby on rails testing?
6:05PM 0 adding a Image to a Button using Tk and ruby?
5:47PM 2 Network/configuration Issues
1:28PM 1 ruby 1.9 segmentation fault
12:39PM 0 Ruby User Group in Birmingham and West Midlands
6:46AM 1 [ActionMailer] "Form:" header is not being shown properly.
6:30AM 1 ActionMailer charset
6:02AM 1 how to send mail through ruby on rails
4:05AM 9 Generate Script
12:45AM 3 rjs replace_html with a partial select box not working
12:03AM 1 How to namespace custom generators?
Tuesday December 8 2009
11:50PM 6 (Rails 2.3) Upstream mongrel cluster: how to find out mongrel instance (port) which handles request
11:37PM 0 Rails Developer Needed in San Diego
9:03PM 2 Redirecting when site loaded in iframe, is this possible?
8:34PM 20 marking posts as 'Inactive'....
7:47PM 2 Account name added to URL
7:05PM 0 abut ruby group
6:59PM 0 Allow conditions on multiple tables to be specified using hash.: BUG?
6:11PM 2 Ruby from a Project Manager POV: Pros vs Cons
5:55PM 0 Sample code for doing a “chunked” webfile HTTP download, and then stream to HTTP upload to another web app?
5:55PM 0 Zentest on Windows 7
3:30PM 7 need help to setup ruby application in intranet..
3:10PM 0 Depot application and some changes
3:05PM 3 dynamic :conditions for activerecord associations?
3:02PM 6 mangling search terms
3:01PM 0 ActiveSupport 2.3.5 and json 1.2.0 gem
1:41PM 1 Accessing parameter for password_field
11:55AM 0 (unknown)
10:36AM 5 Searchlogic tutorial out of date for pagination & documentation doesn't cover helper method, per_page_select
7:01AM 0 sanjib dhar wants to chat
3:44AM 5 rubygems
1:04AM 3 invalid pointer in libxml xmlFreeNodeList
12:38AM 1 testing errors!!
12:35AM 5 Order of Join table
12:22AM 3 assert_redirected help
Monday December 7 2009
10:53PM 5 how to understand Ruby/Rails code? (noting various mixins/includes) Is there a tool to assist here?
10:18PM 0 Unbelievable but True!!
9:14PM 3 captcha
7:56PM 1 routing requirements quick question
4:39PM 3 remote_function - how to include a id of current model
3:21PM 1 Downloading Ruby on Rails guides for offline use?
2:27PM 3 view to pdf with pdf::writer
1:49PM 4 Business logic against model records
12:43PM 2 Secure receipt generation
9:52AM 1 Cucumber and general Ruby question
9:34AM 0 Ubuntu + RoR + Firebird OR Ubuntu + RoR + PostgreSQL ?
8:55AM 1 problem starting rails (hobo) app with passenger
8:05AM 3 accepts_nested_attributes_for + paperclip + polymorphic + problem
5:25AM 5 setting response.headers is non-effective?
2:45AM 1 Where do I set Custom Headers as default?
2:33AM 2 hpricot on mac os 10.6
1:10AM 0 Wackamole - Observe your applications in the wild!
1:10AM 1 how do I manually create POST parameters that are nested? (e.g. I'm creating the request in .Net to contact a Rails backend)
12:46AM 0 tiny_mce_plus plugin doesn't insert image. I don't even know how to debug it.
12:18AM 4 plugin or code to write HTTP headers & content to output for debug purposes? anyone have a suggestion here
Sunday December 6 2009
11:46PM 3 link_to_function or button_to_function memory usage
11:36PM 1 Rails gem/plugin scheduler
8:00PM 10 How to run multiple app on JRUBY
5:50PM 0 how do I ensure HTTP file upload (ie multipart etc) is transactional?
4:53PM 1 Silent Touch on Active Records
4:45PM 9 Route error to Admin namespace
4:04PM 12 Problem installing RoR Ubuntu 9.04
2:58PM 5 Using MySQL with Rails
3:52AM 3 creating search form without Javascript
3:32AM 1 Namespaced routing
Saturday December 5 2009
11:44PM 2 how to stop Passenger ?
10:08PM 9 Need a fresh start...
10:03PM 2 Inserting an image based on a selection
3:56PM 0 Problems with count_by_sql method
3:40PM 10 Struggling to delete posts... Can you help?
1:31PM 2 A possible bug in in i18n - how can I check if this is a bug and submit it
1:31PM 2 Where's all this coming from?
2:44AM 7 ActionMailer dont function with JRuby?
1:17AM 8 need help for functional testing
1:16AM 2 is it ok if i define my login_as in test_helper.rb ???
Friday December 4 2009
9:51PM 0 Hackme Contest Has Been Started
8:02PM 1 Trying to get the value of a single bit in a variable
7:29PM 0 Making Asset Caching and Asset Server work together
6:58PM 3 ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch exception
6:47PM 6 Help! incredible timing differences between dev and production
6:33PM 47 Why do so many Ruby/Rails developers use Macs?
4:25PM 1 How to generate the scaffold by user defined path
12:26PM 2 how to convert number to word in ruby on rails
9:22AM 3 Need help with rake db:migrate error
7:58AM 6 Need help debugging syntax error from Agile Web Development, 3RD Edition
6:29AM 2 pdf generation
5:46AM 1 Rails and jQtouch
5:42AM 4 How to show two models output in one page
3:11AM 0 db:test:purge And osql: What Happened?
Thursday December 3 2009
10:27PM 3 need help with CSS codes
9:00PM 4 Directory creation from Ruby
5:37PM 0 Searching ActiveFoo
4:40PM 0 Using default_url_options with named routes
4:32PM 2 Dynamic Paths
4:19PM 1 Ann: ArEvents
2:49PM 2 is there any tutorial for pay per click system?
1:24PM 0 ROR's / Mac Developer Position in Delaware
9:13AM 12 Simple IF Statement help please
6:56AM 5 JRuby - How to make a server socket MT
6:37AM 3 cap deploy problem...
1:35AM 0 Job Post - Ruby on Rails Jr Programmer - Austin, TX
1:14AM 2 AuthLogic Question - one time password (persistence_token) - what config is required to use this???
Wednesday December 2 2009
11:36PM 0 Getting unique entries after creating a join in rails
10:04PM 5 returning image in my search results
9:12PM 0 Ruby on Rails Vinyl Sticker
9:00PM 3 how to manage the caching of the results of long running queries
6:21PM 0 radiant copy one site to another site
5:52PM 20 stupid question about BDD
3:45PM 4 View helpers
3:34PM 0 uninitialized constant Rails in Tests only
1:10PM 0 ActiveMerchant recurring billing PayPal Payflow problem
9:31AM 4 What if statements help with dates
8:42AM 0 Ruby utf8 to ansel converter
7:00AM 1 Text Displayed all in one line
5:37AM 1 how to structure my application?
3:02AM 1 How do I implement this? run scheduler on one of cluster?
1:41AM 14 root_path and root_url undefined
12:48AM 1 so RoR does not support http BASIC authentication out of the box? is this correct?
Tuesday December 1 2009
8:38PM 6 Problem with activesupport version
8:17PM 0 Online Auction
7:14PM 3 Invalid gem format, for every gem in rails
6:07PM 3 accepts_nested_attributes_for and belongs_to
5:16PM 0 adding observers from plugin
4:48PM 1 error upgrading InstantRails on WinXP, 'could not find rails gem locally or in a repository'
4:45PM 3 named_scope with at least one association
12:32PM 4 Submitting a form onDrop, parameters don't come through
10:34AM 5 Rails 2.3.5 - missing gem problem
4:09AM 12 Rails 2.3.5 - Cannot install plugin
12:13AM 2 how do write codes to fetch my image URL