Xen users - Mar 2012

Saturday March 31 2012
4:27PM 0 Cpu Utilisation
2:33PM 17 HVM on 3.2 kernel hdd speed issue
11:50AM 2 XCP 1.5 beta and Gentoo
Friday March 30 2012
1:56PM 1 Xen Cloud Platform 1.1 restart unexpectedly
1:28PM 1 cannot use xensocket on xen4.0.1
3:51AM 2 Help: Regarding xm utility
Thursday March 29 2012
2:06PM 35 Teo En Ming's Xen, Linux Kernel and Xen 4.2-unstable VGA Passthrough Documentation (Version 1.7 Released)
8:49AM 8 ping failing from master to guest hosts
Wednesday March 28 2012
10:47PM 2 openvswitch
3:57PM 52 [REQUEST] Request for Xen Users to Attempt Jean David Techer's Xen 4.2-unstable VGA Passthrough Documentation
2:28PM 0 reboot hangs
1:19PM 12 xl memory bug
9:53AM 0 Initialising != Connected, skipping
8:46AM 0 Physical server performance monitor on XEN 4.0.1
8:45AM 9 Xen Source Code Build
8:06AM 8 Working 10gig NICs on linux 3.x
6:24AM 2 using both bridged and routed networking
Tuesday March 27 2012
9:06PM 2 domU's being killed - strange?
6:53PM 3 ATI Catalyst BSOD
12:48PM 6 Debugging (possible) Xen-related hang-issues without the possibility of attaching serial console to capture Xen output
9:48AM 29 Dear Tobias Geiger, I Need Help with Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Consumer Preview / XP (Xen 4.2-unstable)
9:09AM 4 XEN 4.1.2 + gentoo-sources-3.3.0: cannot open root device sddX
Monday March 26 2012
8:12PM 0 Request to Host Linux Kernel 3.2.x and 3.3.x Binary .deb Installation Packages for Ubuntu and Debian Linux with Xen Dom0 and Xen DomU Support on Xen Wiki
5:54PM 1 hot backup
12:12PM 0 Re: My emails cannot get through to xen-users mailing list again
7:21AM 0 Xen 4.1.2 / Fedora 16 pv domU does not show Anaconda
5:19AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Documentation Day: March 26th
3:12AM 1 About XCP1.1 update to XCP1.5
Sunday March 25 2012
4:37PM 0 Illegal instruction with certain applications
2:52PM 0 VDI.create problem on ext local SR
12:40PM 2 Teo En Ming's Xen, Linux Kernel and Xen VGA Passthrough Documentation (Xen Documentation Day)
12:31PM 0 Testing Attaching Files to xen-users
5:54AM 0 Are you familiar with Xen VGA Passthrough?
3:06AM 26 [SUCCESS] Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25099: VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Consumer Preview HVM domU
Saturday March 24 2012
9:14PM 8 Xen Boot Errors Fedora 16
4:04PM 0 [XCP] Version 1.1 - should quiesced snapshots work?
9:28AM 7 Problems centos6/xen/pci passthrough
7:44AM 1 time chnaging in vm guests
1:41AM 2 domU cannot boot up
Friday March 23 2012
9:30PM 0 Automatic CPU Pinning
6:16PM 8 Advice on compiling Xen 4.1.2 on Debian 6.0.4 Kernel 3.1.12
2:21PM 5 Xen Documentation Day: March 26th
1:01AM 2 Xenstore daemon is not running after boot; although can be started manually later. Any pointers why ?
Thursday March 22 2012
11:17PM 0 Call trace when attempting to start oprofile
11:04PM 0 Re: Re : Re : Re : [SUCCESS REPORT] Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Consumer Preview HVM domU and Windows XP Home Edition HVM domU with Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25070 in Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 Dom0 (Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming))
7:05PM 1 bad udp checksums
5:27PM 2 Is it possible to increase screen resolution of DomU?
5:22PM 17 Transcendent Memory ("tmem") -capable kernel now publicly released
3:10PM 0 xcp 1.5 beta storage repository
1:38PM 8 Windows 7 as guest on a physikal disk
11:39AM 1 Re: Re : Re : Re : [SUCCESS REPORT] Xen VGA Passthrough toWindows 8 Consumer Preview HVM domU and Windows XP Home EditionHVM domU with Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25070 in Ubuntu 11.10amd64 Dom0 (Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming))
11:28AM 0 Re: Re : Re : Xen VGA Passthrough Questions
10:08AM 0 [MUST WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO] [SUCCESS REPORT] Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Consumer Preview HVM Virtual Machine with Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25070 and Linux Kernel 3.3.0 in Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 dom0
9:17AM 5 Regarding xenstat [test.c:3:24: fatal error: xenstat.h: No such file or directory]
7:42AM 17 Teo En Ming's Xen, Linux Kernel, and Xen VGA Passthrough Documentation
7:15AM 0 iommu=verbose
7:00AM 4 Pvops Kernel Compile: No module isci found for kernel
1:06AM 0 Re: Re : Re : Xen VGA Passthrough Questions
Wednesday March 21 2012
2:11PM 21 [SUCCESS REPORT] Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Consumer Preview HVM domU and Windows XP Home Edition HVM domU with Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25070 in Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 Dom0
12:54PM 0 Problem with Multipathing XCL 1.1
7:46AM 0 Help Needed with Xen VGA Passthrough with Xen 4.2-unstable Changeset 25070 in Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 Dom0
2:08AM 0 Multiple "Domain-0" — slow libvirt
Tuesday March 20 2012
9:58PM 11 xend future
1:43PM 0 Xen 4.1.2 VIF Errors
12:25PM 7 Qemu/KVM machines inside a Xen guest
7:39AM 15 Xen VGA Passthrough Questions
7:33AM 2 [REQUEST] My Request to Xen.org Administrators
6:12AM 3 Testing Only
3:36AM 2 VM disk I/O QoS
Monday March 19 2012
8:40PM 4 network problems
4:09PM 0 share local SR
3:45PM 3 Problem with Xen and Citrix XenServer
12:21PM 1 Understanding Xen Log Output: Downtime and Total migration time.
10:51AM 3 HVM DomU boot failure with scsi disk
9:05AM 16 LV resize encrypted volume
2:25AM 3 pciback
12:54AM 1 ip autoconfig via DIY script
Sunday March 18 2012
10:34PM 0 Reply-To: Re: Reply-To: Re: Buffered IO?
10:08PM 1 Reply-To: Re: Buffered IO?
3:49PM 1 Buffered IO?
1:17PM 0 [YOUTUBE] Installing Windows 8 in Ubuntu 11.10 dom0 with Xen 4.2-unstable and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7
11:44AM 31 Cannot Start Linux Paravirtualized (PV) Guests with Xen 4.2-unstable
11:16AM 3 Installation Instructions for Building and Installing Xen 4.x and Linux Kernel 3.x on Ubuntu and Debian Linux
Saturday March 17 2012
3:40PM 0 [URGENT] unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused with Xen 4.2-unstable
3:20PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Installation Instructions for Xen4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7 on Ubuntu 11.10 Release
7:37AM 3 Difficulty Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 amd64 domU in Ubuntu 11.10 Release amd64 dom0
3:42AM 16 Error in "make tools" for Xen-4.2-unstable
2:29AM 14 Installation Instructions for Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7 on Ubuntu 11.10 Release
Friday March 16 2012
11:45PM 27 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
3:16PM 3 A difference between allocated and available memory in Xen virtual guest
12:58PM 7 no network on domU in network-bridge configuration on Xen-4.0
5:23AM 3 Configuration Files for Ubuntu 11.10, Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7
1:00AM 9 High Oracle overhead with Xen 4.1.2
Thursday March 15 2012
8:52PM 2 How to send messages or signals between doms
5:33PM 0 Shorewall Firewall Configuration for Ubuntu 11.10 Release, Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7
3:32PM 5 no connection driver available for No connection for URI xen:///
3:03PM 9 Watchdog and live migration
12:43PM 1 how to install and use a stubdom or minios in my ubuntu 11.10
11:34AM 0 installing Xen from source on fedora 16
9:14AM 0 domU HDD accesses fail under load
7:22AM 3 Xen Hypervisor - VM not visible to outside machines
1:56AM 3 Not enough memory to relocate the dom0 kernel image
1:40AM 1 Installing xen without rebooting host OS
1:09AM 0 Working backwards
Wednesday March 14 2012
3:39PM 11 Desktop Environment/GUI Cannot Start After I Have Installed Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7
12:15PM 2 Dom0 X can't start for xen-unstable
8:43AM 3 LVM based Xen setup.
8:38AM 0 309637554@qq.com
2:58AM 6 Host does not support virtualization type 'xen'
Tuesday March 13 2012
9:19PM 1 err0rs while attaching devices to dom0
7:53PM 0 Live Migration failes with Failed to pin batch of xxx page tables (22 = Invalid argument): Internal error
2:52PM 1 Xen hypervisor physical to virtual
1:33PM 0 Get some useful metrics out of tmem-list
5:55AM 0 No rule to make target ‘/usr/lib/gcc/x86-64-redhat-linux/4.1.2/include/stddef.h when installing flask
3:22AM 12 BSOD w/ gplpv drivers and Windows 2008 R2 64-bit
12:24AM 3 service xend and libvirtd not start
Monday March 12 2012
4:26PM 0 Correct Syntax for VCPU-Pinning
4:02PM 3 Change param MTU
3:44PM 0 How to disable superpage
12:46PM 0 domU hangs at "hotplugStatusCallback"
8:28AM 4 "Hard" hangs on several Intel(-chipset) boards
3:00AM 1 Xen and ATI Radeon 4200
2:52AM 0 virtual box in the domain of xen
Sunday March 11 2012
9:34PM 3 pfsense
6:46AM 0 Xen on x3850 8864 machines
2:15AM 0 [XCP] unattended install full reference
Saturday March 10 2012
11:10PM 1 Announcing OpenXCI, a 100% free desktop hypervisor
11:23AM 3 xenpm hypercalls support in latest kernels?
5:53AM 2 Where can I get Xen PV image?
Friday March 9 2012
9:30PM 0 Errors when creating HVM guests
7:41PM 0 [XCP] Clone XCP installation, force UUID de-duplication
7:25PM 0 Using XenStore to Store Large Things
3:13PM 3 Error while "make world"
11:49AM 0 #FF to the Xen list
7:50AM 15 Backup domU image at runtime
Thursday March 8 2012
10:07PM 2 debug hypervissor based cpufreq xen-4.1
7:25PM 0 Looking for xen and networking expert to resolve an issue on my server (PAID)
7:05PM 7 Maximum number of VMs per xen server
4:53PM 0 [XCP] Virtualising the local storage
1:46PM 2 Query regarding Xen - Assigning more than 1 VCPUs to Dom0
1:20PM 0 Dom0 configuration w/ xl
12:52PM 0 VGA passthrough
12:34PM 0 Issue with the xen hypervisor crash
9:17AM 0 CPU capabilities
6:46AM 0 domU blocked for an unknown reason
Wednesday March 7 2012
10:58PM 0 VGA Passthrough & PCIBack inquiry
10:46PM 0 problem with USB and IRQs not being selected properly
9:07PM 2 PV DomU stopped responding, won't boot, stuck in paused state
6:23PM 2 BUG: soft lockup - CPU#6 stuck for 61s! [apache2:18704]
6:03PM 3 easiest way to create DomU
5:53PM 1 unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon
1:40PM 0 Unknown tapdisk type: tapdisk
3:06AM 1 [HELP!]GFS2 in the xen 4.1.2 does not work!
Tuesday March 6 2012
10:00PM 2 Non root users managing virtual machines
12:59PM 0 mkinitrd doesn't know how to handle encrypted CCISS devices - RHEL5.4 and Xen4.1.2
12:54PM 1 xend fails to load
11:29AM 0 Info required : SR-IOV PCI
6:30AM 0 the log of qemu-dm-*.log
Monday March 5 2012
10:56PM 0 Working combo of xen/linux/kexec versions
9:20PM 0 [XCP] PV-Grub + splash screen question
8:13PM 5 Debian Xen pciback missing?
6:37PM 0 [XCP] "Invisible" Disks in Templates
5:16PM 0 P6T RMRR clarification please
4:27PM 12 Cluster xen
4:09PM 1 Migration vm Xen vers XenServer
1:03PM 0 OpenFlow/OVS related question
12:41PM 0 changing bandwidth in XCP.
11:46AM 0 XAPI logging options (XenServer, XCP)
11:02AM 0 Beginner's question II: How to uninstall XEN?
1:22AM 0 free memory
Sunday March 4 2012
2:20PM 3 extracting DomID from the xentrace log
11:30AM 2 [XCP] How to compile XCP kernel
11:25AM 0 [XCP]How to compile the XCP kernel
6:58AM 0 XCP: Any sample HA or monitoring type scripts out on the Internet?
Saturday March 3 2012
4:07PM 0 Re: __Beginner's_qustion:_In_what_programming_language_is
7:49AM 1 Panic on CPU0 : Unable to boot with Xen 4.1 on Fedora 16, manual grub2 config.
6:06AM 1 Re: __Beginner's_qustion:_In_what_programming_language_is
4:55AM 3 Beginner's qustion: In what programming language is XEN written ?
Friday March 2 2012
5:45PM 1 VM's with HD in Physical XCP or XenServer
2:29PM 6 iptable system log messages
9:03AM 3 xm domstate command not found
1:13AM 0 Blank screen while loading AMD/ATI graphics driver (fglrx) in Dom0 (Linux 3.0/3.2) with Xen 4.1/4.2
Thursday March 1 2012
6:15PM 0 Suggestions for 1155 Socket MB
5:44PM 0 XCP: Heterogenous CPU support inside of Xencenter?
5:44PM 1 Xen + PHPRPC
4:57PM 13 Bug or cofiguration error?
4:06PM 0 XCP 1.5 rolling upgrade from 1.1
3:34PM 3 Directly connecting two domU
2:55PM 0 Is Xen free of charge for commercial usage?
2:04PM 2 domU starting in a managed sequence
7:56AM 0 Time on dom0 and domU
6:55AM 0 MacBookPro 6,2 Xen support
5:52AM 0 NAS vm question
5:42AM 0 Using qemu-dm in snapshot mode with HVM guest
3:33AM 3 how to use tmem function with xl command