asterisk users - Feb 2003

Friday February 28 2003
11:26PM 1 Re: [Asterisk] IAXPHONE Win32 Alpha Released
7:51PM 34 Newbie question
2:00PM 1 Cisco and Asterisk, Weird Stuff
11:42AM 2 error in tor2
9:31AM 4 Asterisk/IVR Newbie
1:47AM 1 Fw: What is the port on which Asterisk listen to H323 Q931 message?
Thursday February 27 2003
10:28PM 1 Message waiting light on Cisco 7960
9:25PM 1 Directory() application, answers but doesn't dial...
4:30PM 0 3-Way call problems
2:34PM 1 snom phones with sip, at asterisk.
11:17AM 3 Intercom and Paging
7:30AM 1 Aggressive Suppression and Comfort Noise
7:28AM 2 Will the Bells crush Net calling?
5:50AM 1 logging all console output?
5:06AM 1 inbound isdn call
2:40AM 1 snom phones and redirect
1:45AM 7 Interest in E1 channel banks?
Wednesday February 26 2003
4:50PM 2 SIP VoIP to PSTN provider who allows multiple outbound calls?
4:05PM 0 ATA <->asterisk< -> IAX< -> S100U: Horrid echoes
3:43PM 1 Ringing multiple instruments: sudden cutoff
1:48PM 0 Other phone options.
12:28PM 0 IAX registration release
11:44AM 3 AGI and fast-entered DTMF codes
9:00AM 3 IVR prompts: attempts at a standard list
5:45AM 0 [PATCH] To fix dynamic RTP payload type handling (for SIP)
3:38AM 1 astping crashes asterisk manager module
2:44AM 0 sipclient for zaurus
Tuesday February 25 2003
11:22PM 4 Vonage - Gues what?
7:34PM 1 Inbound DTMF with Iconnect and Asterisk
3:59PM 0 problems calling with SIP channel and iconnect..please help
2:52PM 0 [PATCH] show agents in manager
1:09PM 1 ACD functionality....
11:22AM 3 Problems with Ring Detection
9:23AM 3 ActionTec with Asterisk
9:23AM 0 gastman manual?
8:45AM 0 A newbye question... Tones and Messages from Asterisk to Analog Phone
7:50AM 4 Gastman
2:01AM 2 oddness in AGI - a bug in AGI or my own insanity ?
Monday February 24 2003
10:39PM 4 Vonage
8:35PM 1 sip call through dialup connection
4:22PM 1 Problems with asterisk under RH8.0 (audio/sound)
1:42PM 1 Fwd: RE: [Vocal] REFER and ATA
1:40PM 0 Fwd: Message from SIP admin (more register= bugs)
12:39PM 2 Hangup problems...
12:29PM 0 Complie Errors: Latest CVS
12:19PM 1 Dial ID
11:31AM 3 A new pbx for an office in the UK
10:25AM 0 Asterisk module for Webmin
10:16AM 1 Outgoing calls possible with linejack?
7:28AM 1 Gastman...
Sunday February 23 2003
10:03PM 3 Voice-mail App
9:18PM 1 Build fails in building asterisk
12:52PM 2 Accept DTMF during voicemail play?
9:31AM 1 error building gnugk
7:36AM 0 Generic echo cancellation module?
5:02AM 1 Hangup with * and # dtmf bug?
1:26AM 0 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
1:17AM 0 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
12:39AM 0 Question about some Cisco-specific code in "rtp.c"
Saturday February 22 2003
7:36PM 0 Problem running asterisk
5:52PM 2 Override Caller ID? Found Answer
4:58PM 0 Override Caller ID?
4:55PM 1 SIP register= bug?
4:23PM 3 Problem compiling zaptel
2:12PM 0 Agressive Echo Cancel Problem..
1:44PM 1 SJPhone, asterisk and DTMF
5:38AM 2 ATA-186 Firmware
5:02AM 0 A major limitation of Asterisk's RTP implementation
4:03AM 1 T1 to Fixed-Wireless ...Re: Looking forChannelBanks
Friday February 21 2003
10:02PM 1 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
9:13PM 1 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
7:45PM 2 Usernames with "@" signs in them.
6:31PM 0 Mark echo cancellers
4:05PM 1 Fun new problem with Aastra 390 ADSI phones
2:44PM 0 ast-ax-snmpd 0.1 released
2:04PM 1 T1 to Fixed-Wireless ...Re: Looking for ChannelBanks
11:13AM 2 Looking for Channel Banks
10:17AM 1 Other i4l issues
9:53AM 0 I4l outgoing dtmf problem.
6:08AM 1 problems with tor2 and mysql.
2:27AM 1 Another round of example files for your consumption
Thursday February 20 2003
7:53PM 1 subscription question
7:14PM 1 inband DTMF in RTP
7:05PM 0 Web vmail CGI patch
4:13PM 5 T1 echo canceller
3:16PM 30 test
1:38PM 1 compression quality of wav voicemail attachments
9:21AM 1 Fw: Allison Smith, the voice of Asterisk
7:58AM 0 native fax with asterisk?
6:46AM 1 chan_h323 compilation
5:33AM 1 Fixed Line SMS with Asterisk
Wednesday February 19 2003
11:08PM 1 GSM on SIP
10:47PM 3 Hangup non-current channel from dialplan?
8:34PM 0 sample configs for my setup (Outbound calls to FWD not solved yet though)
6:10PM 2 Request a test call
5:34PM 1 IConnectHere and DTMF
5:28PM 4 sip <-> h323 problems?
5:21PM 1 New app: app_privacy
1:24PM 1 FAQ...FXS...LAN...FXO
1:03PM 1 A little help with a SIP/NAT question
12:59PM 2 failed to restore channel FritzPCIv2 ISDN
12:28PM 1 meet me
10:47AM 1 AW: H323 & asterisk
9:19AM 4 USB channel bank?
7:16AM 2 chan_capi.0.0.1c-RC8 released
5:22AM 1 how i configure 2 E400P in the same computer.
3:42AM 14 Echo
2:50AM 2 Asterisk hangsup and crash!
2:37AM 2 Comments on "transfer" feature request
1:29AM 0 Asterisk and Cisco CM
1:22AM 1 iconnecthere incoming and callerid
1:04AM 5 codecs
12:32AM 0 Problems with Tones and problems with Switching
Tuesday February 18 2003
9:52PM 0 Fw: [OpenH323]Re: Good Quality ITSP with GSM Codec Support
6:06PM 0 Detecting call deflection
5:56PM 1 H323 & asterisk
5:36PM 0 Settings to tweak volume level
4:36PM 2 MusicOnHold pulsing sound
3:46PM 7 gnophone
3:13PM 1 asterisk.conf
1:26PM 3 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
12:32PM 3 Help! Strange Problem
10:53AM 0 Devkitlite install
10:24AM 0 IConnectHere: Outbound working, Inbound not working....
8:49AM 3 Re: [Asterisk] Major new * Dialplan Features
5:40AM 3 some questions...
1:11AM 1 Asterisk left in a bad state
Monday February 17 2003
10:23PM 1 Possible codec issues?
8:02PM 0 Disconnected IAX call at random times
7:46PM 6 Motorola to use Linux
5:34PM 0 Basic configuration.
Sunday February 16 2003
9:56PM 0 Acuse de recibo (mostrado) - [Asterisk] G729 and Wildcard
3:35PM 0 Oops
2:52PM 1 My SIP example settings (and bugs)
2:00PM 2 IConnectHere: Outbound working, Inbound not working....
12:46PM 0 old list test
12:18PM 1 Latest CVS breaks outgoing audio for SIP channel
7:45AM 0 SIP transfer and SNOM100
1:26AM 1 Backward Compatibility Test
Saturday February 15 2003
4:23PM 0 Various Patches
3:57AM 2 Test, please ignore.
3:16AM 1 Latest CVS freakout on iconnect calls
Friday February 14 2003
9:05PM 1 Multitech Voice Gateway
6:04PM 1 Pressing key during call
1:12PM 2 asterisk-oh323: New version 0.5.0 available.
11:57AM 0 (no subject)
10:47AM 1 Re: [Asterisk] Software quality control
9:32AM 0 Re: [Asterisk] ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 2: No such device or address (6)
9:11AM 4 Anyone working on "Enter the first three letters of the first name"
9:08AM 0 Multitech MVP110
6:14AM 0 speed test ;-)
12:25AM 1 Backward Compatibility Check
Thursday February 13 2003
11:53PM 0 Welcome to the new Asterisk-Users Mailing List
11:33PM 0 Re: [Asterisk] ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 2: No such device or address (6)
11:30PM 1 First Test Message for new Mail Server
10:17PM 0 Re: [Asterisk] ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 2: No such device or address (6)