asterisk users - Oct 2012

Wednesday October 31 2012
6:38PM 4 USB FXS device
6:23PM 2 multitenanat third party app
6:20PM 1 Multitenant opensouce application
5:44PM 1 Asterisk 11 and stdexten written in AEL invoked by pbx_config
1:32PM 2 Asterisk and OpenLDAP
Tuesday October 30 2012
11:52AM 1 Asterisk does not re-register as a sip client after a "sip reload" if "sip.conf" or "users.conf" is changed
11:03AM 0 Asterisk 11.0.0 Now Available!
8:17AM 1 Stopping dahdi: Unloading DAHDI hardware modules: ERROR: Module dahdi is in error
7:46AM 1 Cant we have same extension in different context?
7:15AM 4 multi tenant
5:49AM 0 asterisk 1.8.13 receive fax + call drop
12:26AM 2 Read sometimes disconnects user
Monday October 29 2012
5:14PM 4 Bypass queue wrapup time
12:13PM 1 Add a variable to the destination channel without adding it to the source channel?
9:01AM 1 asterisk crashed on segmentation fault
8:59AM 0 ldap realtime function do not work in asterisk 1.8.11
Sunday October 28 2012
4:58PM 1 down?
Saturday October 27 2012
4:27AM 1 Using Asterisk for Outbound Call Center
Friday October 26 2012
1:09AM 0 asterisk-users Digest, Vol 99, Issue 37
Thursday October 25 2012
8:21PM 7 high capacity analog <-> sip gateway
6:09PM 1 asterisk for small home phone system
4:18PM 6 How to tie orders taken to specific CDR records
1:57PM 4 i extension not triggering
12:58PM 1 DTMF inband with telephone-event in SDP
12:46PM 3 DAHDI and Tiger320 Chip
12:25PM 0 Asterisk 1.8 not playing parking slot announcement to parker
Wednesday October 24 2012
5:43PM 2 TON always unknown in RDNIS (outgoing calls)
12:54AM 1 as soon as Phone rings I'm disconnected yet phone rings two more times‏
Tuesday October 23 2012
8:31PM 1 Wireshark AMI Dissector
7:32PM 1 followme ldap realtime problems
7:15PM 2 Can't get Lua Pattern Matching to work
2:28PM 3 dahdi dummy
12:26PM 2 Why all the 401 Unauthorized
3:42AM 2 Call drop weirdness
Monday October 22 2012
9:40PM 0 Getting Message: Call failed to go through, reason (1) Hangup
8:17PM 2 Call Presence for Offhook/Onhook Only
7:33PM 0 JAMI interface not working as expected
7:16PM 3 Voicemail to text for Asterisk
5:10PM 1 asterisk and mp3 on 1.4.43
2:17PM 1 realtime sip peers status
12:48PM 0 How can read the headers ISDN?
12:39PM 0 Asterisk 10 + Sangoma A104 + T.38 gateway
Sunday October 21 2012
11:34AM 0 Anyone help: call leg do not exist err
11:32AM 0 Anyobe help: call leg do not exist error
8:34AM 1 Sound problem with format files but not codecs
Saturday October 20 2012
9:49PM 2 monitor application, file name change on attended transfer
Friday October 19 2012
10:09PM 4 Asterisk 1.6.0 disable cdr account logs?
5:31PM 2 Tell apart between network disruption and asterisk restart via AMI
3:28PM 1 Asterisk error message so uncommon, not even Google knows abuot it
4:40AM 1 motif and psi - no sound
3:08AM 2 AstDB with Sqlite
Thursday October 18 2012
3:58PM 2 Question on AMI and ChanIsAvail
3:45PM 2 asterisk as IVR using 3g usb modem
2:57PM 1 Counting calls in progress from AMI
2:47PM 0 Setting CDR fields in "connected" macro of Queue command
11:33AM 2 Problems with AGI and existing channel
5:35AM 2 Critical Asterisk Outage - Installing g729 crashed asterisk.
3:43AM 1 Unable to load users.conf
Wednesday October 17 2012
10:24PM 0 Use of Sangoma D500
9:04PM 0 Asterisk 11.0.0-rc2 Now Available
7:41PM 3 Agents in more than one queue at once
2:17PM 1 Asterisk Requested transfer capability: 0x00 - SPEECH
12:43PM 2 Fully utilise all PRIs in a DAHDI group
8:09AM 3 Automatic jump from line to line for incoming calls and the problem in DAHDI
1:59AM 1 question on softhangup
Tuesday October 16 2012
5:31PM 1 Odd cracking with SIP->DAHDI
4:47PM 1 core show channels verbose output
4:38PM 2 Registering Asterisk to a SIP Provider
2:24PM 1 audio fades out over PRI
12:14PM 1 RTP IP re-write
7:10AM 1 billsecs for call bridging
6:50AM 1 B200p card - use dahdi or mISDN?
Monday October 15 2012
3:08PM 1 Semi OT: Program transfer button on MiTel 5330
2:08PM 4 Motif/XMPP for Google Voice
7:07AM 3 asterisk installation under a single directory
Saturday October 13 2012
12:02AM 0 catch-all extension in context
Friday October 12 2012
8:17PM 0 Storing Custom greeting VM in DB
4:04PM 0 Scheduled Maintenance for Asterisk Project community services
2:10PM 2 Recommendation for extension mapping on inbound T1 line
2:04PM 2 SoftHangup for emergency calls
12:20PM 0 dropping audio on avaya
7:37AM 0 asterisk 1.8 app_monitor problem
Thursday October 11 2012
11:09PM 1 Caller ID DTMF is not coming
10:39PM 2 Digium D40 phones and Caller ID
7:40PM 1 Odd Sangoma Card Issues
5:15PM 6 Call routing based on CID
3:31PM 1 Asterisk 1.8 - ADDMEMBER event in queue_log not using member name [SOLVED]
1:16PM 1 disable "IAX2 caching or provisioning features"
8:45AM 1 Asterisk 1.8 - ADDMEMBER event in queue_log not using member name
6:45AM 0 Unable to post to list
1:28AM 1 iax2-provision.c:266 iax_provision_version: ast_db_get failed to retrieve iax/provisioning/cach
Wednesday October 10 2012
9:26PM 1 motif load
9:06PM 2 conversion?
6:40PM 1 Motif XMPP
3:44PM 5 DTMF digits are coming through twice
3:34PM 4 Tips for installing and configuring Digum cards
12:06PM 3 How to use 'Transfer' to send calls to another asterisk?
9:55AM 0 include of regular context from lua dialplan
Tuesday October 9 2012
11:46PM 1 a=recvonly
11:10PM 0 how does GOTO_ON_BLINDXFR work?
9:17PM 1 Regarding caller ID and security
9:08PM 0 SIP redundancy
7:24PM 2 Failover router recommendation
7:00PM 3 Asterisk 1.4.13 Now Available
2:31PM 0 WARNING T.30 ECM carrier not found
11:34AM 2 Asterisk sends wrong fxs 'Idle' hints
4:51AM 1 blocking incoming call - asterisk 1.8
4:33AM 1 iax_provision_version: ast_db_get failed
Monday October 8 2012
11:38PM 1 Calling out on a group of DAHDI lines
8:17PM 0 Asterisk 10.9.0 Now Available
8:17PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
5:29PM 1 Sip registration Asterisk 1.8
5:15PM 2 Asterisk 11.0.0-rc1 Now Available!
11:20AM 1 How to avoid automatic answer with callwaiting=yes on fxs channels?
7:24AM 1 Asterisk, Hylafax and t38modem working together ?
5:56AM 2 Queries regarding FastAGI
Sunday October 7 2012
10:18AM 0 TLS/SRTP support in Cisco SPA112 and SPA122
Saturday October 6 2012
10:45AM 0 Question on Asterisk memory management
Friday October 5 2012
9:24PM 0 Hawaii Voip Provider???
6:53PM 2 SendFAX - multi-page TIFF
5:01PM 1 DAHDI 2.6.1 and Kernel 2.6.18-308.16.1.el5
2:51PM 2 EXEC SendDTMF
1:25PM 0 Cisco 18XX series router - one way audio
1:15PM 1 asterisk-users Digest, Vol 99, Issue 9
12:10PM 3 How to log caller IP address in the CDR?
11:56AM 2 realtime field names
9:48AM 0 What exactly does hangupcause 111 mean ?
5:29AM 0 Sending DTMF from one asterisk server to another asterisk server
3:00AM 2 username ignored when trying to auth incoming invites
2:02AM 2 10.9.0-rc1 : Help with GoSubIf Parsing
Thursday October 4 2012
8:00PM 1 LDAP Driver and VoiceMail
4:12PM 0 OT - Why are alarm transmitter said to be avoided with DSL ?
2:47PM 3 AVAILSTATUS always 0
2:10PM 1 On which kernel version the DAHDI-2.0 release will work ??
1:29PM 8 Fax for Asterisk success rates?
4:06AM 2 I can hear my own voice through the headset
Wednesday October 3 2012
7:50PM 1 asterisk module app_konference
12:14PM 2 Passing a variable downstream to an IAX server
9:48AM 2 Receptionist console (software)
9:29AM 1 asterisk 1.8 parking not working
Tuesday October 2 2012
10:39PM 2 Parameterize asterisk config files
10:07PM 2 Questions on converting to ConfBridge
9:09PM 2 Too many open files: what might cause this?
7:04PM 1 How to remove the call waiting tone without disabling
5:44PM 6 Call Termination Provider Madness
Monday October 1 2012
10:44PM 2 DAHDI help please
10:01PM 3 MeetMe
9:15PM 7 Case-sensitivity of Dialplan variables.
8:13PM 2 deny= does not seem to block external access
6:43PM 2 Asterisk 1.8.10
3:03PM 9 How to remove the call waiting tone without disabling callwaiting?
1:29PM 3 Peer blocking CDR and recording?
10:46AM 1 One side voice one side musiconhold