R help - Jan 2001

Wednesday January 31 2001
5:28PM 0 Reduced Numerical Precision in 1.2.x in pre-compiled Windows binaries?
2:44PM 1 Robust Regression (rreg)
12:56PM 1 Reduced Numerical Precision in 1.2.x?
11:23AM 1 R 1.2.1 - read.table - factors problem...
9:11AM 2 R 1.2.1 - read.table - factors problem or is it a data.frame problem
3:33AM 2 Problem installing R
Tuesday January 30 2001
5:52PM 0 R-1.2.1 on Linux/Alpha with ccc/fort
4:00PM 0 Link with C code (compiled code under Windows)
1:05PM 4 Link with C code
10:05AM 0 R 1.2.1 - read.table factors
Monday January 29 2001
5:46PM 3 Avoiding another loop
4:07PM 0 Problem compiling under Version 1.2.1 (was mistakenly RE: obs erved power)
9:55AM 3 (Fwd) Web On line help and manual
8:43AM 1 R] observed power
Saturday January 27 2001
12:07PM 1 Sending graphics output to connections
9:33AM 0 R-news and GSView
Friday January 26 2001
10:17PM 1 a loop to chang data matrix name
9:34PM 2 Debian install : libf77blas.so missing
5:54PM 3 append data
2:14PM 9 observed power
2:13PM 0 converting a multi-dimentional array into a data frame
11:54AM 0 cancor
4:45AM 1 help() cannot find help files
Thursday January 25 2001
10:47PM 1 legends and fonts
6:46PM 1 rcmd build
9:51AM 7 R-News
1:49AM 0 fdim problems
Wednesday January 24 2001
11:04PM 2 This mail was found after problem with mailserver Jan 25th - postmaster@hh.umu.se
6:02PM 8 update.packages() doesn''t work anymore
5:20PM 1 CuSum & V-Mask
5:18PM 3 sm.density
5:15PM 0 FW: MathSoft Inc. Changes Name To Insightful Corporation
3:42PM 1 R equivalent for "ms" in Splus
1:52PM 2 problem with cov.* in package lqs
1:11PM 7 Object orientation?
10:59AM 5 R News Volume 1/1
Tuesday January 23 2001
10:37PM 5 Trying to avoid a loop
3:02PM 0 using R source as a library (a) for our own C++ code
2:27PM 0 Get current time in numeric form?
2:23PM 1 No subject
8:57AM 0 searching for industrial experimental design in R
1:47AM 1 Calling R from external code?
Monday January 22 2001
9:47PM 1 poisson and peritonitis
9:38PM 1 RMySQL troubles on Mandrake 7.1 and R 1.2.1
8:29PM 1 Sd2Rd problem
7:13PM 3 TCL/Tk weirdness with R-1.2.x under Win98
3:33PM 5 spectral-decomposition
3:16PM 1 Can''t read foreign datasets
2:19PM 2 strange spectrum() plot
1:51PM 0 modelling problem
1:15PM 5 Error in postscript(....)
12:12PM 0 interaction.plot
7:35AM 1 Optimization with linear constraints
2:23AM 5 building packages in Windows under R 1.2.1
Saturday January 20 2001
7:54PM 2 Problem compiling R-1.2.1 on OSF4.0
6:21PM 3 Spot price "S Programming"
1:42PM 0 None of pweibull/dweibull in the derivatives table?
12:30PM 1 where to send bug report R/NLME crash
2:15AM 11 RPM of R-1.2.1 for RH 7?
Friday January 19 2001
10:40PM 6 Compiling 1.2.1 to Windows binary
9:49PM 13 system time is 5 hours off in Windows
7:37PM 2 math expressions
6:11PM 1 built in colors
4:40PM 1 options(editor="something with parameter")
1:43PM 1 Web On line help and manual
11:58AM 1 Strange behaviour in 1.2.1
11:51AM 0 For Martin Maechler only. Others ignore!
7:59AM 3 R 1.2.1 for Windows
2:11AM 0 Bayesian Model Averaging
Thursday January 18 2001
10:29PM 0 summary/ returning variables from subfunction
8:56PM 1 Contribute (fwd)
11:07AM 5 How to start ESS?
9:21AM 1 Contribute
9:09AM 0 Release of R/GRASS GIS interface for R >= 1.2.x
9:06AM 2 dotplot: character size of labels
2:52AM 1 r help message
1:18AM 1 ESS Default function template for R
Wednesday January 17 2001
11:30PM 4 Can one set --no-save in .Rprofile
9:45PM 3 how to save results???
8:26PM 1 Pinheiro/Bates Soybean nlme failure
5:51PM 0 getting a ~ character in LaTeX
4:23PM 7 Is ther a possibility to display the log(frequency) instead of the frequency in the hist plot?
4:20PM 0 Is there a possibility to display the log(frequency) instead of the frequency in the log plot???
3:29PM 1 Scientific notation?
12:04PM 3 Pattern Matching help
11:10AM 0 Huge memory comsumption with foreign and RPgSQL (fwd)
10:16AM 0 R/Java Omegahat Interface
9:06AM 1 Huge memory comsumption with foreign and RPgSQL
9:02AM 1 panel argument in coplot
Tuesday January 16 2001
8:32PM 1 Newbie question: Upgrades and packages
7:04PM 4 [OT] getting a ~ character in LaTeX
Monday January 15 2001
4:34PM 2 WMF on Unix
12:26PM 0 R 1.2.1 is released
Sunday January 14 2001
5:40PM 2 Help
5:35PM 1 ar(1)
12:36PM 1 Redrawing !
10:10AM 1 Why there are no log="xy" parameter in the hist() function?
Saturday January 13 2001
9:24AM 0 R (and ESS) mailing lists : Binary attachments not allowed anymore
Friday January 12 2001
11:39PM 1 R Windows memory
7:15PM 1 Histogram for factors
6:17PM 1 sorting ascending descending! & THX@coling
5:46PM 5 sorting ascending descending?
12:42PM 2 CRAN unavailable?
9:57AM 1 strange loss of accuracies under Win NT
2:46AM 0 Subject: R and gui=X11
Thursday January 11 2001
6:19PM 4 read data into R with some constraints
6:07PM 3 Reformatting dates using chron
3:57PM 0 ORe: Some Packages Won't Run under RH 7
2:58PM 1 Some Packages Won't Run under RH 7
2:30PM 0 Help evaluating and R object over an C list
12:44PM 0 Principal component?
5:09AM 2 Bootstrapping
3:45AM 1 lm variable name limit?
3:12AM 5 Reading Excel files from within R.
2:05AM 2 nls error handling
Wednesday January 10 2001
4:23PM 1 virus
3:56PM 1 gini index
3:29PM 2 R and memory
2:38PM 2 Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
2:21PM 1 Rcmd ?
10:17AM 1 optmizing with monotone stepfunctions?
7:54AM 1 Package Java for R
3:31AM 1 Auto Demonstration...
Tuesday January 9 2001
10:42PM 2 PAM clustering (using triangular matrix)
9:44PM 1 Setting fontsize in dev.copy2eps
5:55PM 2 R installation problems...
4:52PM 0 How to start R in a directory with the right mouse button (Windows)
4:36PM 1 Intentional behaviour of par()$usr?
4:32PM 3 log(0) problem in max likelihood estimation
2:11PM 0 Fuzzy Logic and Rough Set
1:02PM 1 Is there a function similar to identify() but for image() plots?
12:54PM 1 Chambers and Hastie Data Sets
12:43PM 3 RODBC Bug?
8:44AM 2 quantile function for noncentral f-distribution
Monday January 8 2001
10:21PM 3 Excel-to-R Interface
4:36PM 2 S Programming Book at Amazon.com
3:21PM 0 can help.start() point to a http:// style url rather than ~/.R/doc etc
3:19PM 0 R-1.2.0: gdb doesn't find functions in shared lib
11:12AM 3 sparse matrix
Sunday January 7 2001
6:51PM 0 boxplot question
6:02PM 1 Selective column loads with scan()
5:07PM 2 "Invalid character 32" problem with Pager??
Saturday January 6 2001
6:26PM 2 Linux Install
1:47PM 4 3D package in R
12:34AM 1 export graph/data to Word/Excel
Friday January 5 2001
9:22PM 1 Trends for many units
5:45PM 2 Why doesn't as.vector() return a vector?
5:00PM 1 dyn.load the same code more than once?
12:16PM 0 Optimization Problem
12:12PM 1 AW: running Rcmd INSTALL: working now!
10:25AM 2 AW: running Rcmd INSTALL, again
9:11AM 3 By which function I can limit the precision of numbers??
9:01AM 2 running Rcmd INSTALL, again
2:51AM 1 segfault when calling C code
Thursday January 4 2001
9:56PM 6 regression constraints?
5:38PM 2 Confidence Limits for Non-Linear Regression
7:25AM 0 running Rcmd INSTALL (creating help files revisited)
Wednesday January 3 2001
10:30PM 1 package/ date/ download problem
9:52PM 0 update on large object disorientation (fwd)
Tuesday January 2 2001
1:51PM 1 Transporting s-plus routines to R
12:39PM 1 chron blues
10:57AM 1 sink() does not seem to release the file