Rails - Nov 2008

Sunday November 30 2008
11:36PM 6 Formatting issue
10:06PM 1 newbee- problems installing passenger
9:21PM 4 Ensuring controller actions have necessary params
7:58PM 11 "You have a nil object" problem driving me crazy!
7:42PM 3 What you think about Ruby Jobs?
7:19PM 1 What happened to the (dynamic) fixtures?
6:22PM 11 rake aborted! undefined method `each' for #<Mysql:
6:14PM 2 Setting up Environment
12:46PM 2 Reset git in app
11:27AM 3 forgotten the blog name
11:19AM 2 How can I set default value for text_field?
5:46AM 4 ActionMailer weirdness: bad html '=3d' for all '='
5:11AM 3 Ruby on Rails testing
3:26AM 1 HOWTO install a download gem from a local directory.
3:12AM 12 How to go back to using webrick default server
2:53AM 6 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken?
12:57AM 2 problem with scaffold
12:41AM 0 HELP! Howto install a .gem or a tarball of a gem?
Saturday November 29 2008
10:40PM 2 mongrel / webrick process not shutting down properly in dev env. after ^C
9:59PM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails Developer for the Bay Area
9:51PM 2 Developing code that can go multiple places
9:49PM 11 setup rails
9:30PM 1 controller logic not working
9:02PM 1 Ajax magic does not work - Book Agil Development with Rails
8:11PM 0 calendar with different types of event - polymorphism
5:28PM 1 Retrieving requester IP
4:41PM 0 [Help] Rendering a partial with link_to function&effects
4:24PM 7 how to redirect_to the index.html page
3:39PM 0 Simple report in Ruport! Difficult!
2:27PM 9 Books recommendation
12:35PM 4 Google Earth/Map API key problem
11:39AM 3 writing a method that is accessible from any views as well as any controller
11:34AM 2 question of a newbie
8:49AM 2 SMTP Mailer is KILLING me
7:58AM 0 activerecord update_attributes have a strange action with date
6:16AM 1 MySQL Socket Error
4:36AM 0 charts with three coordinates
3:33AM 3 Yet another "NameError: uninitialized constant" problem
Friday November 28 2008
9:32PM 4 retrieving order quantity from form
7:47PM 2 reuse of attribute
6:51PM 2 Beginner: helper vs model
6:10PM 3 Using a model in a library
5:53PM 5 Comparisons between mod_ruby and FastCGI
4:15PM 1 True ActiveRecord result set iteration
4:07PM 3 name space and before filter
3:43PM 2 Where are the environments constant defined ?
3:23PM 3 fire JS event on page load
2:51PM 0 RESTful sublist (e.g. open invoices)
2:14PM 0 regarding localization
1:49PM 3 Beginner: "NameError - uninitialized constant" when I create a model object
1:26PM 0 Redirect without creating a new action
1:14PM 8 126: The specified module could not be found - ../mysql.so
12:54PM 0 Interpreting a "no route matches" message
12:51PM 1 Installing ruby and Rails from my machine on a remote machine (server)
12:38PM 8 Installing from Git with current Rails version
11:45AM 2 Two root URLs
10:56AM 1 Finding the size of ActiveRecord objects
10:51AM 2 webrat - click on any (named) html element
8:51AM 5 cannot start Mongrel
8:43AM 8 auto_complete and HTTP errors
7:30AM 0 Paperclip Plugin - Routing Error?
7:09AM 4 how to convert the hash to xml - "Not all elements respond to to_xml"
7:07AM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid NO_GENERATED_KEYS
5:15AM 0 How to Validate Child Object Virtual Attribute against Parent Object Field?
4:28AM 1 Rails Beginner.. NoMethodError
4:21AM 0 add gem file into application "lib" folder
4:16AM 0 Ruby on Rails Collaboration
12:40AM 5 Named Route question
Thursday November 27 2008
11:58PM 4 How to wait and check for login to an external site
11:44PM 3 How to parse info from an xml response
9:38PM 5 Neither from_xml nor from_Json work in rails 2.1
6:08PM 4 Emailing: lots of recipients + individual mails/attachments
5:54PM 1 Where to initialize session variables?
5:08PM 1 trying to understand file loading, dependencies, etc. in rails
5:01PM 1 ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
4:25PM 3 Rails Logger
4:01PM 0 BackgrounDrb how to do logging within thread_pool.defer function?
3:19PM 0 Rails Join problem
3:15PM 1 Strategy for dealing with large db tables
3:11PM 2 git .gitignore vs exclude file
1:56PM 1 ferret question - need help with syntax for exact matching
1:03PM 1 I got a problem when I run "gem clean"
11:59AM 3 A topic on a category of a subforum really belongs_to what?
11:30AM 7 will_paginate issue
10:28AM 1 creating array of hashes
10:20AM 0 Create pdf using ruby on rails
9:43AM 0 SOAP4R seems to conflict with actionwebservice.
9:41AM 5 I need a Ruby on Rails Practition with Commercial Experience for £40-50k London Perm
9:19AM 0 Developing REST API
9:04AM 3 Unit testing.
3:59AM 10 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
1:45AM 3 Problem populating a model with external data
1:34AM 2 method_missing change in activerecord 2.2?
Wednesday November 26 2008
10:55PM 1 Named scope and order overriding
10:49PM 19 Autodidacticism Collaboration with RoR
10:49PM 2 error w/dynamic fixtures
10:07PM 8 Database password encryption
9:43PM 4 when/where does Rails convert "params" used to populate a model object from a form, into their correct types in the model object??? (i.e. from "string")
9:23PM 1 Problem viewing my hello world app
8:15PM 2 Filtered display
7:26PM 0 looking for a plugin that does multi-list/select managment
6:20PM 0 [JOB] Front-End Rails Developer, SF - Relo OK | 90-150k
5:51PM 0 conditional expire_fragment
5:04PM 2 collection_select problem
4:38PM 1 2 social events around Paris on Rails.
4:32PM 2 Storing URL locations
4:32PM 0 How do I use Git bundle in Textmate?
4:04PM 8 Passing form information
4:00PM 0 map.root question
3:54PM 0 Best Configuration for attachment fu (images)
3:39PM 1 Class Variable accessibility in multiple rails instance
3:20PM 6 Testing rjs redirects
3:03PM 1 Different boolean expression evaluation between rspec(view) and rails environments
3:01PM 1 x_send_file - What is file path?
2:39PM 2 Populate a popup menu based on another menu selection
1:46PM 0 Model associations
1:32PM 5 Re: mysql.rb driver has been removed from Rails 2.2 ?
12:46PM 5 Help in writing unit test cases
11:51AM 6 Problem with creating migration files
11:50AM 2 Download problem!!!!
11:23AM 1 report
11:19AM 3 Multple domains, same application, different CSS, some over-rides
10:50AM 1 Update Ajax RJS problem link_to_function
10:11AM 0 problem popup
10:07AM 0 Errors using restful-authentication + rubyist-aasm on 2.2.2
9:30AM 3 fckeditor_textarea
9:14AM 1 Constructing current_user.recipes for administrators?
9:14AM 1 local variables with hashes
7:52AM 1 Blackbook gem 1.0.4 and Rails 2.0.2
7:34AM 2 two belongs_to relationship
6:59AM 1 I wanna submit a patch for migration rake
4:45AM 0 Running callbacks in observers before callbacks in models
3:01AM 1 Clearing form fields for a popup
2:39AM 1 Need help for Best Approach to Model
2:13AM 3 trouble accessing ruby constants globally
1:44AM 1 drag and drop replace html
12:30AM 0 Form Data To Session
12:22AM 3 script/dbconsole
Tuesday November 25 2008
11:56PM 0 nested namespaces with nested resources
11:27PM 1 better dummy method for gettext + rails 2.2
11:20PM 0 retrieve resource name from request
10:40PM 3 Why can't I 'count' the results from a model 'find'?
10:39PM 3 Rails API is down
9:33PM 2 Fragment cache hit is super slow every two times
9:31PM 0 acts_as_materialized_tree
9:24PM 1 migration error, mysql, change column limit
9:08PM 0 User without ALTER/DROP privs for production?
8:45PM 3 struggling with restfulness
8:30PM 21 "mysql" 2.7.3 gem install for Windows appears incomplete
7:38PM 3 Point Me to Mocha 0.9.3
6:52PM 1 NetBeans 6.5: RuntimeError when running tests
6:10PM 0 [JOB] RoR Lead Engineer, San Francisco | Relo OK - 150-250k
5:43PM 0 making arrays of valid values user-editable--best practice?
5:06PM 0 Ruby on Rails Glasgow
4:20PM 0 Recognize frozen gems without loading rails environment?
4:10PM 2 Easy way...
4:05PM 2 ActiveRecord query in initializer file
3:24PM 1 RForum on Rails 2.x
2:27PM 0 Full text search with complicated conditions
1:42PM 3 Updation of the object field values.
12:32PM 2 Ajax problem
12:14PM 3 Cannot use "Application" as a model?
12:00PM 0 UK Opportunities for Ruby People
11:42AM 2 About Browser detection
9:59AM 18 The verdict on Rails scaffolding
9:44AM 5 Strange (for me) Scaffold source code generated
9:05AM 4 Developing with Ruby 1.8.2
8:47AM 1 using replace_html and fade with rjs
6:35AM 2 installing the ruby on windows
5:49AM 10 How to append the two hashes in ruby on rails
5:14AM 1 How to clone model's data
4:39AM 12 Code Review Tool
2:41AM 2 View and Controller not working
1:08AM 3 keeping users logged in between browser launches
12:32AM 1 after_save woes
Monday November 24 2008
11:05PM 4 Absolute Beginner -- having much trouble getting started
10:55PM 0 rails plugin (redmine)
10:33PM 3 Localizing the views
10:25PM 2 mislav-will_paginate & complicated SQL made up from params
10:21PM 0 attachment_fu - uploading from different models in the same action
10:08PM 1 hooks on ror?
9:47PM 5 12_hour_time plugin broken in 2.2
7:49PM 2 Namespacing conventions
7:18PM 2 undefined symbol: rb_str_set_len
7:13PM 0 Nested and non-nested resources, and admin restrictions
6:34PM 8 return response['location']
5:51PM 1 Checking if Image file exists before displaying it?
5:43PM 4 How to make named_scope aware of association context?
5:41PM 0 Call an action via another action
5:40PM 0 Automatically updating the localization dictionaries
5:39PM 8 Strange Issue w/ incorrect controller invocation for nested routes using the same controller name...
5:25PM 0 Architecture/model related question
5:24PM 0 file_column help: want to pass along upload info to next state via form tags
4:55PM 5 Problems installing mysql gem in Rails 2.2.2
4:45PM 0 using variables as FRAME links
4:35PM 3 Date Comparison Problems
4:22PM 0 Can't seem to map a route as GET for controller/search/term
3:35PM 4 Rails::Plugin::Dependencies in rails-2.2
3:05PM 0 2.2 Localization problem
2:22PM 2 Subdomain fu woes
2:15PM 10 rubygems broken
1:13PM 3 save url parameter in a session
12:59PM 1 web service
12:10PM 8 Rails 2.1.2 => 2.2.2 Attempt to call private method
11:56AM 3 Public folder (images, javascript) on Amazon's Cloudfront
11:01AM 1 autocomplete in rails
10:57AM 3 Single Text_Area for multiple records
10:49AM 2 loops
9:01AM 6 how to render part of code in another one
8:46AM 2 ruby 1.8.7 and rails 2.0.2
7:43AM 1 Catching non-RSS/Atom feeds when using Feed-Normalizer
7:34AM 2 uncaught exception: controls.js requires including script.ac
6:27AM 24 MySQL
5:58AM 3 Hidden file
5:10AM 5 strange behavior of expire_fragment
2:50AM 2 Updating select attributes on a profile page
2:50AM 2 Actionwebservice as a SOAP client to .NET services.
2:40AM 2 What to do when a user logs out, then presses the back button?
2:31AM 5 calling a partial from within a model / model's method?
1:30AM 0 coupon
1:28AM 14 Problem with RubyGems installation
12:35AM 14 Problems installing mysql gem in Windows Vista
12:20AM 0 strptime and localization
Sunday November 23 2008
10:03PM 4 RESTful url not working
9:49PM 0 rake rails:update
7:07PM 2 Possible bug on find method with :select attribute and aggregate functions...
6:52PM 4 Strange behavior of alias_method_chains
6:24PM 16 Destroy method not working (routing question)
5:20PM 0 [OT] Warning: Logicode Internet
4:20PM 7 content_for only works inside a yield?
4:15PM 1 List of Rails Development Studios?
3:56PM 0 Recent and Popular Posts in Beast Forum
2:02PM 0 Ajax and Flash notice
1:14PM 5 OpenID authentication
12:56PM 10 Rakismet revisited :(
12:06PM 1 A question about rails view code
11:11AM 1 How can I set default value for each column in a Database?
9:59AM 1 rename public/images
8:12AM 0 Click this one U've a lot of opportunity
3:08AM 2 Can't remove gem
1:37AM 6 Accessing a file with normal Ruby IO fails. Security issue of what?
1:13AM 0 Graticule 0.2.8 and acts_as_geocodable problems
Saturday November 22 2008
10:51PM 3 Rails 2.2 Integration tests cookie store
9:38PM 4 "syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER , expecting kEND" in RJS response
9:26PM 1 Testing Environment for Plugints
7:41PM 0 stopping long running actions
6:05PM 1 Search dates by params
5:17PM 4 Cannot get fixtures working (with has_and_belongs_to_many)
2:57PM 2 How is the request XML parsed
2:27PM 1 Upgrade guide for 2.0.2 to 2.2.2
1:51PM 3 rawk no longer works on Rails 2.2.2
1:48PM 9 Sqlite3 no longer found after upgrading to Rails 2.2 on MacOS
12:19PM 1 Monitoring Rails applications
11:57AM 1 distribution entries for model over multiple tables
11:39AM 8 mislav-will_paginate and acts_as_taggable_on_steorids problem
10:32AM 1 Email attachment corrupted
10:19AM 6 select_month post and params
9:37AM 3 Problem upgrading from Rails 2.0.2 to 2.2.2
7:28AM 1 problem with mysql in windows
7:26AM 2 Mongrel cluster processes not starting
5:35AM 8 what's wrong with this code? (hitting my head against a wall)
3:12AM 1 named_scope lambda syntax
1:52AM 0 Introducing CachedAssociatedAttributes
12:02AM 3 RJS page.update question
Friday November 21 2008
11:23PM 15 Switching the version of Rails that an app uses
11:13PM 1 validates_associated on has_many :through polymorphic exception
9:58PM 2 to_date method problems
9:39PM 4 Iterate through a table record
9:31PM 2 Updating Rails in Aptana RadRails
9:22PM 10 Live Clock and Date on Rails
8:56PM 2 Mailer attach files that are posetd in a respository on the web
8:46PM 2 Phusion Passenger Version Check
8:28PM 2 Free software projekt seeking for help
6:53PM 1 mongrel problems
5:16PM 4 Custom form builder errors?
4:59PM 0 Forcing has_many to left join
4:44PM 2 View Question... or is it a model question?
4:29PM 0 form_tag_with_upload_progress
3:19PM 5 selectedIndex update
2:29PM 6 Generating Class Diagram from Models
2:14PM 0 Deployment Howto - REE + Passenger + AWS (EC2, EBS, snapshots)
1:10PM 3 A deployment newbie trouble getting capistno project deploye
12:54PM 1 how to unescape some html tags
12:22PM 1 How to Point one domain to another domain
12:18PM 3 How to create Virtual Host In Apache
10:54AM 2 has_many (but parent & child should be same table )
9:34AM 0 new easy-to-use, installable live CD of the Ruby on Rails framework
9:17AM 3 text_field_with_auto_complete
8:57AM 0 required segments in routing
8:17AM 1 filter_parameter_logging and https
7:46AM 7 Distinct selection
7:43AM 1 Pl. suggest some beginning tips for new Merbists.
7:29AM 0 Radio buttons are not mutually exclusive in Edit page
7:09AM 0 render partial for ym4r gmarker info_window in rjs
4:23AM 1 Can't install rails gem on ibex
4:16AM 1 Restful Rails with Ajax
3:42AM 5 Getting the number of years between two dates
3:16AM 2 How to install the plugin manually?
3:12AM 1 uninitialized constant ActionController::Caching::Fragments
1:52AM 1 Question about auto completion field
Thursday November 20 2008
11:50PM 2 next and previous methods for a model
11:47PM 0 pass json data into javascript
11:44PM 1 will_paginate question
10:32PM 0 Full-text search engine for associations w/ values
10:07PM 7 windows tail development.log
9:22PM 7 should this work? - "validates_inclusion_of :start_date, :in => (Time.now.to_date - 100.years)..(Time.now.to_date + 100.years)"
8:48PM 3 rails - 2 buttoms on a FORM
7:39PM 4 problem getting rails1 app running under rails2
7:22PM 8 Upgrading Rails With InstantRails
5:34PM 0 Odd nuance on getting erb or js files
5:26PM 2 update_attributes unsets my object
5:10PM 0 how to override enumerable compare for attributes?
4:47PM 8 sqlite3 has gone...
3:32PM 0 Gettext error - MAC OS X
3:23PM 0 Running tests for acts_as_tree plugin
2:06PM 6 how to run linux command in rake file
12:42PM 1 only one error message for a field
12:26PM 0 using javascript to accomplish the ajax for will_paginate
12:25PM 7 Best Modal Popup for Rails
11:33AM 0 how to enable memcached along with nginx server
11:25AM 0 what do most use for Date selection in views & Date validation in models???
11:16AM 7 Apche + SSL Configuration Issue
10:11AM 1 Testing ActiveResource models with HttpMock
9:58AM 5 Couldn't find without an ID
9:57AM 1 Recipients did not receive the mail in Rails 2.0.2
9:10AM 1 String returns
9:07AM 4 Question about observe_form
8:29AM 0 Locale, routes, tests and default locale
8:02AM 4 Beyond the simple select
7:25AM 5 is there plan for rails 3.0 based on merb?
7:03AM 3 Any progress on undirected self-referential many to many relationships?
6:07AM 0 adding smileys to posts
5:57AM 0 sharding
5:03AM 2 echoe requires RubyGems version >= 1.2
4:59AM 4 File Upload fails for large files
3:44AM 4 Overriding layout causes empty response with content_for
1:46AM 2 CRUD Conventions for Many to Many Relations
12:29AM 0 generator with prompted user input?
Wednesday November 19 2008
11:56PM 1 First time stepping out of bounds, where does my code go?
11:24PM 8 help with partial
10:55PM 0 Validation of co-dependent fields
10:02PM 3 Rails.cache and problem with model id?
9:11PM 1 how to change default error message
8:42PM 2 Where should I put "prerequisite logic"?
8:20PM 3 Mock today
8:02PM 3 Is an Association?
8:01PM 0 Defining has_many without a foreign key
7:47PM 2 How to use form_for inside form_for
6:14PM 0 has_many through select box in form
6:08PM 3 Overwriting / Decorating ActiveRecord association accessor
5:53PM 1 controllername_url vs controllername_path
4:48PM 5 newb confusion: instance variable accessible from outside class, but nil from inside instance method
4:25PM 3 Update collection passed to form_tag
3:40PM 3 To use multiple databases, sets of tables or rails applications
3:36PM 4 Random method
2:23PM 5 Sending a fire&forget http request in a model class.
1:54PM 1 pass text_field_with_auto_complete value into link_to_remote
1:07PM 5 assert XSD validity
12:30PM 4 backgroundjob (bj) stopped working
11:52AM 3 Updating the mysql record without id feild
11:41AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of only if present
10:47AM 3 Extending ActiveRecord::Base broken during 2.2.0 RC update
10:34AM 0 Helpers in lib
9:58AM 1 Div replacement
9:46AM 5 Speed up counting?
9:03AM 3 gzip component with mongrel server
8:25AM 0 [JOBS] ROR Techies/Senior Techies and Managers
8:05AM 0 How to generate url from use input
7:13AM 0 Dynamic input form view, based on model? Is there a helper or plugin for this?
6:11AM 5 [JOBS] Excellent Job Opportunity: Lead Engineering (Ruby On Rails), New Delhi
5:29AM 0 HABTM Validation
4:50AM 1 Edit is not working properly for radio_button
3:45AM 1 Extra Characters in Find?
2:04AM 5 model.save not committing to DB with no errors.
1:05AM 3 ordering with eager loading
12:37AM 6 Rails on Plesk (missing libraries and gems)
Tuesday November 18 2008
10:17PM 0 Undefined method "add_reference"
9:21PM 0 Testing and fixture management against two databases
9:04PM 5 What is the preferred "lightbox" plugin?
8:37PM 4 How to read the logs?
7:27PM 1 Validations Question
7:08PM 2 Installing Rails - Problem with zlib
6:40PM 1 Ruby on Rails Tutorial on IEEE Software Magazine
6:29PM 2 how to make an image grow and make everything else dark until you click close
6:18PM 0 how to give back the hand to AR error handling ?
4:35PM 5 STI updating the :type attribute of an STI instance
4:14PM 0 Embedded SQL request
4:12PM 3 Akismet Rails Plugin
4:01PM 0 How do I create an autocomplete text field that allows for multiple words/tags
3:32PM 2 undefined method `to_query'
3:23PM 1 How to get results from database SQL query
3:04PM 3 Code changes are ignored due to code minor ver. were cached
2:00PM 2 Is it real in RoR?
1:42PM 0 Scoping option_groups_from_collection_for_select
1:12PM 2 rss feed is not detected in firefox ?
1:09PM 5 classic_pagination error in rails-2.2
12:56PM 1 Hartford Ruby Group November meeting: 11/24
12:51PM 3 how to use has_many and belongs_to ?
10:48AM 1 Problem with gem
7:52AM 1 sortable_element trouble
7:32AM 1 Missing js.erb template
7:16AM 0 how can I leverage Validation framework for input parameter collection when I don't have/need to persist to database (i.e. no activerecord table) ???
6:36AM 0 Testing Rake Tasks
4:52AM 7 Difference between include and joins in find?
3:50AM 3 Best Practice for Timeliness?
3:47AM 2 Creating a Query and then a select box based off query results
2:46AM 2 Rails 2.2rc2: ArgumentError - Anonymous modules have no name to be referenced by...
1:28AM 0 Restful Authentication
1:10AM 0 Querying date format for DB via ActiveRecord?
12:40AM 1 windows-pr requires win32-api (>= 1.2.1, runtime)
12:21AM 5 Session Corruption?
Monday November 17 2008
11:32PM 0 custom format with BufferedLogger?
10:59PM 1 Cross-database joins on has_many associations
10:26PM 1 InvalidAuthenticityToken when using XML, why?
9:14PM 1 UPS shipping labels in EPL format?
9:07PM 0 how to review changes in a new version of a plugin??? what's the best approach???
9:00PM 0 backgrounDRB & Cygwin?
8:54PM 0 Cookies are not saved
7:04PM 7 super global dummy method for gettext + rails 2.2
6:22PM 1 Limitations Question
4:44PM 0 Got Redbox or Thickbox experience?
4:39PM 2 Can't seem to test http error codes
3:48PM 1 html <frame> tag not work
3:41PM 2 Weird params from Safari/525.20 on 10.5.3, {"user"=>"foo=x&bar=y"}, {"ids" => {"0"=>"123", "1"=>"456"}
2:30PM 1 how to change the language settings?
2:21PM 0 Database Views in Rails 2.2
2:19PM 0 how would you refactor this to make it more DRY
1:45PM 0 active_record: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
12:56PM 4 Strange behaviour
9:59AM 0 Developed my personal website in Rails.
8:57AM 1 can't convert String into Integer error on updating
8:46AM 5 How could I uninstall the build-in gems in Leopard
8:42AM 0 heroku invitaion
7:20AM 4 ERROR: could not find gem rmagick locally or in a repository
7:20AM 1 Passing an array List of Object
7:17AM 0 Pagination in Ruport
6:45AM 4 Models, find not from database??? really need help :(
3:18AM 4 Newbie Blues
2:20AM 11 Rails Stability
12:59AM 1 64Bit MySQL and Rails on Windows
Sunday November 16 2008
10:58PM 2 Info on View Helper Methods
10:09PM 1 Fragment caching not expiring the correct fragment cache
9:55PM 1 Simple rails example fails
9:43PM 2 Testing controllers for DB changes?
9:21PM 0 non-RESTful action or nested routes?
7:51PM 5 ActiveRecord Migration question
6:43PM 1 send a file then redirect to another page
4:36PM 1 Best way to handle user's topic views in a forum
3:25PM 12 Stuck on Git message
2:09PM 9 Rake Error
1:29PM 0 Passing object parameters to urls in tests
10:46AM 0 Farming off zipping task to backgroundrb - advice requested!
10:11AM 1 error when run rails project
4:11AM 10 does anyone know whether ActiveRecord has supported connection pool?
4:02AM 3 Session arrays, vectors and matrices in Rails... and even ruby
3:37AM 5 Logging on Rails 2.2 different than 2.0.2?
2:43AM 0 routing problem?
2:30AM 0 ApplicationController not getting called
Saturday November 15 2008
10:32PM 0 form_for problem with singular resource
10:25PM 2 Using a model name ending in 's' problematic?
10:18PM 1 eager loading optimization
10:08PM 3 :only and :except not working for map.resources
9:39PM 2 Multiple databases - "stuck" after unknown database
8:47PM 0 delete once / all future occurrences from a JavaScript window
7:47PM 0 Lockdown 0.6.0
7:41PM 0 About using WWW::Mechanize plugin
7:08PM 4 data not being saved
5:33PM 0 killall kills god
5:26PM 0 form_tag with the new template
10:30AM 5 Problem With IE 7
10:16AM 6 Where to call a global variable?
7:59AM 0 Ajax on preview Message
7:41AM 2 ShareMyDeal.com
7:39AM 1 Excellent Job Opportunity: Lead Engineering (Ruby On Rails), New Delhi
5:47AM 2 Time Zone / Active Record Persistence Error (Windows Only)
4:38AM 0 Newb Help on Getting Height of Browser
4:08AM 0 Running system command from Ruby code on shared host
12:04AM 2 how to determine if a database column has been set?
Friday November 14 2008
10:46PM 0 SiteMesh style mashups with Rails
10:22PM 4 Where should data migrations go?
8:53PM 2 Batch invoice creator
8:33PM 0 Ajax on failure message
7:34PM 0 Access to documents in shared folder
6:52PM 3 How to proxy streaming video
5:01PM 2 NoMethodError after refresh?
4:05PM 2 polymorphic_url for index
3:48PM 19 could not find [gem] locally or in a repository
3:35PM 0 DeployD
3:16PM 5 about private method test
1:18PM 0 no layout in xmlHttpRequest in Rails2.2
11:37AM 2 gems
10:57AM 5 invoking methods
9:39AM 4 please help forms...
9:31AM 2 geting error while running functional test
9:19AM 1 Rails Application
8:23AM 1 Difference between Collection, method and action
7:11AM 1 How to start rails without database?
5:42AM 3 assert2 0.3.2 and ActiveSupport 2.1.2
4:17AM 3 migration with data
3:28AM 1 Question: displaying uneditable boolean data as a check box?
3:28AM 2 caching for rjs?
12:34AM 1 Argument error: Unknown key(s): count_includes
12:33AM 1 Cannot rake my gems
Thursday November 13 2008
11:32PM 3 Automatically fill the page cache
10:22PM 2 An RSpec Model Example
9:42PM 1 installing RubyMine on Ubuntu 8.10
9:29PM 2 Access an Objects attribute as a string with HABTM
9:26PM 3 Creating a file and saving in public directory
9:24PM 1 Installed Ruby on Rails (and Aptana RadRails), checked application environment, and got a big error
9:10PM 1 TemplateHandler Changes from 2.1 to 2.2
8:57PM 10 tracing an error
7:50PM 0 REST API authentication strategies when using OpenID
7:05PM 7 IE's session id changes on every request
6:13PM 3 Upgraded to Rails 2.2.0 -- bringing up Mongrel now fails
5:30PM 1 Fragment caching strangely honors the options I pass to it
5:13PM 1 REST with 1.2.3
4:56PM 2 toggle the caption of a link
4:22PM 0 Localized routes with Rails 2.2?
4:07PM 4 add prefix to all urls ?
3:58PM 4 Hiding URL params
3:21PM 1 function reference
3:08PM 5 Touch an ActiveRecord - timestamps
3:04PM 11 Deploying Production Rails on Windows Server
2:21PM 3 rmagick nor installin in ubuntu
2:14PM 0 backgroundrb and TzTime
1:40PM 0 2.2.1 Target Date
12:37PM 0 Missing template.... wsdl.rhtml
10:50AM 0 RESTful acts_as_tree
10:42AM 2 error installing rcov gem on ubuntu 7.1
9:35AM 15 Restless Rails
7:07AM 1 migrations - determine all available migration (files)
6:55AM 11 run migrations upon boot
6:40AM 2 association
2:58AM 0 Super Star NTR Collections
2:43AM 2 form post command?
12:11AM 0 preserving sort method for Prev/Next links on show page
12:10AM 4 Newbie needing help on Legacy DB Rails Concepts
Wednesday November 12 2008
11:07PM 3 Controller method/action being called twice (once POST and once GET) for file upload - why?
10:33PM 4 Sharing view between new and edit actions
10:10PM 2 Can't create has_one record
9:05PM 0 Custom Timezone without DST
8:44PM 0 Unique key in logs to group all log entries for a single request
7:32PM 5 dynamic condition for has_one and eager loading issue
7:20PM 2 BDD with webrat and Cucumber
6:58PM 1 Multiple views with same controller
6:21PM 1 NoMethodError on UserMailer:Class
6:02PM 6 how ruby script/server work
5:24PM 1 What's the cleanest way to add have a start / stop control with EventMachine
5:02PM 6 Some optimization hacks: your opinion?
4:12PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Rails Training – Jan 20-23 – San Antonio, TX
3:48PM 3 connection refused
3:48PM 1 help with JQuery
2:44PM 2 Files with .fs extension in ruby on rails application
2:26PM 2 redirecting to a different controller from a search box
1:38PM 2 How to revise array
12:32PM 2 Nested forms with multiple models
12:18PM 0 First Cincinnati.rb Meeting
12:04PM 2 How to get hash values????
11:49AM 1 ASP.NET to Rails with MySQL
11:34AM 2 Using Active Resource in ROR Application
11:32AM 6 Can't run tests using ruby 1.9.0 and rails 2.1.2
10:52AM 0 Getting the friends contacts mail Id of gmail,hotmail,yahoo
10:22AM 4 How to get the list of installed plugins?
9:56AM 4 Help! getting a "can't dup NilClass" error and don't know what to do about it.
9:42AM 12 Optimistic Locking and counters
9:33AM 1 Run 1.2.6 rails application on 2.0.2 rails
8:07AM 0 .htaccess
7:16AM 6 Link to mysql.sock deleted at reboot
5:13AM 8 ROR switcher asks "Does ROR offer CRUD form (admin interfaces) auto-generation for databases?"
4:44AM 2 InvalidAuthenticityToken error only in IE
4:03AM 2 is it possible in rails ?
1:58AM 0 JOBS: Seeking Ruby On Rails Developer - Rupture San Francisco
12:41AM 1 Default Finder file icon for erb files
12:18AM 1 Action Specific Layouts
Tuesday November 11 2008
11:21PM 1 Help concatenating letters and numbers
11:00PM 2 Adding an item into a basket with link_to
9:36PM 3 Single-table inheritance: Uninitialized class constant
9:16PM 4 Simple Captcha
9:04PM 3 Really old dates in rails
8:53PM 1 Rails Engineer Wanted in Boulder, CO
8:08PM 4 images / stylesheets not loading
6:47PM 6 customize logger messages in Rails2?
6:45PM 0 Ruby On Rails / Ajax / Java / PHP / SQL developer GLASGOW
6:35PM 8 Where to put custmized files in Rails app?
6:07PM 4 post-initializer hook?
5:44PM 4 Is Rails Scaffolding Production Ready
4:50PM 2 What is the best approach?
4:05PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers wanted!!!!!!!
4:03PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer
3:40PM 3 Problem with inheritance and find
2:33PM 2 Something strange about RJS, please help.
1:58PM 7 Rails site for mobile devices too
1:44PM 2 [JOBS] Ruby Developers Wanted
12:41PM 0 TATFT -- The Movie
12:20PM 5 Should I get Agile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Programmers) Book?
11:16AM 1 Every other week recurring event
9:55AM 2 Recommended Reading for..
9:46AM 5 how to retrive multiple vaules from a view for a text_field!
9:37AM 1 Possibility of ActiveRecord in combining two same tables
8:59AM 1 Javascript
8:54AM 0 Simply rails 2.0
8:45AM 1 captcha plugin
8:44AM 1 dynamic finder > popularity
8:22AM 1 Creating new version of migrations
8:20AM 0 juggernaut+ acts_as_chattable not working on firefox
8:13AM 1 Admin controller
7:25AM 0 Ruby on Rails on Smartfoxserver
6:13AM 2 Search multiple tables
5:08AM 0 ActiveMerchant and PayPal FLow pro
4:56AM 4 Very weird rake message...
4:35AM 1 Ruby on rails and Authorized.net
3:59AM 1 Representing left outer join in MySQL and Rails
3:04AM 0 can't figure out this error message please help
1:04AM 1 bizarre ruby debug behaviour when using variables beginning with character 'u' on windows
12:56AM 7 problem starting mongrel server
Monday November 10 2008
11:38PM 0 My crop - how to update thumbnails
11:20PM 3 Runt Recurring events
10:39PM 3 Override precedence
10:22PM 1 override and = on an ActiveRecord
10:12PM 3 Securing the views
9:42PM 2 Should installing a plugin add some files to the lib folder?
9:31PM 1 is there a "validates_empty" method or a way to do this in a single line?
8:54PM 1 only able to update email but fname etc not updating
8:41PM 0 "Gems::FiverunsTuneup-0.8.17::Lib::Fiveruns" is not a valid
8:11PM 3 toggle! not working
7:45PM 0 {JOB} In Need of a Ruby Ninja (Rookies need not apply)
7:40PM 9 Is InstantRails still a viable way to start with Rails?
7:37PM 1 Curl::Multi post
6:51PM 0 RedCloth vs redcloth grrrrrrrrr !!!!!
6:42PM 4 Migration File
6:41PM 2 Sort model based on max value of has_many field
6:14PM 0 Caching action and parameters
5:07PM 1 How do I apply patches from Trac?
4:38PM 0 Per page meta data for better SEO
4:32PM 1 Send mail only when a condition satisfy
4:20PM 6 variable won't work when joining 2 tables
3:44PM 0 Scott Hughes is out of the office.
3:15PM 3 to_xml and helper methods
1:00PM 1 Developer required in Cape Town, South Africa
11:58AM 3 BackgroundRB - not listening to mongrel/nginx
11:12AM 0 Layoffgossip
10:56AM 0 Layoff gossip
10:26AM 1 Template question...
10:20AM 3 Undefined method exists?
9:16AM 0 Ruby On Rails Technology Solution
9:02AM 1 easy before_update question (i hope)
8:36AM 6 Ruby on Rails -> Friendster or Facebook like website?
8:35AM 2 Order of rooms
7:29AM 1 webservices in rubyonrails
7:08AM 1 code to allow only friends.
6:17AM 1 `const_missing':NameError: uninitialized constant {const_id}
3:25AM 0 NTR Collections
3:22AM 0 Shekar Kammula Movie Collections
2:29AM 1 Searching multiple tables
1:53AM 3 Why is NFS insecure for storing open id sessions?
12:11AM 1 problem : no such file to load -- sqlite3
Sunday November 9 2008
11:11PM 1 config error
8:19PM 4 before_filter to restrict user from editing locked item
7:04PM 3 Book Recommendation for fast drop into webdesign
4:44PM 0 Wildcard URL redirect via Rails Routes?
12:09PM 0 where to submit rails articles
10:50AM 3 direct to same page
8:07AM 0 Google Maps: How to display infoWindow with Ajax?
3:30AM 2 Noob needs help updating a sortable table in the database
Saturday November 8 2008
11:52PM 1 observe_field :function show hide doesnt work
9:40PM 1 Conditinal layout based on controller action.
7:57PM 6 How do ASP Response.Write in RoR?
7:23PM 0 Apps for Democracy Submissions Due by 11/12 ($20K in prizes)
7:18PM 8 scaffold not working like i hoped......
6:55PM 1 multiple controllers links
5:58PM 2 Time departure of timestamp and realtime
5:30PM 6 Controller DRYness question
3:42PM 2 [sort of off topic] BDD with Javascript
3:31PM 0 Mails are not being sent
3:01PM 0 Make your Ruby Strings talk..
11:37AM 0 which money gem or plugin to use from this list???
9:28AM 2 Installing sqlite3-ruby with rubygems on Ubuntu
9:27AM 1 store a session variable in a table
Friday November 7 2008
10:57PM 1 Problem autenticating user
10:29PM 0 IO Error
8:55PM 5 Changing routes
8:49PM 5 gems not loading and causing Internal Server Error
6:35PM 1 Restful AND Pretty Urls
5:51PM 2 Schema and relationships between tables
5:49PM 0 please unsubscribe me
5:33PM 0 Error: A copy of ApplicationHelper has been removed from...
5:23PM 3 Webservice with Ruby
5:18PM 1 RJS show as 'try...' in AJAX update
5:11PM 6 Controller Problem
4:38PM 2 the page does not load
3:58PM 1 strange bug in has_and_belongs_to_many
1:16PM 2 Sending SMS Messages From Your Rails Application Usng Clickatell GEM
12:59PM 0 Validation on array checkbox in Model
12:50PM 1 Validations on array checkbox in Model
12:47PM 0 Add message to model validation errors
11:15AM 1 How to overwrite a method?
11:13AM 0 Attachment_fu Validation Error
10:38AM 0 New on Ruby on Rails setup problem
10:32AM 0 recursive problem
10:14AM 1 Adding methods to an array of AR objects
9:43AM 11 Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.1.1 : problem
9:16AM 9 Validating email
8:58AM 0 sort array of strings with čšž
8:12AM 2 3 failures, 4 errors
8:09AM 0 ruby script/performance/profiler
7:14AM 0 SQLITE3 error
7:00AM 1 why rails is internationalization framework ?
5:34AM 1 Different renders on main page...
4:44AM 1 set whether the mail is read or not
4:01AM 4 creating empty array of items - should be a quick simple one
3:35AM 4 about user domain
12:51AM 5 xmlsimple warning
Thursday November 6 2008
11:28PM 8 Caching data in memory
11:13PM 1 Attachment_Fu ImageScience and FreeImage problems
10:52PM 4 Beyond frusterating date_select issue
10:16PM 3 database documentation
10:06PM 1 Testing modules
8:36PM 0 Install in Ruby LinkParser in window
8:28PM 5 Insert key/value pair into hash, then read it out
7:53PM 2 Please help newb - observe_field?
5:02PM 1 Another question about database modelling
4:39PM 10 Rails 2.1.2 bug in include on has_many?
4:29PM 5 Distributing Plugins
4:16PM 2 One model with lots of tables in Rails
2:29PM 0 ruby gettext broke with restful authentication(using aasm)
2:08PM 0 Problem with nested route in namespace (Rails 2.1.1)
2:05PM 0 ID size
1:55PM 0 Job Post: RoR shop in Norcross area seeks talented SysAdmins
1:04PM 1 AcriveRecord (2.2.0) after_update callback and database transaction
11:14AM 0 Anybody using FiveRuns Manage?
10:55AM 2 Custom SQL queries
9:27AM 0 Restore password without session initialized
9:21AM 2 New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available
9:08AM 5 how can I run a line of rails code within the "test.rb" environment file???
8:44AM 4 SQL question
6:01AM 0 Contacts Importer Address grabber Invite friends import Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc
5:42AM 1 text wrap
4:38AM 3 active record associations
4:32AM 1 How to handle change events of HTML controls using Rails Fra
4:32AM 5 Active Merchant Example
4:31AM 2 Implementation guidance, please
3:27AM 7 Still undefined pagination
2:40AM 1 Global Translator Plugin?
12:49AM 1 Which Railshoster for a productive application in US?
12:48AM 1 Force ERB templates to prevent making changes to models?
12:42AM 1 rdiscount on windows
Wednesday November 5 2008
11:50PM 1 Removed edge rails but cannot find installed rails
11:01PM 4 HABTM << Behavior
10:51PM 0 named scope lambda string substitution problem
10:32PM 7 ruby-openid is breaking my rake
9:38PM 1 Ensuring all HTML tags close in text fields
9:28PM 3 removing row from a table using link_to_remote..
9:23PM 3 Which is the best attachment plugin for my situation?
9:15PM 2 Warning: Ambiguous first argument; make sure.
9:07PM 1 How can I deploy gems in vendor/gems across multiple OS's
8:46PM 3 Weird characters
8:40PM 0 Syntax to create a dependent relation?
7:40PM 0 Review: Ruby on Rails 2.2 EnvyCast
7:31PM 4 select in form - best practice?
7:04PM 2 functional testing with filters
6:30PM 0 New application has been launched with rails
5:38PM 1 Cant serve video via rails
5:03PM 3 auto-complete without connecting to the server
5:02PM 3 Rails 2.1.2, complex find involving complex include, bug?
4:36PM 0 0 errors prohibited this model from being saved
4:18PM 3 rake dependency error
4:08PM 2 AJAX - REST & nested resources
3:46PM 2 define relative url
3:17PM 0 Problem with Rails 2.2 and Rake db:migrate
3:03PM 6 m:n realtions don't work with fixtures?!
2:53PM 1 Moving Back From ActiveRecord Session Store to cookie
2:47PM 1 observe_form should only react to changes in the form
2:12PM 2 Muliply images > wich plugin?
1:02PM 1 upload an image
12:27PM 1 R2.2: config.gems
12:18PM 0 Is someone using symlinked directories in views?
11:44AM 1 ajax request and html response
11:34AM 1 My rake is broken - "no such file to load..."
10:39AM 1 To Use or not to use global variable
10:25AM 1 Constants in models are initialized before fixtures are loaded?
9:28AM 0 tips/links/books for building widgets
8:29AM 0 closed stream occured while loading faster_csv
7:59AM 0 Juggarnaut installation on windows
6:55AM 0 [JOB] Senior Engineer, NYC - Relo OK - 150-250k
6:09AM 4 difficulty in understanding the valgrind output for ror app.
5:11AM 1 Gem as Plugin
4:53AM 2 Testing your Controller, using RSpec
4:48AM 1 ambiguous nested conditions on find
4:41AM 3 Problems w/ before_filter getting ignored
2:49AM 1 to_json() does not have behave like to_xml builder and block support
2:37AM 1 Combining :order and :group in find yields wrong records
Tuesday November 4 2008
11:42PM 0 XML-RPC client
10:09PM 2 Create 50 objects and show only them
9:18PM 3 observe_field with select throwing javascript error
8:53PM 1 RMagick Windows Ruby 1.8.7. Do I need to compile?
8:46PM 1 guide to moving Rails 1 app to Rails 2?
7:23PM 5 Unknown action No action responded to show
6:49PM 0 PDF builder that support SWF (Macromedia Flash) embedding
6:45PM 0 JSON problems in update method (ExtJs, Ext)
6:36PM 1 collection_select broken in 2.1.x?
5:32PM 4 Time zone and UTC offset
5:28PM 7 ISP denies HTTP DELETE in httpd.conf ?
5:04PM 0 Help Community Project Development
4:32PM 3 How to query across several tables?
3:46PM 3 Nester Resources, Routes and Class Inheritance
2:53PM 2 Give a user the option to stay logged in.
1:14PM 0 First ever full day Ruby On Rails event in India
12:14PM 1 _session_id and form_for
12:02PM 1 Which status code for validation errors
11:52AM 1 Routes: Root as Users#Show
11:19AM 3 Updating Rails
9:58AM 4 Routing to a new action of a nested resource
8:13AM 1 code for insert calender
7:57AM 6 where is error in this code
7:34AM 1 HAproxy not listening to all IP address
7:14AM 0 Hi Everyone
6:45AM 5 Using Inner/Outer join to eager fetch belongs_to associations
6:12AM 2 put the list of posts in descending order
4:12AM 1 Error running rake db:test:prepare
3:51AM 4 Setting "From" in Mailer model
12:37AM 0 Hpricot - malformed HTML question
Monday November 3 2008
11:27PM 0 Problems with Auth_generator
11:02PM 3 :table_name_with_underscore and join models
10:34PM 1 Reverse keys and values in a hash
10:33PM 6 Are there plugins available for Hpricot or Mechanize
10:24PM 17 SQL queries in Rails
10:03PM 4 Rails 2.1.1 setting datetime to nil at 00:00:00
9:51PM 8 Need to generate xml to be stored in a database
9:02PM 0 ActiveRecord in memory only object for wizard?
8:52PM 2 integration with plone site--insane?
8:39PM 2 Disabling observe_form AJAX request on submit button click?
7:32PM 0 Webistrano 1.4 released
6:19PM 4 Check for color
5:30PM 0 Extracting the text content of a MS-word document
5:28PM 0 Mephisto 0.8 + RMagick 2 doesn't resize images?
4:15PM 15 html lists vs html tables
3:58PM 3 Downloading a CSV file
3:25PM 1 Content distrubution in Rails
3:03PM 4 Single sign on
2:52PM 6 Toggle
2:37PM 4 Really confusing issue involving ActiveRecord and a NoMethodError
1:46PM 0 test
1:45PM 0 Make a STI-compatible finder for a polymorphic column ?
1:15PM 0 Accessing routes from tests
12:56PM 1 Ajax updater + lightbox
12:32PM 0 acts_as_rateable in rails 2.2.0
12:16PM 2 add css to a text area
11:31AM 3 validate a form
11:17AM 3 MS-SQL deliveres binary image as array
10:46AM 1 how to create index using btree
10:17AM 1 css tag to ruby code
9:14AM 3 display the form text at page itself
5:56AM 2 Unable to install sqlite3
5:49AM 7 Reading value from .yml file in controller
5:01AM 1 Questions about changes to Restful Authentication.
4:34AM 3 Handling SOAP XML request and Response
4:31AM 0 set Message-ID header in ActionMailer?
4:16AM 1 Changing drop_receiving_element behavior to make a GET request instead of POST
4:03AM 3 Ruby and/or Rails Community in Argentina
Sunday November 2 2008
11:52PM 1 ROR Ubuntu 8.10: Action Controller: Exception caught
7:12PM 1 list problem?
6:53PM 2 error message
6:36PM 0 Hosting Email
3:14PM 1 AJAX page.call not working
2:27PM 0 Problem with acts_as_attachment
12:28PM 1 Do I require a polymorphic link??
4:04AM 15 Returning changed fields when transaction fails...
3:32AM 1 Two Actions for One Click
12:37AM 1 rails newbie - `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- /home/aa/rb1/config/environment (LoadError)
Saturday November 1 2008
10:46PM 2 before_save only works at console
8:15PM 0 Selling Pass to Voices that Matter conf on Nov 17-20
5:44PM 8 Getting started with ROR when you come from the desktop world with no experience in developing web application
5:13PM 11 images folder concern when deploying with Capistrano and git
4:19PM 0 2.2 rc1 - local object name on partial (:as)
4:13PM 0 Overloading #initialize in a model
3:36PM 3 nested resources
2:57PM 0 How to expire HTTP basic authenticated session?
9:43AM 0 seek a job, rails developer
9:29AM 2 stuck on a validates_presence_of unless issue
7:07AM 0 Hi All...
6:49AM 2 WoW ..! my Idea
5:58AM 4 check whether the boolean value true or false
5:23AM 1 FlowPlayerLP not playing video
5:14AM 0 express my idea
4:47AM 5 retrieving a data according to a given name
3:15AM 2 upload a image code?
2:34AM 1 get data from a table
1:59AM 8 Securing Models From a Controller versus ActsAsRowSecured
1:22AM 2 get data from call back url
12:22AM 5 Why is datetime used over timestamp in ROR?