Rails - Dec 2008

Wednesday December 31 2008
11:34PM 1 resource api docs not working for me
11:23PM 2 How do you pass a Validation error to a view using redirect_to ?
9:04PM 5 validate not occurring transactionally
9:01PM 7 Understand submit_tag
8:26PM 3 Where is #put functional test method documented?
7:18PM 1 Why are JS requests using layouts?
5:45PM 0 [JOB] take over this Rails project!
5:08PM 2 Re: Having Problems Starting with Ruby on the rails
3:55PM 0 change attribute names in serialized output - to_xml or to_json
2:31PM 0 jruby works as a deployment VM under windows(!)
1:56PM 0 refactoring a helper method
1:34PM 0 replace_html problem
1:14PM 1 Rails migration framework in java
12:26PM 1 query caching, Rails 2.2.2 and frozen attributes
8:43AM 1 Help turn on ssl
7:11AM 1 count a occurence of given attribute
6:24AM 13 How to render more than one partial?
6:05AM 3 Problem with downloading Ziya plugin
5:58AM 1 Presenters in Rails
5:56AM 1 Validation Problem
5:51AM 0 How can I listen the events of module/class defined
5:21AM 4 How to update table column?
5:08AM 4 automatically load subdirectories under app/models
3:04AM 10 Ansuz CMS
3:04AM 0 Combining validation error messages
3:00AM 0 Use of #h method in a controller
2:51AM 1 link_to_remote can't replace specified element?
2:34AM 2 How to set homepage in Rails
2:00AM 3 Forms fields pre-populating w/ first record's values
1:58AM 3 Rails 1.X to 2.1 routing problem
12:30AM 1 when to set a class attribute variable during boot
Tuesday December 30 2008
11:13PM 3 gems:unpack dosn't deploy hpricot
11:04PM 0 session store active_record_store doesn't work.
8:59PM 2 link_to not asking confirmation (js)
6:28PM 10 Arguments Error
6:14PM 1 Layout with yield usage?
6:04PM 0 opera web browser ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
5:30PM 1 IntegrationTest doesn't affect model
4:44PM 0 problem logging out from RESTful authentication
4:39PM 3 Code refactoring is the key
2:36PM 1 rails/info/properties
2:09PM 2 YUI widgets, and JSON datasource generated by rails.
1:12PM 4 A question about ajax
1:03PM 0 Plugin: ColumnScope 1.0
12:56PM 3 uploading csv
12:34PM 1 Problem with routes after upgrading to Rails 2.2.2
10:04AM 2 Equivalent ruby syntax for this query.
9:39AM 0 Reseting form controls
8:11AM 0 How could I let rails render wml by default with render/redirect_to method in the controller
7:39AM 1 Y
7:17AM 2 Rails app supplying image to a static page?
6:22AM 10 Wrong number of arguments?
6:06AM 1 Joins, Joins, Joins! Or Not?
5:52AM 3 Who can consult with me on scaling and architecture?
2:49AM 1 Problem with associations that could be null sometimes
12:34AM 6 changing row color on checkbox click
Monday December 29 2008
11:07PM 1 AJAX select box dropdown update form
9:13PM 2 Gem version issue prevent server starting
8:52PM 1 SOT: Ruby Question
6:54PM 0 member on has_one or has_many
6:31PM 0 text_field or text_field_tag
6:04PM 2 Avoiding ActiveRecord loading for efficiency with lots of rows
6:03PM 0 attachment_fu and mysql (server has gone away)
5:13PM 4 ApplicationController: understanding generate scaffold
4:33PM 2 Help with model association
3:29PM 1 SQL tool
2:18PM 4 expires_in with fragment-caching
2:14PM 11 index => nil params jumbled *sometimes*
1:37PM 2 Passing a collection to a form partial
11:25AM 0 Dont cache a variable in action
10:24AM 1 Rails Migration Question
10:21AM 11 Preventing a form from submitting on ENTER
9:52AM 3 add an editor on my application
8:42AM 2 Failing to render RJS
8:38AM 0 (Jobs): Looking for Ruby on Rails programmers and Testers for Milan, Italy and India projects
8:28AM 6 Installing Plugins Offline?
7:09AM 0 RailsXls Plugin Not Working With Rails(2.0.2,2.1.0,2.1.2)
6:42AM 0 cannot open ActiveRecord::Migration: No such file
Sunday December 28 2008
11:14PM 1 Restful authentication refactoring
11:06PM 12 A CSS issue
9:15PM 0 RJS form validation
7:41PM 2 Module Issue
6:29PM 10 Finding Child Records Efficiently
5:25PM 1 Finding items in a Join Table
5:04PM 2 Undefined Method error
4:46PM 7 Your thoughts on "Enterprise Rails"
4:14PM 0 :attr_accessible to protect all attributes
4:08PM 2 Menu table in Rails
1:08PM 8 How to get select_tag value in controller?
1:04PM 3 php's __call for ruby? or better approach?
12:40PM 4 One layout for entire apps
10:01AM 1 is this a localised one
7:21AM 1 escape character problem
5:57AM 7 2.2.2 simple_captcha upgrade error
5:50AM 2 My own Model declarations do not overwrite/replace plugin's ones?
3:52AM 8 2.2.2 super simple upgrade question
2:47AM 0 a newbie question about setting value for {{var}}
Saturday December 27 2008
11:55PM 4 Mind-boggling problem with update_attributes()
11:01PM 4 Session hash and fetch problem?
10:25PM 1 Trouble with MacPorts install, .profile file not created/ need help
6:38PM 2 will_paginate working in the opposite way expected
5:16PM 0 Porticus/Port Authority for MacPorts GUI front-end?
4:44PM 2 NameError: uninitialized constant Digest::SHA2
3:15PM 1 RailsXls Plugin Not Working
2:23PM 6 building an array of dates
10:57AM 1 problems after caching
10:23AM 1 Problem after changing to Rails 2.2.2
5:09AM 0 send email
3:34AM 0 Best way to create a route that only accepts one format
3:04AM 1 Data Migrations in Production
1:44AM 0 restful-authentication (activation_code and user.reload)
Friday December 26 2008
11:46PM 0 Live preview with rails 2.2.2
11:20PM 1 Recommend an upmarket host
10:49PM 1 Best way to automatically format model entries
9:56PM 2 AJAX replace items on a page progressively one at a time
8:15PM 6 problems w/ partials and yield
8:00PM 3 Seperate Date and Time strings into DateTime format
6:29PM 6 rake db:migrate behaving different for different environments
6:00PM 12 What to call Rails + merb
5:57PM 0 calss method CSV
5:37PM 1 how to get the value of dropdown box selected using collect_select()?
5:19PM 3 Installing a branched gem from git?
5:14PM 5 Hide & Show div (Element.toggle)
4:44PM 5 duplicating start date to end date
2:27PM 1 Net::SMTPUnknownError
1:46PM 0 best way to keep DRY
1:26PM 4 DIY -> HOW TO make own Rails server [4 dummies]
12:02PM 2 ruby webApp that requires NO database
10:59AM 1 single table inheritance
10:35AM 32 Advice on Mac versus PC ?
9:54AM 0 no such file to load -- sqlite3
9:51AM 2 Video gallery in rails
7:32AM 6 Hash Sorting
5:49AM 0 How to execute multiple queries in one report of iReports?
5:28AM 1 Groups Permissions
3:26AM 5 How to set onclick function for select_tag?
3:01AM 0 Proper way to manage a collection of existing objects
2:00AM 12 How to get one columns as an array from database
1:46AM 1 get the last row
Thursday December 25 2008
10:55PM 6 Making a Little Application
7:47PM 1 Locales
5:21PM 8 comparison of String with 0 failed
5:04PM 5 Plugin auto_complete
4:09PM 0 "Data RecordType could not be instantiated!: undefined".
2:35PM 1 Problem with find(:all) with conditions
2:19PM 0 How do I bind a form to filter a table?
2:00PM 0 How to upload multiple files using paperclip
12:52PM 6 Should I learn Ruby on Rails? What book?
12:31PM 1 creating instance of an object without knowing it's name
10:48AM 2 rake doc:rails -- fails.
10:44AM 0 Rails project
9:51AM 0 link_to_unless_current & I18n.t
8:11AM 2 A question about select_tag
5:59AM 0 Help me, I want modify hyperlink of will_paginate
5:20AM 5 One question about Dynamic Select Menus
4:35AM 2 Switching to active_record_store session management errors out
1:45AM 0 resize photo attachment_fu
1:08AM 1 save / update related object
Wednesday December 24 2008
11:30PM 0 Error with fields_from
9:25PM 0 Help me
6:14PM 1 will_paginate with group_by
4:37PM 0 about yahoo UI 2.6 data source
4:19PM 1 Selection Lists and sorting data grids
4:04PM 1 Need help : Rails app unable to connect to Solr server
3:50PM 0 Need help : Rails app unable to connect to Solr server Opti
3:47PM 13 Facebook-style news feed?
2:37PM 3 Rails and MySQL boolean types
1:30PM 0 Incompatibility in behaviour of "rake test" and "ruby -Itest
12:10PM 2 Restful routes question
11:54AM 0 Problem with rake solr:start
11:49AM 2 GSUB
10:49AM 5 Odd js behavior in Chrome & Safari
10:10AM 2 Shifting query from Controller to Model
8:41AM 8 Non Default :primary_key doesnt get updated
7:25AM 26 No Configuration!!! WHAT?!
4:32AM 4 what's the advantage of using build and << ??
3:02AM 2 jQuery with Rails
2:12AM 3 named - restful routes question
1:44AM 0 The changes are becoming reality! What do you expect from Rails + Merb aka Rails 3.0?
12:48AM 1 Sassy released - a Rails SaaS and SSO solution
12:36AM 0 New plugin: rrdtool
Tuesday December 23 2008
11:15PM 1 server won't start!
10:48PM 2 error switching to mysql database
7:48PM 2 Question about "partial controllers" sub-applicaktions
6:08PM 2 rails 2.2 connection to MySQL
5:27PM 4 Rails 2.2 - Eager loading not working?
5:06PM 0 Setting up a Subscriptions service
4:57PM 1 Help with authlogin gem
3:07PM 2 NoMethodError in Book#show_subjects
2:38PM 10 Beginner Layouts and Partials question
2:01PM 1 Find with polymorphic associations
1:52PM 2 problem with FCKeditor
1:34PM 1 Adding to select list
1:31PM 0 google calender helper plugin
1:21PM 6 display signup form to enter admin account details
1:06PM 4 Test messages showing up on rake tasks
12:25PM 6 Problem with will_paginate.
12:04PM 0 help needed in installing rails..
10:15AM 0 update multiple model in one form
8:01AM 0 Ralis on h/w device
6:53AM 1 Help me : problem in running rails application
6:19AM 3 rake doc:guides error
4:15AM 0 Updating model with has_one association - do not want to update associated model
1:59AM 1 Populating associations
1:44AM 2 Trouble installing mysql gem
Monday December 22 2008
10:43PM 2 Using both :include and :joins in find()
10:00PM 2 Cron scheduling for daemon gem
9:51PM 3 how to use set_primary_key?
9:30PM 1 How do I use GDB to debug Litespeed Server?
9:27PM 0 Rails hosting with Mongrel IE problem
7:31PM 1 Rails video encoding
7:27PM 4 Running a rails project in another folder
7:15PM 3 'Access Denied' - unable to load schema into production DB
7:07PM 3 subselects and associations(:include)
7:03PM 0 ruby code for converting LibXML::XML object to JSON
6:27PM 4 undefined local variable or method `request'
5:39PM 0 Rails 2.2 sweeping error
5:25PM 5 Authentication Plugins
5:01PM 2 Using session variables vs passing parameters via URL
4:09PM 6 Gsub patern
2:48PM 0 problem with ajax pagination.
1:50PM 1 Callback on update but not on destroy
1:23PM 2 Passing aariable from controller to a different view ????
1:23PM 7 ror plugins - in_place_editing and acts_as-textiled - install error
9:48AM 0 Apache mongrel and IIS..hosting asp and rails on same server
9:16AM 7 Help creating and using database
7:58AM 2 how to use the observe_field to get more than one field?
5:30AM 9 mySQL databases and Radiant...uggg
3:39AM 2 is there an activerecord method like "FIND EXISTING OR CREATE NEW IF NONE FOUND"?
3:03AM 3 Deploying Radiant - why can't anything ever just work?
1:46AM 2 upload an image
12:07AM 4 What's the maximum storage size of a Session ?
Sunday December 21 2008
11:28PM 1 how can I get the CONSOLE (./script/console) to automatically detect/handle changes to code that I change???
10:43PM 2 help: session is deleted, but after the view is rendered
8:39PM 4 how to reference lookup data in DB table - by ID? (or should the ID not be relied upon)
8:36PM 1 Form issues : partials + AJAX vs simple JS / separate views + form_fors vs one view and fields_fors
6:34PM 4 How to order by a field in the belongs_to association
5:50PM 9 error: Rails requires RubyGems >= . Please install RubyGems
5:16PM 4 Rails & dbd-odbc error
5:15PM 5 Confused with naming conventions...
5:08PM 1 But, my local variable 'product' is defined!!
4:45PM 1 crontad+linux
2:41PM 1 SELECT within SELECT
12:03PM 1 Controller links and login form
10:21AM 1 Adding Form Object dinamically
8:23AM 0 capistrano_colors version 0.2.0 has been released!
7:29AM 0 JOBS: Rails and Music
7:15AM 0 Newbie web development
4:51AM 8 unit test fails, but shouldnt have
12:08AM 2 Accessing Member Object Methods
Saturday December 20 2008
10:09PM 0 Can ruby on rails form read data from sessions?
9:09PM 4 Accessing rails helpers when processing erb snippets
8:36PM 1 Starling and Workling problem
6:33PM 5 Calendar icon for date selection functionality
6:33PM 1 Running background jobs
6:31PM 7 Guarding "params" (for security reasons)
5:48PM 3 Thinking sphinx problem
4:30PM 3 IMAP_Authenticatable Problem
3:38PM 12 RoR IDE
2:55PM 5 render :json and associations
11:56AM 1 Activewebservice and RoR 2.2.2
9:37AM 3 Locally Update InstantRails-2.0-win to support rails 2.2.2.
6:54AM 9 Upgrade to Rails 2 - problem with "save" (MySQL boolean issue?)
6:54AM 0 paperclip plugins installation on netbeans
6:04AM 4 uninitialized constant BooksController::Books
6:01AM 4 mySQL newbie seek help with db indexing
5:15AM 0 Can't get RedCloth to work properly with markitup
5:07AM 1 upload image
4:27AM 3 undefined method `stories_path'
4:02AM 3 rake aborted (wrong number of arguments)
3:51AM 2 Changing a column name with migration failed
2:51AM 9 Help with nested models and fields_for
Friday December 19 2008
11:37PM 0 Best way to edit associated models?
11:26PM 0 Validator not quite working
10:39PM 5 Spam in my comments
10:37PM 3 Setting a CSS class on select helper
10:04PM 1 Lun - Free Commenting Service for Any Web Pages
9:13PM 4 Ruby vs. RubyOnRails compatibility matrix ?
8:30PM 6 Noob - added a column via migration but get error on insert
8:14PM 3 Recommended way of restricting action permissions?
7:58PM 2 before_filter for a specific controller/action
7:48PM 6 Problem with Regular Expression
7:39PM 2 Processing uploaded XML file
7:19PM 17 mySQL setup - I'm losing it here.
6:30PM 6 Sending a file, FTP protocol
6:06PM 3 Issues With New Site
5:20PM 3 Delete All action
5:12PM 7 MySpace.com clone using Ruby on Rails. Is it possible?
4:59PM 3 twitter gem not getting installed
4:40PM 0 MySpace.com clone - is it possible with Ruby on Rails?
4:23PM 12 nil object in create_time_zone_conversion_attribute?
3:59PM 5 Legacy database: help needed
2:54PM 0 Active resource and binary data for sqlite3
2:29PM 1 I'm trying to prepend a parameter to all of my routes
1:26PM 2 HABTM 3 table relation
12:17PM 0 textarea clear in RJS stopped working with 2.1.1
11:37AM 2 The usage of datetime_select
11:33AM 2 breaking rails' module naming convention
10:59AM 1 Ultrasphinx: adding field_name in search query
10:50AM 1 map.root
8:23AM 0 about rubricks code
7:08AM 1 Going back doesn't always go, well, back.
6:59AM 2 Elementary Question on Variables
6:17AM 1 mysql.rb
5:50AM 0 how to update the table data with the dropdown box fields?
5:30AM 4 How to set scaffold inmulti directory controller in rails2.x
5:23AM 5 paperclip
4:48AM 3 about copyright position
4:29AM 0 problem in update
3:57AM 14 Can duplicate "back" browser function in Rails?
3:34AM 2 Remember that checkbox has been checked!
3:33AM 4 conditions and joins and paginate, oh my!
1:25AM 4 How complex a query can ActiveRecord handle before it's better using Raw SQL or a View???
12:43AM 11 help with counter_cache
12:40AM 3 Is rails for me?
Thursday December 18 2008
9:40PM 3 Setting dynamic variables
8:54PM 0 assert_raise broken with Rails 2.2.2 upgrade
7:10PM 2 exists? && new? undefined in ActiveRecord::Base???
6:06PM 6 Rails Auto Documentor?
5:54PM 3 Refactoring Rails - Project Name
5:44PM 2 link_to helper in an Array.each
4:56PM 1 Ruby and Rails supported on 10gen
4:22PM 3 "undefined method"-error
4:10PM 0 Rails Console Question ?>
2:58PM 0 Model, controller or view - where to normalize data?
2:30PM 1 State of Ruby and ROR
1:22PM 5 dynamic drop down list submission problem
12:53PM 0 [ADV] "Mastering Rails Forms" Screencasts
12:00PM 0 active_record + threads
11:59AM 0 New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available
11:21AM 0 Disable single action cache
11:16AM 0 action mailer
11:13AM 2 serializing active record objects do not save after first slice
10:46AM 5 RoR deployment and maintenance
9:58AM 0 configure.gem image_science doesn't work
9:45AM 2 Call other programs and need return value
9:18AM 2 Cache Classes problem
9:07AM 3 form_tag - howto call with self.send?
8:38AM 3 First page
7:48AM 2 Correct way to build an AR object with multiple associations?
7:29AM 0 redirect_to with post parameter
7:06AM 1 using get and put
6:57AM 3 How would I find all "players" on an "active team"?
6:47AM 0 Multiple top level domains and one session
6:46AM 1 update the form
5:53AM 1 Uninitialized constant error
5:18AM 6 anyone know a good way to do a caption popup on mouseover?
5:17AM 2 Regarding Hosting at Godaddy
4:33AM 1 Override helper (observe_field) and put JS at the bottom
4:25AM 5 distributing a rails application
4:15AM 1 max-width attachment_fu and Image Science
3:22AM 9 When to use #show action in RESTful application
1:47AM 0 A question about text_field_tag value
1:31AM 5 Which Sphinx Plugin?
1:22AM 2 override a default attribute don't behave like expected in form_for
12:08AM 2 Render a view from console
Wednesday December 17 2008
9:33PM 1 Host configuration questions
9:14PM 2 Strange behavior when override a default attribute, maybe a bug?
9:11PM 1 restful auth problem
9:10PM 2 action_mailer in windows -can't get to work
9:04PM 1 with_scope not working in 2.0
9:00PM 0 cli server restart..
8:25PM 1 Problem with Phusion passenger V 1.0.5
8:23PM 0 One functional test spoils another.
8:13PM 4 Best way to collect child rows
8:04PM 1 How to overcome ActionController::Filters::Filter ??
7:01PM 0 Missing Dependency subversion is needed by package subversion-ruby
6:57PM 1 include path gems hostgator
6:56PM 1 Dynamic Drop Down Submit problem
6:07PM 1 gem_original_require': no such file to load -- mime/types
5:58PM 2 Help with link_to and its kin
5:51PM 3 issue loading RMagick
5:17PM 3 Access from common class
4:58PM 0 Submitting a form on another application
4:07PM 1 relative urls - browser plugin? scraper? other?
3:12PM 0 DBI / FCGI not working
2:56PM 3 Help with calculation
2:15PM 3 Counter to keep track of references?
11:40AM 0 problem with starting the rails server through cron
10:47AM 1 Send mail with ActionMailer on localhost for leopard
10:28AM 1 Princely Plugin:
10:27AM 0 how to use switchdiv( ) method in views?
9:59AM 1 move data with migration
9:58AM 0 migration to move data
9:56AM 1 Upgrade to 2.2.2 - problem with existing Localization library
9:54AM 0 Gears on Rails
9:33AM 6 Video on Rails?
9:28AM 9 Rails 2.2.2 and globalize - undefined method `render_file' for class `ActionView::Base' (NameError)
8:37AM 8 How to generate a layout for a controller
8:08AM 2 ActiveRecord.find results as array of arrays
7:01AM 1 My first rspec reports "undefined method `key?' for #<String:0x46b1df0>"
6:44AM 3 Dependencies.load_paths
6:23AM 2 assign object
2:27AM 1 error when installing rails on new linode instance
2:22AM 5 Thoughts on controllers
1:53AM 1 Windows Vista 64 Bit compatibility
1:53AM 1 updating a record error
Tuesday December 16 2008
11:58PM 0 db:create & db:migrate issues
9:55PM 4 http://localhost/3000 cant see my pages
9:46PM 0 Toronto Ruby on Rails Project Night - Jan 14th
9:38PM 2 JOBS
9:17PM 6 How to iterate through an instance
9:13PM 3 Buttons with different actions... for a single form
8:33PM 0 acts_as_taggible_on_steroids
6:40PM 0 [JOB] Sr. Rails Developer, SF - Relo OK | 90-150k
6:18PM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete and Safari browsers
3:45PM 1 Callback when objects connect as a habtm relationship
3:29PM 6 Why isn't there a :dependent => false option?
3:25PM 8 How to log in from console?
3:01PM 2 Substituting single quotes in strings
2:49PM 8 Alternative solution to session and global variables
12:03PM 3 Princely Plugin: get nil.size error
10:40AM 0 how to create a new page?
10:15AM 0 problem of updating the tag name from new.html.erb ?
9:49AM 0 Pagination caching
9:36AM 8 Rails2.2.2, is it a bug?
9:35AM 4 Little information in mongrel output
9:29AM 0 Thread deadlock activerecord 2.2.2/ruby 1.8.6/postgres win32
9:25AM 0 Rails + jQuery and Links
9:22AM 2 STI and routing
8:16AM 1 Starling and Workling?
7:44AM 5 More than one submit_tag in a single form
7:10AM 0 how to enter and update difeerent tables data from views ?
6:14AM 1 Upload File Using Form
5:01AM 3 .erb invoked unexpectedly
2:52AM 0 query
1:38AM 4 Git workflow
12:22AM 1 faceted browse/filter
Monday December 15 2008
10:47PM 1 remote_function in IE with select input onchange
9:51PM 2 Newbie installing EdgeRails: Error
7:43PM 3 Fukuoka Ruby Award--about $10,000 for first prize
7:32PM 0 export file to csv Rails 0.14.1
7:31PM 0 insecure: can't modify hash
6:35PM 1 conditional delete of a session
6:20PM 1 form for
6:08PM 2 Expire_fragment in observer/model? Works fine in Sweepers.
5:34PM 0 Third Party Tool for Business Directories?
4:44PM 3 Linking in SSL page to non SSL
4:09PM 0 Multiple Models, one form, has_many AND has_one not workink
4:03PM 6 Scaffold leads to OK database, but model empty
3:48PM 2 API versioning strategy
3:40PM 0 RoR survey (research of the Utrecht University)
3:19PM 0 Doozy of a pagination problem
2:21PM 0 Bollywood Hot Hot
2:20PM 0 Top 5 Movies of the Box Office Watch Online Its Free
2:10PM 4 Trying to track down an issue in a performance based load test.. using Rails 2.2.2
1:37PM 3 user + author in one model or not
1:31PM 13 Error in Mysql Connection
12:56PM 1 Unicode problem with mb_chars.index
12:27PM 0 *Looking for new clients on Software and Web Development / websites...
11:41AM 3 Modify Session Data using session_id
10:27AM 0 Asset timestamping and images referred in CSS
10:11AM 2 Routing Problem please help
10:09AM 2 routes.rb
7:18AM 4 doubts in running a sample web application
7:18AM 2 should the "schema migrations" table have more than one row???
7:09AM 0 how to create a new page using link_to and how to do searching in the page created ?
6:53AM 0 Rubyists Wanted!
6:13AM 6 Saving a "final" version of a record.
5:47AM 3 Application failing on undefined method `install_gem_spec_st
5:04AM 0 link_to problem
3:37AM 0 Ajax link in select_tag options - problem
3:27AM 3 link_to and routing question
1:32AM 1 many to many and delete question
12:51AM 1 require file in rails
Sunday December 14 2008
11:54PM 1 ActiveRecord private method called
9:50PM 4 I want to create text box but in run time
9:09PM 1 mysql problem
8:49PM 2 finddef - find methods in textmate
7:37PM 2 Initializing list with account creation
6:47PM 4 JOBS: Looking for RoR developers to work on enterprise website in Gibraltar
6:25PM 1 Database cleaning
6:13PM 0 jQuery post function
6:10PM 0 ActionController::TestRequest bug?
3:20PM 2 How to build index from model
3:06PM 0 widgets and columns like on the Google home page?
1:30PM 2 custom REST action - template question
4:40AM 4 Passing local to template to partial
4:01AM 2 Calling an action within javascript function w/ ajax
2:39AM 4 HTML in db columns
2:31AM 0 Newbee met problems when do some i18n on rails
Saturday December 13 2008
10:57PM 2 how to import a dump .sql file in a rake task
9:35PM 0 ferret not working after upgrade
8:42PM 1 What is the "right" way to upload my Rails application?
7:59PM 1 [announce] wordfractal.com and [question] OpenId or FB Connect?
6:43PM 4 Simple Question: How do I install Authlogic w/o git?
5:55PM 1 Capture session end of life routine? def session_has_ended?
5:23PM 4 Updates using urls and query strings
5:04PM 3 Bug with assert_select and javascript?
4:45PM 1 need to initialize contant arrays , where to do it...
4:04PM 0 Unobtrusive Javascript in Rails
3:49PM 2 What is "The Rails Way" to do this?
12:42PM 2 REST v/s SOAP
11:42AM 0 AuthLogic Help
11:30AM 0 Issue with scaffolding with rails 2.2 and mySQL
11:23AM 2 Is Rails suitable for highly customized standard software
11:11AM 3 Issue with scaffolding with rail 2.2 and mySQL
9:46AM 0 How to find radio button selection when a form is submitted?
6:04AM 3 session In the model
5:45AM 6 Avoiding Clutter in views
5:23AM 0 subdomain-based page caching?
4:21AM 3 how to do "special queries" ala The Rails Way on "associated" conditions?
3:45AM 1 expire entire directory of fragments?
3:19AM 0 select_tag and select_date how to change inline font
2:37AM 2 Need Help in converting php encryption decryption code to ruby on rails
Friday December 12 2008
10:52PM 3 [JOBS] Looking for a ROR Programmer
10:30PM 1 Need a ROR Programmer for a CMS
9:26PM 0 memecircus - Ruby on Rails news site
8:58PM 0 Ruby Developers (Architect to Jr Level) – San Francisco
8:49PM 1 one association from two
7:46PM 2 Remember Me login capability
7:08PM 1 Consts for symbols or too anal?
6:24PM 0 modifying bindings
5:03PM 4 Problems with session store and local host
2:53PM 1 Stylesheet Query String
2:49PM 5 Problem with parameters
12:50PM 2 render partial
7:49AM 4 CookieOverflow errors while using DB cookie store
7:42AM 0 Implementing auto_complete and acts_as_taggable
7:10AM 3 is there a way in ./script/console to get the SQL debugging showing??? (i.e. like you see when you run ./script/server in development mode)
7:09AM 9 why is wrong with this code - the model "save!" method does not seem to give a correct response back?
6:40AM 0 default value using Autocompleter.local
6:33AM 0 Loading ActiveRecord and ActionMailer only in a worker process to save memory
6:12AM 0 cache_sweeper undefined for controllers
5:07AM 0 Tired of Rails Fixtures? Try Dataset.
4:12AM 1 Optionally Nested Resources
3:37AM 4 How to draw a large chart?
2:40AM 3 javascript_include within single views
2:08AM 8 Active Record - find - select option
12:45AM 0 Parameter validation and other security measures
Thursday December 11 2008
9:57PM 0 When it's appropriate to use fixtures
9:00PM 1 condition metadata / dyanmic conditions
8:47PM 14 free ruby on rails hosting?
7:35PM 0 Routes in a migration?
7:31PM 2 ssl_required and form_tag
7:26PM 0 Second Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 7 Feb 2009)
7:04PM 0 very easy, look
6:42PM 0 update parent in assocation callback
6:32PM 0 How to select a style based on the controller?
6:09PM 1 access ActionView::Base in configuration
5:54PM 1 Get an attrifutes from joins in a find method
5:29PM 6 database.yml and .gitignore
5:25PM 3 Pagination on arrays
5:23PM 2 restful_authentication errors
5:20PM 0 Full time, direct hire Ruby/Rails position in Upstate SC
5:16PM 2 Latets Bollywood Movies
5:03PM 4 how do I get the host or Ip address where my rails app is running
4:58PM 0 Fleximage and RMagick on Dreamhost
4:44PM 1 calendar_date_select on Dreamhost
4:36PM 0 Time zone oddity with Rails 2.2.2 and Ruby 1.8.6 (win32)
4:31PM 3 different views for a single model?
4:17PM 1 find_or_create_by_name
4:06PM 5 Validating a legal subdomain
4:05PM 2 Select count(*) using Ruby on Rails
3:59PM 1 Can someone explain what is wrong with my syntax?
3:47PM 2 uninitialized constant ActionVie
3:22PM 1 Using "if else" in a helper
3:14PM 0 Searching for a Graphic plugin (gruff like) not using ImageM
2:59PM 1 help needed regaring Acts As Taggable On Steroids
2:33PM 1 Validating a Tag
2:01PM 0 cache_sweeper problem deleting cache
1:57PM 2 paginate problem
1:50PM 0 scRUBYt! 0.4.1
1:38PM 6 Virtual hosts not using their own databases
1:09PM 0 Restful_rails with subdomains
11:47AM 2 application security fun
11:38AM 0 mysq error on XP
10:19AM 0 !map:HashWithIndifferentAccess
10:15AM 6 Blanks in date_select need configurable text
10:10AM 0 Observe_field
9:50AM 2 How do I get a javascript variable into rails
8:03AM 5 How to use rake command in Rails application
7:32AM 0 Phusion passenger + php
5:53AM 1 Ubuntu 8.10 is good for rails
5:40AM 1 Account verification through E-mail
5:28AM 10 Ruby Arrays - Passing arrays from a function possible?
4:53AM 3 auto_complete with no of occurance
4:37AM 1 Tips for Data Model
3:40AM 2 make members of a has_many share a reference to their belongs_to
2:53AM 4 News Roll
2:05AM 2 serialize array finder
Wednesday December 10 2008
11:02PM 1 How to share components between apps
10:22PM 5 Session not getting destroyed on Logout
9:33PM 2 sort_by not working
9:23PM 4 Odd problem with rake test
9:06PM 1 update table with ActiveRecord
8:32PM 1 What does the --git option do?
8:27PM 11 Where do I start?
7:08PM 0 Rhodes - a microframework for building native mobile device applications
6:05PM 0 Shopping cart (Newbie)
5:47PM 1 [SOLVED thanks Frederick] was Re: newbie stumped - when form validates, normally return is fine, but when I select a certain check
5:33PM 0 linking to new types of files from a rails app
5:06PM 1 Will_Paginate, with muliple same type collection
4:57PM 0 The Ruport Book completely free after New Years
4:51PM 5 Top 5 Movies of the Box Office Watch Online
4:44PM 3 How to stop SOAP4R/OpenSSL requiring cert?
3:54PM 0 Top 5 Movies of the Box Office
3:53PM 0 Movies Collections
3:22PM 0 ar_mailer: emails NOT stored in database
2:38PM 1 Re: Importing / Parsing Large Excel Files ?
2:37PM 1 observe_field and disptcher problem
1:57PM 0 How to change template rendering order?
1:39PM 1 RAILS_ENV changes to test after init
1:07PM 2 Saving data from the output window to a text file
12:46PM 5 Fetching checkbox name from database
12:38PM 0 How to get informative blanks in date_select?
12:24PM 1 Include? characters javascript validation
12:16PM 12 image_tag cannot show picture
12:10PM 0 acts_as_tree?? Heirarchy needed
11:57AM 1 report generation
8:04AM 6 MySQL Error inserting blob
7:33AM 22 search function implimentaion with the tag name as the search box entry
4:58AM 0 Routing Error (javascript prob culprit)
4:44AM 23 I am New to Ruby..Please Help me ON start
4:32AM 0 I am New to ruby..Please Help me
4:00AM 0 Problem with Live Validation
3:34AM 1 Testing Doc down on Wiki?
3:30AM 1 Noob ? - Foreign Key
3:16AM 0 Validation errrors: how to get rid of "Validation failed: " and the Objects in them
1:22AM 0 [JOBS] Calling all Ruby on Rails and/or Oracle Application Express Gurus!!
Tuesday December 9 2008
11:58PM 7 subclassing vs mixins, which one should be used?
10:40PM 0 Combining Purchases
10:30PM 2 getting a real int from DB
10:22PM 0 Rails 2.2.2 session is failing in pstore using file_field_tag
9:29PM 0 How to write functional tests for a nested route?
9:23PM 1 Optional route parameters for resource routes?
8:42PM 4 RESTful routing: allowing .s [dots] in ids
8:16PM 0 Cleaning session variables when going to another link of the website
8:00PM 5 Active record :find having an if statement inside the conditions
7:52PM 6 newbie stumped - when form validates, normally return is fine, but when I select a certain checkbox, I end up with a new object created on return
7:14PM 2 Creating instance of ActionMailer for testing
7:13PM 1 VMWare, Webrick nooby question
7:05PM 4 Problem extending ActiveRecord with custom validations
6:11PM 0 Form submitting to /foo/bar
5:10PM 4 HABTM checkboxes insert but don't delete
5:06PM 11 Doing Subselect query in Rails... Syntax problem
4:52PM 2 unterminated string literal, how to properly send strings
4:50PM 0 has_many :through fails on n-way join
4:36PM 3 Problems with getting correct id from query involving two tables
4:21PM 3 Getting from geolocation (lat/long) to Time.zone
4:05PM 8 Params error with: complex form+multiple models
3:43PM 4 thin server processes slowly growing in RAM size
3:31PM 5 How to upgrade an existing application to 2.2.2?
1:49PM 1 Grab content from RSS feed
1:34PM 1 Creating run time objects.
12:31PM 0 Ruby Developer for Krakow/Poland
12:27PM 0 script/generate not recognizing I18n
11:56AM 6 Tag clouds
10:19AM 6 Edit the form
9:29AM 2 Rails and Ruby behind proxy
9:01AM 5 Edit the form and produced Couldn't find ResortBasic without an ID
8:53AM 0 multiple search using ajax
6:20AM 24 Rails Hosting
5:07AM 2 I am facing problem when i am running my rails app
2:46AM 3 Rails noob confusion - HTML Form Post to Rails Controller?
2:12AM 2 map.connect or map.resources?
1:11AM 3 RESTful design advice
1:00AM 1 :has_one and migrating production data base
12:50AM 0 asset_host with HTTPS problem, or possibly layout being cached?
12:29AM 2 paginating_find losing scope
12:07AM 0 Thetis ver.0.9.5_1 <Open-Source Groupware> Released!
Monday December 8 2008
10:35PM 0 Problems with German special characters
10:12PM 0 [ADV] New Rails and Ruby Studios
9:40PM 0 How to attach a pdf generated on the fly to an email
9:28PM 0 image crop + jQuery
9:17PM 4 Testing w/ Xapian and other off-line indexing search engines
7:26PM 2 exceptions_logger
6:55PM 5 Very simple Date math goes randomly bonkers
6:33PM 5 add a column "on the fly"
6:08PM 4 PHP Developer Job Opportunity
5:35PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails developer in Gurgaon, India
5:00PM 0 PHP Developer Job Opportunity - Austin, TX
4:32PM 0 help with tutorial --- Sproutcore + Rails
4:30PM 24 wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) error.... Help!!!
4:11PM 0 RESTfull authentication location storage problem
2:15PM 2 undefined method 'render_file' for class 'ActionView::Base'
1:58PM 1 Scheduling E-mail Alerts
1:06PM 0 Problems installing termios
12:55PM 2 names and nested routes?!?
12:27PM 0 Complex polymorphic routes
12:16PM 2 inserting many records into a database
12:07PM 6 Opinion on Multiple forms on same page
11:56AM 3 To get the id value from parent table to child table.
11:53AM 4 Removing string's accents
11:39AM 2 Multiple polymorphism ?
10:59AM 1 Association to return only the first of an associated list
10:35AM 0 Dot Matrix Printer
10:05AM 1 How to update the existing application to new rails version?
9:36AM 2 searching using ajax
9:12AM 1 ActionController::Base.send :include,
8:43AM 0 searching using ajax:
8:32AM 1 How to upload file by ajax
8:16AM 0 An error of gem install
8:14AM 1 To get the id value from parent table to child table
8:01AM 2 Session ID always changing!
7:50AM 5 Thinking sphinx working..?
5:54AM 0 How to test a generator for a plugin
4:17AM 4 Should I be using UTF-8 mysql tables/database?
4:06AM 2 calendar_date_select_includes not found
3:54AM 3 Database calls in my views?
1:24AM 2 Problem with Acts As Versioned and Save v. Save Without Revision
Sunday December 7 2008
11:23PM 0 Termios in RoR
7:37PM 3 sum enumeration with LIMIT
6:03PM 2 Strange 500 Error with namespace::controller#action appearing in reload only
5:24PM 6 Rails [BUG] Segmentation Fault - help
5:18PM 3 Cannot get tlsmail working; Want Gmail as SMTP
5:08PM 0 boolean button helper
3:10PM 2 link_to_remote: return value from action into string?
3:02PM 2 New database integration with Rails
2:46PM 4 installing ruby gem mysql
1:26PM 1 how to delete Next and Previous from will_paginate
11:24AM 0 Grouped Graph In Scruffy
10:06AM 1 How to describe self join in a model
8:10AM 4 Find active record condition of not equal
5:35AM 3 [Bug] !nil returns false for partial instance variable in specific conditions.
3:09AM 1 any idea
2:33AM 0 sql question
1:40AM 2 Instant Messaging
12:43AM 1 NoMethodError: undefined method `fformat' - rake aborted!
Saturday December 6 2008
11:42PM 2 how to make a copy of a collection in the update controller method
10:11PM 3 Printing with rails
8:00PM 1 Memoization on freeze
7:50PM 9 jQuery Rails Functions
6:34PM 1 find with add of an atttributes
3:33PM 4 Strange helper error
3:03PM 1 nil object problem in Rails 2.0.2
2:01PM 0 Problem in number_helper.rb ?
1:17PM 4 Is there any way to use separated databases for models in one RoR app?
10:08AM 0 Berkeley on Rails
5:31AM 3 How can I use rails in my public_html
4:08AM 1 do you version control your "doc/plugins" directory?
1:14AM 4 Changing primary.. Rails/mysql
Friday December 5 2008
11:50PM 3 How to sort results of group_by
11:09PM 1 page views counter
10:26PM 3 "singleton can't be dumped," but not using singleton
10:20PM 4 DiacriticsFu 1.0.1 released
9:48PM 0 test:clone_structure problems with Postgres
9:37PM 2 Rails 2 caching?
9:13PM 3 from within a View, how can I render the text output from a separate controller action???
5:57PM 1 Question About Rails.cache and find method.
5:43PM 2 REST, Nested Routes and Best Practices
4:48PM 0 [OT] git help
4:21PM 0 Rails asset tag helpers outputting invalid xhtml
4:18PM 4 Problem with date
3:09PM 3 Does passing the params collection to a model break mvc?
2:02PM 4 Replicating Form Behaviour in Functional Test
1:37PM 2 Problem during validation
12:18PM 1 ActiveRecord Oracle and nvarchar2 or nclob datatype
11:02AM 5 Difference in minutes betwen two Datetime
10:11AM 2 search implimentation for tags
10:10AM 1 Add contact in facebook and MySpace using external website
9:53AM 3 2 forms in one page,how to arrange the code and do it restful?
9:05AM 1 parsing excel(.xls) file
8:58AM 0 various forms and one controller
8:19AM 9 Bar Chart in Rails
7:37AM 2 Problems upgrading to Rails 2.2.2
7:21AM 0 get event.target in focusin binding function
6:39AM 0 Bug in schema.rb generation during db:migrate
6:26AM 1 Should all form elements for a form be in a single div?
6:22AM 0 collection select bug (?)
6:21AM 0 Tricky design problem (collection_select and Javascript)
6:14AM 0 Issues with schema.rb
6:04AM 2 one controller+5 forms(stages)
5:50AM 3 SuperInPlaceControl
5:35AM 1 multiple database connections
5:35AM 1 Rack Usage
5:30AM 1 Problems on "link_to"
4:23AM 0 tagging problem?
3:34AM 0 How to setup sybase adapter on Windows xp?
1:51AM 7 How to set the focus to a specified field in a form
1:05AM 3 paypal integration with rails project
12:46AM 2 tzinfo_timezone plugin - Object::TimeZone not defined
Thursday December 4 2008
10:23PM 0 rake db:migrate:reset
9:05PM 4 How to associate one model from 2 models
7:26PM 1 MySQL gem 2.7 not finding mysql.so
7:07PM 2 problem installing the newest version of Rails
6:40PM 3 Help passing attributes
6:34PM 2 background process with ruby on rails
5:15PM 0 I will be offering an online Ruby on Rails class
4:59PM 1 Help with habtm models in one form
4:50PM 0 [Jobs] Computer games /Great Opportunity in Management / Think of "EJB" building that in Ruby / NYC Area
4:27PM 0 problems with view_paths
3:55PM 0 Route alias
3:13PM 0 Action caching with dynamic cache names
2:55PM 1 permalink_fu and Rails 2.2.2
2:47PM 2 can i create web page with web page
1:31PM 5 ubiquity-rdoc, better rdoc searching
12:54PM 0 need sample application developed using acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
12:46PM 0 how to implement tags using acts_as_taggable_on_steroids?
12:24PM 8 Get a collection using an array of ids, keeping the order
12:11PM 0 Ruby and Soap Soap4r
11:33AM 1 upload test images using rake with populator
10:56AM 3 attatchment fu - NO DELETE ability
9:56AM 0 how to impliment tagging with steroids?
8:56AM 2 Does animated gif will work properly using RMagick?
8:18AM 0 how to use the tags with acts_as_taggable_on_steroids of rails 2.0?
7:59AM 0 How to adapt alphabetical order in localized app using country_select?
7:35AM 2 is passing model objects to a view ok (i.e. best practice)???
7:17AM 4 Problem with booting mongreal
6:10AM 0 One Controller+Five tables+ Five forms( 5 pages)+One model
6:04AM 5 How to setup a default route?
5:20AM 1 Is Rails "create_table" smart enough to know if a table already exists
5:07AM 0 File upload problem in Safari 3.1
4:13AM 2 Ruby fun with MegaMillions
4:08AM 1 rake gems broken when using capistrano-ext in rails 2.2.x
3:43AM 10 Help with ruby query!
2:06AM 1 [N00b] Can I generate a model file from [sql] table?
1:02AM 0 RoR Listbox help
Wednesday December 3 2008
11:43PM 10 rake test fails - pending migrations
11:08PM 2 Render and/or redirect were called multiple times in this action
10:06PM 0 Migrations with multiple "unrelated" databases
8:24PM 1 JOBS : ProKarma Need Ruby on Rail Developer/ CA
8:20PM 1 How to disable .format routes?
7:07PM 5 Check a checkbox and disable a field with Javascript
6:50PM 2 has_many through combinations error
6:13PM 2 Editable Data Grid?
5:47PM 1 serialize with Marshal, YAML, or what?
5:26PM 0 Multi-model forms
5:09PM 0 help with rails+sproutcore
4:45PM 1 need flexible conditions hash with activerecord
4:16PM 4 Subdomains with Rails 2.2
3:14PM 2 Rails functional test how to assert json result?
2:44PM 2 using import CSV with params
1:59PM 5 check for empty? in the view
1:54PM 4 syntax highlighting for .erb files
1:20PM 6 Problem with destroying multiple records........
1:09PM 3 map block issue on rails 2.2
1:05PM 12 Problems with link_to and submit_tag
11:00AM 12 image text link instead of image_for help!
9:21AM 13 Multiple Forms and Multiple tables +One Model +One Controller
9:18AM 0 event target bug or jquery.validation bug in IE?
9:16AM 10 Thin web server
9:13AM 5 How to test a plugin
9:02AM 1 undefined method `include?'
8:58AM 18 how to implement the tags using acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
7:37AM 1 collect issue
6:49AM 3 what's the smallest device to do Rails development on???
6:35AM 0 How to set no cach in rails?
5:50AM 1 window size
5:21AM 0 Drag & drop, file renaming, updation using ajax doesnt work?
5:19AM 3 mysql warning
2:37AM 4 Single URL/route --> Different controller/action routing. Is this possible?
2:20AM 0 win32/service problems on Server 2003
2:04AM 4 Ruby can't do arithmetic? How do I fix this?
12:47AM 0 Retitled: Best way to customize <option> tags in Rails
12:45AM 0 Best way to add custom onclick handler to select options
12:17AM 4 Need Help: Deployment Issues with Voting App?
12:12AM 4 validates acceptance of question
12:09AM 4 Authenticity Token change under 2.2.2?
Tuesday December 2 2008
11:59PM 0 Best route for has_many subrecords
10:45PM 7 Needs some help with eager loading issue on a has_many through relationship
10:29PM 4 Am I wrong or is fields_for not working right in Rails 2.2.2
10:03PM 0 select boxes for country and state
8:53PM 0 Wich scraping tool ?
8:46PM 0 record to RTF linefeed problem.
8:31PM 2 Does a method string.to_class exist?
8:03PM 1 Generating ERB directly from RoR code
7:43PM 7 Full text search using tsearch2
7:42PM 0 Debian packages for Passenger
6:59PM 3 Rails & Red5
6:10PM 0 Rails and CSV Files
5:35PM 8 Rails: database connection
5:24PM 4 Sharing a partial between multiple controllers
4:51PM 1 Accessing Web service methods in Rails 2.x
4:46PM 10 Trying to get started
4:28PM 9 adding sound to Rails app
2:52PM 2 ActiveResource - xml and json format return different results
1:55PM 2 Getting IP address through Ruby On Rails
1:30PM 0 Problem with foreign key
12:50PM 11 MySQL Adapter on Rails 2.2
10:31AM 0 Mongrel's memory usage
10:17AM 0 Database Retrieval - user interface - is there a ?gem? that already does this?
9:55AM 0 RubyPeople - I am after a Ruby on Rails Developer for the UK
9:20AM 2 A question about link_to tag
8:43AM 2 to het element's height and width
5:37AM 0 in place form editing
4:04AM 5 Problem with extend rails(add new function in lib)
3:34AM 1 just installed acts_as_state_machine and now cant launch the server
2:53AM 1 Calling Rake from INSIDE the application
2:32AM 4 ActionMailer, unit testing and multipart mails
2:14AM 5 Can I export db data to fixtures?
2:03AM 1 form_for with partial using do |@f|
1:49AM 0 Non-Profit Start up
1:22AM 0 Optional parameter in nested routes
Monday December 1 2008
11:08PM 13 Rails on shared hosting
11:01PM 1 call_rake results in sh: /opt/local/bin/rake: No such file or directory
9:46PM 2 Incompatible versioning of InstantRails?
8:09PM 3 communicating between multiple rails applications?
8:02PM 3 Views and bindings
7:27PM 1 Ecommerce site w/multiple subdomains
7:14PM 6 rake test:units failing.
7:05PM 6 New to Rails... Help!
6:13PM 1 localhost redirect/404
5:58PM 1 Getting at DBI connection via ActiveRecord connection
5:23PM 1 Inserting to a View - Auto Incrementing Issue
4:07PM 3 Checking if an association already exists between two records
3:52PM 2 Building a Root Route with a Generator
12:15PM 2 config.gem dependencies broken?
11:57AM 0 Functional Test - RJS Template not found
11:50AM 2 Bizon specifications for ruby
10:54AM 18 Sending mail templates to a mailinglist
9:18AM 21 To store the combo box id value from one table another table in database+rails
9:09AM 3 acts_as_versioned and rails 2.2.2
9:01AM 0 Can't restart memcached anymore
8:48AM 4 find query
6:08AM 7 valid? is not working in Rails 2.2.2
5:26AM 2 strange rails error on ubuntu 8.10
4:42AM 0 zip file not downloading properly in IE
2:07AM 16 rails 2.1.2 to rails 2.2.2 now I get mysql issues
1:22AM 0 RuntimeError (Mysql not loaded)
12:51AM 1 calling save on model object does not generate a sql update
12:48AM 2 How can I use before_filter?