zfs discuss - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
8:19AM 0 Scrub restarting on Solaris 10 Update 7.
6:20AM 21 ZFS, power failures, and UPSes
Monday June 29 2009
7:23PM 1 L2ARC availability w/ Solaris 10
10:57AM 1 ZFS disk label missing
10:12AM 5 ZFS and "Dinamic Stripe"
8:57AM 6 zpool import: Cannot mount,
7:41AM 5 zpool import issue
6:38AM 7 ZFS - SWAP and lucreate..
2:31AM 1 Transient permanent errors
Sunday June 28 2009
10:46PM 2 Useful Emulex tunable for i386
11:11AM 2 Cloning a ZFS compact flash card
7:09AM 2 [storage-discuss] ZFS snapshot send/recv "hangs" X4540 servers
5:26AM 2 SXCE, ZFS root, b101 -> b103 fails with ERROR: No upgradeable file systems
Saturday June 27 2009
7:02PM 2 Best controller card for 2 to 4 SATA drives ?
Friday June 26 2009
10:18PM 17 slow ls or slow zfs
2:11PM 4 Backing up OS drive?
Thursday June 25 2009
6:01PM 8 unable to import zfs pool
3:15PM 0 [storage-discuss] Backups
2:43PM 0 Regular panics: BAD TRAP: type=e
11:05AM 2 how to convert zio->io_offset to disk block number?
9:32AM 3 auto snapshots 0.12
3:41AM 2 BugID formally known as 6746456
Wednesday June 24 2009
12:42PM 15 ZFS for iSCSI based SAN
11:32AM 1 Migration: 1 x 160GB IDE boot drive ---> 2 x 30GB SATA SSDs
11:11AM 2 "zpoll status -x" output
10:14AM 10 Increase size of ZFS mirror
9:28AM 3 Purpose of zfs_acl_split_ace
1:47AM 1 zio_assess
Tuesday June 23 2009
11:14PM 43 ZFS write I/O stalls
2:51PM 6 recursive snaptshot
9:25AM 4 zfs select
12:56AM 2 Broken snapshot is a bit of a disaster
Monday June 22 2009
8:45PM 7 SPARC SATA, please.
8:44PM 4 SAN server
8:42PM 8 recovering fs''s
8:33PM 9 Narrow escape!
8:03PM 2 core dump on zfs receive
7:37PM 2 ZFS attributes for CIFS.
2:38PM 7 Turn off the time slider on some zpools
12:16PM 2 Creating ZFS filesystem with inherited ACLs ?
5:12AM 2 Why Oracle process open(2)/ioctl(2) /dev/dtrace/helper?
4:38AM 0 bug access
4:37AM 0 Backup schemes invoving rsync Linux_rmt => Osol
3:24AM 14 Speeding up resilver on x4500
3:15AM 5 cutting up a SSD for read/log use...
2:08AM 1 zfs IO scheduler
Sunday June 21 2009
11:28PM 8 zfs find list of properties per dataset
1:35PM 57 Best controller card for 8 SATA drives ?
Saturday June 20 2009
9:01PM 6 how to destroy a pool by id?
8:14PM 1 ACL not being inherited correctly
5:14PM 2 zpool iostat and iostat discrepancy
11:55AM 1 how to do backup
11:44AM 3 two pools on boot disk?
2:30AM 4 Things I Like About ZFS
Friday June 19 2009
11:21PM 7 Mobo SATA migration to AOC-SAT2-MV8 SATA card
11:15PM 4 Replacing a failed drive
7:26PM 8 x4500 resilvering spare taking forever?
4:35PM 7 Is the PROPERTY compression will increase the ZFS I/O throughput?
11:32AM 0 zfs send of a cloned zvol
Thursday June 18 2009
6:47PM 1 ZFS metadata and cloning filesystem layout across machines
3:51PM 7 7110 questions
4:29AM 4 problems with l2arc in 2009.06
3:56AM 6 Server Cloning With ZFS?
1:01AM 1 Linux and OS 2009
Wednesday June 17 2009
8:33PM 1 Checksum errors
6:42PM 2 space in use by snapshots
3:26AM 18 Lots of metadata overhead on filesystems with 100M files
Tuesday June 16 2009
11:46PM 2 moving a disk between controllers
10:32PM 2 v440 - root mirror lost after LU
7:55PM 23 ZFS, ESX ,and NFS. oh my!
7:28PM 1 Using single SSD for l2arc on multiple pools?
2:24PM 2 zio_taskq_threads and TXG sync
Monday June 15 2009
9:05PM 1 clones and sub-datasets
6:24PM 0 replication issue
5:45PM 34 APPLE: ZFS need bug corrections instead of new func! Or?
5:16PM 33 compression at zfs filesystem creation
3:27PM 1 zfs replication via zfs send/recv dead after 2009.06 update
3:04PM 1 pkg.opensolaris.org dead ?
9:27AM 0 100% kernel usage
1:22AM 3 zfs list -t snapshots
Sunday June 14 2009
5:56PM 49 zfs on 32 bit?
Saturday June 13 2009
10:37PM 0 ZFS gzip Death Spiral Revisited
Friday June 12 2009
2:05PM 2 fmd writes tons of errors during a resilver
12:07AM 1 [Fwd: [osol-discuss] Possible ZFS corruption?]
Thursday June 11 2009
6:00PM 0 Help, I need a simple way how to update zpool label "devid and phys_path"
4:35PM 0 Are ARC memory pages relocatable?
2:25PM 3 Corrupt meta data, the coredump
8:24AM 0 UCD-SNMP-MIB::dskPercent not returned for ZFS filesystems?
Wednesday June 10 2009
11:42PM 3 multiple devs for rpool
6:18PM 2 ZFS mirrors with uncoordinated LUN snapshots (Amazon EBS)
12:42PM 13 Apple Removes Nearly All Reference To ZFS
12:24PM 5 ata -> sata quustion
10:03AM 6 Asymmetric mirroring
2:15AM 2 ZFS: Re-Propragate inheritable ACL permissions
1:46AM 0 Snapshot / clone at the file level
12:51AM 11 recover data after zpool create
12:15AM 2 ZFS snapshots ignore everything in /export/....
Tuesday June 9 2009
3:35PM 1 zfs auto-snapshot cleanup not cleaning up zvol snapshots
3:28AM 2 Issues with slightly different sized drives in raidz pool?
Monday June 8 2009
1:48PM 4 [caiman-discuss] Can not delete swap on AI sparc
12:38PM 3 zfs send -R gets blocked by auto-snapshot service
11:50AM 2 Data corrupted after machines were shut down.
1:53AM 0 crazy phantom zpools?
Sunday June 7 2009
8:12PM 1 zfs send/rcv between nevada and solaris10
7:21PM 0 zfs recv hangs machine
6:47PM 20 cannot mount ''/tank/home'': directory is not empty
9:09AM 2 recovery deleted files
Saturday June 6 2009
11:08PM 0 power disruption
4:42AM 26 Intel X25-E SSD in x4500 followup
4:12AM 4 x4540 boot flash
3:57AM 2 importing pool with missing slog followup
Friday June 5 2009
6:46PM 0 ZFS: Cannot Restore zvol
6:32PM 20 ZFS snapshot send/recv "hangs" X4540 servers
2:11PM 4 Recover ZFS destroyed dataset?
7:45AM 2 l2arc and iscsi
Thursday June 4 2009
9:13PM 6 rpool mirroring
4:03AM 7 invalid vdev configuration
Wednesday June 3 2009
11:37PM 8 LUN expansion
9:18PM 2 removing large files takes a really long time
3:57PM 7 "no pool_props" for OpenSolaris 2009.06 with old SPARC hardware
Tuesday June 2 2009
8:43PM 0 zfs - zvol as a metadb repository..
10:21AM 2 how to prevent that two clients open the same document
Monday June 1 2009
9:28PM 7 Does zpool clear delete corrupted files
8:46PM 5 24x1TB ZFS system. Best practices for OS install without wasting space.
8:25PM 4 [?] - What is the recommended number of disks for a consumer PC with ZFS
10:02AM 1 Anyone seen this panic?
12:34AM 0 Not getting zfs to release free space