dovecot - Nov 2014

Friday November 21 2014
11:22PM 0 Mailing list removal.
9:52PM 0 dovecot & Apple Mail & maildir & lots of Mail
7:59PM 0 Outlook Express and STARTTLS
1:00PM 0 Prevent a message from be deleted but not from be moved
12:44AM 0 Unable to see virtual users
Thursday November 20 2014
11:49PM 0 IMAP child killed with signal 11
10:29PM 0 spam folder and POP users
9:34PM 0 Mailing list test
1:53PM 0 Test
1:41PM 0 logwatch reporting
1:35PM 0 indexes with ocfs2
9:38AM 0 redis dict auth and default_fields
8:33AM 0 how to recover mails - dovecot 2.2.13
Wednesday November 19 2014
9:04PM 0 Handle of "subscription" file/folder for IMAP
6:23PM 0 "subscription" file/folder for IMAP
Tuesday November 18 2014
2:42PM 0 userdb-nss crash
12:31PM 0 Storage IOPs Calculation for Qmail Server
8:49AM 0 Mail sync at filesystem level
8:23AM 0 custom ssh port doveadm sync
Monday November 17 2014
3:20PM 0 Different SSL certificates per IP and protocol
12:51PM 0 Optional mail attribute in ldap
10:44AM 0 stop deletion of mails
9:58AM 0 LMTPS : TLS over LMTP not working
Sunday November 16 2014
8:45PM 0 UNIX perms appear ok (ACL/MAC wrong?)
1:05PM 0 Dovecot POP3 STARTTLS works on Thunderbird but not on Gmail
Saturday November 15 2014
11:03PM 0 2.2.15: SMTP submission server?
7:00PM 0 Understanding why Dovecot unexpectedly died
Friday November 14 2014
11:00PM 0 Using dovecot-lda with sendmail
6:46PM 0 Evolution clientware and Dovecot
2:15PM 0 Dovecot wiki LMTP description
8:02AM 0 [PATCH]: libexttextcat from libreoffice
12:59AM 0 Core Dump upon startup (SEGV) - v2.2.10
Thursday November 13 2014
11:01PM 0 automatically create Spam mailbox
6:44PM 0 Understanding filesystem quotas
6:29PM 0 Migrate system users to virtual users
5:45PM 0 Static build failure
12:07PM 0 Bug (?) while listing imap folder
11:48AM 0 R: Re: pop3/imap hanging processes
11:45AM 0 R: Re: pop3/imap hanging processes
8:49AM 0 Error using Tika as meta extractor with solr
8:03AM 0 Execution of sieve script failed HG 3db5fbb216d3
Wednesday November 12 2014
9:37PM 0 pop3/imap hanging processes
5:01PM 0 imap-login segfaults when using post-login
2:32PM 0 closed fd causes: lmtp(18385): Panic: epoll_ctl(del, 11) failed: Bad file descriptor
1:32PM 0 Dovecot 2.2.15 imap crash/panic (with core dumped)
8:23AM 0 Dovecot Cur and New Directories are empty
5:11AM 0 New director features
3:19AM 0 Query: SELECT "INBOX" permission denied
Tuesday November 11 2014
8:55PM 0 Help with last_login plugin
7:13PM 0 FTS-Solr: indexer-worker does not find mailbox
3:21PM 0 Replication Advice Needed
1:01PM 0 Virtual User Authentication
8:53AM 0 help by recovering a mailbox - maildir and dovecot 2.2.13
Monday November 10 2014
8:57PM 0 mail-storage.c:2222:mailbox_copy assertion failed: (!ctx->unfinished)
6:11AM 0 deliver an email to a large number of local users directly via doveadm
Sunday November 9 2014
5:24PM 0 inbox parameter is ignored within location config for public namespaces?
12:30AM 0 Improvement proposal
Saturday November 8 2014
4:45PM 0 Dovecot quota via custom column
2:22PM 0 Help on dict with QUOTA / perms
9:18AM 0 SQLite does not depend on zlib, was: Re: [PATCH] Split sql drivers from lib-sql to plugins
Friday November 7 2014
11:44PM 0 Virtual alias with dovecot
2:53PM 0 mail location change results in various errors
6:06AM 0 mail location change generates various errors
12:26AM 0 Dovecot auth process repeatedly crashes on OS X Server 10.9
Thursday November 6 2014
10:48PM 0 building latest stable for ubuntu 14.04
4:32PM 0 Dovecot replication causing deleted emails to reappear
Wednesday November 5 2014
5:50PM 0 Best practise for deleting with Thunderbird
3:50PM 0 ntlm_auth seems ok, initial auth failure with dovecot2 (and winbind 4.1.13)
3:22PM 0 gssapi considered as PLAIN?
3:07PM 0 Performance issue
11:35AM 0 calling post-login script with doveadm
Tuesday November 4 2014
10:12PM 0 Can I take mail from Maildir mailbox and deliver it as new?
9:22PM 0 error using fts/tika
6:13PM 0 doveadm index message-decoder assertion failed
4:46PM 0 Dovecot-lda permission errors or maybe authentication errors?
11:33AM 0 sieve replication and .dovecot.lda-dupes
11:04AM 0 Some of the mail on the server to duplicate.
Monday November 3 2014
10:46PM 0 SSL Client authentication with trustcenter-certificate
10:29PM 0 Example records for SQL AUTH
8:06PM 0 Postlogin script in v1
Sunday November 2 2014
5:48PM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.4.6 for Dovecot v2.2.15.
Saturday November 1 2014
2:38PM 0 script modification