zfs discuss - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
7:43PM 1 zpool causing boot to hang
7:38PM 0 zfs: how is size of Volume computed?
3:11PM 4 Zfs deduplication
12:22PM 22 Lundman home NAS
4:33AM 6 article on btrfs, comparison with zfs
Thursday July 30 2009
10:54PM 4 Managing ZFS Replication
9:46PM 1 crossmnt ?
8:07PM 20 Fed up with ZFS causing data loss
4:18AM 0 Solaris10+ and Online Media services
2:44AM 1 cleaning up cloned zones
Wednesday July 29 2009
8:32PM 17 Install and boot from USB stick?
6:48PM 1 Tunable iSCSI timeouts - ZFS over iSCSI fix
3:00PM 0 LVM and ZFS
2:55PM 0 Strange errors in zpool scrub, Solaris 10u6 x86_64
12:06PM 35 feature proposal
10:51AM 12 resizing zpools by growing LUN
9:04AM 6 zpool import hungs up forever...
2:25AM 1 Failing device in a replicated configuration....on a non replicated pool??
12:36AM 26 [n/zfs-discuss] Strange speeds with x4500, Solaris 10 10/08
Tuesday July 28 2009
10:12PM 10 avail drops to 32.1T from 40.8T after create -o mountpoint
10:09PM 7 zfs send/recv syntax
7:25PM 1 Set New File/Folder ZFS ACLs Automatically through Samba?
1:56PM 3 USF drive on S10u7
11:55AM 6 How to "mirror" an entire zfs pool to another pool
8:20AM 4 ZFS Mirror : drive unexpectedly unplugged
4:58AM 3 zpool export taking hours
Monday July 27 2009
10:44PM 5 [indiana-discuss] zfs issues?
12:14PM 10 sam-fs on zfs-pool
10:39AM 4 zfs destroy slow?
7:51AM 2 How to check what''s on a given ZFS file system ?
Sunday July 26 2009
6:59PM 3 Subscribing broken?
7:40AM 14 Help with setting up ZFS
1:44AM 0 Fishworks iSCSI cache enabled...
1:04AM 2 zpool is lain to burnination (bwahahahah!)
Saturday July 25 2009
8:25PM 1 Beginner''s question on output of zfs list
5:02PM 2 sharenfs question
1:04AM 1 OpenSolaris 2009.06 - ZFS Install Issue
Friday July 24 2009
11:02PM 0 Metadata size
9:23PM 0 zilstat updated
5:44PM 6 When writing to SLOG at full speed all disk IO is blocked
1:55PM 6 ZFS Root Pool Recovery (from the FAQ)
11:52AM 3 Soon out of space (after upgrade to 2009.06)
10:18AM 28 The importance of ECC RAM for ZFS
7:33AM 6 No files but pool is full?
12:28AM 1 Opensolaris attached to 70 disk HP array
Thursday July 23 2009
7:31PM 2 No ZFS snapshot since upgrade to 2009.06
9:53AM 1 why is zpool import still hanging in opensolaris 2009.06 ??? no fix yet ???
Wednesday July 22 2009
11:11PM 1 L2ARC support in Solaris 10 (Update 8?)
8:52PM 0 Best Approach
7:10PM 4 virtualization, alignment and zfs variation stripes
6:28PM 32 SSD''s and ZFS...
4:31PM 3 When will shrink / evict be coming? With respect to drive upgrades ...
4:27PM 1 zfs mirroring question
Tuesday July 21 2009
5:28PM 16 SSDs get faster and less expensive
2:52AM 0 ZFS hot spare problem
1:13AM 1 zpool import is trying to tell me something...
12:57AM 0 What do directories look like on disk with ZFS?
Monday July 20 2009
10:13PM 12 Something wrong with zfs mount
7:54PM 2 Encryption
7:50PM 0 help lost data on ZFS pool
5:48PM 0 Non-unique disk names
5:45PM 0 Snapshots and atime - OK to use atime for snapshot creation time?
4:42PM 0 Newbie question on zpool
9:51AM 3 Migrating a zfs pool to another server
9:49AM 1 zpool import problem / missing label / corrupted data
12:35AM 1 ZFS Zpool lazy mirror ?
Sunday July 19 2009
6:25AM 4 The zfs performance decrease when enable the MPxIO round-robin
1:12AM 109 Another user looses his pool (10TB) in this case and 40 days work
Friday July 17 2009
3:17PM 21 triple-parity: RAID-Z3
3:14PM 0 ZFS as a native cluster file system
12:35PM 0 assertion failure
Thursday July 16 2009
11:48PM 3 Solaris live CD that supports ZFS root mount for fs fixes
9:02PM 29 Understanding SAS/SATA Backplanes and Connectivity
5:51PM 2 ZFS pegging the system
8:28AM 4 permission problem using ZFS send and zfs receive accross SSH
2:19AM 1 An amusing scrub
Wednesday July 15 2009
11:32PM 1 Two disk issue
8:36PM 0 Thank you.
5:45AM 9 ZFS Mirror cloning
Tuesday July 14 2009
9:54PM 0 AVS bitmap on rpool ZVOL?
9:18PM 3 De-duplication: possible to identify duplicate files?
8:36PM 1 Removing non existent pool
5:48PM 3 ZFS file permissions - some files missing over SMB?
Monday July 13 2009
12:34PM 7 OpenSolaris 2008.11 - resilver still restarting
6:08AM 12 Can''t offline a RAID-Z2 device: "no valid replica"
3:45AM 13 first use send/receive... somewhat confused.
2:44AM 2 questions regarding RFE 6334757 and CR 6322205 disk write cache. thanks (case 11356581)
Sunday July 12 2009
1:11AM 35 deduplication
12:45AM 1 destroying large zvols interrupts pool access
Saturday July 11 2009
9:19PM 5 Resilvering Loop
11:15AM 1 zfs rpool boot failed
Friday July 10 2009
10:18PM 5 Slow Resilvering Performance
12:22PM 1 cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
11:47AM 1 Status of zpool remove in raidz and non-redundant stripes
11:27AM 1 SMART problems with AOC-SAT2-MV8 / marvell88sx driver
Thursday July 9 2009
8:41PM 0 creating a zpool inside a zone with zvols from the global zone
4:14PM 4 Question about user/group quotas
7:33AM 2 zpool replace leaves pool degraded after resilvering
Wednesday July 8 2009
5:39PM 3 Booting from detached mirror disk
5:26PM 0 recover from zfs
5:16PM 3 "Poor Man''s Cluster" using zpool export and zpool import
3:07PM 6 Very slow ZFS write speed to raw zvol
1:47PM 8 zfs snapshoot of rpool/* to usb removable drives?
6:37AM 1 zpool import hangs
2:26AM 3 Losts of small files vs fewer big files
12:23AM 16 Single disk parity
Tuesday July 7 2009
11:08PM 0 new zilstat beta testers wanted
9:55PM 0 zfs scheduled replication script?
8:48PM 0 [perf-discuss] help diagnosing system hang
8:41PM 3 possible to override/inherit mountpoint on received snapshots?
8:34PM 4 Problem with mounting ZFS from USB drive
6:38PM 0 Adaptec SAS 2405 - anyone ?
1:16PM 0 Borrow disk from raidz1
12:02PM 0 borrow disk from raidz?
11:43AM 3 UCD-SNMP-MIB::dskAvail et.al. not supported on ZFS?
10:14AM 6 NFS, ZFS & ESX
9:45AM 1 poor performance / lots of disk activity with low throughput, seems prefetch related
Monday July 6 2009
8:48PM 2 getting actual size in bytes of a zfs fs
5:02PM 6 Wrice cache for compressed file system
4:08PM 2 Zfs destroy taking inordinately long time...
6:32AM 9 how to discover disks?
12:01AM 8 Disappearing snapshots
Sunday July 5 2009
7:32PM 2 Remove the exported zpool
4:04PM 0 Solaris ZFS native API publicly available??
Saturday July 4 2009
5:27AM 0 cannot initialize user accounting information on pool/nfs: Unknown error
5:06AM 1 zpool import hangs the entire server (please help; data included)
4:03AM 142 Why is Solaris 10 ZFS performance so terrible?
Friday July 3 2009
8:20PM 2 Sans Digital Tower Raid TR8M
8:06PM 5 Hangs when transferring ftp off of a ZFS filesystem (truss included)
3:44PM 1 ZFS / NFS with User and Group
12:16PM 24 Migrating 10TB of data from NTFS is there a simple way?
10:23AM 1 zfs and Dynamic Reconfiguration support?
6:39AM 42 surprisingly poor performance
12:12AM 2 Open Solaris version recommendation? b114, b117?
Thursday July 2 2009
11:50PM 2 how l2arc works?
8:13PM 1 Copy data from zfs datasets
4:38PM 1 Ditto blocks on RAID-Z pool.
1:07PM 7 Interposing on readdir and friends
10:56AM 8 Hanging receive
6:24AM 6 JBOD?
1:55AM 4 [cifs-discuss] [nfs-discuss] Why can''t we write to files created in multi-protocol se
Wednesday July 1 2009
11:25PM 6 rpool mirror on USB sticks
5:59AM 10 Q: zfs log device
3:09AM 1 Any news on deduplication?