dovecot - Oct 2014

Friday October 31 2014
7:02PM 0 SSLv3 attack on pop3?
10:13AM 0 Corrupted SSL parameters file in state_dir with HG 267bca7a62fb
Thursday October 30 2014
10:42PM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.4.5 for Dovecot v2.2.15.
5:44PM 0 authentication issues with ipad / mac email client
3:28PM 0 Bug in the combination of Lazy_expunge and acl plugin
12:50PM 0 vpopmail, open_smtp_relay and non-PLAIN auth mechs
8:34AM 0 Renaming not supported across conflicting directory - why?
3:30AM 0 Bug in fts (solr?, Maildir?) incorrect last_indexed_uid
Wednesday October 29 2014
8:00PM 0 [Pigeonhole] Problem compiling latest snapshot
5:54PM 0 smtp lastlogin
5:41PM 0 Quota reporting
3:43PM 0 different mail location in different namespace
1:03PM 0 2.2.15 Panic in mbox_sync_read_next_mail()
12:28PM 0 Sieve plus addressed mail filtering
7:37AM 0 Panic: file istream-qp-decoder.c
Tuesday October 28 2014
8:05PM 0 basic configuratio error
4:24PM 0 maildir++ quota support on dovecot
1:46PM 0 Namespaces (or another way) to put messages in a different drive
11:48AM 0 Pigeonhole 0.4.4 error with no sieve rules
3:40AM 0 Can someone explain this Sent thread sorting?
3:05AM 0 dsync-server throwing Resource temporarily available
1:14AM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.4.4 for Dovecot v2.2.15.
Monday October 27 2014
7:48PM 0 dovecot ldap quota
2:22PM 0 Dovecot 2.2.14 and per user \Seen flags
4:52AM 0 doveadm throws Panic: file dsync-mailbox-tree-fill.c: line 65
3:03AM 0 how to migration exchange'mail to dovecot?
Sunday October 26 2014
12:28PM 0 An easy fix for " corrupted: map_uid=xxxx refcount too low"?
Saturday October 25 2014
7:16PM 0 imap-postlogin and doveadm
6:12PM 0 Dynamic tags in email address
3:52PM 0 Sieve duplicate detection
12:19PM 0 master: Error: service(log): command startup failed, throttling for 2 secs
4:11AM 0 v2.2.15 released
Friday October 24 2014
7:02PM 0 Replication only sporadic
6:55PM 0 Multiple user attributes in LDAP
1:16PM 0 Replication .dovecot-sync.lock
10:20AM 0 dovecot-lda from postfix on remote dovecot server
3:06AM 0 Error renaming folders with spaces
2:26AM 0 Sieve Advice Needed, Please
Thursday October 23 2014
3:11PM 0 Invoking the spam checker on the sieve script
2:01PM 0 Public root folder is \Noselect
Wednesday October 22 2014
9:35PM 0 Where can I find change logs/release notes for Dovecot EE releases?
8:43PM 0 Dovecot Master/Master Replication Problem
4:01PM 0 How to configure read-only access during a migration?
2:14PM 0 special "what's my ip" pop account
1:15PM 0 High I/O wait with Dovecot POP3
9:35AM 0 Public mailbox confusion
4:32AM 0 authenticate plain, and virtual users
Tuesday October 21 2014
9:28PM 0 dictionary attack defense
7:26PM 0 Multiple user attributes in LDAP userdb query strings
7:01PM 0 2.2.14 and "Panic: file virtual-sync.c"
6:27PM 0 Properly "locking" a useraccount (on a proxy)
4:40PM 0 only inbox folder after courier-imap migration
4:18PM 0 What is the correct way to configure the mail_location option for Mailidr format?
3:44PM 0 Dovecot Auth Issue
12:40PM 0 SMTP authentication setup
Monday October 20 2014
4:59PM 0 90-sieve.conf syntax - moving from v2.0.x to v2.2.x
4:52PM 0 replication sieve settings
9:48AM 0 Sieve: carry global variables from sieve_before to user sieve scripts
9:21AM 0 2.2.14 Panic in imap_fetch_more()
8:26AM 0 2.2.14 Panic in sync_expunge_range()
Sunday October 19 2014
3:25PM 0 Dovecote 1.2.17 poodle
Saturday October 18 2014
7:26PM 0 Fwd: Re: Wiki advice on running getmail on INBOX access - how does that work?
5:24PM 0 Wiki advice on running getmail on INBOX access - how does that work?
5:13PM 0 Recap: last_login plugin with MySQL
9:29AM 0 last_login plugin with MySQL
Friday October 17 2014
7:41PM 0 Re: 2.1: Error: Maildir filename has wrong S value, renamed the file from SOLVED
5:54PM 0 High memory usage
2:24PM 0 Dovecot-ee
Thursday October 16 2014
4:24PM 0 ssd for /home
3:43PM 0 dsync duplicating identical messages
1:26PM 0 Proxy problem: "imap-login: Error: proxy(USERNAME): connect(10.x.x.178, 993) failed: Cannot assign requested address (after 0 secs, local=10.x.x.104)"
1:04PM 0 Strange quota warning behavior
9:01AM 0 Re: doveadm-move(1)
5:29AM 0 Unable to get virtual users set up with database auth
Wednesday October 15 2014
11:16PM 0 Re: doveadm-move(1)
7:10PM 0 Permissions problem on new installation
3:24PM 0 mmap_disable=yes not honored always
8:14AM 0 permissions when moving mails
Tuesday October 14 2014
10:24PM 0 Proxy problem: "[COMPRESSIONACTIVE] TLS compression already enabled"
7:25PM 0 Disabling SSLv3 protocol
6:25PM 0 bandwidth shaping
4:56PM 0 auth-worker goes wild
4:53PM 0 v2.2.14 released
3:53PM 0 pop3-login segfaulting
1:38PM 0 Doveadm quota recalc sets quota for wrong quota root
8:28AM 0 Request to list owner
8:01AM 0 Re: Mailbox format
Monday October 13 2014
11:55PM 0 Re: Mailbox format
9:29PM 0 Mailbox format (was: RE: Compile dovecot with sieve/managesieve support)
7:10PM 0 Compile dovecot with sieve/managesieve support
12:30PM 0 To dovecot-ee or not to dovecot-ee
11:42AM 0 delete/archive old mail
Sunday October 12 2014
10:58PM 0 [Dovecot/VirtualUsers/VirtualMailBoxes] No mails into mua
5:28PM 0 Dovecot domain quota
8:50AM 0 Permissions for shared mail don't work
7:01AM 0 CentOS x64 compilation fails.
Saturday October 11 2014
10:50PM 0 courier-imap to dovecot
9:36PM 0 New to list / SQL AUTH
6:14AM 0 ]UG] Dovecot 2.2.9 SSL client cert verification fails: openssl verify: OK
Friday October 10 2014
4:14PM 0 Error with dovecot 2.2.14rc1
3:07PM 0 fixes for quota support on NetBSD
8:47AM 0 Migrating to Dovecot EE
8:21AM 0 question: dovecot lda running as special user (vmail) or normal user (marcel)?
8:17AM 0 Re: question: dovecot lda running as special user (vmail) or normal user (marcel)?
8:05AM 0 2.2.14rc1 - dsync in backup mode still changes source permissions
Thursday October 9 2014
12:20PM 0 Dbox and Exim
10:35AM 0 dovecot replication (active-active) - server specs
9:36AM 0 Send an alert on master user login
Wednesday October 8 2014
12:13PM 0 [Pigeonhole Sieve interpreter] :create argument and lda_mailbox_autosubscribe setting
8:30AM 0 mailbox in different filesystem
Tuesday October 7 2014
4:56PM 0 Keywords & sync
12:14PM 0 dovecot 2.1 new imap folder permissions
10:23AM 0 index problem with only 1 folder of 1 box
Monday October 6 2014
5:09PM 0 How best to confirm that dovecot LDA logging is working correctly?
4:38PM 0 Dovecot writing to mailbox user@domain
12:49PM 0 Help with shared folder
9:01AM 0 Multiple passwords for a user (SQL)
8:29AM 0 Default file names for sent, trash, etc.
Sunday October 5 2014
1:20PM 0 searching for the special result
Saturday October 4 2014
4:27PM 0 Dovecot does not update maildirsize after expunge
Friday October 3 2014
11:57PM 0 X-sieve-redirected-from
6:49PM 0 Configure antispam plugin with private namespaces
6:03PM 0 Thunderbird ignores some folders
5:34PM 0 Problem with dovecot-managesieved and sieve scripts in mysql
3:34PM 0 v2.2.14.rc1 released
9:06AM 0 Re: quota using wrong limits in user shared mailboxes
Thursday October 2 2014
8:13PM 0 auth with entire email addr instead of just username
3:22PM 0 two dovecot instances
Wednesday October 1 2014
11:40PM 0 Question wrt. dovecot replicator
6:47PM 0 Dovecot fails to start - Unknown setting: socket
6:43PM 0 Trouble getting listescape plugin to work with "$" separator (as demonstrated in Wiki) in Dovecot 2.2.9
2:48PM 0 Simply mysql quota check
12:42PM 0 Supporting RFC 5466 (IMAP4 Extension for Named Searches (Filters))
12:37PM 0 virtualfolders under mdbox storage backend