zfs discuss - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
11:37PM 0 zpool scrub results in pool deadlock
8:42PM 14 ZFS iSCSI Clustered for VMware Host use
2:16PM 5 ZFS read performance scalability
Sunday August 30 2009
11:56PM 8 zfs performance cliff when over 80% util, still occuring when pool in 60% ?
11:09PM 0 changing guid of vdev
Saturday August 29 2009
2:27PM 5 change raidz1 to raidz2 with BP rewrite?
6:12AM 4 zfs kernel compilation issue
3:48AM 1 ub_guid_sum and vdev guids
3:22AM 11 Expanding a raidz pool?
Friday August 28 2009
6:24PM 0 Solaris 10 5/09 ISCSI Target Issues
6:17PM 0 Comstar and ESXi
4:11PM 4 cannot import ''tank'': pool is formatted using a newer ZFS version
2:51PM 3 Snapshot creation time
12:32PM 1 zfs startup question
9:59AM 8 ZFS commands hang after several zfs receives
1:20AM 7 live upgrade with lots of zfs filesystems
Thursday August 27 2009
11:05PM 7 Boot error
8:09PM 4 shrink the rpool zpool or increase rpool zpool via add disk.
7:37PM 16 Status/priority of 6761786
7:12PM 0 [cifs-discuss] CIFS pulsing transfers
4:55PM 4 Connect couple of SATA JBODs to one storage server
12:04PM 1 ARC limits not obeyed in OSol 2009.06
8:30AM 34 Pulsing write performance
7:06AM 2 Problem booting with zpool
4:57AM 0 How are you supposed to remove faulted spares from pools?
Wednesday August 26 2009
6:08PM 5 problem with zfs
4:09PM 5 How to find poor performing disks
2:57PM 0 Save modification to liveUSB
7:33AM 2 zpool scrub started resilver, not scrub
Tuesday August 25 2009
11:17PM 0 Identify cause when disk faulted
12:29PM 41 snv_110 -> snv_121 produces checksum errors on Raid-Z pool
11:30AM 2 ZFS recompression
11:05AM 1 Resilver complete, but device not replaced, odd zpool status output
1:57AM 27 Poor iSCSI performance
12:15AM 0 some info on ZFS replicas for backups
Monday August 24 2009
6:34PM 2 Why so many data errors with raidz2 config and one failing drive?
6:10PM 24 Using consumer drives in a zraid2
12:26PM 1 Honey, I blew up the zpool! Help me get my pool back from my noobness!
11:59AM 0 zpool create over old pool recovery
Sunday August 23 2009
10:48AM 23 incremental backup with zfs to file
4:39AM 3 zfs send/receive and compression
Saturday August 22 2009
8:46PM 19 How to prevent /usr/bin/chmod from following symbolic links?
7:28PM 1 About snapshots auto or cron based
9:26AM 1 turn off an usb drive
4:39AM 0 Move home filesystem to new pool
Friday August 21 2009
9:46PM 21 ZFS configuration input needed.
8:43PM 6 Failure of Quicktime *.mov files after move to zfs disk
7:22PM 4 Need 1.5 TB drive size to use for array for testing
6:26PM 9 Not sure how to do this in zfs
4:14PM 1 Nautilus Access List Tab
2:07PM 5 ZFS Confusion
1:40PM 0 possible resilver bugs
10:56AM 0 bug :zpool create allow member driver as the raw drive of full partition
10:52AM 4 zpool import hangs with indefinite writes
6:50AM 1 80% full .. automatically deleting backups....
3:35AM 0 cifs fqdn mapping
12:28AM 5 Virtual harddrive and ZFS performance
Thursday August 20 2009
11:48PM 3 How to remove [alternate] cylinders from slice 9?
10:21PM 4 ZFS Tutorial at LISA09
8:59PM 2 creating zones in open solaris on x86
8:41PM 0 Snapshot access from non-global zones
8:22PM 3 filesystem notification / query
8:07AM 0 PSARC/2009/443 ZFS Crypto Update [closed-approved]
Wednesday August 19 2009
10:07PM 17 Ssd for zil on a dell 2950
9:25PM 0 unexpected behavior with "nbmand=on" set
9:20PM 0 new disk but zfs/zpool commands hangs
8:51PM 0 Unable to import zpool - yet there should be enough parity!
7:13PM 2 cannot restore to [snapshot]: destination already exists
4:36PM 0 Importing ZFS pool on LUN from another system
3:46PM 0 zfs+nfs: scary nfs log entries?
2:57AM 0 StripeZ, Suggestion for Arrays with H/W R5 and Mirroring only.
Tuesday August 18 2009
10:32PM 0 Behind the scenes of ''invalid vdev configuration''
8:16PM 12 zfs send speed
5:31PM 1 Is it possible to replicate an entire zpool with AVS?
1:17PM 1 ETA for 6574286 "removing a slog doesn''t work"?
12:56AM 1 ZFS ate my RAID-10 data
Monday August 17 2009
8:40PM 2 data disappear
4:51PM 8 ZFS Crypto Updates [PSARC/2009/443 FastTrack timeout 08/24/2009]
7:23AM 0 NFS question
12:45AM 4 libzfs API: sharenfs, sharesmb, shareiscsi, $custom ?
Sunday August 16 2009
8:49PM 13 *Almost* empty ZFS filesystem - 14GB?
10:40AM 0 strange zpool error "bad config type 16 for stats"
Friday August 14 2009
5:35PM 2 SMBS share disappears daily
4:34PM 0 Crashed zpool prevents login
4:19PM 16 What''s eating my disk space? Missing snapshots?
2:34PM 4 order bug, legacy mount and nfs sharing
11:20AM 5 ZFS nfs performance on ESX4i
7:05AM 6 LZO versus LZJB
Thursday August 13 2009
11:02PM 9 Books on File Systems and File System Programming
12:48PM 0 zfs receive -o
9:07AM 3 the antithesis of zfs
5:27AM 5 unsetting/resetting ZFS properties
Wednesday August 12 2009
11:17PM 4 utf8only and normalization properties
8:03PM 1 Question about mirror vdev performance considerations
6:48PM 8 Can ZFS dynamically grow pool sizes? (re: Windows Home Server)
6:15PM 3 file change long - was zfs fragmentation
5:12PM 1 Procedure for Initial ZFS Replication to Remote Site by External HDD?
4:03PM 0 snapshots and open files
3:14PM 0 Copy a ZFS volume to external storage?
12:49PM 4 zpool import -f rpool hangs
Tuesday August 11 2009
8:24PM 5 raidz
8:22PM 0 request: Prepare your os.org content for migration to XWiki
6:36PM 0 Build 119 CIFS / Unix File Permission Oddity
1:24PM 5 SSD (SLC) for cache...
12:42PM 5 new logbias property
3:22AM 0 zpool iostat reports seem odd. bug ?
1:58AM 0 Any other DRAM-based old-style SSDs out there?
Monday August 10 2009
6:21PM 6 Adding a single disk to RAIDZ pool
4:17AM 7 Help: Advice for a NAS
Sunday August 9 2009
8:06PM 0 Zync
11:50AM 4 pathnames in zfs(1M) arguments
12:54AM 1 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 46, Issue 50
Friday August 7 2009
11:23PM 0 How to recover ''lost'' ZFS pool
9:35PM 0 EON ZFS NAS 0.59.2 based on snv_119 released
6:31PM 1 add-view for the zfs snapshot
3:24PM 2 MISTAKE in Evil_Tuning_Guide - FLUSH
3:10PM 0 ZFS log root pool?
1:49PM 1 changing SATA ports
6:14AM 40 zfs fragmentation
2:10AM 0 BELATED FOLLOWUP Re: Zpool scrub in cron hangs u3/u4 server, stumps tech support.
Thursday August 6 2009
9:03PM 0 Problem importing pool
7:17PM 9 Replacing faulty disk in ZFS pool
6:19PM 2 zfs incremental send stream size
3:58PM 0 zfs snapshot of "zoned" ZFS dataset
12:11PM 0 ZFS rollback got hanged
6:07AM 9 x4540 dead HDD replacement, remains "configured".
5:46AM 4 Can I setting ''zil_disable'' to increase ZFS/iscsi performance ?
3:47AM 0 Live Upgrade UFS --> ZFS
2:06AM 5 limiting the ARC cache during early boot, without /etc/system
Wednesday August 5 2009
9:24PM 2 `zfs list -t filesystem` shouldn''t return snapshots
9:07PM 2 ?: SMI vs. EFI label and a disk''s write cache
8:24PM 0 zfs export and import between diferent controllers
5:21PM 0 atomicity of zfs rename
1:09PM 4 Remove the zfs snapshot keeping the original volume and clone
12:50PM 2 Remove disk from ZFS Pool
11:12AM 6 ZFS CIFS problem with Ubuntu, NFS as an alternative?
9:40AM 1 which version that the ZFS performance is better ?
9:14AM 2 clone rpool to smaller disk
7:53AM 0 ZFS clone destroyed by rollback of it''s parent filesystem... recoverable???
7:40AM 1 zdb CKSUM stats vary?
4:06AM 4 Would ZFS will bring IO when the file is VERY short-lived?
Tuesday August 4 2009
9:23PM 0 zfs remove vdev
9:12PM 1 Changing zpool vdev name
7:58PM 7 Sol10u7: can''t "zpool remove" missing hot spare
7:38PM 34 Pool Layout Advice Needed
4:54PM 17 Recovering from ZFS command lock up after yanking a non-redundant drive?
4:47PM 0 Panicing Pool
3:08PM 9 Zfs improvements to compression in Solaris 10?
1:57PM 38 Pool iscsi /zfs performance in opensolaris 0906
1:11PM 2 ZFS zpool unavailable
11:46AM 3 permanent error in ''metadata''
Monday August 3 2009
8:34PM 18 Need tips on zfs pool setup..
7:43PM 5 Supported Motherboard SATA controller chipsets?
7:12PM 0 Fwd: MISSING PILOT ( was: missing disk space)
4:35PM 3 how is size of Volume computed?
4:35PM 4 missing disk space
10:35AM 0 Pool stuck in FAULTED / DEGRADED after disk replacement
9:51AM 7 grow zpool by replacing disks
Sunday August 2 2009
10:26PM 7 [storage-discuss] ZFS and deduplication
2:06PM 2 zdb assertion failure/zpool recovery
1:10PM 1 zpool status showing wrong device name (similar to: ZFS confused about disk controller )
Saturday August 1 2009
12:55AM 2 I Still Have My Data