dovecot - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
2:29PM 0 home from SQL
Monday September 29 2014
11:57PM 0 "doveadm sync/backup" should show some kind of progress meter
11:42PM 0 "doveadm sync/backup" and SSH should use "ssh-agent" if available
12:53PM 0 No AUTH PLAIN with dovecot 2.0.19
8:08AM 0 Master user and invalid credentials dovecot-2.2.13
7:32AM 0 Imap: Panic: UID 13737 lost unexpectedly from INBOX
2:00AM 0 "doveadm backup/sync" don't follow message moving even with MDBOX
Sunday September 28 2014
9:52PM 0 "doveadm backup/sync" are badly documented
1:32PM 0 dsync mirror does not maintain changes between mailboxes
12:48AM 0 Corrupted index cache after migrating from maildir to mdbox
Saturday September 27 2014
11:46AM 0 GETMETADATA UTF8 encoding of folder names instead of UTF7
9:41AM 0 ALT storage question
Friday September 26 2014
11:35AM 0 Dovecot Sieve and Postfix header_checks Issue
12:59AM 0 Is dovecot vulnerable to the shellshock/CVE-2014-6271 exploit?
Thursday September 25 2014
7:52PM 0 Indexing of mailf fts clucene aborts
4:17PM 0 Quota Woes
4:14PM 0 Does dovecot work OK on *BSD?
12:22PM 0 SSL issues when proxying
10:39AM 0 Namespace configuration over SQL
6:37AM 0 sieve folder separator
Wednesday September 24 2014
9:11PM 0 LDA randomly failing to write email to disk
11:35AM 0 LMTP proxying
9:51AM 0 Confusing wording on the wiki
Tuesday September 23 2014
6:57PM 0 director
12:31PM 0 doveadm penalty: who is
7:31AM 0 dsync annoyances
Monday September 22 2014
9:50PM 0 help with samba4 settings
8:19PM 0 sieve redirect to foreign email gets “Relay acce
2:01PM 0 [wishlist] testsuite for sieve scripts, libsievetest
1:33PM 0 X-DOVECOT capabilities
10:32AM 0 how to solve : Dovecot version mismatch: Master is v2.1.7, lmtp is v2.2.13
9:32AM 0 dovecot´s multiple quota roots
7:42AM 0 numeric username
7:19AM 0 Authentication using AD : bug ?
5:59AM 0 don't understand error message
Friday September 19 2014
10:35AM 0 Support of unicode in then recipient names
9:05AM 0 quota recalc problem for big maildirs
8:01AM 0 Syslog PID
7:54AM 0 dovecot doesn't see my mails ?
3:49AM 0 Panic: file index-status.c: line 131 (index_storage_get_open_status): assertion failed: (status_r->recent <= status_r->messages)
12:09AM 0 negative auth cache?
12:04AM 0 doveadm with multiple instances on same machine(s)
Thursday September 18 2014
10:57PM 0 dsync error: Error: Can't delete mailbox INBOX: INBOX can't be deleted.
8:06PM 0 LDAP and dovecot
Wednesday September 17 2014
9:55AM 0 unable to see mail when using telnet / open ssl
Monday September 15 2014
10:14PM 0 Issue creating mailboxes
2:41PM 0 dovecot and gmail backup
2:07PM 0 migration from cyrus with dsync sieve problem
5:00AM 0 Empty mailboxes
4:21AM 0 Clear a single user mapping in Director setup
12:05AM 0 Migration - Getting it right the first time.
Sunday September 14 2014
8:41PM 0 Per-folder (per-mailbox) message expiration with control from client side — is it poss
Saturday September 13 2014
12:08PM 0 Does pigeonhole regex extension support PCRE?
Friday September 12 2014
6:25PM 0 sieve: is it possible to filter ALL mailing lists (with header List-Id) to their folders with ONE rule?
Thursday September 11 2014
5:42PM 0 Case sensitivity
3:48PM 0 Problem with virtual folders
1:36PM 0 replicating (manage)sieve - no symlink on replica?
11:21AM 0 usenet/imap
9:00AM 0 Dovecot HA
Wednesday September 10 2014
10:39PM 0 dovecot imap auth method issue
10:37PM 0 Dovecot can't read mail, creates duplicate directories
8:43PM 0 Dovecot replication
6:31PM 0 LDAP authentication
10:41AM 0 master user in ldap?
5:41AM 0 "§"-sign in passwords
Tuesday September 9 2014
9:41PM 0 ACL with Public Namespace
9:09PM 0 outlook 2013
6:56PM 0 My Dsync isn't replicating 'EXPUNGE' IMAP command
3:15PM 0 Dict protocol RFC
2:14AM 0 minimal configuration for lucene fts
Monday September 8 2014
3:48PM 0 Configure Dovecot Master User
9:01AM 0 d.iskandarov
Saturday September 6 2014
8:38PM 0 vsz_limit is 18,447 PB
Friday September 5 2014
2:35PM 0 lmtp memory usage problem - Fatal: pool_system_realloc(268435456): Out of memory
2:14PM 0 stemmer or no-stemmer..
1:30PM 0 Dovecot + Postfix postmulti SASL
1:11PM 0 trouble syncing public folders
9:54AM 0 Migrating from 2.0.x to 2.2
9:46AM 0 Panic/backtrace in dovecot 2.2.13
1:35AM 0 Announce: Plugin for iOS Push Email support
Thursday September 4 2014
7:53PM 0 how to profiling imap process with valgrind
6:08PM 0 Re: charset-specific searches, and continuation lines
4:34PM 0 Re: SASL LOGIN : connection to server lost with more than 10 simulatneaous postfix smtps
Wednesday September 3 2014
11:26PM 0 Some Dsync Replication Errors
4:28PM 0 Setup sieve failed
12:41PM 0 Assertion failed in sql_transaction_commit with pgsql driver
Tuesday September 2 2014
7:12PM 0 Trouble viewing Inbox via IMAP Client
6:03PM 0 dsync-server couldn't create .dovecot-sync.lock file
1:59PM 0 Dovecot is looking for .dovecot.lda-dupes in the wrong place
2:50AM 0 How to setup a dovecot lmtp proxy server ?
Monday September 1 2014
1:27PM 0 Escape comma in the LDAP passdb subquery configuration
12:41PM 0 dsync full sync
9:14AM 0 dovecot 2.2.13: LMTP delivery with multiple recipients incorrectly mixes users
6:31AM 0 Master user and non-plaintext auth does not work