zfs discuss - Apr 2008

Wednesday April 30 2008
5:53PM 12 Issue with simultaneous IO to lots of ZFS pools
2:35AM 4 share zfs hierarchy over nfs
Tuesday April 29 2008
10:09PM 0 How do you determine the zfs_vdev_cache_size current value?
7:31PM 5 lost zpool when server restarted.
3:30PM 2 zfs performance so bad on my system
3:27PM 4 Finding Pool ID
2:41PM 10 any 64-bit mini-itx successes
1:02PM 3 ? ZFS boot in nv88 on SPARC ?
12:31PM 0 zpool attach vs. zpool iostat
5:33AM 24 recovering data from a dettach mirrored vdev
Monday April 28 2008
8:20PM 5 ZFS - Implementation Successes and Failures
9:32AM 0 zfsboot from USB stick
Sunday April 27 2008
8:59PM 41 cp -r hanged copying a directory
Friday April 25 2008
11:48AM 7 Diverse, Dispersed, Distributed, Unscheduled RAID volumes
9:03AM 1 replace-in-place: cannot replace, device is busy
8:31AM 1 Replacing a drive, resilvering results in checksum errors?
Thursday April 24 2008
4:46PM 17 ZFS, CIFS, slow write speed
4:07PM 0 UFS or ZFS for MYSQL and APACHE web server data and Database
1:25PM 0 panic on zfs scrub on builds 79 & 86
Wednesday April 23 2008
8:38PM 14 zfs data corruption
11:33AM 6 zfs write cache enable on boot disks ?
2:19AM 6 Thumper / X4500 marvell driver issues
Tuesday April 22 2008
5:16PM 3 NFS async and ZFS zil_disable
3:24PM 8 ZFS jammed while busy
Monday April 21 2008
7:20PM 21 ZFS for write-only media?
Sunday April 20 2008
8:22PM 6 Periodic ZFS maintenance?
12:11AM 2 questions about block sizes
Friday April 18 2008
11:50PM 2 how to measure in kernel how much time one operation takes
9:56AM 6 Cifs and Solaris
12:09AM 1 lots of small, twisty files that all look the same
Thursday April 17 2008
11:34PM 0 zfs mount i/o error and workarounds
6:32PM 0 Panic when ZFS pool goes down?
5:51PM 5 Solaris 10U5 ZFS features?
12:41PM 1 Copies Option: Anyone actually seen the end result?
10:54AM 0 Is install on zfs mirrored usb sticks possible?
9:29AM 29 ZFS raidz write performance:what to expect from SATA drives on ICH9R (AHCI)
Wednesday April 16 2008
8:30PM 0 Bug ID 6528296: system hangs when swapping to a zvol
2:12PM 0 "ZFS, Smashing Baby" demo is on YouTube
1:26PM 0 ZFS raidz1 replacing failing disk
1:21PM 0 Help with ZFS import
1:12PM 7 backup for x4500?
12:36PM 1 zfs snapshot -r hangs
12:31PM 0 corrupted pool
12:34AM 2 First trouble, dying HDD.
Tuesday April 15 2008
9:56PM 1 Flag day: ZFS Boot Support
7:54PM 7 Repairing known bad disk blocks before zfs encounters them
7:37PM 0 ? zfs import with lots of volumes ?
9:56AM 3 zpool create privileges
Monday April 14 2008
6:52PM 26 24-port SATA controller options?
10:43AM 9 Will ZFS employ raid0 stripes in an ordinary storage pool?
Saturday April 12 2008
2:02PM 5 ZVOL access permissions?
11:52AM 5 Newbie question: ZFS on Xserve RAID with Solaris 10
Friday April 11 2008
11:47PM 18 Confused by compressratio
7:21PM 1 zfs concatenation to mirror
12:48PM 0 How to replace root drive if ZFS data is on it?
Thursday April 10 2008
3:38AM 3 Zfs send takes 3 days for 1TB?
12:03AM 2 ZFS boot''s - limitation
Wednesday April 9 2008
8:10PM 1 ZFS ACE limit?
Tuesday April 8 2008
9:35PM 0 Device naming weirdness -- possible bug report?
8:45PM 2 zfs filesystem metadata checksum
7:02PM 1 ls -lt for links slower than for regular files
6:20PM 0 Algorithm for expanding RAID-Z
4:34PM 9 ZFS Administration
4:22PM 9 How many ZFS pools is it sensible to use on a single server?
2:55PM 6 lucreate error: Cannot determine the physical boot device ...
2:48PM 7 ZFS volume export to USB-2 or Firewire?
1:44PM 5 Performance of one single ''cp''
8:31AM 4 zfs with SAN / cluster problem
6:25AM 2 incorrect/conflicting suggestion in error message on a faulted pool
Monday April 7 2008
7:46PM 5 Downgrade zpool version?
5:25PM 9 iSCSI targets mapped to a VMWare ESX server
Sunday April 6 2008
10:50AM 1 Recovering Faulted ZFS pool
Friday April 4 2008
7:36PM 10 ZFS and multipath with iSCSI
5:27PM 1 Can not add ZFS LOG devices
9:35AM 0 ZFS volumes in non-global zones
Wednesday April 2 2008
9:23PM 6 Simple monitoring of ZFS pools, email alerts?
11:38AM 1 delete old zpool config?
Tuesday April 1 2008
9:29PM 2 What to do about retryable write errors?
7:08PM 3 ZFS Device fail timeout?
6:09PM 0 How to unmount when devices write-disabled?
5:45PM 0 Unable to run scrub on degraded zpool
9:28AM 1 ZFS problem with oracle
8:18AM 29 OpenSolaris ZFS NAS Setup
12:19AM 1 remove disk (again)